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POTUS tweets again – his suggestion may not sell well in the Imperial Court. Much debate in US media as to what POTUS can and cannot achieve with HK, or should or should not do. CCP leadership conclave ends. Reports from HK focused on economic damage, and political analysis. Propaganda war inside China and internationally escalates as Beijing tries to drive domestic audience and diaspora against HK.

Increasing polarization of celebrities along pro-HK and pro-Beijing lines.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “If President Xi would meet directly and personally with the protesters, there would be a happy and enlightened ending to the Hong Kong problem. I have no doubt!” / Twitter


Hong Kong Protests & Democracy: The Power of the U.S. Example | National Review

The U.S. has long shouldered the role of world leader upholding liberty. Sadly, our narrow focus on trade balances has miniatured the United States.

China does not have the upper hand in Hong Kong. Trump does. | Marc Thiessen

China is in a much weaker position than many realize. Trump should use his leverage to save Hong Kong.

The U.S. has to tread in the middle when handling the Hong Kong protests – The Washington Post

How far is the U.S. prepared to go to support pro-democracy protesters?

Marc Thiessen: Trump can save Hong Kong — Here’s what he should do | Fox News

Trump should use his leverage to save Hong Kong.

As China faces fate on Hong Kong’s freedom, America faces a choice

Donald Trump tweets as Xi Jinping lines up his military tanks and Hong Kong protesters wave American flags and sing the U.S. national anthem: Our view

Blindsided: why does Beijing keep getting Hong Kong wrong? | South China Morning Post

In a series of in-depth articles on the unrest rocking Hong Kong, the Post goes behind the headlines to look at the underlying issues, current state of affairs and where it is all heading Here, we look at how Beijing fails to grasp the sentiment of the city

China signals end of secretive leadership conclave in Beidaihe – Nikkei Asian Review

BEIJING — Chinese leaders and party elders appear to have wrapped up their secretive annual gathering at the seaside resort of Beidaihe, where they l

China’s Paramilitary Police Flex Muscles Opposite Hong Kong – WSJ

At a Shenzhen sports stadium, thousands of young officers exercise, military vehicles at the ready

Hong Kong police: not aware of any military plans by China

HONG KONG (AP) — Three senior Hong Kong police officers said Thursday that they are not aware of any plans for Chinese forces to join efforts to quell mass demonstrations in the territory, as…

Hong Kong protests: Brand ‘witch hunt’ takes over Chinese internet – BBC News

Versace and Swarovski are among the firms caught up in a wave of Chinese cyber-nationalism.

Hong Kong protesters use ‘chat groups’ to organise rebellion | World | The Times

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement had hit a wall. A court injunction had banned protesters from the international airport after two nights of demonstrations that ended in violence, and a heavy security presence had made new organised demonstrations there impossible. Then, at 7pm this Wednesday, someone still inside the airport set up a chat group on the social media app Telegram, open for anyone near by to join. “What shall we do next?” the nameless Telegram user asked the group. Subscribers voted to head to the territory’s stock exchange, and another protest was born.

Hong Kong protests impact on Chinese economy and US-China trade

The way China responds to the situation in Hong Kong will be crucial in determining how markets and U.S.-China trade talks will be affected, said David Roche, a strategist at London-based research firm Independent Strategy.

Amid crises, frayed U.S. ties give China’s Xi political cover at home – Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) – To the outside world, China’s ruling Communist Party – faced with an expanding trade war crimping an already slowing economy and spiraling protests in Hong Kong – is confronting some of its strongest political and economic headwinds in decades.

Alibaba and the $15 billion question: Amid Hong Kong’s protests, when to list? – Reuters

Hong Kong’s political unrest is posing a dilemma for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd on the timing of its planned $15 billion listing in the city, with sources saying China’s biggest e-commerce company is now considering several timetables.

Hong Kong Response ‘Won’t be Repeat’ of Tiananmen Square Crackdown, Says China Media – News18

In a rare reference to the bloody incident — which is usually taboo in mainland China — the Global Times newspaper insisted the country had more sophisticated methods than those it employed 30 years ago to crush protests in the capital.

Hong Kong protests: UN to hold crucial meet on human rights violations as pro-democracy movement enters third month – Firstpost

Flights operations resumed at Hong Kong’s airport on Wednesday after two days of disruptions in the semi-autonomous Chinese city.

Hong Kong protests: We are ready to quell unrest, promises Beijing | World | The Times

Beijing will not “sit on its hands and watch” Hong Kong descend into anarchy, the Chinese ambassador to Britain said today, suggesting that China was ready to take military action to quell pro-democracy protests in the territory.Liu Xiaoming said that Hong Kong was venturing “down a dangerous road”

Hong Kong still heading for recession even with relief measures announced to counter slowdown and turmoil, economists warn | South China Morning Post

Finance chief Paul Chan unveiled HK$19.1 billion worth of relief measures for enterprises and residents, saying they could help boost the economy by 0.3 per cent.

Hong Kong spends billions to avert recession as protest hit the economy – CNN

Hong Kong is pumping billions of dollars into its economy in a bid to avert a recession as the city’s political crisis disrupts business and slams financial markets.

Hong Kong’s banks say they have adequate cash to meet demand, even as calls circulate online for protesters to empty out ATMs | South China Morning Post

Several of Hong Kong’s biggest banks said they have enough cash on hand to handle any contingencies and are keeping a close eye on their ATM networks.

Hong Kong protests: Jackie Chan sparks FURY for controversial ‘sad and depressing’ comment | World | News |

JACKIE CHAN sparked outrage by calling for peace amid the Hong Kong protests.

Cathay Pacific’s C.E.O. Resigns Amid Criticism From China – The New York Times

The airline said Rupert Hogg would step down as of Monday “to take responsibility as a leader of the company in view of recent events.”

Hong Kong will change for the better – but only when the protest violence comes to an end | South China Morning Post

There is no way the Hong Kong and Beijing governments can yield to the violence that threatens the constitutional order. However, once order is restored, the SAR government will not be able to proceed without making serious reforms.

Cathay Pacific Airways CEO Hogg resigns, board notes Hong Kong protests

Cathay Pacific is to replace both its CEO and Chief Customer and Commercial officer. The airline said CEO Rupert Hogg was stepping down “in view of recent events.” Cathay Pacific has been under pressure from Beijing after it was found that two of its pilots had become involved in the current protest in Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific had a week from hell caught between China and Hong Kong, East Asia News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

HONG KONG (BLOOMBERG) – For more than half a century, Cathay Pacific Airways has been Hong Kong’s gateway to the world, its mix of British heritage and Asian high-altitude luxury bridging the city’s colonial past with its Chinese location. But it’s that unique cultural blend that has ensnared the carrier in an increasingly out-of-control political uprising sweeping through the streets. After months of anti-Beijing demonstrations in the city, Cathay is emerging as the corporate fall guy as it struggles to navigate a path between the demands of the mainland and employees sympathetic to the uprising.

Frenchman Scales Li Ka-Shing’s Hong Kong Icon to Hang Peace Flag – Bloomberg

Celebrated French “Spider-Man” Alain Robert scaled the side of an iconic Hong Kong skyscraper on Friday to unfurl a banner calling for peace between Hong Kong and China, as tensions escalate across the financial hub.

How Close Is Hong Kong to a Second Tiananmen? – Foreign Policy

The Chinese Communist Party prefers violence to perceived weakness.

What Hong Kong Means

The protests in Hong Kong are heartbreaking to witness. I .08/16/2019 8:25:45AM EST.

Beijing is moving to stamp out the Hong Kong protests – but it may have already lost the city for good

The Chinese government has a multi-pronged approach to quell the protests –building support among business elites, putting pressure on companies and ramping up its misinformation campaigns.

Hong Kong protests: How did we get here? – CBS News

CBS News Asia correspondent Ramy Inocencio explains what brought the pro-democracy protesters onto the streets, and what could come next

As China Cracks Down on Uighurs, a Uighur American Joins the White House – Foreign Policy

Trump’s new China hand could be a sticking point in talks with Beijing.

Mulan: Disney Star Liu Yifei Expresses Support for Hong Kong Police

Liu Yifei, the lead in Disney’s upcoming Mulan live-action remake, expressed support for HK police on Weibo.

Hong Kong Protestors Call for Disney Boycott After ‘Mulan’ Star Voices Support for Police Crackdown | Hollywood Reporter

Backlash against Chinese-American ‘Mulan’ lead actress Crystal Liu was sparked after she posted her support for the Hong Kong police force, which has been criticized by international bodies for its excessive use of force in confrontations with protesters against the controversial extradition bill.

Taiwan Boosts Military Spending as China Looms – Foreign Policy

Taipei unveiled a significant increase in its defense budget, with an eye to Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong.