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What is Information Operations

  Here is a typical first conversation I have with everyone I meet who works in the IO field. “Hi!  My name is Joel, nice to meet you!” ‘Appropriate response’ ‘Appropriate small talk’. ‘Appropriate small talk’. Me: “When you say IO, what do you mean?” Answer:   Full spectrum IO MISO/Psyop Cyber Military deception Electronic… Continue reading What is Information Operations

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Congress is Hurting the U.S. Regarding Cybersecurity

I just received an email from someone who I deeply respect.  He is in a position of authority, teaching many of our future leaders in subjects we desperately need them to not only become proficient, but they must excel. He deeply disrespects Congress.  He thinks they are ‘idiots’ and not worth the effort of teaching… Continue reading Congress is Hurting the U.S. Regarding Cybersecurity

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On Measures of Effectiveness

News from the front, direct from Afghanistan. A friend and I were discussing Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) in MISO/Psychological Operations in Afghanistan.  He wrote most of the following, and I thought it good enough to share.  He gave me permission to share, here it is in its entirety.  The only corrections I made were for… Continue reading On Measures of Effectiveness