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Mertha argues it is time for all sides to back off and cool off. Whether this happens is an open question. The CCP’s blindness to realities outside their ideological framework created this mayhem, and one thing devoted Communists find challenging is accepting that the Party is anything but perfect, and might happen to puts its interests ahead of the nation’s. Coming days will be telling – whether China embarks down the path of the USSR, or reverses direction.

Some very good analysis by Pry on PLA nuclear capabilities, and other interesting analyses.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “Our Intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong. Everyone should be calm and safe!” / Twitter

Andrew Mertha | The courage to back down in Hong Kong | TheHill

If the Trump administration is incapable of brokering some sort of temporary peace, it should at the very least avoid giving Xi any more rhetorical ammunition and making the situation worse.

China-US talks held by top diplomats Yang Jiechi and Mike Pompeo amid Hong Kong spat | South China Morning Post

The pair meet in New York on Tuesday for exchange of views that observers predict will include anti-government protests in Hong Kong, but neither side indicates any positive outcome.

GOP senator calls for China boycott as Hong Kong rages

Americans should boycott Chinese products in response to the intensifying political crisis in Hong Kong, a Republican lawmaker urged amid rumors Beijing is ready to use military force to shut down protests.

China accuses Pelosi and McConnell of inciting ‘chaos’ in Hong Kong

China’s Foreign Ministry said leading American officials are “anxious” to “instigate and see chaos” in Hong Kong.

China tells U.S. to back off after lawmakers condemn Hong Kong violence – Reuters

China’s foreign ministry on Tuesday told the United States to stay out of its internal affairs after some U.S. lawmakers, including House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, condemned what they called acts of violence by police against protesters in Hong Kong.

Democrats criticize Trump response on Hong Kong | TheHill

Violent clashes between anti-government protesters and riot police in the Hong Kong airport prompted an outpouring of support Tuesday from U.S. lawmakers for the demonstrators.

China Refuses U.S. Warships Hong Kong Port Call Amid Tensions – Bloomberg

China has refused port visits to Hong Kong by two U.S. warships amid continued trade tensions and diplomatic spats between the two sides over pro-democracy protests in the Asian financial hub.

Beijing’s Paranoia Sees the CIA Under Every Rock – Foreign Policy

Chinese propagandists are throwing around wild allegations in Hong Kong—but the leadership may really believe them.

Rioters call their nemesis by assaulting Global Times reporter – Global Times

In no case should violence be tolerated anywhere in the world. This is the bottom line of a modern civilized society. As Hong Kong rioters have vented their rage at and attacked innocents, no excuse can exonerate them of the blame for violent crimes. Any attempt, especially by some biased Westerners, to defend them is nothing short of being an accomplice in the violence.

Hong Kong: The propaganda is working – SupChina

Riot police arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport shortly before midnight local time after a second day of protests that brought flight departures to a standstill. One man, who protesters suspected of being an undercover cop, had his hands bound with cable ties, and was interrogated aggressively. The man appeared to faint before eventually being taken away by paramedics. “Hong Kong terrorists besiege mainland tourists” (香港恐怖分子围攻内地游客) became a trending hashtag on Weibo for several hours yesterday. We can expect Beijing to milk this unfortunate incident for everything it’s worth — because the propaganda is working.

Opinion | The Battle for Hong Kong Is Being Fought in Sydney and Vancouver – The New York Times

How Beijing is weaponizing social media in its fight to crush the Hong Kong protests.

Chief executive’s popularity slips yet again in new poll | Coconuts Hong Kong

The approval rating of embattled Chief Executive Carrie Lam continued its steady downward march this week, dropping one point to 20 percent in a new survey as public anger over the government’s handling of an ongoing political crisis continues to surge. According to a poll conducted by the Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute during the first week of August, the percentage of more than 1,000 respondents who disapproved of Lam outright had risen to 72 percent.

Hong Kong’s Last British Governor Says China Sending in Troops Would Be ‘Appalling Error’

Hong Kong’s last British governor Chris Patten talks with TIME about what's at stake for Hong Kong and China.

Hong Kong Airport Obtains Interim Injunction to Bar Protesters – Bloomberg

Hong Kong airport is resuming normal operations this morning after another night of protests that saw violent clashes and flights severely disrupted. Washington is now urging Beijing to respect the city’s autonomy while the U.N. is calling for an investigation into the use of teargas by police. Bloomberg’s Stephen Engle reports on “Bloomberg Markets: China Open.” (Source: Bloomberg)

China describes Hong Kong protests as ‘near terrorism’ – BBC News

It comes after protesters clashed with police officers, and detained two men, at Hong Kong’s airport.

China slams ‘terrorist-like actions’ by protesters at Hong Kong airport – China slams protestors at the airport | The Economic Times

China on Wednesday slammed pro-democracy protesters at Hong Kong airport for “terrorist-like” acts, after two men were beaten by demonstrators.In Pic: Hong Kong: Policemen with batons and shields shout at protesters during a demonstration at the Airport in Hong Kong. China slams protestors at the airport

Hong Kong protesters have already won the battle – to avoid a full-blown war, they must scale back

When coups happen, the rebels usually try to secure the airport. So the Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters who seized control of Hong Kong international airport had certainly made their point to the authorities – that mass protest is capable of paralysing this major hub, and that they can go further in their passionate defence of their limited freedoms.

The Guardian view on Hong Kong: on the brink | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

Editorial: The city is seeing new levels of violence. The authorities created this mess – how can it be ended?

China State Media Present Their Own Version Of Hong Kong Protests : NPR

As pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong continue to dominate the world’s news, China is aggressively presenting a very different picture of events. The audience is its people, and home and abroad.

Hong Kong airport protest: Live updates as flights resume, clean-up begins – CNN

Flights are resuming after protesters clashed with police last night at the Hong Kong airport. Follow here for the latest.

China says protesters like ‘terrorists’ as Hong Kong airport reopens – Japan Today

China’s Hong Kong Liaison office said on Wednesday that anti government protesters were no different to &quot;terrorists&quot;, as U.S. President Donald Trump said Chinese troops were moving to the border with Hong Kong and urged calm. The Beijing-based Hong Kong and Macau Affairs office on Wednesday said extremely violent crimes…

Hong Kong protests: Fears of another Tiananmen Square are no longer absurd | News | The Times

A road of no return: that is where a tear-stained Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s chief executive, warned that the territory was heading after almost three months of protests.On the other side of the border with mainland China, armoured troop carriers and other military vehicles were massing, filmed by Chin

Opinion: Chinese military intervention in Hong Kong would be costly | Opinion | DW | 13.08.2019

Protesters in Hong Kong seem undeterred by China’s thinly veiled threat of sending in the armed forces. But Beijing would pay a steep price if it were to send in troops, says DW’s Mathias Bölinger.

Hong Kong Police Free Global Times Reporter, Arrest Five Amid Protests at Airport (Video) – Sputnik International

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Flights to and from the airport were canceled for a second day on Tuesday as demonstrators continue to flood the halls, demanding an end to police brutality.

Lay Zhang Yixing, Chinese K-pop star, warns Calvin Klein to respect ‘one China’ policy | South China Morning Post

Calvin Klein listed Hong Kong, Taiwan as separate from China on its website. Lay Zhang Yixing, of K-pop group Exo, said he would stop modelling for US company if it didn’t correct error, say sorry and avoid a recurrence.

The Crisis in Hong Kong: What to Know | Council on Foreign Relations

As protesters in Hong Kong use increasingly creative means to demand change, the possibility that Beijing will respond with force is growing.

Trump just blinked, giving China a possible edge in trade war: Chanos

“Tell me why Xi should not continue to wait out The World’s Greatest Negotiator, who keeps ‘dealing’ with himself?” says Jim Chanos.

Trump’s New Farm Tariffs No Match for China’s Retaliatory Duties – Bloomberg

President Donald Trump’s new tariffs on Chinese agricultural products are likely to hurt the Asian nation a lot less than the retaliatory duties Beijing already imposes on the U.S.

Peter Vincent Pry | Underestimating China’s nuclear threat – Washington Times

Fiona Cunningham relies on unclassified sources to provide a well-researched summary of the mainstream view of academics, China scholars and even many military professionals of the PRC’s nuclear doctrine and C3 arrangements. Unfortunately, this mainstream view is almost certainly wrong.

Weaponizing Biotech: How China’s Military Is Preparing for a ‘New Domain of Warfare’ – Defense One

Under Beijing\’s civil-military fusion strategy, PLA General Hospital has emerged as a leader in gene-editing research.

CHRIS MILLS. Avoiding the Crossfire from the USA – China Confrontation | John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations

Australia is on a ‘hiding to nothing’ from the escalating USA confrontation with China. If we choose USA, China can peacefully inflict devastating economic damage by choosing other countries to supply its resources. If we choose China, USA can withdraw its security guarantees, (albeit never tested in a situation where Australia, but not the USA,…

Unjustified China madness – AEI

A tiny currency devaluation shocked the market, but a currency war makes no sense for Beijing, and China trade doesn’t matter much to the American economy.