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Our Massively Dysfunctional Cyber ‘System’

Today I met with two seniors in the cyber community, both have access to the very top of their respective food chains.  We talked for about 90 minutes, as a group.  Altogether I spent 2 1/2 hours with the one gentleman. What I discovered during our talk sent chills throughout my body.  Not only is… Continue reading Our Massively Dysfunctional Cyber ‘System’

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How Best to Discuss a Whole of Nation Approach to Information Activities?

What are logical ways for us to discuss what we do?  That question alone raises a ton of questions.  Who is we?  What is it we do?  Who does what?  Can something fall into multiple categories? Now that IO has a new definition, there is no longer a clear cut way to divide up the… Continue reading How Best to Discuss a Whole of Nation Approach to Information Activities?

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The US Cyber Guard Begins!

According to a Reuters report, US cyber defenses will now include more than just the US Cyber Command and the Department of Homeland Security.  Eventually it may include somewhere around 8,000 contractors, mostly defense contractors. These two paragraphs illustrate the reciprocal relationship between the US government and cooperating contractors: The Pentagon on Friday invited all… Continue reading The US Cyber Guard Begins!

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Illegal Information Operations

I was discussing IO legalities with a number of students a few weeks ago and it occurred to me that sometimes IO can be illegal. I asked a group of experts ‘what laws apply to IO’?  The answers were absolutely amazing in that very few know which laws apply.  Me too, I’m in that group. … Continue reading Illegal Information Operations