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Iran Escalation (41) – IRGC Hijacks UK Tanker Stena Bulk

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It looks bad to be in the IRGC right now. Just sayin’.

I strongly concur with our anonymous expert.  It just feels like “Suicide by Cop“. 

If the situation was manufactured to elicit a response, Iran knows it cannot survive.  The only scenario I can see it both surviving and thriving would be if Russia gets involved.  Putin, Lavrov, and the Kremlin have been silent so far.  I would expect a supportive statement from Russia in the next few hours, immediately followed by a symbolic deployment of Russian “aid” to Iran.  If that happens, it would effectively make moot any action by both the US and the UK. Damnit. Let’s see who reads this blog.

A friend commented:  “Russia will not expose itself to more sanctions over Iran.”

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Why the vessel was sailed into hostile de facto contested waters without an escort is a yet to be answered question.

The regime appears to be determined to start a full scale conflagration.

UK-flagged tanker hijacked in Strait of Hormuz? – Maritime Bulletin

Update 1820 UTC Jul 19: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says it has seized British oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz. It looks like the UK-flagged product tanker STENA IMPERO was forced to move into Iranian waters while transiting Strait of Hormuz en route to Al Jubayl Saudi Arabia, Persian Gulf. Tanker turned hard a starboard at around 1527 UTC Jul 19, and moved straight into Iranian waters, as of 1620 UTC tanker continued sailing in Iranian waters, south of Bandar Abbas, at some 13.5 knots speed. It does look like a hijack on high seas, and if it is so, it’s an act of piracy, absolutely unlawful seizure of a foreign tanker in international waters, by a rogue State military. Product tanker STENA IMPERO, IMO 9797400, dwt 49683, built 2018, flag UK, manager STENA BULK.

BREAKING: Iran ‘seizes British-flagged oil tanker’ :: Lloyd’s List

UK government in emergency meetings after UK-flagged product tanker Stena Impero is reported to have been seized by Iranian authorities in Strait of Hormuz

UK Tanker Stena Impero Hijacked (by Iran) in Hormuz Strait – To Inform is to Influence

Tweet, then Maritime Bulletin confirmed. UK-flagged tanker hijacked in Strait of Hormuz?

Iran seizes British tanker in Strait of Hormuz for breaking ‘maritime rules’ | Arab News

TEHRAN: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps announced on Friday they had confiscated a British tanker in the strategic Strait of Hormuz for breaking “international maritime rules.” The Stena Impero tanker “was confiscated by the Revolutionary Guards at the request of Hormozgan Ports and Maritime Organisation when passing through the strait of Hormuz, for failing to respect

Iran TV says footage disproves U.S. report of downed drone – Reuters

Iran’s state television on Friday aired footage it said disproved U.S. President Donald Trump’s assertion that the U.S. Navy has destroyed an Iranian drone in the Gulf.

Iran seizes British tanker Stena Impero with 23 crew members on board – Mirror Online

The Stena Impero reportedly took a sudden turn in the Gulf, having been headed to Saudi Arabia

Iran says it has captured a British oil tanker in the Straight of Hormuz – Europe –

Revolutionary Guards says tanker seized over ‘non-compliance with international maritime laws and regulations’

Iran says it has seized British oil tanker Stena Impero in Strait of Hormuz today – CBS News

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says it has seized British oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz

Iran claims to have seized British oil tanker in strait of Hormuz | World news | The Guardian

UK government urgently seeking information after Stena Impero veered into Iranian waters

Iran claims it has captured British tanker

Amid heightened tension in the region, a British-flagged oil tanker was reportedly seized by Iran.