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Russian Propaganda: Western Intelligence Preparing ‘Disinformation Attack’ Against Putin

This is fabricated Russian disinformation. 

How can I tell? These are all only indicators, none totally reliable by itself. 

  • Predictive intelligence.  The same as CW bombs “will be” dropped in Syria. 
    • This is a massive indicator.
    • Historically, only Russian propaganda “predicts” future adversary operations which are shady – illegal, unethical, or immoral.  CW bombs used on civilians. Future Disinformation Operation.  You know, the stuff Russia does routinely.
    • This is the release of extremely sensitive intelligence, from either HUMINT or SIGINT.
    • HUMINT or SIGINT release will compromise the source and methods. That means of communications will be shut down.
    • News sources are never privy to future foreign operations, especially of this sensitivity.
      • Yes, it could be a deliberate leak. If deliberately leaked, however, that almost automatically gives the operation a “green light” to smear the target. Russia would not want that. It defeats the purpose of exposing the operation, to shut it down. Therefore, there is no operation, meaning this article is fabricated.
  • Unnamed source. 
    • This is an easy way to fabricate and release a story
  • No specificity of the “misinformation”
    • If a planned US and UK operation mentioned “misinformation”, the intercept would contain the target’s name. None is mentioned
    • The charge, such as pedophilia or another fetish, an illegal act, or treason, would be mentioned. 
  • The source. RIA Novosti is an official Russian propaganda outlet.
  • Weird details. A joint “US-UK” propaganda operation?  
    • Russian propaganda almost always contains weird details, often conspiracy theory related.
    • This would have to be the CIA operation, if the US is truly involved, they do foreign intelligence operations. They can keep a secret really quiet. MI-6 is the UK’s counterpart, they do foreign operations. If this type operation were even conceived, it would be so close-hold, like that of an astronomical black hole, nothing would come out.
    • If compromised, it could be shut down quietly, then, another Russian “predictive intelligence” story would be discredited. 

There is a very tiny chance this is a real story, but probably based on one of Putin’s entourage really messing up, badly.  For instance, if Dmitry Kiselyov had sex with another man and someone had a photo, this article might reduce the impact of the photo’s release. 

By the way, Kiselyov is not a nice guy, even to his own family.

The original article, in Russian  is published here, США и Британия готовят фейки об окружении Путина, сообщил источник

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Russian media: Western security services are preparing ‘misinformation attack’ against Putin

Sunday, July 14, 2019 10:00:41 AM

Russian news agency RIA Novosti, reported, with reference to a “military-diplomatic source,” that the US and British special services  reportedly “prepare misinformation attack against the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his entourage in the leadership of the Ministry of Defense.” It is alleged that this information will be used to justify new sanctions against Russia.

According to the source of the agency, experts of the American and British intelligence services “prepare fake information about the Russian leadership” similar to the so-called Panamagate scandal which started after the publication of materials of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca in 2016.

The source of RIA Novosti claims that this “fake information” will be allegedly published through the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), that belongs to the financiers George Soros and Bill Browder. Information could also be spread through Radio Liberty and the Current Time TV channel. The source of RIA Novosti didn’t provide any evidence of the source’s allegations. News agency calls possible future publications about Putin’s entourage as interference in the internal affairs of Russia.

In March 2016, the Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov spoke about the preparation of “customized” materials in foreign media about Putin’s entourage. A few days after his statement, “The Panama Papers” on offshore companies were published, which mentioned several people from the entourage of the Russian President, especially cellist Sergei Roldugin. Then journalists connected the “warnings” from Peskov with the fact that before the publication journalists appealed to the Kremlin with questions and requests for comment. It is unclear whether the current statement of RIA Novosti relates to questions of journalistic to the Kremlin.


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