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InfowarCon 2018: CALL FOR PAPERS

Guys and Gals of the information warfare community, information operations world, strategic communications, public diplomacy, cybersecurity, cyberwarfare, electronic warfare, etc – InfowarCon is THE event that you should attend.   I’ve been to quite a few of these through the years. Founded by Winn Schwartau back when the concept of information warfare was just gaining traction… Continue reading InfowarCon 2018: CALL FOR PAPERS

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RT Changes “Palestinian” to “Ultra-Orthodox Jews” in Terrorist Attack Story

‘Ultra-Orthodox Jewish’ gunmen and ‘terrorists’: Tel Aviv attack in world media By i24news Published: 06/09/2016 – 01:56pm, updated: 03:51pm Misleading media headlines draw fury of Jewish and pro-Israel readers The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a topic that is widely followed world-wide and as such, terror attacks like the one that occurred Wednesday night in Tel Aviv are… Continue reading RT Changes “Palestinian” to “Ultra-Orthodox Jews” in Terrorist Attack Story

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RT, Sowing Divisiveness Since 2005, Fabricating Stories Since 2007

In a very appropriate comment in response to an RT article: err, this is awkward, I`m from germany, and everything here is pretty fine, sure a few idiotic wannabe anarchists, but the majority in Germany is still fine. As is common with RT stories, there might be one person, there might be a handful, or… Continue reading RT, Sowing Divisiveness Since 2005, Fabricating Stories Since 2007