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US to Relinquish Control over Internet

The US Commerce Department announced, yesterday, its intention to give up control over the Internet at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration — an agency of the US Department of Commerce, source here. US Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information, Lawrence E. Strickling, said We… Continue reading US to Relinquish Control over Internet

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NTIS charging for free documents?

I just received a link to the following titled article: Irregular Warfare Information Operations Understanding the Role of People, Capabilities and Effects I was curious, so I clicked on the link and it seemed familiar. http://www.ntis.gov/search/product.aspx?ABBR=ADA547305 This is a very good article by my friend, Norm Emery, that won a writing contest at the Combined Arms… Continue reading NTIS charging for free documents?