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Threats from Beijing on the US proposal to base intermediate range weapons in Asia.

AUS sees a curious media campaign around the notion of the US basing intermediate range weapons Down Under, that given the range between any such basing would push them well outside typical intermediate range weapons – never let facts get in the way of a good media campaign!

The trade war steps up another notch.

Events in Hong Kong are gathering increasing momentum, and if reports of social media support for the protesters increasing in mainland China are accurate, the regime is likely to respond very badly. The poorly considered play to strip away HK freedoms has already catastrophically damaged both HK and mainland supporters in Taiwan. Blaming it on the UK or US may sell to gullible mainlanders, but nowhere else – it has Beijing’s fingerprints all over it.

China, however Beijing decides to play HK, is heading for the proverbial “interesting times”, and the Party leadership are most to blame for this outcome.

Free From INF Treaty, US Plans to Deploy Mid-Range Missiles to Deter China

Free From INF Treaty, US Plans to Deploy Mid-Range Missiles to Deter China

China will not ‘stand idly by’ if US proceeds with Asian missile plans | South China Morning Post

Senior foreign ministry official advises South Korea, Japan, Australia in particular not to host intermediate-range weapons.

China warns on U.S. deployment of arms in Asia as trade tensions flare

Beijing said it “will not stand idly by” and will take countermeasures if the U.S. deploys intermediate-range missiles in the Asia-Pacific region.

China vows to counter US deployment of midrange arms in Asia

China said Tuesday that it &quot;will not stand idly by&quot; and will take countermeasures if the U.S. deploys intermediate-range missiles in the Asia-Pacific region, which Washington has said it plans to do within months. The statement from the director of the foreign ministry’s Arms Control Department

China Says U.S. Allies Face Retaliation If They Host Missiles

(Bloomberg) — China warned that the U.S. and its Asia-Pacific allies risked countermeasures if they accepted the deployment of intermediate-range American missiles, singling out Australia, Japan and South Korea.China’s foreign ministry said in a statement late Monday that the country “will not sit idly

China Says U.S. Allies Face Retaliation If They Host Missiles – Bloomberg

China warned that the U.S. and its Asia-Pacific allies risked countermeasures if they accepted the deployment of intermediate-range American missiles, singling out Australia, Japan and South Korea.

China warns of countermeasures if U.S. puts missiles on its ‘doorstep’ – Reuters

China threatened countermeasures on Tuesday if the United States deploys intermediate-range, ground-based missiles in Asia and warned U.S. allies of repercussions if they allow such weapons on their territory.

China vows response if US deploys missiles in region, arms race feared | Fox News

A top Chinese military official on Tuesday said Beijing would “not stand idly by” if the U.S. goes forward with deploying intermediate-range missiles in the Indo-Pacific region, raising new fears an arms race.

China destabilizing Indo-Pacific: U.S. Defense Secretary – Reuters

China is destabilizing the Indo-Pacific, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Sunday, charging Beijing with predatory economics, intellectual property theft and “weaponizing the global commons”.

China’s Maritime Militias in the South China Sea – YouTube

Center for Strategic & International Studies Published on Jul 24, 2019 The South China Sea is the most contested piece of geography on the planet. CSIS’s Greg Poling explains how China uses maritime militias to intimidate its neighbors and assert its claim over the South China Sea.

Pompeo Steps Up China Criticism: ‘We Were Asleep at the Switch’ – WSJ

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo escalated his criticism of China during a visit to Australia on Sunday, drawing a direct link between what he called one-sided trade deals and China’s ability to strengthen its military.

New Pentagon chief says China’s ‘destabilizing behavior’ is ‘disturbing’ | TheHill

Defense Secretary

Mike Pompeo urges Australia to stand up for itself over trade with China | World news | The Guardian

US secretary of state dismisses warning by top security analyst, arguing ‘you can sell your soul for a pile of soy beans or you can protect your people’

Defence Minister says US hasn’t asked to base missiles in Australia to counter China’s strategic ambitions – Politics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The United States is considering deploying mid-range missiles in the Asia-Pacific region as it seeks to counter China’s military expansion and the breakdown of a Cold War-era treaty with Russia.

Australia Won’t Consider Hosting U.S. Missiles, PM Morrison Says – Bloomberg

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ruled out hosting U.S. missile bases in Australia, and said no such request was made during key diplomatic talks between the two allies over the weekend.

China, missiles, and trouble in the Gulf dominate AUSMIN talks

The US is in the region “to stay” says US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – but Australia is still walking a fine line with China

PM Scott Morrison rules out US missile base in Australia

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says no such request was made at high-level defence and diplomatic talks between the two countries over the weekend.

Australia rules out hosting US missiles

Australia on Monday ruled out hosting ground-based US missiles after talks with Washington’s top defence and diplomatic officials. Following an announcement that the United States plans to deploy intermediate-range missiles in Asia — widely seen as an effort to contain China — Australia scotched

Australia Rules Out Deployment of US Mid-Range Missiles on its Soil – Sputnik International

On his way to Australia for the annual Australia-US Ministerial talks, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper had flagged Washington’s intention to deploy land-based conventionally armed missiles in locations across the Asia-Pacific region.

Australia says it won’t be hosting US missile site – The Economic Times

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said at last weekend’s meetings that he wanted to deploy intermediate range conventional missiles at various Asia-Pacific sites within months.

Australia rules out US missiles in Darwin

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has scotched the prospect of US ground-based missiles being stationed in Darwin.

Australia loses as US sharpens China rhetoric

Australia and the US say their relationship is closer than ever but antagonism between the US and China over trade is only becoming more intense – leaving Australia caught in the middle.

The end of diplomacy as Trump’s America comes to Sydney

Gone are the days of measured language and careful diplomacy. Pompeo floated the idea of US missiles being stationed in northern Australia, rubbished China at every chance and put the weights on Canberra to help out again in the Middle East.

‘Unbreakable’: US wants missiles in Darwin

American officials have raised the prospect of missiles being deployed to northern Australia to deter China, after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared the bond between Australia and the US “unbreakable”.

US missiles in Australia: Push for Top End bases as counter to China

The federal government is under pressure to allow US ground-based missiles to be based in Northern Australia

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrives in Sydney for ministerial meeting

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has touched down in Australia ahead of the annual Australia-US…

Beijing says progress on China-Australia ties ‘unsatisfactory’ – Reuters

The progress of repairing China-Australia ties, strained over Canberra’s concerns about Chinese influence in its domestic affairs, has been “unsatisfactory,” said China’s top diplomat after meeting his Australian counterpart.

Trump’s frustration with China boils over – POLITICO

The president’s announcement of new tariffs drew a swift reaction from Beijing on Friday.

China’s Currency Weakens in a Potential Challenge to Trump – The New York Times

The renminbi fell past the key point of 7 to the U.S. dollar, in a signal that Beijing may be willing to use devaluation as a trade war weapon.

China is manipulating its currency, U.S. Treasury Department declares – To Inform is to Influence

Published: Aug 5, 2019 Mnuchin’s declaration could lead to new sanctions, increased trade tensions By MIKE MURPHY, EDITOR The U.S. Treasury Department designated China as a currency manipulator on Monday afternoon, after the yuan’s value against the dollar fell below a “line in the sand” and intensified trade tensions. In a statement, the Treasury Department said Secretary Steve…

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “China dropped the price of their currency to an almost a historic low. It’s called “currency manipulation.” Are you listening Federal Reserve? This is a major violation which will greatly weaken China over time!” / Twitter

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “Based on the historic currency manipulation by China, it is now even more obvious to everyone that Americans are not paying for the Tariffs – they are being paid for compliments of China, and the U.S. is taking in tens of Billions of Dollars! China has always….” / Twitter

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “….used currency manipulation to steal our businesses and factories, hurt our jobs, depress our workers’ wages and harm our farmers’ prices. Not anymore!” / Twitter

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “China is intent on continuing to receive the hundreds of Billions of Dollars they have been taking from the U.S. with unfair trade practices and currency manipulation. So one-sided, it should have been stopped many years ago!” / Twitter

Trade war: China responds to US after claim of being a currency manipulator

The response from the People’s Bank of China comes at a time of rapidly intensifying tensions between the world’s two largest economies.

Who has the upper hand in the U.S.-China trade war? – MarketWatch

China may have the most to lose, but the U.S. bargaining position is more politically vulnerable.

Trump Hired Robert Lighthizer to Win a Trade War. He Lost. – Foreign Policy

The Trump administration’s obsession with trade threats, tariffs, and bullying both allies and rivals into submission was based on an ambitious theory. It turned out to be a fallacy.

The New China Lobby | Small Wars Journal

The New China Lobby Tony Stark October 1, 2019 will mark the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. Another milestone in the Chinese people’s long march from the century of humiliation to a Chinese century marked by prosperity, stability, and hegemony. The wrongs of the unequal treaties will be righted. China and Taiwan will become whole. The Westerners will be put in their place and bow to the rulers of Beijing. The world will quake at the roar of their rockets and remain in awe of their scientific ingenuity. Or so is the promise of the Chinese Dream. Dreams never come reality when preached from the mouths of tyrants. They become nightmares, twisted by humanity’s flaws and the fallibility of systems that belong on the ash heap of history. Under the regime of Xi Jinping, the cyberpunk nightmares have already become reality and continue to grow more disturbed by the day. The only difference between the CCP of 2019 and the CCP of 1989 is that they have learned from their failures, and the failures of the West. Despite the hopes of the West the CCP has become more brutally efficient, less open, and more of a danger beyond its borders than it ever was during the Cold War. History ended for the West but Beijing kept writing, waiting for its opportunity. And since the Great Recession, Beijing has begun to seize its opportunities. It has made new territory from nothing in the South China Sea so as to seize control of one of the world’s most vital bottlenecks and to project its power throughout the Indo-Pacific. At home Xi Jinping has reinforced commitments to Maoist doctrine under Xi Jinping thought, his own brand of red Kool-Aid. The CCP has constructed new surveillance apparati to control its population from mass visual surveillance to a social credit system meant to regulate and score every action. In Xinjiang, there is cultural genocide and internment of the Uighur population on a scale measuring in the millions. The PLA has grown and modernized rapidly since the 1990s, stealing technology from around the world to boost itself to compete with the US. It uses mockups of US targets during anti-ship missiles tests and threatens its neighbors around the Pacific through grey zone tactics and outright belligerency. The fact is that the CCP is not just America’s, but the whole freedom-loving world’s main enemy. Enter the new China lobby. Back in the Bad Old Days of the Cold War, the China Lobby referred to a collection of special interests that prior to Nixon’s opening of China argued for pro-ROC policy, but as time went on and PRC influence grew, the China lobby in Washington grew to mean pro-PRC influence. In 2019, the New China Lobby means something quite different. The New China Lobby is certainly not pro-PRC, nor is it a Taiwan centric collection of special interests. No, the New China Lobby is an ad-hoc group of people dedicated to changing US policy towards the Chinese Communist Party. It is not so much staunchly anti-mainland as it is staunchly anti-CCP. After all, no one blames the innocent host for contracting cancer. But that is how the New China Lobby has come to view the CCP as, for all of the reasons listed in the first part of this essay. The CCP threat is existential and our ad-hoc group of analysts, human rights activists, politicians, scientists, and military leaders have all reached the same conclusion that this threat will not pass us by, rather it will only grow worse with time. In that, we are bipartisan. We may not all agree on what the solution should be, but we are all in favor of standing up to the bully in the Pacific that has gone unchecked for far too long. We may disagree on everything else, but what the New China Lobby agrees on is that China under the steel and silicon fist of the CCP is an existential threat to the global liberal world order and America itself.

Chinese State Hackers Suspected Of Malicious Cyber Attack On U.S. Utilities

A “malicious cyber campaign” targeting U.S. utilities has been identified—and the attack bears the hallmarks of APT10, a notorious Chinese hacking group working for the Ministry of State Security.

How Dissidents Are Using Shortwave Radio to Broadcast News Into China – Defense One

Pro-democracy forces are locked in a cat-and-mouse game with the Chinese government, playing out on the airwaves, the internet and across the globe.

Support for Hong Kong Protest Movement on Social Media Grows in China

Mainland Chinese citizens posted support for the Hong Kong protest movement on social media as the PLA flexes its muscles.

‘Prepared to Die’: Hong Kong Protesters Embrace Hard-Core Tactics, Challenge Beijing – WSJ

Some activists have largely rejected the strategies of veteran leaders of past pro-democracy movements. The shift in attitude means the city’s resistance has become the biggest open rebellion against China’s government since President Xi Jinping took power in 2012.

Masked Hong Kong protesters hold rare press conference | World | Malay Mail

HONG KONG, Aug 6 — Three masked youngsters from Hong Kong’s anti-government movement took the unusual step today of holding a press conference to demand democracy, liberty and equality and condemn the city’s pro-Beijing leaders. Dressed in the movement’s signature yellow construction helmets and…

In Hong Kong, It’s Now a Revolution | The National Interest

“In Hong Kong, revolution is in the air. What started out as an unexpectedly large demonstration in late April against a piece of legislation—an extradition bill—has become a call for democracy in the territory as well as independence from China and the end of communism on Chinese soil.”

Group of Hong Kong activists say they will not back down on demands – TODAYonline

HONG KONG — A group of activists dressed in the Hong Kong protest uniform of masks and hard hats held a widely televised news conference Tuesday (Aug 6) and urged the city’s leader Carrie Lam to

China warns Hong Kong protesters: Those who play with fire will perish by it | World | The Times

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement should not mistake China’s restraint for weakness, Beijing has warned, telling protesters that “those who play with fire will perish by it”.Fears are mounting that China will deploy soldiers to suppress protests that have gripped the territory. Yang Guang, spoke

China Warns Hong Kong Protesters Not to ‘Take Restraint for Weakness’ – The New York Times

At a Beijing news conference, an official said China would “never allow any violent attempt to push Hong Kong into a dangerous situation.”

Beijing warns of dire consequences after massive Hong Kong strike – Nikkei Asian Review

HONG KONG — Beijing on Tuesday sent a strong warning to Hong Kong protesters during its second press briefing in a week, after an unprecedented strik

China reiterates support for Hong Kong’s embattled leader

China’s ruling Communist Party once again underlined its wholesale support for Hong Kong’s embattled leader on Tuesday as she struggles to contain increasingly violent anti-government unrest. The two-month crisis has become the biggest threat to Beijing’s rule of the semi-autonomous southern

Carrie Lam: ‘Radical’ Protesters Want to ‘Destroy Hong Kong’

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam once again refused calls for her resignation and lashed out at the immense protest movement on Monday.

Hong Kong Leader Warns of ‘Ruin’ as Strike Snarls City, Airport

(Bloomberg) — Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam warned of a “very dangerous situation” as protesters moved to shut down the Asian financial hub with a general strike on Monday after a ninth straight weekend of unrest in opposition to China’s tightening grip.Demonstrators hampered the financial hub’s busy

Hong Kong stocks slammed by protests and the US-China trade war – CNN

Hong Kong stocks had the worst drop in nearly a year on Monday, as investors fretted over “the deteriorating situation” about the city’s mass protests and the prospect of a currency war amid escalating trade tensions between the US and China.

China calls on U.S. politicians to stop colluding with Hong Kong separatists – Reuters

The Chinese foreign ministry’s commissioner in Hong Kong said on Tuesday the city belongs to China and that it will firmly respond to any action that harms China’s sovereignty.

Hong Kong Strike Sinks City Into Chaos, and Government Has Little Reply – The New York Times

The city’s top official, Carrie Lam, warned of “very precarious circumstances” and accused protesters of challenging Chinese sovereignty over Hong Kong.

Hong Kong police drop tear gas onto protesters from atop buildings – YouTube

CNA Published on Aug 5, 2019 Police in Hong Kong have showered tear gas on a residential area, where protesters gathered for a rally on the evening of August 5. The tear gas came down from what appeared to be the higher floors of an apartment building. The police also fired tear gas and shot rubber bullets at the demonstrators in multiple locations across the city.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas as strikes paralyse city | World | Malay Mail

HONG KONG, Aug 5 — Hong Kong police fired tear gas at protesters today as a general strike plunged the Asian financial hub into fresh chaos, paralysing transport and bringing the city to an unprecedented standstill for much of the morning. As some train and bus services resumed, tens of thousands…

Xinhua Headlines: Protesters cause mayhem as HKSAR chief executive warns of “very dangerous situation” – Xinhua |

Hong Kong strike sinks city into chaos as leader vows to stay – Newspaper – DAWN.COM

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says she will not resign amid protests – INSIDER

Lam told press on Monday that the semi-autonomous Chinese city was on “the verge of a very dangerous situation.”

China warns Hong Kong protesters not to ‘play with fire’ – TODAYonline

BEIJING — Radical protesters in Hong Kong must not mistake China’s restraint for weakness, China’s Hong Kong affairs office said on Tuesday (Aug 6), vowing that the

Hong Kong’s Stock Rout Enters 10th Day, Worst Streak Since 1984 – Bloomberg

Hong Kong stock investors headed for the exit as economic woes, street protests and China’s weak yuan intensified worries over potential outflows from the city.

Police battle protesters as strike paralyses Hong Kong | One America News Network

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Chinese diplomats encourage harassment of pro-democracy students abroad as Hong Kong protests spread

Chinese diplomats are encouraging the harassment of Hong Kong students and their supporters at universities overseas as protests in the semi-autonomous city enter their third month.

Hong Kong extradition bill protesters in NZ get death threats | RNZ News

Death threats, “sexually worded” messages and attempted silencing targeted at New Zealanders who protested Hong Kong’s extradition bill.

China’s Leaders Face Crises on Two Fronts at Secretive Retreat – Bloomberg

The Chinese Communist Party’s secretive summer getaway on the Yellow Sea is set to be anything but relaxing this year.

South China Sea latest: Beijing makes shock announcement and warns US | World | News |

SOUTH CHINA SEA tensions may be resolved by 2021, according to the Chinese Foreign Minister.

China Reacts to Trade Tariffs and Hong Kong Protests by Blaming U.S. – The New York Times

Now the gloves are off, with American and Chinese negotiators making little progress at talks in Shanghai this week.

Trump abandons human rights, Hong Kong, and common sense

We already knew President Trump is uncomfortable making a diplomatic case for American idealism. Yesterday, he showed his inclinations are even worse than that.

Hong Kong’s Civil Servants Protest Against Their Own Government – The New York Times

A former leader of the Civil Service said employees had a duty to speak out and the government needs to take responsibility for the public’s anger.

Hong Kong protesters swarm Mong Kok: Live updates – CNN

Hong Kong is bracing for another weekend of mass demonstrations, with a protest march happening Saturday in one of the world’s most densely populated areas. Follow here for the latest.

Protesters march in Hong Kong as rival rally supports police – Reuters

Thousands of mostly black-clad activists set off on a protest march in Hong Kong’s Mong Kok district on Saturday, as the Chinese-controlled city braced for another weekend of anti-government demonstrations.

Refinitiv removes Reuters story on Hong Kong protests from screens in China – Reuters

Under pressure from Chinese regulators, financial information provider Refinitiv has removed from its Eikon terminals in China a Reuters story detailing how an official with Beijing’s Liaison Office in Hong Kong had urged residents of a rural area to drive away anti-government protesters days before a violent clash nearby, according to Eikon users and a person with knowledge of Refinitiv’s action.

Trump must challenge China over Hong Kong

President Trump said Thursday of Hong Kong, “they’ve had riots for a long period of time,” where locals are protesting efforts by communist China to crack down and violate Hongkongers’ human rights. “Somebody said that at some point they’re going to want to stop that,” Trump added. “But that’s between Hong Kong and that’s between China, because Hong Kong is a part of China.”

Opinion | Gangs of Hong Kong – The New York Times

The local mafia is doing China’s bidding against the protesters.

Lawmakers urge U.S. to block sales of crowd-control gear to Hong Kong – Reuters

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers on Friday urged the Trump Administration to suspend future sales of munitions and crowd-control equipment to Hong Kong police which has been accused of using excessive force against anti-government protesters.

China’s Xi faces crisis of confidence as threat mount – The Washington Post

Buffeted by the trade war and other external threats, China’s president has doubled down on strengthening the Communist Party.

Hong Kong police fire teargas as China says it will not ‘sit idly by’ – Reuters

Police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters in Hong Kong on Sunday after violent clashes a day earlier, and Beijing said it would not let the situation persist.

In Pictures: Thousands of Hongkongers rally in Tseung Kwan O as activists lay siege to police station | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

Thousands of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists in surgical masks blockade shopping precinct | Daily Mail Online

Anti-government protesters in Hong Kong erected barricades in Tsim Sha Tsui, a shopping district on the Harbour Front, as the eighth consecutive weekend of rallies draws to a close.

As it happened: How Hong Kong police fired tear gas in Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok as protesters hit back with petrol bombs | South China Morning Post

Mong Kok march, given last-minute approval, continues unrest which has dogged city government for months, as rally splinters into clashes leading to tear gas and pepper spray used by police.

Beijing is prepping for a massacre in Hong Kong: time for the West to put human rights ahead of free trade

After eight weeks of huge Hong Kong street protests against Beijing’s rule, the People’s Republic is massing police and soldiers just across the border….

Hong Kong protesters return to streets a day after violent clashes | World news | The Guardian

Thousands march in Tseung Kwan O area as separate rally is held in Western district

HK police fire teargas as China says it will not ‘sit idly by’ – Reuters

Police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters in Hong Kong on Sunday after violent clashes a day earlier, and Beijing said it would not let the situation persist.

China’s disregard for HK freedoms shows… | Taiwan News

The struggle for freedom in Hong Kong just a snapshot of possible nightmare facing Taiwan under communist rule.The struggle for freedom in Hong Kong is only a snapshot of the possible nightmare that would face Taiwan under Communism.

Hong Kong protesters move to luxury shopping district

HONG KONG (AP) — Demonstrators in Hong Kong moved en masse to a luxury shopping district Sunday evening after riot police used tear gas to clear out an area they were previously occupying, as the…

Hong Kong Protesters Build Barricades, Block Streets, Cross-Harbour Tunnel – Police – Sputnik International

BEIJING (Sputnik) – Protesters built on Saturday barricades on the streets of Hong Kong, thus blocking traffic in the city, including in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, which connects Hong Kong with mainland China, local police said.

China pulls its punches on Hong Kong protests — for now | World | The Sunday Times

It took 22 years for the Chinese communist cadres who pull the strings in Hong Kong to make their first appearance before the cameras. And within 24 hours the territory’s government was loyally implementing their orders by deploying harsh new tactics last week as political unrest entered a third mon

Hong Kong protestors hurl Chinese national flag into harbor

Protesters hurled a Chinese national flag into Victoria Harbor Saturday as a part of ongoing pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, where the government is bracing for an anticipated general strike set for Monday.

More clashes as Hong Kong braces itself for strike, East Asia News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

Hundreds of mostly black-clad anti-extradition Bill activists were locked in a stand-off with police in Hong Kong’s Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui tourist districts yesterday, as the city braces itself for potential major anti-government demonstrations tomorrow.. Read more at

IAN BIRRELL: How long before China’s soldiers open fire on Hong Kong protestors? | Daily Mail Online

IAN BIRRELL: Hong Kong last night descended into ugly scenes of confrontation for the ninth weekend in a row as armed police firing tear gas marched behind full-body shields.

Lawmaker Charles Mok: Hong Kong needs a long-term strategy for sociopolitical justice and democracy | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

Protesters in Hong Kong Occupy Shopping District on Eve of General Strike – The New York Times

Sunday is the second of three straight days of large-scale actions intended to increase pressure on the government, culminating in a citywide walkout on Monday.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas as strikes paralyse city – Reuters

Hong Kong police fired tear gas at protesters on Monday as a general strike plunged the Asian financial hub into fresh chaos, paralysing transport and bringing the city to an unprecedented standstill for much of the morning.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam: City verging on very dangerous situation

Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s embattled leader, spoke with the news media on Monday amid a general strike and following another protest-filled weekend.

Lam: Those With Ulterior Motives Are Going to Destroy Hong Kong – YouTube

Bloomberg Politics Published on Aug 4, 2019 Aug.04 — Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam warned of a “very dangerous situation” as protesters moved to shut down the Asian financial hub with a general strike and commute disruptions on Monday. Lam spoke to reporters in Hong Kong.

More than 100 flights canceled as Hong Kong goes on strike: Live updates – CNN

People are striking and protesting across seven districts of Hong Kong, in the most ambitious and wide-ranging day of demonstrations this summer. Follow here for the latest.

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong flights canceled due to strikes – CNN

Mass demonstrations and strikes in Hong Kong forced its biggest airline, Cathay Pacific, to cancel more than 150 flights on Monday and urge passengers to postpone non-essential travel.

It’s more urgent than ever for cool heads to prevail | South China Morning Post

As Hong Kong’s political crisis spirals further out of control, the government – and indeed all who call this city home – have a responsibility to restore order, or there will be a high price to pay

China’s Xi Has Few Good Options to End the Chaos in Hong Kong – Bloomberg

As Hong Kong reels from seemingly endless unrest, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s options to resolve the conflict aren’t great.

The tough choices for China over Hong Kong unrest

China has only tough choices as it looks to end more than two months of pro-democracy protests in its semi-automous southern city of Hong Kong. The protesters have shown no signs of backing down, despite increasingly violent confrontations in which Hong Kong’s police have regularly fired tear gas

Why Is Hong Kong Erupting? – Foreign Policy

Hong Kongers are fighting for their city’s unique status under the shadow of Beijing.

U.S. seeks to renew Pacific islands security pact to foil China – Reuters

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday negotiations have begun with three Pacific island nations to renew a national security agreement that would help Washington counter growing Chinese influence in the region.

Micronesia reaffirms U.S. support while Australia hesitates to join campaign against Iran – Los Angeles Times

Pompeo made the last stop on a three-nation tour aimed at reasserting U.S. influence in a region the Trump administration has rebranded the Indo-Pacific.