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Russia / Strategy Ad Hoc Media Update (92)

Anonymous expert compilation, analysis, and reporting. </end editorial> A great many reports on Russia’s domestic mayhem; Reports Iran has hijacked a second British tanker; Turkey attacks Kurds; Intensive reporting on the PRC: defence and strategy, Hong Kong, Muslim detentions, Pacrim; EU leadership shuffles, UK, France, Germany updates, Italy neo-Nazis and Venezuela; Misc US domestic reports;… Continue reading Russia / Strategy Ad Hoc Media Update (92)


In your face, Taliban and Pakistan!

The Khyber pass is a spectacular passageway from Pakistan to Afghanistan.  The historical significance and strategic importance has not been lost on the Taliban or on the leadership in Pakistan. Cargo trucks entering Afghanistan, carrying NATO and ISAF supplies were charged exorbitant passage fees and frequently became the targets of political maneuvering and hijacking. There… Continue reading In your face, Taliban and Pakistan!