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Russian Plane Crash: Sharm el-Sheikh Airport Security Failure

Putin will be furious if he hears this and it turns out to be true, that a bomb was snuck onto Russian Metrojet Flight 9268 by someone paying £20 to skip bag security checks. Metrojet, legally incorporated as Kogalymavia (Russian: Авиакомпания Когалымавиа). Seemingly, within minutes of the plane crash, the Russians were saying 1) It wasn’t pilot… Continue reading Russian Plane Crash: Sharm el-Sheikh Airport Security Failure

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Please tell me they’re joking – Google Wallet?

  Oh goodness, gracious. I am not dreaming, I am not making this up, I am not kidding you.  I BS thee not. Tonight I received a notification:   Please visit your Google Wallet account settings page and update your information to ensure continued access to all the features of your Google Wallet account. I… Continue reading Please tell me they’re joking – Google Wallet?

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Are YOU Cyber savvy?

Most people lack computer user education, plain and simple. Most people turn on their computer, sigh when they have to enter their password (if they have one at all) and start using their computer to read email, cruise through their favorite website, do some online shopping and perhaps banking. They might watch videos, read some… Continue reading Are YOU Cyber savvy?

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A US Cyber Auxiliary?

The United States might learn something from a Swiss system of a ‘home guard’, where individuals keep their government assigned weapon at home in secure storage. The same system might be applied as a Cyber Auxiliary.