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How to Stop China from Stealing Intellectual Property, Part II

Yesterday’s blog resulted in a flurry of activity, mostly offline.  For a Sunday a surprising number of people responded to me directly. One phone call reminded me of another option, one that I am now told is in effect.  In addition to efforts that make data and intellectual property disappear when copied illegally, I am… Continue reading How to Stop China from Stealing Intellectual Property, Part II

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What does the Mandiant report mean?

The past few days have been interesting.  Mandiant released a report outlining incredible details about China’s Unit 61398.   Most of the cyber experts with whom I’ve spoken are surprisingly quiet.  Either they’re tired of all the reporting that ends up with a whole pile of Congressional inaction or they’re just tired. A friend of mine… Continue reading What does the Mandiant report mean?

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Our Massively Dysfunctional Cyber ‘System’

Today I met with two seniors in the cyber community, both have access to the very top of their respective food chains.  We talked for about 90 minutes, as a group.  Altogether I spent 2 1/2 hours with the one gentleman. What I discovered during our talk sent chills throughout my body.  Not only is… Continue reading Our Massively Dysfunctional Cyber ‘System’

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Mudslinging 101: Apophasis

Apophasis: Today’s Word of the Day from a·poph·a·sis [uh-pof-uh-sis] noun Rhetoric .  Denial of one’s intention to speak of a subject that is at the same time named or insinuated, as “I shall not mention Caesar’s avarice, nor his cunning, nor his morality.” Honestly, this is today’s Word of the Day, sent to me… Continue reading Mudslinging 101: Apophasis

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Our Cyber Dysconnect

Three years ago I attended a conference in Moscow,Russia, it was an eye opener. I spoke openly about cyberwar (a term I used begrudgingly and admitted as much), the offensive side . That, of and by itself, was shocking. During the conference I realized how the US was viewed by much of the rest of the… Continue reading Our Cyber Dysconnect