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Protests continue. CCP propaganda campaign ramps up. Miscellaneous reports on damage effects, and blowback.

Protests in AUS turn ugly when CCP proxies turn on pro-HK Chinese.

Good analyses by Ying Ma and Kilgour. Support for the regime appears increasingly to be alike to the support of the Chekist regime in Russia – those who are invested in the regime, benefit from the regime, and those who are captured by propaganda. Both nations, given past history, have an innate and deep fear of instability, that the Chekists in Muscovy and the CCP in Beijing have played upon incessantly. Yet both regimes are on a trajectory where their actions are creating that very instability both peoples fear so intensively.

At some point this game will collapse, and both regimes will find their duplicitous game is bankrupt.

Hong Kong Protesters Hoping For a Record Turnout This Weekend, Events to be Live-Streamed on Epoch Times Website

Hong Kong Protesters Hoping For a Record Turnout This Weekend, Events to be Live-Streamed on Epoch Times Website

Crowds Pack Hong Kong Streets for Another Weekend of Protests – The New York Times

A peaceful rally led by teachers began a weekend of planned protests, days after demonstrators and the police were both criticized for escalating violence.

News Wrap: Hong Kong braces for weekend of demonstrations | PBS NewsHour

In our news wrap Friday, pro-democracy demonstrations resumed in Hong Kong, amid suspicion China could send in paramilitary forces to counter them. Hong Kong police insisted they would maintain control as thousands of students rallied against Beijing’s rule. Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, police clashed with people protesting in the streets of Harare over inflation, water shortages and power outages.

How Fear And Paranoia Set In Among The Hong Kong Protesters

“We don’t know what this government can do. We don’t know what these police can do.”

China’s Communists Call for Anti-Hong Kong Rally in Tiananmen Square

The official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party called for communists to gather in Tiananmen Square for an event denouncing Hong Kong.

This weekend will show if Hong Kong’s protesters still have the support of the public

Fallout from airport protests lingers as the city heads into another weekend of upheaval.

Some Hong Kong protesters wonder if they’re going too far – Los Angeles Times

Days of reflection and debate after ugly airport scenes led protesters to the same conclusion: no division, despite disagreement on tactics.

Hong Kong Tycoon Warns Protesters and Beijing Against Violence – WSJ

Hong Kong’s richest man bought the full front pages of many local newspapers to run a pair of ads—one aimed at the Chinese government, the other at demonstrators.

Hong Kong’s Li Ka-shing urges ‘no violence’ amid weakening economy – Nikkei Asian Review

HONG KONG — Amid growing signs that Hong Kong may be slipping into recession, businessman Li Ka-shing on Friday added his voice to a chorus of local

Hong Kong’s richest billionaire appeals for calm ahead of more protests – CNN

Hong Kong’s richest man has added his voice to a growing clamor from the city’s business elite for calm as pro-democracy protests enter their 11th week.

How China’s propaganda machine is whitewashing Hong Kong protests and rallying mainlanders against pro-Democracy movement

Three days after Fu Guohao was beaten by Hong Kong protesters and tied to an airport trolley, the Chinese mainlander emerged triumphant from hospital to a small crowd of supporters.

Global Times chief Hu Xijin: The man taking on Hong Kong from deep inside China’s propaganda machine – CNN

The editor of one of China’s most outspoken state media outlets has doubled down on accusations that the United States is instigating a revolution in Hong Kong, as increasingly violent protests enter their eleventh weekend.

Over 700 People Arrested By Hong Kong Police Since Protests Started

Over 700 People Arrested By Hong Kong Police Since Protests Started

China’s Rappers Endorse Police Brutality in Hong Kong | Breitbart

Some of communist China’s most prominent rappers shared a pro-Hong Kong police meme this week created by Beijing.

Hong Kong police: We don’t need Beijing’s help – BBC News

Senior officials address accusations of heavy-handedness and the rumours of Chinese intervention.

Hong Kong police say no need for China intervention | New Straits Times | Malaysia General Business Sports and Lifestyle News

HONG KONG: Hong Kong’s police are confident they have the resources to continue battling pro-democracy protesters, even if violence escalates further, pouring cold water on concerns that the authoritarian mainland might need to intervene.

China Expert Warns Hongkongers Beijing Could Launch an Attack on Protesters at This Weekend’s Rally

China Expert Warns Hongkongers Beijing Could Launch an Attack on Protesters at This Weekend’s Rally

Trump, Trudeau discussed developments in Hong Kong, Canadians held in China – Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed the Hong Kong protests and the ongoing detention of two Canadians by the Chinese government, a statement from Trudeau’s office said on Friday.

Inside the Hong Kong protesters’ anarchic struggle against China

Chanting slogans like ‘Hong Kong is not China,’ young protesters in the financial hub are challenging Beijing. Their leaderless structure is frustrating authorities.

Alibaba rethinks Hong Kong listing amid political turmoil – Nikkei Asian Review

NEW YORK/SHANGHAI — Political instability linked to months of ongoing protests in Hong Kong is denting the city’s appeal as a capital market for Chin

Hong Kong Airport Protests Jolt Supply Chain | EE Times

The impact on passenger traffic is over, and effects on the electronics supply chain are fading, but the long-term impact on Hong Kong’s entrepot trade will persist.

How Hong Kong’s summer of discontent could turn into an apocalyptic autumn | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

Former deputy police commissioner Alan Lau Yip-shing, now pointedly unretired, certainly knows how to reenter the stage with a big splash—not to mention a crash, bang and boom. In the week since Lau’s return, the embattled Hong Kong Police Force, whose confidence and morale had been badly shaken by 10 consecutive weeks of increasingly hostile anti-government protests, has seemingly found its swag and stepped up its response to the hit-and-run, guerrilla-style tactics of protesters to new and unprecedented levels.

Trump OK’s F-16 sale to Taiwan amid China tensions

The Trump administration has informally green lit a potential major arms sale to Taiwan involving dozens of new Lockheed Martin F-16V fighter jets.

Trump Administration Approves F-16 Fighter Jet Sales to Taiwan – The New York Times

The $8 billion arms package, the single largest from the United States to Taiwan in many years, is certain to anger China and could complicate the trade war.

Trump opens ‘third front’ against China with Taiwan fighter jet sale

President Trump has decided to approve a major sale of new F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, advancing a substantial upgrade of the island’s military defenses amid an array of tensions with China.

Hong Kong protests turn ugly across Australia as pro-China activists chant vile taunts at pro-democracy demonstrators – sparking violent scuffles on city streets | Daily Mail Online

Pro-China and pro-Hong Kong rallies being held across Australia have turned ugly, as both sides clashed and police were forced to step in.

Hong Kong protest tensions heat up in Australia, Australia/NZ News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

SYDNEY (AFP) – Hundreds of pro-China demonstrators marched through Sydney Saturday (Aug 17) in response to a growing number of rallies in support of the Hong Kong democracy protests as tensions between the two groups increasingly flare in Australia.. Read more at

Hong Kong protest turns violent in Melbourne with rivals clashing in the streets – as hundreds of activists in Sydney CBD cover their faces for fear of retribution | Daily Mail Online

Hundreds of protestors covered their faces as they marched on Martin Place on Friday night to demonstrate against police violence in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Protest in Melbourne Turns Violent as Pro-Beijing Demonstrators Seek to Silence Protesters

A Hong Kong rally held in Melbourne on Aug. 16 turned violent and was cut short after pro-Beijing demonstrators sought to silence the event.

Pro-Hong Kong, Pro-China Protesters Violently Clash During Melbourne Rally

Opposing protesters clashed during a pro-Hong Kong rally taking place in Melbourne, Australia outside of the State Library on Swanston Street. The rally began around 7 p.m. and the crowd gradually grew to over 1,000 people with over half of attendees being pro-China protesters.

Pro-Hong Kong and pro-China supporters clash in Melbourne – YouTube

Daily Mail Published on Aug 16, 2019 Hundreds of protestors (pictured) covered their faces as they marched on Martin Place on Friday night to demonstrate against police violence in Hong Kong. As one activist said, a number of protesters wished to keep their identities hidden over fears for repercussions back in China. ‘If they share our faces on Wechat (China’s Facebook) we could be in danger,’ a protester said. The demonstration comes as pro-Hong Kong activists continue to clash against police in more than two months of protests. The rallies were initially held to protest against legislation that proposed to extradite citizens from Hong Kong to China.

Police warning after pro-Hong Kong rally in Melbourne turns violent | Australia news | The Guardian

Victoria police say they will not tolerate ‘those who break the law or engage in antisocial or violent behaviour’

Ying Ma | What if democracy isn’t what the Chinese people want?

Protesters in Hong Kong have been waving the American flag and singing the American national anthem to signal their desire for democracy and opposition to the Communist Party of China. American politicians ranging from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy have reciprocated by declaring their support.

David Kilgour | Hong Kong Nears an Abyss

Distinguishing facts from propaganda during two months of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong is difficult, but  important realities …

Beijing’s attempts to deal with the Hong Kong protests with bluster will not foster love of China | South China Morning Post

Beijing’s attempts to deal with the Hong Kong protests with bluster will not foster love of China

Britain should throw open doors to Hong Kong’s brightest after China breaks handover promises – The Sun

IT’S time to demonstrate what Global Britain means — with a new visa category for Hongkongers. When Britain handed Hong Kong to the Chinese, our Government expected Beijing to stick to its side of the deal. They promised ‘one country, two systems’ with genuine democracy, but those promises appear to be evaporating into thin air. As protests against the Chinese government continue, the sight of a military build-up just over the border is chilling. So what can we do from the other side of the world? We can throw our doors open to the best and brightest in the small territory, giving them a ticket to the front of the immigration queue. The free market Adam Smith Institute rightly says this wouldn’t just be a warning to the Chinese government to leave Hong Kong democracy alone, it would also be a huge boost to the UK economy. And while we don’t go as far as them in saying that all Hongkongers should be waved through, it would be mad for Britain not to offer a bright, ambitious generation the chance to work here.

Britain urged to grant automatic citizenship to Hong Kong nationals facing freedom curbs – The Sun

PEOPLE in Hong Kong facing freedom curbs under Chinese rule should be granted automatic UK citizenship, a think tank says. Experts said it could trigger a valuable flood of highly skilled and talented professionals from the former British colony. Hong Kong nationals who are facing freedom curbs should be granted UK citizenship, a think tank has said

Opinion | To Understand Hong Kong, Don’t Think About Tiananmen – The New York Times

Memories of the 1989 crackdown in Beijing loom large. That’s understandable, but misleading.

In Hong Kong, the need for peaceful persistence | TheHill

Protesters must maintain pressure for democracy and human rights, and for accountability by Hong Kong’s intransigent rulers.

The Hong Kong protests are the inevitable effect of an impossible system – The Washington Post

Beijing thought the former British colonists would submit. Hong Kongers thought they’d keep their freedom.

Cathay Pacific kowtows to Beijing | Taiwan News

Airline executives resign and two pilots are fired for taking part in roiling Hong Kong protests.Cathay Pacific announced major personnel changes on Friday afternoon (Aug. 17), which might have been pressured by China as suggested by Hong Kong scholars

Cathay Pacific C.E.O.’s Resignation Shows China’s Looming Power Over Hong Kong Unrest – The New York Times

The departure of the executive, Rupert Hogg, illustrates Beijing’s influence over global companies whose bottom lines depend upon access to the mainland.

Trump’s Hong Kong Caution Isolates Him From Congress, Allies and Advisers – The New York Times

In his showdown with Beijing over trade and tariffs, Mr. Trump is ignoring his hawkish advisers, who believe China threatens American interests worldwide.

Students and university-educated young people play central role in Hong Kong protests

Students and university-educated young people are playing central roles in the protests in Hong Kong.

China takes fashion brands to task over Hong Kong | DW News – YouTube

DW News Published on Aug 16, 2019 With anti-government protests raging in Hong Kong, China has become especially sensitive about its sovereignty, forcing fashion brands like Versace, Coach and Givenchy to apologize for T-shirt designs that appeared to show Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as separate territories. Amazon faced the same pressure when it was found to be selling shirts that support Hong Kong’s protesters. Chinese supermodel Liu Wen terminated her contract with Coach. And actress Yang Mi ended her endorsement deal with Versace, stating “The motherland’s territorial integrity and sovereignty is sacred.” The controversy involves two cities that have semi-autonomous status, Hong Kong and Macau. But China also claims Taiwan, a democratic island that Beijing calls a breakaway province.

Hong Kong Protests: 1960s Chaos Could Teach What Should Come Next – Bloomberg

After a ferry-ticket hike fueled mass riots, the colonial government made investments to quell tensions.

Teenage Brides Trafficked to China Reveal Ordeal: ‘Ma, I’ve Been Sold’ – The New York Times

With women far outnumbered by men in China, some Chinese men are importing wives from neighboring countries, and using force to do so.