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Finding Facts Amidst Conjecture

Finding Facts Amidst Conjecture Every day I try explaining exactly this to my wife, that there is an unhealthy mix of truth and false stories in the news.  My unwavering assessment is that the vast majority of “news” stories, including the mainstream media, are absolutely false.  In Louise Mensch’s (see story below for more information)… Continue reading Finding Facts Amidst Conjecture

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The Truth about CVE Messaging

Posted By Matthew Wallin on Jan 31, 2017 This morning, the Associated Press broke a story discussing the U.S. military’s use of fake online profiles (known as sock puppets) as a tool for countering violent extremism (CVE) online. The techniques employed in this effort amount to little more than a typo-ridden “catfishing” campaign. It is… Continue reading The Truth about CVE Messaging

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Increase your believability, include a picture

The latest journal “Psychonomic Bulletin & Review” includes an article titled Nonprobative photographs (or words) inflate truthiness.  In essence, according to Science Daily in an article here, many statements can be made more believable by including a picture. Here is the abstract: When people evaluate claims, they often rely on what comedian Stephen Colbert calls… Continue reading Increase your believability, include a picture