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Putin blames the West for the riots in Moscow.   I think it’s time to write the Russian President an atypical breakup letter.  “Dear Vlad, it’s not us. It’s you.” 

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No doubt crafted to aid Muscovy’s many little helpers in European politics and media, the Vozhd threatens the US with the future development of INF breaching weapons that already exist. More on the INF.

Again much on the Muscovy protests. Muscovy blames the US and Germany for instigating the protests – yes the evil West is yet again trying to tear apart poor helpless Mother Russia. A number of OpEds and analyses on the protests. The Rt Hon Sir Roger Gale MP, Leader of the UK Delegation to PACE, argues that Russia is violating its PACE commitments and re-admission should be reconsidered. We can expect that the US-German plot to destabilise Russia will become soon a US-UK-German plot. More on Russia’s descent. A Russian ammo storage depot explodes (this one will likely be determined to be a Ukrainian plot ….).

Kyiv requests an FMS procurement of more Javelins, described as a large quantity. Ze to visit Turkey this week, and more on planned meeting with POTUS. Ze and Bojo talk by telephone, agreeing to increase bilateral contacts. Russia attacks SECSTATE Pompeo over his non-recognition of Girkin’s staged Crimea referendum.

LtGen Syrsky promoted to AFU Land Forces Commander, LtGen Kravchenko nominated as JFO Commander (if Gen Kravchenko is as fierce as he appears to be, the Russians are in trouble). Shyrokyne village surveyed by JFO Marines, considered so heavily mined by Russians to be unsafe to enter now. MoD procures Polish Oncilla (named after a Brazilian wildcat) licence built variants of the Ukrainian Dozor MRAP, as the Ukrainian manufacturer could not meet QA requirements.

Politics and economy update – UK media commenting on Ze’s ongoing purge of the bureaucracy.

Russia Will Develop New Nuclear Missiles If You Do, Putin Tells U.S.

President Vladimir Putin says Russia would respond in kind if the United States develops short- and intermediate-range, land-based nuclear missiles following the demise of a key Cold War-era arms c…

Putin to Trump: We’ll develop new nuclear missiles if you do – Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Monday that Moscow would be forced to start developing short and intermediate-range land-based nuclear missiles if the United States started doing so after the demise of a landmark arms control treaty.

Putin to Trump: We’ll develop new nuclear missiles if you do – AOL News

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Monday that Moscow would be forced to start developing new nuclear missiles if the United States did so

Rebecca Grant: Trump right to pull out of nuke arms control treaty after Russian violations | Fox News

A nuclear arms control treaty signed by President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987 came to a sad and scary end Friday when the U.S. withdrew from the pact – but don’t blame President Trump.

Threatened by Russia: Trump has pulled out of a nuclear weapons treaty | World | News |

AMERICA has pulled out of a nuclear weapons treaty, claiming Russia has been developing land-based missiles systems that could target European capitals.

NORAD detected Russian spy planes flying off the coast of Alaska – Business Insider

NORAD identified the two Russian Tu-142 maritime reconnaissance aircraft electronically but did not intercept them with other aircraft.


How Russian Officials Are Spinning The Moscow Protests As A Foreign Plot

If you’ve been watching Russian state TV over the past two weeks, you might be convinced that two successive weekends of Moscow protests were the work of foreign intelligence agencies, or meddler…

UAWire – Russia accuses US and Germany of organizing protests in Moscow

The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused the US and Germany of interfering in the country’s internal affairs, the department’s spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in a broadcast of the TV channel Russia 1. According to Zakharova, the US’s diplomatic staff and government media have “broken the rules” by providing coverage of unsanctioned protests in Moscow. The Russian Foreign Ministry intends to send official complaints to the US and to Germany. The spokesperson remarked that the US embassy in Russia was “actively” involved in the unsanctioned protests that were held in Moscow on August 3. “I think that the US leaders will be extremely surprised by how their diplomats are interfering in Russian internal affairs,” Zakharova emphasized. Russia’s complaint to Berlin is due to Deutsche Welle’s publication of a call to the people of Moscow to take to the streets in protest. For more than two weeks protesters have been demonstrating in Moscow, demanding the registration of independent candidates in the Moscow City Duma’s elections. On August 3, protesters marched down Boulevard Ring. Berkut commander Sergey Busiuk was reportedly seen dispersing protesters in the center of Moscow. According to the Russian website OVD-info, more than a thousand protesters were arrested at the demonstration in the center of Moscow, which was titled “Let us restore our right to elections”. Interfax reported that on Saturday August 3, more than 50 minors were detained. Five people had to be hospitalized

Moscow will respond to the United States and Germany because of interference in the internal affairs of Russia | RIA Novosti

IRKUTSK, Aug 4 – RIA News. The Foreign Ministry will bring to the leaderships of the United States and Germany data on how their diplomatic staff and the media intervene in the internal affairs of Russia when reporting on uncoordinated rallies in Moscow, said Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the foreign ministry. “As before the Saturday walks, the US embassy was actively involved in all this activity both in a closed format, we’ll tell them about it separately, and openly, I can say about it now,” Zakharova said in the program “Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov “on the channel” Russia 1 “. She recalled that the American embassy in social networks published a detailed route for the Saturday rally, scribbling it literally every minute with a call at the end to avoid the procession. “But, as we understand it, 90% of the information just urged people to join this event,” the spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry said. Zakharova also noted that after this, the American embassy began to actively comment on the results of the unauthorized action. As the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled, Paris also commented on Russian rallies, “which for several months has tested on its citizens all kinds of punitive tools to suppress rallies.” “We will certainly bring all materials through the official route to the US embassy in Moscow, and not only to the embassy. I think that the US leadership will be very surprised at how their diplomats interfere in Russian internal affairs, in Russian domestic politics, especially the leadership The United States has repeatedly asked Russia to refrain from interfering in its internal affairs. It seems to me that there should be parity here, “she stressed. Meanwhile, not only diplomatic departments were involved, but also the media. “I think this is a phenomenal flaw in the Western media and journalists when the Deutsche Welle publishes an appeal in Russian:“ Muscovites, go out, ”“ Moscow, go out. ”Exactly like that, they kind of cover what’s happening in our country with anti-journalism in the country. <…> Unfortunately, we will be forced to bring it to the German side – all the more we are talking about a channel that has state funding – our concerns and practical steps that we intend to take, “summed up Zakharova. A rally not coordinated with the Moscow authorities was held on July 27 at the city hall; it was organized by failed candidates for deputies of the Moscow City Duma, who were denied registration for the elections because dead and non-existent citizens were listed on their lists. During an unauthorized rally, 1074 people were detained for various violations. The Investigative Committee opened criminal cases of riots on the fact of these events.

Russia claims U.S., Germany interference with internal affairs Russia claims U.S., Germany interference with internal affairs

Russian MFA representative Mariya Zakharova noted that the American Embassy published information about the protest on social media with a call not to interfere with these events. But Zakharova said that “90% of the information called people for joining this event”. Russian MFA claimed interference of American and German diplomats and media in Russia’s internal affairs which regard reporting the protests in Moscow. The establishment will appeal to the authorities of the countries, as Russian MFA representative Mariya Zakharova said on air of Russia-1, RIA News reported. “We will hand all the materials to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, and not only to the Embassy. I think the U.S. authorities will be surprised that their diplomats interfere with Russian internal affairs, Russian internal policy, considering the fact that the U.S. authorities asked Russia not to interfere with their internal affairs. I think there should be parity,” Zakharova stressed. She noted that the American Embassy published information about the protest on social media with a call not to interfere with these events. But Zakharova said that “90% of the information called people for joining this event”. She recalled Paris comments which applied severe ways to disperse rallies in the country. Zakharova stressed “anti-journalistic” covering of events in Moscow with calls “Muscovites, come out”. Earlier, Ukraine’s foreign ministry has condemned the massive detention of protesters during the rally that took place in Moscow on July 27. The press office of the Ukrainian authority made the respective statement. The Ministry claimed that the Russian government cannot provide the integrity of democratic expression of will, fearing political competitiveness. “Barbaric beating of its own citizens, multiple arrests and detentions, the use of artificial and discriminative pre-election filters supposed to let only the favorable candidates run during the election shows Russian government’s failure to provide the integrity of democratic expression of will; it shows its fear of the real political competitiveness”, reads the statement.

No One Safe As Moscow Police Lash Out

As Moscow police respond to peaceful protests with increasing brutality, we filmed all sorts of people caught up in the violence — protesters, passersby, and even a member of the pro-Kremlin United Russia party. (Note: Some people may find the violence in this video disturbing.)

Three More Russian Activists In Pretrial Detention Over Moscow Rally

A court in Moscow has ruled that activist Vladislav Baranov, who took part in a protest rally on July 27, must be placed in pretrial detention.

Putin and the Protesters – WSJ

The Russian tends to strike abroad to distract from troubles at home.

Thuggish response to Moscow protesters speaks to brittle govt | World News | Sky News

Turning up to protests is brave in itself as there is the overwhelming likelihood you will be detained, says Sky’s Diana Magnay.

Russian opposition plans new protest despite over 1,000 arrests – Reuters

Russia’s anti-Kremlin opposition said it was planning a nationwide protest next weekend despite police forcibly detaining over 1,000 people on Saturday for attending what they said was an illegal march in Moscow to demand free elections.

Events in Russia: The Rt Hon Sir Roger Gale MP,… – Christopher Yvon

Events in Russia: The Rt Hon Sir Roger Gale MP, Leader of the UK Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe: ‘Television coverage reveals the methods used to ‘maintain order’ during the run-up to the Muscovite local government elections to be out of all proportion to any threat to public order. The brutality with which batons used by men who may or may not have been regular police officers is clearly staggeringly unacceptable in any civilised society. The Russian Federation is in breach of the Convention on Human Rights and the reaction to peaceful demonstration demonstrates clearly why the overwhelming majority of Parliamentary Members of the UK Delegation, of all parties, have continued to oppose the restoration of rights to the Russian delegation and supported maintenance of sanctions until such time as the Russian Federation is willing, and able to recognise the terms of the Convention. It is only a matter of weeks since the PACE [Parliamentary Assembly] voted to restore rights to the Federation and it is already clear that Russia has no intention of honouring its undertakings and the pledge to conform to PACE standards. I would hope that the Committee of Ministers will address this issue in September and we shall need to return to it when the Parliamentary Assembly meets for its final plenary session at the beginning of October. The scenes that we have witnessed are unacceptable and outrageous’.

Protests on Moscow: Britain’s delegation to PACE wants to reconsider Russia’s return

British delegation to PACE initiates reconsideration of Russia’s return to the organization over protests in Moscow

Independent polling shows that Russians still prefer the Soviet government of the late 70s and early 80s — Meduza

New polling by the independent Levada Center, reported by the newspaper Vedomosti, shows that Russians are vastly more sympathetic toward the late Soviet government than Russia’s contemporary state officials. Asked to name the “qualities that characterize the Soviet authorities,” 29 percent of respondents said they were “close to the people,” 25 percent said they were “strong,” and 22 percent said they were “just.” When asked about contemporary officials, respondents’ answers were more negative: 41 percent said the government today is “criminal” or “corrupt,” 31 percent said it has lost touch with the people, and 24 percent called it overly bureaucratic.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Russians Less Interested in Rights of Minorities than are Europeans and Other Socialist Bloc Peoples, New Study Reports

Paul Goble Staunton, August 2 – Compared to Europeans and residents of other former communist countries, Russians are much less interested in protecting the rights of minorities, Alla Salmina of Moscow’s Higher School of Economics says in a new article based on data from 28 countries in the European Social Survey. Published in the latest issue of Polis (“Interconnection of the Understanding of Democracy and Attitudes toward It in Russia and European Countries” (in Russian; Polis, 4 (2019): 119-131) and summarized at, the article says that Russians share many of the values of democracy elsewhere but not on minority rights. Russians, in ways similar to other nations, say that for them priorities of democratic development are “free and just federal elections, the possibility of each to freely and openly express his political views, even if they are radical, and the offering to voters of really different programs of political parties.” But with regard to the protections of minorities, Russians are outliers. Overwhelmingly they view the defense of the rights of minorities of all kinds as much less a characteristic of democracy than do “all other countries, both ‘Western’ and those in the past socialist,” Salmina says the data show. That “majoritarian” bias both helps to explain Vladimir Putin’s policies toward ethnic, religious and sexual orientation minorities and quite possibly has been exacerbated in recent times by the Kremlin leader’s policies.

Alexei Navalny’s poisoning shows it’s a dangerous time to oppose Vlad the Venomous | World | The Sunday Times

Just as the dust was settling in Moscow after a noisy anti-government protest last weekend, Alexei Navalny, Russia’s leading opposition figure, was rushed to hospital from his prison cell. He complained that he had been poisoned.Navalny’s alleged poisoning coincided with a ferocious police crackdown

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Female Face of the GULAG Must Never Be Forgotten and Once Seen Can’t Be, Mirovich Says

Paul Goble Staunton, August 1 – The image of the GULAG is gradually being effaced as the Putin regime celebrates Stalinism and generations with direct contact with Stalin’s victims pass from the scene. But even when there was more attention to that horrific system, almost all of it was devoted to the men incarcerated in the Stalin’s camps. In the West, there is Paul Gregory’s book, The Women of the GULAG (2013), and Marianna Yarovskaya’s short film with the same title (2017), among others. But in Russia, the 20 percent of GULAG inmates who were women and who suffered not only the horrors inflicted on the men but also the special ones inflicted on women are increasingly being forgotten. That makes a new blog post by commentator Maksim Mirovich about the life, memoirs, and drawings of Yeforsiniya Kersnovskaya (1908-1994), who described her life in the GULAG not only in words but in remarkable drawings, testimony that was published in six volumes in 2001-2002 ( Kersnovskaya was born in Odessa to a family of intellectuals who fled to Bessarabia when the Bolsheviks captured that city. Unfortunately for her, the Soviets eventually occupied her new home and she was dispatched to the GULAG where she suffered all the horrors of life in that Soviet institution. Her words are powerful but her drawings bring that world back into focus. Mirovich to his credit not only tells the story of this remarkable and courageous woman who was never afraid to speak the truth even in the face of official violence and repression but provides quotations from here work and most important of all a selection of the pictures of the lives of the women of the GULAG. Kersnovskaya’s fate in the 1940s and 1950s was that of a victim of Red totalitarianism, the blogger says, a system which “decided to destroy the individual only for ‘unsuitable origins’ exactly as in another country another similar tyrant destroyed people for ‘an unsuitable nationality.’” But after being rehabilitated and even celebrated in Moldova, her fate today, Mirovich continues, is that of someone whom the authorities are seeking to wipe out “of all textbooks and official historiography” because her words and pictures give the lie to those who celebrate Stalin and promise to do everything he did “all over again.” “Personally, I consider that the picutres and fate of Yefronsiniya Kersnovskaya should be studied in all schools of the former USSR so as not to allow a repetition of all these horrors.” Germany has done that to prevent a resurgence of Nazism, but Russia hasn’t and thus faces a resurgence of Stalinism. “The former Stalinist camps are now grown over in weeds. They don’t interest anyone and aren’t needed in a country which has declared Stalinist ‘bindings’ its chief achievement, Mirovich says. The author of these lines can only appeal to his readers to go to Mirovich’s blog and look at the pictures. Even if you can’t read Russian, the pictures Kersnovskaya has left us, tell much of the story. And they should make us all ashamed that there is no translation of her memoirs into English.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: ‘Putin Wants to Extend Kadyrov’s Type of Rule in Chechnya Across Russia,’ Shmulyevich Says

Paul Goble Staunton, August 1 – Some view Ramzan Kadyrov’s drive to expand his system beyond Chechnya as a threat to Moscow (, but Avraam Shmulyevich says Vladimir Putin backs Kadyrov’s efforts and wants to impose the Chechen leader’s system as the model on Russia as a whole. Chechnya under Kadyrov, the Israeli specialist on the North Caucasus says, is “a laboratoroy in which the Kremlin is working out what it would like to see throughout Russia. He made that argument on Israeli TV, a transcription of which has now been posted on ( both why the Kremlin doesn’t react to what appear to be challenges from Chechnya and why the Putin regime increasingly copies policies that were first developed by Kadyrov’s regime, Shmulyevich says. In his television interview, he gives two recent examples of the latter. On the one hand, after the Chechen information minister suggested that spokes people should not discuss anything until it is approved in advance, approximately the same model was “immediately applied in other cities of Russia, but there it was not the powers who acted as censor but the Orthodox Church.” And on the other, Kadyrov’s police have become an example to units elsewhere with regard to the use of force against prisoners. What the Chechen leader has been criticized for over the last several years, Shmulyevich continues, other Russian police units have begun to use more generally in recent months. With Putin’s approval and admiration, Kadyrov has not only suppressed all opposition in Chechnya but has “created a reliable resource of forces which Putin could use in the case of disorders in other regions without having to worry that they might betray him” by going over to the side of the people. In short, Kadyrov’s Chechens are the new janissaries. At the same time, Shmulyevich continues, Putin exercises real control over Kadryov both because the Chechen leader is dependent on Moscow’s largesse and because Putin has worked hard to ensure that the FSB is a counterweight in the North Caucasus to any move Kadyrov might make that in Putin’s view would be going too far.

Putin’s pledge to ditch the US dollar is slowly becoming a reality

Kremlin seeks to shrink dollar’s part in the international trade

Fire breaks out at ammunition depot in Russia, 2 people hospitalized. VIDEO

05.08.19 17:56 – Fire breaks out at ammunition depot in Russia, 2 people hospitalized. VIDEO Two people were hospitalized after explosions at an ammunition depot in the Achinsk district, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia, the district hospital. View video news.

Russia news: Evacuations and huge exclusion zone after military base erupts | World | News |

A SERIES of blasts rocked an arms depot at a Russian military base in Siberia on Monday, injuring eight people and prompting aluminium producer Rusal to suspend operations at the country’s biggest alumina producing plant.

Huge explosion envelopes remote Russian military base in Siberia sending terrified residents fleeing | Daily Mail Online

One person was killed and at least seven wounded at the military store near Achinsk in Siberia. Exploding missiles caused massive fireworks (pictured) at the depot.


U.S. Ambassador: Ukraine Asks To Buy More Javelin Missiles

A senior U.S. official says Ukraine has requested to purchase more Javelin anti-tank missiles from the United States, a move that is likely to anger Moscow amid a four-year conflict that pits Russi…

Ukraine asking U.S. to sell more Javelin anti-tank systems – Taylor

Ukraine has sent the United States a request to the United States seeking to buy more Javelin anti-tank systems, U.S. Chargé d’Affaires a.i. in Ukraine Ambassador William Taylor has said in an interview with the Ukrainian Radio Liberty service.

Zelensky, Trump to meet at UN General Assembly in late September – media – news politics | UNIAN

A meeting between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and U.S. President Donald Trump will most likely take place during the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City between September 24 and September 28. Preparations have already been launched, and both administrations are interested in the meeting.

Volodymyr Zelensky had a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson. The Head of State congratulated Boris Johnson on his convincing victory in the recent election of leader of the Conservative Party of Great Britain. He thanked the British Government for its continued position in support of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, as well as its assistance to our country in carrying out reforms and strengthening its defense capabilities. They also discussed the further development of Ukrainian-British bilateral relations, in particular following the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, as well as the need to intensify contacts at the highest level.

President to visit Turkey — Official website of the President of Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy will be on a visit to Turkey on August 7-8.

Zelensky to visit Turkey on Aug 7-8 to meet Erdogan, Bartholomew

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on August 7 and August 8, 2019 is to visit Turkey, the press service of the head of state has reported.

Zelensky to meet with Erdogan, Ecumenical Patriarch amid visit to Turkey on Aug 7-8 – news politics | UNIAN

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I amid an official visit to the Republic of Turkey on August 7-8. The president will also meet with representatives of the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar communities.

Zelensky going to visit Turkey

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will be on a working visit to Turkey on August 7-8, the Presidential Office reports on Facebook. — Ukrinform.

Turkey confirms its unwavering stance on Crimea and Crimean Tatars

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu confirms Turkey’s unwavering stance regarding Russia’s occupation of Crimea and the oppression of Crimean Tatars. — Ukrinform.

Ukraine’s interests in PACE without focusing on Russia’s presence should be advanced – Servant of the People

The task of the Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is to advance the interests of Ukraine, and the country should not focus on the fact whether the Russian delegation participates in the work of this organization, future MP from the Servant of the People Party, diplomat Bohdan Yaremenko, has said.


Pompeo does not respect results of democratic will expression of Crimeans, – Russia

Spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented the words of U.S. State Secretary Mike Pompeo that Crimea should be returned to Ukraine. She stated that that Pompeo does not respect the democratic expression of will of the citizens of Crimea as Zakharova reported on Facebook. On July 29, the U.S. State Department published the talk of Mike Pompeo with President of the Economic Club of Washington David Rubenstein when Pompeo stated that Crimea should be Ukrainian. He also added that he expects the creative set of ideas of President Volodymyr Zelensky on the solution of Donbas Conflict. On August 4, Zakharova responded to this message on Facebook: “The last person to whom Crimea owns something is Mike Pompeo, who does not respect the results of the democratic expression of will of the citizens of Crimea”. Member of Defense Committee of the Council of Federation Frants Klintsevich also responded to the statement of Pompeo: “None of us demands the return of Texas to Mexico. I hope that the U.S. will finally stop to seek impossible poisoning the Russian-American relations and political climate in the world”.

Razumkov: Peace in Donbas and return of Crimea cannot be settled by laws

Leader of the Servant of the People political party Dmytro Razumkov has stated that the issues of Crimea’s return to Ukraine and peace in Donbas cannot be settled by laws. — Ukrinform.

Poland reminds UN about Russian aggression

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz chaired a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York on the involvement of children in armed conflicts. — Ukrinform.


Zelensky appoints new Joint Forces commander

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has dismissed Oleksandr Syrsky from the post of commander of the Joint Forces. — Ukrinform.

Zelensky appoints new Joint Forces Commander – news politics | UNIAN

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed Oleksandr Syrskiy from the post of Commander of the Joint Forces in Donbas, appointing General Volodymyr Kravchenko as his successor. The relevant decree of Aug 5 is posted on the president’s website.

Zelensky Changes JFO Commander and Land Forces Commander

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed the decree of OOS head Alexander Syrsky and appointed him commander of the Land Forces. Following the decree, Zelensky appointed Vladimir Kravchenko commander of the United Forces. According to Defense Express , this is stated in Decrees # 578 and # 579 on the website of the Office of the President of Ukraine. «Presidential Decree No. 578/2019. Appoint Lieutenant General of Syrian Alexander Stanislavovich Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. By another decree # 579/2019, the President appointed Lieutenant General Vladimir Kravchenko, Commander of the CAB. As previously reported by Defense Express , Zelensky has appointed a new deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.


On the appointment of O. Syrsky as commander of the Army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Appoint Lieutenant General of the Syrsky Alexander Stanislavovich Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. President of Ukraine V. ZELENSKY August 5, 2019



Zelensky replaced the JFO commander

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has appointed a new commander of the United Forces operation in Donbass. This is stated in the decree # 579/2019 published on the official website of the President The new commander of the Joint Force is Lieutenant General Vladimir Kravchenko. Prior to this assignment, he held the post of commander of the North Command. In the period from May to November 2018, he commanded the operational-tactical grouping “North” in the area of the operation of the Joint Forces, which is responsible for the collision line in the Luhansk region and at the Svetlodar Arc in Donetsk region. Prior to that, from September 2017, Lieutenant General Volodymyr Kravchenko held the post of Commander of the North Command of the Army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. By decree # 577/2019 , the head of state dismissed Alexander Syrsky , commander of the OS , appointed by the previous president, Petro Poroshenko.


On the appointment of V. Kravchenko Commander of the Joint Forces Appoint Lieutenant General Kravchenko Vladimir Anatolyevich Commander of the Joint Forces. President of Ukraine V. ZELENSKY August 5, 2019


Ukraine reports six enemy attacks in Donbas warzone on Aug 4 – news war | UNIAN

Russia’s hybrid military forces on August 4 mounted six attacks on Ukrainian army positions in Donbas, eastern Ukraine. There were no Ukraine army casualties over the period under review.

Russia-occupation fighters ignore ceasefire in Donbas – Commander of JFO

At a meeting of Commander of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO), Lieutenant-General Oleksandr Sirsky with a delegation of the OSCE Special Monitoring Group (SMM) to Ukraine headed by Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE SMM to Ukraine Mark Etherington the sides discussed the issues of ceasefire by the two sides in Donetsk and Luhansk region, some aspects of observing the decision of the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) regarding the restoration of a bridge near Stanytsia Luhanska.

JFO report: Shyrokyne completely mined by Russian invaders. PHOTOS

05.08.19 15:25 – JFO report: Shyrokyne completely mined by Russian invaders. PHOTOS Russian occupants have the village of Shyrokyne mined completely. The press office of the Joint Forces Operation HQ reported that on August 5. View photo news.

Ruined village of Shyrokyne in Donbas remains fully mined by Russian invaders (Photo) – news war | UNIAN

The ruined village of Shyrokyne in Donetsk region remains fully mined by Russian invaders. Enemy troops open provocative fire on the JFO’s positions mostly in the evening.

Shyrokyne completely mined by Russian invaders, – Joint Forces Operation HQ

Shyrokyne village in Donetsk region is completely mined by Russian invaders

New Ukrainian parliament to discuss special status of Donbas, – Razumkov

The peace in Donbas does not depend on the adopted laws but on the will of the aggressor to end the war as Kommersant reported citing Leader of Servant of the People Party Dmytro Razumkov. He noted that the new Verkhovna Rada will discuss a special status of Donbas but the laws do not solve the issue of war. “This issue will be definitely discussed at the Verkhovna Rada but concerning this issue, the war, the laws are not the solution. It is the issue of will. The will to end this war. The Ukrainian side has it. Unfortunately, not of partakers of this process have it,” Razumkov said. He added that it is more about diplomacy, sanction pressure, inner policy issues tied with the fight against corruption, information policy, economy, infrastructure, social policy. “It is a complex of tasks, which should be fulfilled and which will allow to return temporarily occupied territories,” he said. Earlier Head of the Office of President Andriy Bohdan claimed Ukraine would be using international mediators for talks with Russia.

JFO commander meets with OSCE delegation to discuss ceasefire in Donbas

Ukrainian Joint Forces Commander Oleksandr Syrsky met with an OSCE SMM delegation to discuss a bilateral ceasefire in Donbas, the JFO press center has reported on Facebook. — Ukrinform.

Servant of the People leader: Impossible to resolve Donbas, Crimea legislatively – news politics | UNIAN

Leader of the Servant of the People Party Dmytro Razumkov has said the Ukrainian side wants the restoration of peace in Donbas and the end of the Russian occupation of Crimea to happen as soon as possible, but it is impossible to resolve these issues legislatively only. Razumkov sees the situation in Donbas as one of the country’s key problems.

Ukraine’s Social Policy Ministry: Number of IDPs from Donbas, Crimea over 1.39 mln people – news ukraine | UNIAN

Ukraine’s Social Policy Ministry estimates that the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Russia-occupied areas in Donetsk and Luhansk regions and Russia-annexed Crimea as of August 5, 2019, was 1,397,304 people. The amount of state aid paid to IDPs has not been reported.

Major General Nazarov reportedly resigns from Ukraine’s Armed Forces – journalist – news politics | UNIAN chief editor Yuriy Butusov says Major General Viktor Nazarov, who was found guilty of the death of Ukrainian paratroopers in an Il-76 aircraft shot down by armed terrorists in Donbas and sentenced to seven years in prison, has filed a letter of resignation from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Nazarov has been the second most influential person in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the past five years.

Major General Nazarov confirms his resignation from Ukraine’s Armed Forces – news politics | UNIAN

Major General Viktor Nazarov, who was found guilty of the death of Ukrainian paratroopers in an Il-76 aircraft shot down by armed terrorists in Donbas and sentenced to seven years in prison, has confirmed his resignation from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Nazarov, he has decided to focus his efforts on appealing against the verdict in the Il-76 aircraft downing case.

UAWire – Ukrainian Naval aviation conducts exercises over the Black Sea

Naval aviation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces completed exercises over the Black Sea, reports ArmyInfo (information Agency of the Ukrainian …

Island Cutter Crews Continue Training with USCG

Crew Island crews continue their training and continue their training at the US Coast Guard in Baltimore. In total, 36 Ukrainian Navy sailors participate in the training. According to Defense Express , the official website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informs . The 10-week course consists of theory and hands-on training on two Island-type boats that were handed over to the Ukrainian Navy last year. The boat transfer project, which began 5 years ago, will be successfully completed. Island-type boats will fulfill the two important priorities of the 2035 Strategy. The first is surveillance of the maritime environment, the second – the protection of ports, raids, maritime routes, maritime infrastructure, mine action, patrolling the sea. Importantly, in addition to the ships, this project also provided the Navy an algorithm for receiving ships and military equipment from partners in the future. As previously reported by Defense Express , Island patrol boats will transmit to the Navy in September 2019 (video).


Defense Ministry chooses Oncilla MRAP instead of Dozor MRAP

State Defense Order (DOS) Procurement of Weapons by the Ministry of Defense In the story “Where is the new Ukrainian equipment for the army?” Published by Radio Svoboda’s Donbass Realty project, information on the purchase by the Ministry of Defense of Polish armored personnel carriers “Oncilla” was made public at the request of journalists. About it reports the Ukrainian military portal, with reference to the original story The document deals with purchases made during the 2018 and 2019 states under the state defense order.

“We no longer build Dozors”. What happened to modern Ukrainian armored vehicles?

August 05, 2019, 10:24 am Levko Stack See comments Dozor armored car is a modern Ukrainian design. The technique, which Prophet Petro Poroshenko predicted to become the pride of the Ukrainian defense industry, has not been available in the Armed Forces for more than three years. Since the creation, only a dozen such vehicles have been handed over to the army, though hundreds have been promised by the military command. And experts in general say that the need for the armored vehicles in this class is measured by the thousands. Is there a future for the Ukrainian Watch? Journalists of the Radio Liberty project “DonbasRealia” were examined. On July 30, 2018, the Lviv Armored Company transferred a dozen pieces of equipment to the Ukrainian army. Eight T-64 tanks, two T-72s, three fire trucks and two armored repair vehicles. The plant was assured that the equipment was not only repaired but also modernized. Here is only one of the symbols of the enterprise in recent years – the Dozor armored car is not in display. “Do you need those” Watches “? See how many tanks, ”DonbasRealia told reporters at the plant. Questions about the armored car significantly irritate the management of the company. Although in 2017 they were proudly shown here to journalists, and the purchase of armored vehicles for the Armed Forces was promised personally by the fifth President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. The 20 Dozors who are behind me will also be ready to be sent to the troops. And I am very pleased to hear positive feedback from the military about the quality of your work, ”Poroshenko stated in 2017. The then President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, inspects an armored car – the first example of a Dozor armored personnel carrier made at the Lviv Armored Plant. Kyiv, January 30, 2015 The then President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, inspects an armored car – the first example of a Dozor armored personnel carrier made at the Lviv Armored Plant. Kyiv, January 30, 2015 The Ukrainian armored combat vehicle was first introduced in 2004. In 2014, Oleksandr Turchynov, at that time the NSDC secretary, stated that two hundred such vehicles would be purchased for Ukrainian law enforcement officers. Weighing eight and a half tons, Dozor develops speeds of up to one hundred kilometers per hour. In addition to the crew, the airborne compartment can accommodate another 6 people. The armor of the car withstands the hit with small arms caliber 7.62. Armed with “Watch” remote controlled large caliber machine gun. But in the nearly 15 years of the Dozor’s existence, only a dozen armored personnel have been deployed in the troops. The first and the last party were sent to the Armed Forces in 2016. And even with significant delays due to shortcomings. According to Poroshenko, the shortcomings had to be eliminated. “To date, six machines are being manufactured by the plant in order to correct the deficiencies that were found during state tests. That is why the Ministry of Defense reduced, but did not withdraw, even if there were shortcomings, the order at the Lviv plant, “- said the expatriate in the comment of Donbass.Realia in 2017. Two years have passed since this statement. Donbass.Realies decided to find out about the results of the work of the director of the Lviv factory-producer Viktor Androshchuk . – There were no orders for Dozor-B after 2016. We do not release Dozers anymore. I put the question to the Minister of Defense. Because to you, “Mr. Minister, why don’t you order the Watch?” – And what did he answer? – He said nothing. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine confirmed that in the last three years they have not really bought any Ukrainian Dozor. Director of the information-consulting company Defense Express Sergey Zgurets told about the shortcomings of the Donbass.Realia machine. “There were about seven shortcomings. They concerned the temperature in the airborne compartment, which was higher than necessary. They concerned noise that exceeded the allowable level. They were concerned in some way with the excess of mass determined by the terms of reference, ”Zgurets explains. Polish armor instead of Ukrainian? Purchase of Polish armored personnel carriers Oncilla for 2018 and 2019 Ministry of Defense of Ukraine At the same time, in response to the request of “Donbass.Real” in the Ministry of Defense reported: interested in another car. “The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in accordance with the state defense order for 2018 and 2019, purchases Polish armored personnel carriers” Oncilla “, – said the department. The fact that the Polish armored car looks similar to the Watch, is no coincidence. The fact is that Oncillu was created on the basis of Ukrainian development. To this end, Poland purchased a production license in Ukraine. The Ukrainian armored personnel carrier “Dozor” (l) and its Polish counterpart “Oncila” (n) The Ukrainian armored personnel carrier “Dozor” (l) and its Polish counterpart “Oncila” (n) “The Ministry of Defense is interested in cars of this class because it is responsible for the country’s defense capability. No matter what the technique is: Ukrainian, American or Polish. They solve the problem. We need a car of this class. If Ukroboronprom does not supply such machines, then such machines will be purchased outside the country, ”says Sergey Zgurets, Director of Defense Consulting. The first “Oncilla” was introduced in 2013, that is, almost ten years later than the Ukrainian twin. But, according to experts, it did not prevent the Poles to surpass the Ukrainian counterpart. / ** / / ** / / ** / Ukrainian armored personnel carrier “Dozor” SEE ALSO: The court fined Lviv Armored Plant for failure to fulfill obligations “According to the Oncilla military, the car is assembled with better, more spacious layout inside. The car is not noisy inside, the braking system satisfies, the charge goes from the inside, ”explains Ruslan Dzhalilov , head of the Association of Manufacturers of Arms and Military Equipment of Ukraine. The Association of Manufacturers of Arms believes that the Ukrainian armored car should be refined, rather than giving preference to a foreign counterpart. We show our weakness. This is our loss. And then we’ll move on to the flapper blades Ruslan Dzhalilov “We show our weakness. This is our loss. Then I propose to abandon the T-64 BV or Bulat tanks and move on to Leklerki. Let’s slowly give up everything. We will be completely dependent on everything imported. We will provide ourselves with a maximum of 5%, because we have a financial resource (limited – ed.). The economy is worth it, there is no development. Well, everything, and then we will move to the sapper blades, ”adds Ruslan Dzhalilov. Meanwhile, export of Oncilla is not restricted to Ukraine only. In 2019, Polish armored vehicles appeared at the Senegalese Independence Day parade.


Volodymyr Zelensky’s Ukraine: first a revolution, now a purge? | The Independent

Whatever adjectival qualifier they use, everyone in Kiev is sure they have witnessed a revolution: electoral, populist, socialist, libertarian or, in the opinion of the more excitable, Bolshevik.

Zelensky team doesn’t want to lift ban on Russian social networks

Presidential adviser Mykhailo Fedorov believes that ban on access to Russian social networks should not be lifted since there is a lot of content that has a negative impact on Ukrainians. — Ukrinform.

Ukrainian president’s party member wants criminal liability for ‘separate talks’ with Russia

Unauthorized talks with Russian officials should be made a criminal offense, according to Bohdan Yaremenko, a Ukrainian diplomat and member of the president’s Servant of the People Party, who has just been elected to the Verkhovna Rada. “I don’t know whether I will have the backing of my colleagues but I will definitely propose changes to the Criminal Code regarding the conduct of separate negotiations without due authority of the state. This country is at war. We’ve got to sort out the mess,” Yaremenko told Interfax-Ukraine. Although the party calls for less government influence on various spheres of public life, “where the state is present – in foreign policy and defense – its action must be strict, tough and confident.” Yeremenko was elected as a representative for Kyiv’s majoritarian district 215. Earlier another Ukrainian party, Holos, put forward the same proposal after the Opposition Platform – For Life Party leader Yuriy Boiko met with the Russian prime minister.

Ukraine’s CEC announces official results of parliamentary elections – news politics | UNIAN

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Ukraine has announced official results of the snap parliamentary elections. According to the protocol, 43.16% of voters (6,307,793 votes) cast their ballot papers for the Servant of the People Party.

Zelensky says he never used services of American lobbyists

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky says he has never used the services of lobbyists in the United States. — Ukrinform.

Sentence against five persons involved in Handziuk murder case takes effect

05.08.19 12:32 – Sentence against five persons involved in Handziuk murder case takes effect The sentence against five persons implicated in an attack on Kherson activist Kateryna Handziuk, who are to be imprisoned, has taken effect. View news.

Ukraine’s hryvnia tops world currencies performance rating – media – news economics | UNIAN

The hryvnia, Ukraine’s national currency, has strengthened by 9.1% against the U.S. dollar since the beginning of 2019, which was the best result among the world’s currencies. The Argentine peso lost its value against the dollar most.

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Ukraine’s largest chemical giant, Odesa Portside Chemical Plant (OPP), has resumed ammonia and carbamide production after being closed for more than a year. The plant currently works under a tolling agreement with Agro Gas Trading.

German energy company uses gas storage service in Ukraine for the first time

German company used Ukraine’s gas storage facilities first time ever

SBU unmasks embezzlement of millions during reconstruction of channel in Odesa region

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), as a part of counterintelligence protection of critical infrastructure and combating systemic corruption, has unmasked large-scale embezzlement of the state funds during a reconstruction of the channel that connects Tylihul Estuary and Black Sea in Odesa region.

UATV becomes available in cable TV packages of two more German providers

UATV, a TV channel of the International Broadcasting Multimedia Platform of Ukraine, has expanded its presence in Germany. — Ukrinform.