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Seznam.CZ Prioritizes Russian Websites

This Forbes article is all peaches and cream unless one has insider information.  According to my anonymous Czech expert: Collection of news and search results available through this portal, https://www.seznam.cz, is an indicator of the key problem in the information environment in the Czech Republic. Without this amplifier that prioritizes obscure sites like Aeronet in… Continue reading Seznam.CZ Prioritizes Russian Websites

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Orbán is a tool in Putin’s information war against the West

By PANYI SZABOLCS Czech analysts found after investigating 22,000 Russian-language online sources that Moscow’s propaganda started two years before the military intervention in the case of Ukraine and four weeks in advance concerning Syria. First came the journalists, then tanks and bombs. From the 2010s the Russian army and its military intelligence service started dominating the… Continue reading Orbán is a tool in Putin’s information war against the West

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Czech Foreign Ministry Compromised

Czech media reported on January 31, that Czech Foreign Ministry has been under massive cyberattacks. Czech prime investigative outlet Neovlivni.cz reported that “thousands of files were downloaded from email inboxes of the Czech Foreign Minister and his Undersecretaries”, including classified information. The breach was supposed to last “for several months”. The Czech Foreign Ministry confirmed the breach,… Continue reading Czech Foreign Ministry Compromised

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Meet the Czechs fighting back against Russia’s (dis)information war

Michael Colborne Prague: Josef Bilek is sure the Kremlin notices the work he and others are doing in the Czech Republic. Bilek is a volunteer with the East European Information Centre, a Czech group that aims to “fight Kremlin propaganda against western countries”. Who controls the news? The torrent of conflicting stories from propaganda machines abroad… Continue reading Meet the Czechs fighting back against Russia’s (dis)information war