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Iran Cleric Pummeled by ‘Badly Covered’ Woman After Warning – Bloomberg

Apologies, dear reader.  I read this story and just burst out laughing and just had to share.  My good friend, Dr. J. Michael Waller says ridicule is an excellent weapon in IO, perhaps this fits that category.   Sometimes I just love karma, this Iranian cleric most likely got what he deserved. Iran Cleric Pummeled by… Continue reading Iran Cleric Pummeled by ‘Badly Covered’ Woman After Warning – Bloomberg

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Iran prepares for cyberwar

You know you’re a good target when someone hacks your website. Last year a website I was running for a conference on information warfare was hacked.  Rather, I should say, it was defaced.  In my indelicate words, someone got onto the website and exchanged my main HTML page with theirs.  It was the Iranian Cyber… Continue reading Iran prepares for cyberwar