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Moscow authorities vow tough action against any new protest

“Demonstrating without a permit” is the catch-all phrase meaning ‘we’ll never give you a permit, so just quit.  When we arrest you we will beat you as we do, we will beat you as we drag you to our paddy wagons, we will beat you in our jails, and we will just beat you when we feel like it. We might even kill you but we will deny everything.” 

Welcome to Stalin’s Russia v. 2.0. 

The news covering Russia is full of such stories. Here are a few. Notice The Moscow Times is dangerously exposing Putin.

It seems the Putin’s private proletarian guard, the Russian National Guard, or Rosgvardia, has been deployed.  The Moscow Times’ articles discuss this in depth. 

Multiple articles have stated this will not end Putin’s kleptocratic rule over Russia, but it should indicate the beginning of the end. Putin, however, will do whatever it takes to stay in power.  If need be, he’ll change the constitution.  But first, he’ll injure and kill a bunch of Russians.  A lot of Russian people are going to suffer badly.   Does Putin care?  Doubtful.

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Moscow authorities vow tough action against any new protest

MOSCOW (AP) — Authorities in Moscow are warning that a planned attempt to hold an unauthorized protest on Saturday will bring a strong police response.

Police violently detained more than 1,000 demonstrators on July 27 at an unsanctioned protest against the exclusion of some independent candidates from the ballot for the Moscow city council election; an arrest-monitoring organization put the number detained at 1,373. Police beat some demonstrators with batons.

Despite the violence, activists have called for a march through central Moscow on Saturday.

The city prosecutor’s office on Friday issued a statement warning that the attempt would be “a direct violation of the law. Law enforcement agencies will be forced to take all necessary measures to curb provocations.”


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  1. “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants”
    -Thomas Jefferson

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