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The FBI was informed about Russian Information Warfare and chose to do nothing

Apologies for not publishing the blog for the past two months.  I’ve been occupied elsewhere.

I read an article today which angered me. FBI should have done more to fight 2016 Russian disinformation, Senate Committee suggests

I am madder than hell at the FBI and I refuse to stay quiet any longer.

In meetings with the FBI between 2014 and 2016, I informed the FBI, repeatedly, as strongly as possible, that Russian information warfare was attacking the very fabric of the United States. It was seeking to drive huge stakes into the already deep schisms in our culture, it was seeking to undermine the legitimacy of our electoral system – undermining our fundamental democratic society, to force us to distrust the press by bombarding us with disinformation, and make us question the legitimacy of our elected government.

The FBI chose to do nothing.

In retrospect, they followed the logic. With terrorism, corruption, bribery, cyber crimes, sex trafficking, drug smuggling, and a myriad of high crimes, the FBI has very finite resources and is asked to do too much.  

Never mind that Russia is following the Soviet playbook they followed for almost the entirety of the Cold War. Now it’s all enabled by the Internet. 

Never mind that tensions were on a steep slope upwards. 

Never mind that “hate groups” of every color, religion, and extreme part of society were very loudly clamoring for our attention every time we cruised the news. 

Then the mass media deliberately chose to amplify Russian IW and make it a highly partisan issue, which it was not, previously.  

No. There was bias within the government. Rational, professional adults were not in charge in the media. 

The resulting election divided the country, fed by a highly emotional press, who did not even attempt to provide fair and objective reporting.

Unfortunately, the FBI chose to ignore this huge threat to our nation.  The damage is immeasurable, the repercussions will resound for decades, yet politicians still choose to wallow in petty, corrupt, partisan politics and not address this ongoing nightmare. 

We the people need our elected officials to recognize Russian IW as the significant threat it is and direct more resources to the FBI, the GEC, and others.  We need a coordinated, synchronized, and bilateral effort to stop this war on our nation, our way of life, and on our future.

7 thoughts on “The FBI was informed about Russian Information Warfare and chose to do nothing

  1. Joel:

    Glad to see you back.. BTW, did you see the piece quoting Clapper pointing the finger at Obama!!!


  2. Glad to see you back! Russian IW deeply affects Europe also and the response of those who should really be on top of things is too little too late.

  3. Glad you’re back blogging, Joel, and thanks for your tireless efforts to spread the word about the RU interference problem. This blog and all the work you put into compiling it have so much value in the present as well as serving as a comprehensive archive of what has happened (or not happened) the past few years.

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