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Latest media reports indicate HKPol are storming the airport. Threats from Beijing increase. Reports of govt infiltrators in protest groups, pretending to be protesters – the classic Russian “Titushki” play. The expectation across Western observers is that Beijing will act soon, and forcefully.

Worth noting that in the world of Marx-Leninist revolutionary warfare, that spawned Mao’s eventual teachings, the notion of public rebellion is unthinkable – it can only be a counter-revolutionary effort by class enemies or foreign powers, that also fits much of the rhetoric emanating from CCP sources in Beijing. An ideologically committed Communist has no description for ordinary citizens rebelling against the state – which is why the Soviets killed vast numbers of them and hid the evidence.


ABC News Started streaming 51 minutes ago

Carrie Lam warns of ‘path of no return’ as protesters take over airport – YouTube

The Telegraph Published on Aug 13, 2019 Hong Kong airport cancelled all remaining flights on Tuesday after protesters took over the busy international transport hub for the second day in a row. Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing leader, Carrie Lam, warned of dangerous consequences if escalating violence was not curbed. Click here to read more:… and are websites of The Telegraph, the UK’s best-selling quality daily newspaper providing news and analysis on UK and world events, business, sport, lifestyle and culture.

Tom Rogan | Hong Kong International Airport seizure almost certainly means a Chinese military response

Beijing will regard protesters as crossing a red line in causing the suspension of flights at Hong Kong International Airport. In a limited but highly public manner, the function and power of the Chinese state has ground to a halt.

Hong Kong protesters must stop now before it’s too late

On Monday afternoon as I waited in the transit area of Hong Kong International Airport for my flight back to Singapore with two friends, the roaring chants of thousands of protestors on the other side of customs in the arrivals zone got steadily louder and louder.

Hong Kong police arrest 149 people during protests in last few days – Xinhua |

HONG KONG, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) — The Hong Kong police said on Monday that they have arrested 149 people during the series of violent protests over the past few days. Tang Ping-keung, deputy commissioner of police, said at a press briefing on Monday that during the series of protests, radical protesters acted lawlessly and escalated the level of violence. They have spread the violent acts across Hong Kong, causing serious inconvenience towards the general public’s daily life and posing threats to people’s safety. The 149 people, arrested between Aug. 9 and Aug. 12, comprise 111 male and 38 female, aged between 15 to 53. They were suspected of crimes including unlawful assembly, assault on policemen, obstruction of police in the execution of duty, possession of offensive weapons and dangerous objects. Tang said that on Aug. 11, some people turned a deaf ear to the police’s objection and got involved in unauthorized rallies. Some of the protesters later went to different places all over Hong Kong and blocked main roads and thoroughfares, besieged police stations and damaged police vehicles. In Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Peninsula, a mob threw petrol bombs into the police station, and the legs of a policeman were burnt by fire consequently. The police noticed that some protesters were involved in extremely violent activities, and therefore they carried out intelligence-led operations and arrested 15 core members of the mobs on Aug. 11 in Causeway Bay, the Hong Kong Island. Tang called on protesters to stop using violence to disturb Hong Kong’s social order and he hoped that the Hong Kong society can soon restore calm.

Hong Kong protests: China media says military assembles nearby

Chinese propaganda outlets warned on Tuesday that protesters in Hong Kong are “asking for self-destruction,” as they released a video showing military vehicles amassing near the border of the city.

Secret police attack Hong Kong protesters branded terrorists by Beijing | The Times

Hong Kong has endured the worst violence since pro-democracy protests began in the former British colony ten weeks ago, causing the authorities to close one of the world’s busiest airports for all outbound flights. Thousands of black-clad demonstrators crowded into the main terminal yesterday,

Hong Kong protests: Men disguised as demonstrators help police make arrests | The Independent

Hong Kong police have been accused of using undercover officers disguised as protesters to make mass arrests during the anti-government street rallies. Video footage posted online showed one demonstrator being wrestled to the ground by an officer in riot gear and a man wearing jeans, trainers, t-shirt and face mask. The protester, who said his name was Chow Ka-lok, was left

Hong Kong Free Press on Twitter: “#HongKong police made mass arrests in Causeway Bay on Sunday eve – aided by men who appeared to be undercover officers dressed as protesters. HKFP footage showed one of the men assisting in an arrest of a bloodied activist. Full story:” / Twitter


Hong Kong’s Airport Shuts Down as China’s Infowar and Threats of Force Intensify

Protesters forced Hong Kong airport authorities to cancel all departures Monday as China accused activists of showing “signs of terrorism.”

Beijing says Hong Kong protests ‘show signs of terrorism.’ If you only watch state media, you probably agree – CNN

Out-of-control mobs beating up police. Crazed separatists throwing petrol bombs and vandalizing government buildings. The symbols of the country insulted and humiliated. Local authorities overwhelmed and in need of assistance.

China Promises Severe Response to Hong Kong Protests | National Review

China on Monday vowed a severe response to pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong who confronted police and shut down the international airport, saying the demonstrators were engaging in “terrorist activities.”

Hong Kong Leader Says City Becoming Dangerous Place Amid Protests – Sputnik International

BEIJING (Sputnik) – Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that violent actions of protesters, who paralyzed the city airport the day before, were pushing the autonomous city to a point of no return and making it a dangerous place.

Hong Kong Chief Defends Police, Chokes Up in Rowdy News Briefing – Bloomberg

Hong Kong’s embattled leader warned that the Asian financial center risked sliding into “an abyss,” in a contentious news conference in which she continued to sidestep key questions about the government’s response to weeks of unrest.

Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam Frustrates Reporters, Dodging Questions at Press Conference

In a raucous press conference in the morning on Aug. 13, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam was criticized by a reporter for evading a question about the withdrawal of the now-suspended extradition bill.

Cramer: Hong Kong protests ‘more serious’ than US-China trade war

CNBC’s Jim Cramer says his biggest concern is how China might respond to the escalating protests in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong stocks dive as protests rumble, China anger builds – World – DAWN.COM

Hong Kong stocks tumbled Tuesday as protests that have jolted the city for more than two months fuel political and economic uncertainty, with China’s growing frustration leading to worries it will take a tougher line with the standoff.

China’s Biggest Bank Cuts Cathay to Strong Sell on Protests – Bloomberg

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. was cut to a “strong sell” by the investment banking arm of China’s biggest lender, which said the fallout from the anti-Beijing protests in Hong Kong is set to hurt to the airline’s brand.

Hong Kong’s Corporate Titans Under Siege as Protests Escalate – WSJ

The companies most exposed to the economy of the special administrative region can no longer avoid its political drama.

Hong Kong airport chaos as more flights canceled: Live updates – CNN

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China Clips Cathay’s Wings Over Staff Backing Hong Kong Protests – Bloomberg

Beijing’s anger over protest-supporting airline staff puts carrier in no-win situation between blocked routes and alienated customers.

Closure of Hong Kong airport shines fresh light on protest movement | World news | The Guardian

Disruption on Monday stopped flights to UK, US and Australia and will be felt worldwide

BREAKING: New protest at airport creating fresh problems as activists block areas | Coconuts Hong Kong

Hundreds of pro-democracy protesters staged a new rally at Hong Kong’s airport today, blocking areas and creating fresh headaches for travelers a day after a massive demonstration there triggered a shutdown at the busy international travel hub. Only a handful of protesters stayed through the night, and flights resumed at the airport early in the morning, but by afternoon, several hundred demonstrators had returned, responding to a call for a new rally. The massive backlog of cancelled flights from Monday meant many take-offs were still being delayed or cancelled today, even after operations resumed. The airport’s departures page showed several cancellations well into the evening, though it was unclear whether they were related to today’s protest, or yesterday’s backlog.

Over 150 Flights Canceled as Hong Kong Airport Is Flooded by Protesters – The New York Times

Hong Kong International Airport, one of the world’s busiest, was brought to a near halt by antigovernment demonstrators angered by police violence.

Cathay Resumes Slide as Flight Cancellations Compound Woes – Bloomberg

Shares of Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., which tumbled to a 10-year low on Monday, extended their slide after the carrier canceled hundreds of flights in the wake of the abrupt closure of Hong Kong’s airport.

Planes, trains and an extra night in Chinatown as four reporters find their way back to Hong Kong amid flight disruptions at airport | South China Morning Post

Planes, trains and an extra night in Chinatown as four reporters find their way back to Hong Kong amid flight disruptions at airport

Asian market latest: Asian markets decline; Cathay Pacific continues its fall – CNN

Asian stocks declined Tuesday amid rising geopolitical tensions.

Eye Patch Becomes a Symbol of Freedom – WSJ

A young Hong Kong woman suffers a gruesome injury as police violence escalates.

Retired Adm. Stavridis: Hong Kong protests could hold off trade deal

Retired Adm. James Stavridis says the protests in Hong Kong could reduce the ability to execute a trade deal between U.S. and China soon.

James Carafano: What Hong Kong unrest tells us about China’s plans for the rest of the world | Fox News

In Hong Kong, China is acting like a global bully.

McConnell warns China against ‘any violent crackdown’ in Hong Kong | TheHill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is warning the Chinese government after authorities in Hong Kong reportedly fired tear gas at protesters inside a subway station and charged demonstrators Sunday.

Stocks blog: Hang Seng Index drops to its lowest level since January 3 | South China Morning Post

Share prices of several major firms on the Hong Kong exchange declined on Tuesday after posting weaker first-half earnings, including China Literature and Macau casino giant Galaxy Entertainment Group.

Australian businessman slammed for telling Hong Kong airport protesters off flight cancellations | Daily Mail Online

A journalist with the CNN pay-TV channel videoed the stranded traveller remonstrating with demonstrators as flights to and from Australia were cancelled at one of the world’s busiest airports.

Buildings swept away in China typhoon – BBC News

Typhoon Lekima in China has killed dozens of people, with over a million evacuated from Zhejiang province. Highlights + #UKR Update – August 12, 2019 – To Inform is to Influence Highlights + #UKR Update – August 12, 2019 by #HongKong “Canada’s Justin Trudeau extremely concerned about Hong Kong, urges China to be careful” “Hong Kong: Trudeau appelle la Chine à la retenue” “While Hong Kong fights for democracy, Canada goes silent” “Beijing warns of ‘signs of terrorism’ in violent unrest in Hong Kong” “Hong…

A Tiananmen Solution in Hong Kong? by Minxin Pei – Project Syndicate

When there are no good options, leaders must choose the least bad one. China’s government may loathe the idea of making concessions to the Hong Kong protesters, but considering the catastrophic consequences of a military crackdown, that is what it must do.

Every Eye Should Turn to Hong Kong | National Review

I know it’s the easiest thing to complain that “the media” is not focused on the right issues. But there is just too little reporting about China and Hong Kong.

The Times view on Beijing’s reaction to Hong Kong protests: Enter the Dragon | Comment | The Times

Hong Kong is hurtling towards a showdown. The rumble of threats from the Chinese communist party leadership is growing louder. Beijing brands protesters in the former British colony as terrorists, tells outside powers including Britain to stop interfering. On the mainland, in the nearby city of Shen

Four Questions as Hong Kong Rises to Protest China’s Communists | Trending

The Chinese communist government must be feeling a sense a deja vu as Hong Kong’s democracy protests gather strength. It was 20 years plus two months ago this summer that pro-democracy protesters gathered and then became a force on Tienanmen Square in Beijing. That protest saw peaceful Chinese ci…

A Tiananmen ‘solution’ in Hong Kong would destroy its economy – MarketWatch

The crisis in Hong Kong appears to be careening toward a devastating climax.

Refuse Hong Kong’s protesters everything, and they will fight to the bitter end | South China Morning Post

This is not a storm that Carrie Lam’s administration can sit out. Deny the protesters everything and we force them to fight the current political order to the death, in nihilistic destruction, convinced they have nothing to lose.

If China cracks down on Hong Kong, Trump should extend his tariffs – The Washington Post

The “one country, two systems” model gave Hong Kong economic freedom that can be manipulated.

Why Oppression Is Rising in Xinjiang and Hong Kong

Under Xi Jinping, China is extending political repression from its Western border regions into Hong Kong and other that once seemed relatively free by comparison. What we are witnessing is not a continuation of China’s oppressive status quo but the onset of something alarming and new.

What do the Hong Kong protesters want? | World news | The Guardian

The city has been rocked by protests since June, many ending in violent clashes with police. Demonstrators have five key demands

Protests Put Hong Kong on Collision Course with China’s Communist Party – The New York Times

The grand political experiment to marry Beijing’s brand of authoritarianism with a bastion of civil liberties appears to be facing a moment of reckoning.

China has misread the Hong Kong protests from the start. It’s time to get it right. – The Washington Post

Chinese leaders need to discuss demands or face political consequences.

Meet the millennial leaders of Hong Kong’s protests

Many of Hong Kong’s most prominent opposition leaders are still in their 20’s, but they’re demanding big changes that could alter the future of their entire generation.

In China’s Credit Ratings, Democracies Pay a Price – Foreign Policy

Data from Chinese firms shows a Beijing-dominated world would be a financial boost for autocrats.

Why The U.S. Will Win The China Trade War

With Trump’s imposition of 10% tariffs on an additional $300 billion of imports from China and Beijing’s retaliation by weakening the yuan and cutting off imports of U.S. farm products, the U.S.-China confrontation has escalated to fever pitch.

Arms Racing With China: Battle for the Missile Race Narrative

An accelerating arms race will determine the contest for strategic primacy between the United States and China. Perceptions of American …