Media Bias

Today someone was “arguing” on Facebook about two media sources being completely biased, and, therefore, unreliable. It struck me…  how does one quantify the bias of a news source?  So I went looking… I figure the bias in the US is on a scale from liberal to conservative, and went looking. I stumbled across a… Continue reading Media Bias

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ITAR-TASS’s So-Called Expert: Lorenz Haag

Professor Lorenz Haag, of the German “Global Communications Agency”, is bogus.  He has been widely cited as an expert by ITAR-TASS for at least seven years.   RFE/RL calls Professor Haag a “Russian apologist”. According to the Russian newsite politota, Mr. Haag is not even a professor, it is an honorary title. According to RFE/RL, there is no… Continue reading ITAR-TASS’s So-Called Expert: Lorenz Haag

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How Best to Discuss a Whole of Nation Approach to Information Activities?

What are logical ways for us to discuss what we do?  That question alone raises a ton of questions.  Who is we?  What is it we do?  Who does what?  Can something fall into multiple categories? Now that IO has a new definition, there is no longer a clear cut way to divide up the… Continue reading How Best to Discuss a Whole of Nation Approach to Information Activities?