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The missing “UAE” tanker is not manned with UAE personnel, not owned by the UAE, turned off its transponder, and did not send a distress call.  Its behavior, its route, was very strange and now many are saying they believe the tanker is in Iranian waters. 

We are about one whisper short of a kinetic event and this incident is so bizarre, but it does not appear to be enough to cause a shooting spree.  

If this incident was caused by Iran, the purpose is unknown.  It could be to say, “we can reach out and touch any ship we want,” but that is an odd statement.  It could also be, “we are so powerful”, but this would not portray that (quite the opposite, in fact).  Is this a retaliation for Iran’s tanker that was seized by the Brits off Gibraltar? The last is the most likely but then this would be the most bizarre way to respond, ever.

If anything, this incident implies desperation by Iran, if they are, in fact, behind this incident.  

For context, Iran has been threatening (bragging, bluffing?), strongly, to retaliate for it’s own tanker seized by the UK off Gibraltar.

With the recent limpet mine attacks on the Western edge of the Persian Gulf, denied by Iran, the bizarre nature of this ‘attack’ leads one to believe it was engineered by Iran.  

This behavior by Iran mirrors, exactly, that of Russia when they seized Crimea, when they invaded Donbas, when they shot down MH-17.  Iran is not, yet, a nuclear power, which lessens tensions, but it still does not reduce anxieties for some.

Iran is begging for a very public spanking, but do the appropriate leaders have the backbone?  What would any actions by the West say to Russia, since they also consistently play the repugnant role of a playground bully. 

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UAE tanker goes missing in straits. More bluster, bluff and threats from Tehran – UK specifically threatened regardless of the generous offer made.

EU plays the appeasement game again – and Iran ramps up the rhetoric in response.

Israeli PM Netanyahu publicly shames the Europeans over their appeasement – and he does have a case to make given the ideological and historical threads connecting Khomeini’s movement with the Nazis.

Sen Graham chastises the Europeans strongly.

Hunt and Johnson try to impress the public and party with their comments on Iran.

UAE oil tanker missing in Strait of Hormuz after drifting into Iranian waters | Fox News

An oil tanker traveling through the tiny strip of water located in the mouth of the Persian Gulf stopped transmitting its location more than two days ago when it drifted into Iranian waters.

Concern grows over UAE-based oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz | Miami Herald

Concern grows over UAE-based oil tanker that stopped transmitting its location over 2 days ago in Strait of Hormuz amid US-Iran tensions.

Iran’s leader vows to retaliate over oil tanker seizure | News | The Times

Iran’s supreme leader has threatened Britain with retaliation over the seizure of an Iranian oil tanker off the coast of Gibraltar, days after Jeremy Hunt offered to return the ship in exchange for promises not to breach European sanctions. “The vicious British government committed piracy and attacked our ship; they commit crimes and legalize it,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweeted. “The Islamic Republic and the believing members of the establishment will not leave such vicious acts without a response.” It was the supreme leader’s first intervention over the incident, which led to an encounter between a Royal Navy frigate and Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the Strait of Hormuz after the Iranians tried to intercept a British tanker in retaliation. Mr Hunt’s offer to Iran’s foreign minister…

Rouhani: Iran Ready to Negotiate if U.S. Stops ‘Sanctions and Bullying’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claims Iran is ready to negotiate if the U.S. drops all sanctions and stops “bullying” Tehran.

Door is ‘wide open’ to negotiation if Trump lifts his sanctions on Iran, Zarif says

In an interview with NBC News, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Tehran doesn’t want a war but Washington needs to halt its economic pressure.

Iran threatens to restore pre-2015 nuclear capabilities – Al Arabiya English

Iran will restore the nuclear capabilities it had before its nuclear deal with world powers, unless European countries fulfill their obligations, the

Accident in Gulf could lead to war – Iran’s Zarif [Video]

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has told the BBC that an accident in the Gulf could lead to conflict. Tensions between Iran and the US remain high, while relations between Tehran and the UK have become increasingly strained in recent weeks after the UK seized an Iranian oil tanker. The vessel was suspected of taking oil to Syria in breach of sanctions, but Iran denies this.

Iran says may ‘reverse’ nuclear programme to pre-deal status – World – DAWN.COM

Iran’s atomic energy agency said on Monday it could reverse its nuclear programme to its status before curbs were imposed under a landmark 2015 agreement with world powers. “If the Europeans and the Americans don’t want to carry out their duties… we will decrease our commitments and… reverse the conditions to four years ago,” agency spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said, quoted by IRNA state news agency.

Iran Foreign Minister Speaks Out About Escalating Tension With U.S. Potential War | NBC Nightly News – YouTube

NBC News Published on Jul 15, 2019 Iran Foreign Minister Zarif sat down with Lester Holt for his first U.S. network interview since tensions escalated in the past month.

Tehran may return to situation before nuclear deal ‘unless Europeans fulfill obligations’ — RT Newsline

Tehran will return to the situation before its nuclear deal with world powers unless European states fulfill their obligations, IRNA quoted the spokesman for Iran’s nuclear agency, Behrouz Kamalvandi, as saying on Monday.

Iran nuclear deal breaches not yet significant, EU says – BBC News

Recent breaches of the landmark 2015 agreement are reversible, the bloc’s foreign policy chief says.

Iran exceeding nuclear deal limits ‘not significant’, says EU | News | Al Jazeera

EU foreign policy chief says steps taken by Iran so far, including enriching uranium above deal limit, are reversible.

Nuclear deal parties not ready to launch dispute mechanism against Iran, prefer more diplomacy: EU – Reuters

The remaining parties to the Iran nuclear deal do not see Tehran’s breaches as significant and do not intend for now to trigger the pact’s dispute mechanism, preferring more diplomacy to ease the crisis, the EU foreign policy chief said on Monday.

E.U. Demands Respect as It Looks to Deescalate Persian Gulf Tensions

European Union nations were looking to deescalate tensions in the Persian Gulf area and call on Iran to stick to the 2015 nuclear deal.

Benjamin Netanyahu [VIDEO]

Netanyahu accuses Europeans of appeasing Iran like they did Germany in the ’30s

(JTA) — The European Union said it remains committed to the nuclear deal with Iran despite that country’s claims that it violated its terms, prompting Israel to accuse Brussels of 1930s-like appeasement. The allegation by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu followed an announcement Monday by Federica Mogherini, the EU foreign policy chief, that “For the time being, none of the parties to the agreement has signaled their intention to invoke” an article dissolving the deal, Reuters reported. Fars, the Iranian state news service, reported this month that the country’s enriched uranium stockpile exceeded 300 kilograms — a level that violates the 2015 deal. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, offers Iran relief from sanctions in exchange for its scaling back of parts of its nuclear program until 2025.

Netanyahu: EU response on Iran reminiscent of appeasement of Nazis

Prime minister lashes out at European states for determining that Iranian breaches of nuclear deal by increasing its uranium enrichment were not

The Latest: Israeli PM: EU-Iran deal same as bowing to Nazis

8:10 p.m. Israel’s prime minister has responded to the European Union’s efforts to salvage the Iran nuclear deal by comparing it to “European appeasement in the 1930s” of Nazi Germany. Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement Monday came as European leaders are looking to deescalate tension in the Persian Gulf region. They’re calling on Iran to stick to the 2015 nuclear deal despite the pullout by the United States and its re-imposition of harsh economic sanctions. Netanyahu charges that some leaders “won’t wake up until Iranian nuclear missiles fall on Europe.” The prime minister has been an outspoken critic of the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, and has accused Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons. Iran denies those accusations, insisting its nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes. Netanyahu says Israel will do “whatever it takes” to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Israel is widely believed to have a nuclear arsenal, which it neither confirms nor denies.

i24NEWS – Netanyahu to EU: Drop Iran deal before ‘nuclear weapons start falling on European soil’

We will continue to do everything that is necessary to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear arms, Netanyahu said

Netanyahu: Europeans Won’t Wake Up Until an Iranian Nuclear Weapon Falls on Them | Jewish & Israel News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed European leaders currently scrambling to salvage the July 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran. In a short video, Netanyahu compared European policy toward Iran to the policy of appeasement adopted by Europe toward Nazi Germany in the 1930s, and said the Europeans would only wake up when an Iranian nuclear bomb lands on them. “The European reaction to the Iranian violations” of the nuclear accord, said Netanyahu, “are reminiscent of the European appeasement policy of the 1930s. Then too, there were those who buried their heads in the sand and did not see the coming danger.” “It seems that there are those in Europe who won’t wake up until an Iranian nuclear weapon falls on European soil,” he quipped. “By then it’ll be too late.” “In any event,” the prime minister declared, “we will do everything to prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon.” Blue and White party co-leader Benny Gantz — Netanyahu’s top centrist challenger in the upcoming Knesset elections — also weighed in on the issue, saying, “This evening it is important to remind our friends in Europe that Iran is a global problem that threatens world peace.” “On this issue, there is no politics,” he added. “Israel cannot allow Iran a nuclear capability. And you can’t either.” European foreign ministers met in Brussels Monday in a last-ditch effort to salvage the deal after Iran deliberately violated limits on uranium enrichment. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said, “Iran is still a good year away from developing a nuclear bomb. There is still some closing but small window to keep the deal alive.” EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini expressed dedication to the deal, saying, “The deal has avoided Iran developing a nuclear weapon, and today everyone recognizes that there is no alternative.” Watch Netanyahu’s remarks below:

Netanyahu compares EU approach to Iran with ‘appeasement’ of Nazi Germany before WWII — RT World News

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has compared Europe’s attitude to Iran with the 1930s appeasement of Nazi Germany, after the EU foreign policy chief said Tehran’s enrichment breach wouldn’t trigger the Iran deal’s dispute mechanism.

Netanyahu: IDF the only army ready to fight Iran – Middle East – Jerusalem Post

Speaking to members of the National Security College at the Prime Minister’s Office, Netanyahu slammed the 2015 nuclear deal, saying that only he was against it at the time.

Lindsey Graham: Only Trump, Israel Stopping Iran From Nuclear Weapon |

Lindsey Graham: Only Trump, Israel Stopping Iran From Nuclear Weapon

Lindsey Graham tells Europe: We will sanction you ‘to the ground’ if you do business with Iran

If European countries continue to support Iran’s uranium enrichment, the United States should “grind them into the ground” with sanctions, Sen. Lindsey Graham said.

With Iran deal teetering on brink, Europeans assess next steps

European foreign ministers will seek to flesh out how to convince Iran and the United States to reduce tensions and initiate a dialogue when they meet in Brussels on Monday amid fears that the 2015 nuclear deal is close to collapse. U.S.-Iranian tensions have worsened since U.S. President Donald Trump

France’s Macron to speak to Rouhani, Putin and Trump to ease Iran tension – Reuters

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday he would speak to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump this week as part of a French initiative to prevent an escalation of tensions in the Middle East.

Jeremy Hunt on Twitter: “1/2 Important discussions with EU colleagues including ⁦@JY_LeDrian⁩ and ⁦@ministerBlok⁩ about Iran: we support nuclear deal but there can be no ‘partial’ compliance. You are either on path to a nuclearised Middle East or not…” / Twitter

PM Hopeful Jeremy Hunt Claims Iran Deal Failure Poses ‘Existential Threat’ Ahead of EU Meeting – Al-Manar TV Lebanon

U.K.’s Boris Johnson Warns Trump He Won’t Support a War With Iran |

U.K.’s Boris Johnson Warns Trump He Won’t Support a War With Iran

U.K.’s Boris Johnson Warns Trump He Won’t Support a War With Iran

(Bloomberg) — Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, the two contenders to be Britain’s next prime minister, condemned tweets by U.S. President Donald Trump but refused to say if they think they were racist.Johnson, the favorite to succeed Theresa May, also said he wouldn’t support U.S.-led military strikes

UK PM candidate Johnson: I would not back U.S. military action against Iran – Reuters

The leading candidate to become Britain’s next Prime Minister, lawmaker Boris Johnson, said on Monday he would not currently back the United States if it took military action against Iran.

UK warns Iran nuclear bomb a year away as foreign ministers seek to save 2015 deal – The National

US senator calls for new deal that would allow Tehran nuclear power in return for an end to regional meddling