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Beijing escalates its propaganda and blameshifting campaign, now comparing the protests to a “color revolution”. Russia’s propaganda machine chiming in, in unison, mostly with exactly the same propaganda themes. All being packaged as a Western instigated regime change campaign. Multiple reports of intimidation of individuals and organisations. Discord in overseas student communities continues.

The mayhem in HK is a direct consequence of not one, but many poorly considered policy choices by the CCP leadership. The country is on track for increasing instability as the Soviet style of centralised control and intensive propaganda is not especially compatible with a well educated population. That is fundamentally what tore apart the USSR. It has been widely reported that the CCP leadership fears a Soviet style breakup more than anything else, yet by its actions it has put China on track for exactly that outcome as the government alienates increasing numbers of its citizens.

China Claims U.S. ‘Black Hand’ Is Behind Hong Kong Protests – WSJ

Beijing stepped up its accusations of U.S. involvement in fomenting protests in Hong Kong, as authorities and protesters in the restive Chinese city prepared for a critical 10th weekend of demonstrations.

US Sponsored “Color Revolution” Struggles in Hong Kong – Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization [Russian Propaganda]

The Western media has been boasting over recent protests in Hong Kong. Western headlines have claimed the protests have “rattled” Beijing’s leadership. The protests have been organized to obstruct Hong Kong’s elected government from moving forward with an extradition bill. The bill would further integrate Hong Kong’s legal system with that of mainland China’s, allowing suspects to be sent to the mainland, Taiwan, or Macau to face justice for crimes committed anywhere in Chinese territory. The protests oppose the extradition bill as a wider means of opposing Hong Kong’s continued reintegration with China – arguing that the “One Country, Two Systems” terms imposed by the British upon Hong Kong’s return under Chinese sovereignty in 1997 must be upheld.

Hong Kong’s Occupy protest ‘was an attempt at colour revolution’: PLA general | South China Morning Post

The Occupy protests were “an orchestrated Hong Kong version of a colour revolution” and Beijing’s response should serve as a warning to advocates for Taiwan’s independence, according to a senior PLA general.

Beijing deems Hong Kong protests ‘colour revolution,’ will not rule out intervention | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

Beijing has claimed that Hong Kong protests have “clear colour revolution characteristics,” adding that it will not rule out intervention if the city is in turmoil. Colour revolution refers to movements in former Soviet countries in the 2000s that led to the overthrow of governments. Beijing believes such movements were organised or assisted by the United States.

In Hong Kong, what happens now that Beijing has called the protests a color revolution? – The Washington Post

The official rhetoric is escalating. Here’s what that means.

China views Hong Kong protests as ‘color revolution’ : The DONG-A ILBO

China has characterized the ongoing antigovernment protests in Hong Kong as a “color revolution” fo…

Chinese Official Warns Hong Kong Protesters Against ‘Color Revolution’ – The New York Times

“The violence is getting more and more intense” in Hong Kong, the mainland official said just days after protests and a citywide strike resulted in clashes with the police.

People’s Daily accuses US of ‘colour revolution’ bid with Occupy Central | South China Morning Post

The Communist Party’s mouthpiece newspaper has blamed the United States for colluding with Occupy Central protest organisers to try and foment a “colour revolution”.

Hong Kong’s Caught In A Color Revolution Crisis –

The largely grassroots movement that’s organically sprung up in Hong Kong might be mostly comprised of well-intended people, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it has all the hallmarks of a Color Revolution and could very easily be hijacked by foreign forces and their extremist collaborators in order to provoke another Tiananmen Square incident.

Dangerous resource for hire? Hong Kong’s triads have a long history of political involvement | South China Morning Post

The violent attacks in Yuen Long are a reminder that while Hong Kong’s triads are today known to be business-savvy, their special place in society makes them uniquely dangerous.

This Video Shows How China Would Invade and Crush Hong Kong | The National Interest

Could Beijing be bluffing?

Hong Kong Protesters Are Pissed Police Are Arresting Them For “Rioting” – YouTube

VICE News Published on Aug 9, 2019 Dozens of Hongkongers rallying against police violence were arrested on rioting charges, a week after law enforcement failed to protect protesters who were assaulted in a subway station by a group of thugs.

Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas At Protesters : NPR

Pro-democracy protests, now in their 10th straight weekend, are posing one of the biggest tests to China’s leadership since the 1997 handover from Britain.

Hong Kong Protesters Clash With Police Amid Fears of Mob Violence – The New York Times

The prospect of further street brawls between civilians lent a heightened sense of danger and uncertainty to protests that have continued for 10 consecutive weekends

Hong Kong protesters turn airport into art workshop | News | Al Jazeera

From creation to dissemination, the production of Hong Kong protest promo materials is as leaderless as the movement.

Hong Kong Protesters File Past Chinese Army’s Headquarters, Peacefully – The New York Times

The “family-friendly” rally drew several thousand people, including parents with children. More protests were expected later Saturday.

Chinese reports on U.S. diplomat in Hong Kong ‘have gone from irresponsible to dangerous’: State Department – Reuters

Official Chinese media reports about a U.S. diplomat who met with student leaders of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement “have gone from irresponsible to dangerous” and must stop, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said on Friday.

This Weekend’s Hong Kong Protests to be Live-Streamed on The Epoch Times Website

This Weekend’s Hong Kong Protests to be Live-Streamed on The Epoch Times Website

Hong Kong tourism hit by anti-extradition protests, economy will take a long time to recover, Asia News – AsiaOne

Asia News – Read more at AsiaOne

Tear gas rounds fired from Sham Shui Po Police Station in Hong Kong as protesters march illegally | South China Morning Post

The only approved protest for Sunday is a rally in Victoria Park, but that has also now become an illegal march. In North Point, tensions run high as a march planned earlier was banned by police, while the airport sit-in continues for a third day.

China Imposes Sanctions On Cathay Pacific Pilots and Cabin Crew Involved in Anti-ELAB Movement

A Chinese State-owned newspaper has said Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific “will pay a painful price for its actions and position on the riots in Hong Kong” following weeks of protests in the city over a controversial extradition bill. The English-language Global Times is largely seen as a mouthpiece of China’s Communist Party and reflects Beijing’s position on a number of issues. The inflammatory editorial appeared as news emerged that China had imposed a number of new restrictions on Cathay Pacific, as well as the airline’s pilots and cabin crew operating on flights that fly to mainland China or through mainland China. The new measures that take effect today (10th August) include: Any crew member who has taken part in anti-ELAB protests will not be allowed to operate flights to mainland China Crew manifests for any flights that fly through Chinese airspace must be sent to authorities for review and approval Cathay Pacific must work with the Chinese civil aviation authorities on new internal security procedures The measures could have a huge impact on Cathay Pacific and has the potential to ensnare hundreds of crew at the airline. Beijing will be conducting background checks on all employees who fly to/through Chinese airspace and could bar any crew member who has shown sympathy for the anti-ELAB movement on social media.

China’s army a threat to rattle Hong Kong ‘rioters’ | World | The Sunday Times

The football pitch in the middle of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) garrison headquarters in Hong Kong was covered last week by camouflaged tents and marquees big enough to hide sizeable vehicles. The PLA offered no explanation. With protests continuing in the territory yesterday, any moves by th

China tells UK to back off after minister’s call for Hong Kong probe – Reuters

Beijing on Saturday told the United Kingdom to stay out of China’s internal affairs after Britain’s foreign minister called for an independent investigation into the recent protests in its former colony Hong Kong.

China demands Britain stop ‘meddling’ in Hong Kong

China warned Britain to stop &quot;meddling&quot; in Hong Kong, after a top British official called the international financial hub's leader to voice concern about protests that have rocked the city for two months. The pro-democracy protests, which are partly fuelled by widespread anger at an erosion

Hong Kong Police Used So Much Tear Gas Journalists Coughed Blood

Researchers surveying the journalists covering Hong Kong protests found that reporters are suffering severe health effects from tear gas.

Thousands rally in Hong Kong in fresh protests, marchers defy police ban | New Straits Times | Malaysia General Business Sports and Lifestyle News

HONG KONG: Thousands of Hong Kong protesters rallied on Sunday, defying a police ban on marches in the Chinese-controlled territory and continuing a restive weekend of demonstrations which saw police fire teargas overnight.

Hong Kong’s Millennial Dissidents – WSJ

At 26, Nathan Law has already been elected to office and spent time in jail. He explains why the protesters have become more aggressive in their tactics and demands.

Hong Kong airport protest continues for third day, reinforcements set to join those who camped overnight – TODAYonline

HONG KONG — Only a few dozen demonstrators were camping out at Hong Kong International Airport early on Sunday (Aug 11) after a long day of guerilla-style protests on city streets ended with the arrest of 16 people.

Police in Hong Kong are launching tear gas canisters made in Pennsylvania

Combined Systems Inc. of Jamestown, south of Erie, and Nonlethal Technologies of Homer City, east of Pittsburgh, are among the top five producers of so-called ‘riot control systems.’

China orders Cathay Pacific to suspend staff backing Hong Kong protests – Japan Today

China’s aviation regulator has demanded Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific Airways suspend personnel who have engaged in illegal protests in the city from staffing flights into its airspace from August 10. Hong Kong has been embroiled in increasingly violent anti-government street protests for the past two months, which a…

China waiting out Hong Kong protests, but backlash may come

BEIJING (AP) — China’s central government has dismissed Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters as clowns and criminals while bemoaning growing violence surrounding the monthslong…

How ‘thuggish’ China is endangering U.S. diplomats in Hong Kong – Washington Times

China’s foreign ministry on Friday blasted State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus. The day before, Ms. Ortagus called China a “thuggish regime.”

Hong Kong Protests Continue After Police Announce 16 Arrests Overnight

In Hong Kong, more protests are planned on Aug. 11 after another night of clashes between protesters and local police resulting in numerous arrests.

US and China row over ′dangerous′ Hong Kong reports on diplomat | News | DW | 10.08.2019

The US has slammed Chinese-backed media in Hong Kong for their reports on a US envoy who met pro-democracy activists. China is trying to frame mass protests in Hong Kong as being fueled by the West.

US hits back at China for targeting diplomat in Hong Kong | World news | The Guardian

State department condemns ‘dangerous’ reports identifying US envoy after supposed meeting with activists

Hong Kong’s Protesters Test Riot Police With Cat-and-Mouse Tactics – WSJ

Protesters led riot police on a game of cat and mouse, splitting up and moving throughout Hong Kong and blocking roads and tunnels, as the city’s summer of dissent stretched into a 10th weekend.

Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas as Marchers Defy Ban | Time

Police fired tear gas at protesters in Hong Kong on Saturday after anti-government marches went ahead in defiance of an official ban.

Beijing’s Response to Military Intervention in Hong Kong Means the Regime Will Resort to Other Forms of Violence

Beijing’s most recent response to the relentless protests in Hong Kong indicates that although Chinese leaders may have decided not to deploy troops

Hong Kong Brings Back Police Commander Who Quashed 2014 Protests

Hong Kong reactivates a retired police official credited with controlling the 2014 movement and tasks him with handling the current crisis.

Professor Accuses Beijing of Secretly Deploying Police Officers to Hong Kong – Sputnik International

Hong Kong officials have issued a counterstatement against a professor who accused the Hong Kong Police Force of taking orders from Beijing and accepting additional officers from mainland China’s Guangdong province.

Asia Times | Hong Kong protesters deploy hit-and-run tactic | Article

Defying police ban, protesters hit streets of city for 10th weekend in a row

In Pictures: Hong Kong police arrest 5 in Wong Tai Sin during paper-burning protest | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

Hong Kong protesters held paper-burning protests in Wong Tai Sin and Sha Tin on Friday, which resulted in police arresting five people for unlawful assembly.

British government’s Hong Kong intervention riles China | World news | The Guardian

Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, underlines ‘one country, two systems’ in call to Carrie Lam, the Hong Kong chief executive

US to China: Stop ‘dangerous’ media reports on diplomat in Hong Kong, East Asia News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States on Friday (Aug 9) demanded that Beijing-backed news outlets stop sharing “dangerous” reports after a newspaper revealed personal information about an American diplomat in Hong Kong who met with pro-democracy activists.. Read more at

China Publishes Names of U.S. Diplomat’s Children

A pro-Beijing newspaper publishes personal information about a U.S. diplomat, including the names of her children.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab embroiled in first diplomatic spat as he angers the Chinese | Daily Mail Online

Dominic Raab demanded a full investigation into police brutality and violence in Hong Kong after two months of protests by pro-democracy campaigners against Beijing’s authoritarian grip.

Before you complain about Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill protesters, consider this | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

Hong Kong’s summer of protest continues. As the situation has turned more violent around us, one hears hesitations about the protestors and their modi operandi, as well as outright opposition. A few common complaints, and some thoughts to consider:

Beijing tells London to stay out of its affairs after UK minister seeks HK probe, United States News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

BEIJING/WASHINGTON • Beijing yesterday told London to stay out of China’s internal affairs after Britain’s foreign minister called for an independent investigation into the recent protests in Hong Kong.. Read more at

China’s Currency Devaluation Will Hurt China More Than It Hurts U.S.

This is the strongest counteraction in the trade war. It might have achieved the desired effect of causing panic, but it will end up hurting China the most.

IMF contradicts Trump: China hasn’t manipulated its currency

WASHINGTON (AP) — The International Monetary Fund sees little evidence that China’s central bank has deliberately reduced the value of the nation’s currency — a position at odds with the Trump…

Trump Still Has Plenty of Ways to Escalate His China Trade War – Bloomberg

The trade war’s August escalation has spooked markets — and central banks — around the world. The bad news, though, is that while President Donald Trump has fired two large weapons in the past week by green-lighting his biggest swathe of tariffs yet and formally branding China a currency manipulator, his arsenal is far from exhausted.

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways faces mainland China’s ire — Quartz

Hong Kong’s biggest airline cannot afford to defy China and it can’t alienate its employees.

Opinion | China Tries to Teach Trump Economics – The New York Times

But he doesn’t seem to be learning.

The overblown China trade war – AEI

The US is bigger, richer, and less trade-dependent than China. At least in the short term, China tariffs are a drop in the bucket.

Currency War With China Dooms Trade Talks – Foreign Policy

Trump’s puzzling move to ratchet up tensions won’t work, experts say.

Parallel universes: As Hong Kong totters, its government is doing a good job of… inspecting seafood | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

The Hong Kong government has lost all moral authority to lead. Rather, the government hides behind the police and press releases in response to escalating protests and violence. Take one recent day, for example. On August 1, the government announced it had set up a relief fund for farmers, found malachite green in seafood, prosecuted a contractor for noise violations, and appointed some of us to the Cantonese Opera development fund advisory board. The government appealed for information about a missing person, opened provisional electoral registers for inspection and closed some beaches.

Mark Dubowitz and Bradley Bowman: Trump pushes China on trade but gives it a pass on Hong Kong. His priorities are way off.

Hong protests against China are not being supported by Trump, who cares more about China’s trade and currency moves.

Australian unis become battleground over Hong Kong protests | World | Malay Mail

SYDNEY, Aug 10 — Tensions in Hong Kong have rippled across Australian universities, as supporters of the pro-democracy protests have been targeted and harassed by “patriotic” mainland students — with the tacit backing of Beijing. Public rallies and other acts of solidarity have been staged…

Why Australians are worried about Chinese influence — in universities and beyond – The Washington Post

Ongoing protests in Hong Kong have created a surge of alarm in Australia, where pro-Beijing students are aggressively supporting authorities at home.

Trump says China ‘wants to make a deal so badly’ and may want a Democrat to beat him | TheHill

President Trump said in a tweet Saturday that China wants to reach a trade agreement with the U.S. “so badly” and that the country also might be rooting for a Democrat to win the 2020 election.

China issues ‘red alert’ as super typhoon approaches mainland

China’s weather bureau issued a red alert early on Friday as super typhoon Lekima approached Zhejiang province on the eastern coast, after forcing flight cancellations in Taiwan and shutting markets and businesses on the island.

Volatility in China’s yuan due to escalating U.S. trade friction: PBOC official – Reuters

Volatility in China’s yuan since August is a normal market reaction to escalating trade frictions stoked by the United States and was caused, to some extent, by Washington’s decision to raise tariffs, a senior Chinese central bank official said.

Death toll from typhoon in eastern China rises to 32 as storm moves north – Reuters

The death toll from a typhoon in eastern China rose to 32 on Sunday, with 16 people missing, state broadcaster CCTV reported, as the country braced for more travel disruptions as the storm moved further north up the coast.