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National Security Council: Fractured Advice, Conflicting Messages

Now, more than ever, we need a National Information Strategy that is insulated from domestic politics. This article highlights several serious problems which this administration is loathe to admit, Democrats cannot stop cheerleading enough to see, and that Republicans cannot stop attacking enough to fix this. We have a severe lack of military experience in… Continue reading National Security Council: Fractured Advice, Conflicting Messages

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US to Relinquish Control over Internet

The US Commerce Department announced, yesterday, its intention to give up control over the Internet at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration — an agency of the US Department of Commerce, source here. US Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information, Lawrence E. Strickling, said We… Continue reading US to Relinquish Control over Internet

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The Reality of Attribution about Cyber Attacks

This morning I read an article about attribution for cyber attacks and it just struck me that I believe too many people are hiding behind over-classification. The article was “What makes cyber attacks so hard to trace?” I asked a good friend and I was told this could not be answered ‘in the open’, meaning… Continue reading The Reality of Attribution about Cyber Attacks

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Damage Control in Afghanistan

An American Staff Sergeant killed 16 civilians in Afghanistan and now comes the information war. Now comes the apologies from President Obama, check. We’ve seen a statement by an ISAF spokesperson, check.  A statement was released by CENTCOM, check. These statements were published worldwide, check.  They’ve been tweeted, check. They’re on Facebook, check. Okay, we’ve… Continue reading Damage Control in Afghanistan

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Iran will retaliate: Cyber Attacks

The Iranian AhlulBayt News Agency published a piece today entitled “Iran will reciprocate cyber attack by US: Army commander says” Please, take a minute and read it. The only really good thing about this article is that they do not use the term cyberwar. Wait a second, they do say “Cyber Warfare“, but I’ll give… Continue reading Iran will retaliate: Cyber Attacks

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A US Cyber Auxiliary?

The United States might learn something from a Swiss system of a ‘home guard’, where individuals keep their government assigned weapon at home in secure storage. The same system might be applied as a Cyber Auxiliary.