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InfowarCon 2018: CALL FOR PAPERS

Guys and Gals of the information warfare community, information operations world, strategic communications, public diplomacy, cybersecurity, cyberwarfare, electronic warfare, etc – InfowarCon is THE event that you should attend.   I’ve been to quite a few of these through the years. Founded by Winn Schwartau back when the concept of information warfare was just gaining traction… Continue reading InfowarCon 2018: CALL FOR PAPERS

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Social Media is Dead, Long Live Social Media!

The US political campaigns of 2012 are beginning to peak.  The elections are almost around the corner.  Both campaigns have already begun hurling filth and toxins back and forth.  There’s been one accusation comparing a candidate to Goebbels, which was promptly and properly shouted down by both parties.  To me this is politics as normal,… Continue reading Social Media is Dead, Long Live Social Media!

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Offensive Information Warfare and Red Teams | SOFREP

Offensive Information Warfare and Red Teams by Uri Fridman · June 2, 2012 · Posted In: Black Ops, Special Operations, Special Tactics 2009 Spinout LUT It’s 0100. The moon sits high in the sky over the target’s facility. Four men dressed in BDUs and gear are sneaking in by the tree line, about 50 meters… Continue reading Offensive Information Warfare and Red Teams | SOFREP