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Some of Putin’s Top Cops Are Mobsters. Even KGB Vets Are Ashamed.

A recent spate of arrests shows elite FSB units and senior officers shaking down businesses for huge bribes and even robbing banks.

5 thoughts on “Some of Putin’s Top Cops Are Mobsters. Even KGB Vets Are Ashamed.

  1. This started a few years ago I think when Putin not only flirted but right out had intercourse with, figuratively speaking of course, the criminal Russian motorcycle gang called Night Wolves. It was an “I scratch your back and you scratch mine” kind of relation, and it was for bullying Ukraine. Now his involvments with criminals comes back to bite Putin in his ass, but it is well deserved. He can blame noone but himself.

    1. I honestly believe Putin believes he can overwhelm the West with all his different “hybrid warfare” tools, a la “Unrestricted Warfare” from the PLA, in 1999. Alexandr Dugin and Igor Panarin put “Unrestricted Warfare” on steroids and are running with it. Not sure how me throwing two American cliches together is going to translate, but Putin’s “Toolbox of Information Warfare” is the “Kitchen Sink”. What it is supposed to mean is that absolutely everything is being used as a weapon or a tool. Look how the Russian Orthodox Church is weaponized against Ukraine. Russia is using Lawfare, or the court system, against the West. They’re using Red Notices from Interpol. They threw a restricted exercise zone in the middle of the Black Sea to mess with NATO vessels. It’s all about harassment and interdiction, a tactic from the Vietnam War, using 21st century tools and weapons.

      I also believe his time as Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg acquainted him with all the mobsters who got him into power. Yes, he’s part of the Russian mafia/Oligarchs, and yes, they are running Russia. It’s a cooperative effort, as long as he gets his percentage.

      1. I don’t know if I would go that far as to track this back to his time as the Mayor of S:t Petersburg. People sometimes change, and mostly for the worse and especially when in Power.

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