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Welcome to the 13th Century!

As the protests begin to subside in the Maghreb, the Middle East and Southern Asia, I have been involved in discussions centered on who might have been working behind  the scenes.  Spontaneous uprisings rarely occur, people are seldom moved to action outside their comfort zone on their own, so the conclusion is that someone or… Continue reading Welcome to the 13th Century!

Public Diplomacy

Clinton: Anti-Islam Video ‘Disgusting and Reprehensible’

Today US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made an excellent speech that works on multiple planes. It emphatically states that the United States was in no way connected with the film, “Innocence of Muslims”.  What is interesting is that she never says the name of the video. She emphasizes the United States’ Freedom of Religion,… Continue reading Clinton: Anti-Islam Video ‘Disgusting and Reprehensible’

Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication: Radio Sawa in Tripoli, Libya at 106.6 MhZ

The United States Broadcast Board of Governors has installed a radio transmitter in Tripoli, Libya, which can reach the two million residents, according to a press release. The station broadcasts Radio Sawa which in addition to Libya, Radio Sawa broadcasts on FM in Morocco, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, U.A.E., Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan… Continue reading Strategic Communication: Radio Sawa in Tripoli, Libya at 106.6 MhZ

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People Power 2.0 – Technology Review

Review:  People Power 2.0 – Technology Review by John Pollock. This article about social networks use during the Libyan Revolution is absolutely superb. Social networks and real familial networks enabled the Libyans to coordinate their efforts, provide information and intelligence to supporting efforts from NATO but still had shortcomings. Social media provided valuable intelligence to… Continue reading People Power 2.0 – Technology Review