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Ukraine / Russia Ad Hoc Media Update (224)

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Adm Foggo on Russia in the Arctic. More Russian VMF wishful thinking. Russia expands lethal RPV capability trialled in Ukraine. Fuller on the nexus between dictatorships and corruption. Concerns leaked UK diplomatic traffic may have been hacked by Russia. Former Chechen Deputy PM Zakhayev testifies that Putin, Kadyrov and Zolotov conspired to assassinate Nemtsov. More on Russia’s descent. China buying out Belarus debt to Russia.

NATO update – Bulgaria procures new F-16 B70 and Lithuania receives first Boxer IFVs. Turkey update.

NSDC Sec Danilyuk visiting DC. Gen Petraeus and Amb Herbst OpEd in TheHill. IR update. Wood on Russian manipulation of Ukrainian energy market. Sea Breeze 2019 EX and Crimea updates.

Donbas update. Excellent RFE/RL FEBA photoessay. Industry update – Pershing II MMW RADAC style seeker for the Sapsan TBM detailed – this looks like Pershing II Lite sans the special warhead. Coast Guard patrol boat refits. Chinese buyout of MotorSich under investigation.

Politics update – debate over media ownership, Ze says people promoting and collaborating with an invader should not own media companies. Chernobyl update.

Adm. James Foggo III | Russia, China Offer Challenges in the Arctic – Defense One

America’s top naval commander in Europe looks at the geostrategic challenges of the warming High North.

Coming Soon: A New Aircraft Carrier for Russia’s Navy? | The National Interest

Putin’s new weapon?

Russian Military Plans Swarms Of Lethal ‘Jihadi-Style’ Drones Carrying Explosives

Russia has learned lessons from attacks it has faced in the Middle East, where militants have used domestic-type drones to carry improvised explosives. Now Russia’s military intends to do the same but at a material scale.

Clay R. Fuller | Dismantling the authoritarian-corruption nexus | AEI

Key Points The effects of authoritarianism are amplified and obfuscated by growing economic interconnectivity. Combating authoritarianism and addressing the dark networks that support its consolidation are the unavoidable strategic challenges to global security. The authoritarian-corruption nexus is the growing convergence of licit and illicit state and non-state actors that facilitates and launders the profits of illegal activity, reinforcing the strength and survival of authoritarian systems of governance everywhere. It depends on and resides in the complex and rapidly changing global economic currents flowing in and out of American markets and is the defining threat to freedom in the 21st century. Domestic and international efforts are needed to dismantle the authoritarian-corruption nexus, including addressing the (ab)use of anonymous shell corporations and reestablishing the Group of Seven. Executive Summary The end of the Cold War was the beginning of a new era: one in which conflict occurs less in proxy wars and grand ideologies but more in trade wars and board­rooms. For the foreseeable future, turmoil around the world will be driven by competition between free soci­eties and the authoritarian-corruption nexus. The authoritarian-corruption nexus is the growing conver­gence of licit and illicit state and non-state actors that facilitates and launders the profits of illegal activity, reinforcing the strength and survival of authoritarian systems of governance everywhere. Modern dictators require more than good stories and parades to garner loyalty from elites and subdue publics. Ideologies certainly remain important in con­temporary authoritarian politics, especially national­ism and Salafi-jihadism, but their role is weaker and more individualized due to the internet. Authoritar­ian survival now depends more on procuring cur­rencies, goods, and services that can be strategically redistributed to regime loyalists. Economic entanglement with authoritarian states must be scaled back, diversified, and diverted to states with the capacity and willingness to compete on a level playing field. Failing to disentangle will continue to introduce destabilizing security risks while inten­sifying the effects of economic inequality. The oppor­tunity costs of long-delayed investments at home and among rule of law allies create domestic tension, while the authoritarian-corruption nexus facilitates disparate, global threats to security such as nuclear proliferation, international terrorism, supply-chain risk, and media disinformation campaigns. The solutions to dismantling the authoritarian-corruption nexus reside in democratic capitalism and must be pursued at the domestic and interna­tional levels to succeed. Domestic efforts should include addressing the (ab)use of anonymous shell corporations, federalizing the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, lifting the Patriot Act’s exemption on real estate, upgrading US foreign trade zones, reevaluating the Foreign Agents Registra­tion Act, and giving the private sector a greater role in anti-corruption efforts. On the international stage, the US should seek to reestablish the Group of Seven as a formal institution for developed democracies and revise the processes of the Financial Action Task Force to fight trade-based money laundering.

The UK is investigating whether Russian spies hacked secret memos branding Trump ‘uniquely dysfunctional’ and ‘incompetent’ | Business Insider

LONDON – UK officials are investigating whether the Russian government hacked secret diplomatic memos which branded Donald Trump “inept and incompetent,” Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has confirmed. UK officials are considering the possibility that a Russian state cyber-attack was behind a leak of memos which saw the UK ambassador in Washington brand Donald Trump’s administration “inept and incompetent.” The leak of memos has caused a major diplomatic row between the UK and US, with Trump saying he would “no longer deal” with Darroch. The leak has prompted a major Foreign Office investigation, with senior Conservative members of parliament calling for a police inquiry to identify the source behind it. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: “They are going to follow all avenues of inquiry to try to understand how this happened. That’s something that will be considered.”

Trump diplomatic row: What do we know about leaked UK emails? – BBC News

Leaked confidential emails from the UK’s US ambassador about Donald Trump has sparked a diplomatic row.

Putin left sailors to die on nuclear sub – while UK naval officer tried to save them | History | News |

A new film tells how President Vladimir Putin left sailors on his nuclear submarine Kursk to their fate, despite the desperate attempts of a British naval officer – played by Colin Firth – to save their lives.


Window on Eurasia — New Series: Putin, Kadyrov and Zolotov Conspired to Murder Nemtsov, Zakayev Testifies

Paul Goble Staunton, July 8 – At a hearing convened by the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE yesterday, Margareta Cederfelt, deputy head of that body, read out a report devoted to the investigation of the murder of Boris Nemtsov or more precisely Vadim Prokhorov says in New Times “to the absence of a reliable investigation of this evil crime by Russian law enforcement.” This report “did not establish a motive for this horrific crime,” but it did make clear that it was a political one. More important it shed a bright light on the failure of Russian officials to investigate the possibilities that such a perspective offers by interviewing officials in Moscow and Chechnya ( In presenting his summary of the Cederfelt presentation, Prokhorov, a Russian lawyer, suggests that its most important component consisted of a full protocol of the interrogation in London of former Chechen deputy prime minister Akhmed Zakhayev from October 4, 2018, by Prokhorov. Below are the key passages of this protocol: “I received information about planned punishment on the leaders of the Russian opposition in the first days of February 2012. This information came from someone close to Ramzan Kadyrov and Adam Delimkhanov. As we remember, at the end of 2011, after he beginning of mass actions of protest in Moscow, the then head of the Russian government Vladimir Putin, together with the head of his security service Viktor Zolotv flew to Chechnya and remained there three days. “Putin came to Chechnya to arrange the transfer to Moscow of a battalion ofhte Akhmad-Khadzhi Kadyrov regiment with the goal of using them to suppress the expected mass actions in Moscow. The young Chechens, when saying goodbye to their relatives, said they were going to Moscow ‘to impose constitutional order.’ “Approximately two or three weeks after the departure of Putin and Zolotov from Chechnya, I received information directly from Chechnya that the Russian leadership had prepared a plan for the liquidation of the leaders of the Russian opposition. Boris Nemtsov and Garri Kasparov were to be physically liquidated, while Sergey Udaltsov and Aleksey Navalny were to be imprisoned on manufactured criminal charges. “I took this information very seriously because the source was very reliable and information he had supplied on other occasions had been confirmed. I decided to make contact with the leaders of the Russian opposition and warn them about the dangers threatening them. “Both ere in Moscow and I did not have direct links with them. Therefore, I asked the honorary consul of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in the Kingdoom of Norway, Ivar Amundsen to ake contact with them and organize our meeting in Oslo. Literally a day later, Amundsen got in touch with me and reported that he had spoken with Andrey Piontkovsky and that in the very short term Piontkovsky ad Nemtsov would be in Oslo. “On February 27, 2012, I flew to Oslo where on February 28 I had a meeting with Nemtsov and Piontkovsky. I related to them the information mentioned above and expressed my concern on this account. During this conversation we discussed the possibility that Putin and Zolotov might use the so-called Kadyrovites to physically liquidate Nemtsov and Kasparov. “It seemed to me at the end of our conversation, my contacts did not fully believe in the possibility of such a turn of events. But literally on the next day, February 29, 2012, Piontkovsky telephoned me and reported that Putin in a public speech on television had declared about ‘a sacred victim’ among the opposition which in fact confirmed the information I had received. After this, I did not see Nemtsov again. “In my opinion, the plan for the physical liquidation of the leaders of the Russian opposition was not carried out in 2012 because Vladimir Putin still hoped for an improvement in relations with the West after his illegal return to a third term as president. After 2014, relations with the West were undermined irretrievably and the plan regarding Nemtsov was carried out. “I am deeply convinced that behind the murder of Boris Nemtsov stands directly Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Today’s Stalinism has been Stripped of Positive Content, Rendering It Identical to Fascism, Skobov Says

Paul Goble Staunton, July 8 – In the past, Aleksandr Skobov says, some followers took from Stalin ideas about equality and justice, however hypocritical the Soviet dictator’s support of them was. But now, Aleksandr Skobov says, the Stalinism of the Putin era has been stripped of such positive content by the Kremlin and rendered identical to fascism. The Russian commentator says that Stalin worship has always been “a form of traditionalism and a manifestation of archaic consciousness,” but “part of the traditionalists can speak out together with ‘modernists’ against authoritarian-oligarchic regimes,” something that happened in Russia in 2011-2012 ( But the Kremlin found it all too easy to “destroy” such an emerging “alliance” by making “a sharp turn to ‘conservative-traditionalist consolidation,’” which was completed by the launching of aggression against Ukraine, Skobov argues. And its success in that regard led to “a definite evolution” in the deification of Stalin. That evolution has not been in the direction of cleansing Stalinism of its “fascist and cannibalistic” aspects but rather in exactly the opposite direction, toward its “final cleansing of Stalinism from everything except its fascist qualities and cannibalism.” As a result, “all nuances of ideological differences between Stalinism and fascism have been removed.” “Today’s Stalinism is the black hundreds ‘Orthodox Stalinism’ of Prokhanov.” All the rhetoric of Stalinisms of the past about freedom, equality and brotherhood “have been forgotten, the commentator says. What remains is “only the cult of naked, unlimited state power, cruelty and unthinking imperial self-assertion.” That of course means, Skobov says, that efforts to get supporters of Stalin to turn away from him because of his crimes are counter-productive. Stalinists of today are pleased by any and all evidence of the crimes their idol committed. Actions that horrify normal people only give such Stalinists another reason for pride. It is not the case, he continues, that “under other circumstances,” the situation could not have worked out differently. Rather it is to face up to the fact that this is the situation as it exists in Russia today and “to recognize that Russia will not become free if it does not subject to destruction ‘the Stalin myth’” now being put about. The Stalinism now on offer under Putin is simply fascism, and it must be rejected if Russia is to have a decent future, the commentator concludes.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Russian Rights Activists Who Backed Russia’s Return to PACE Repeated Error of Liberals in 1993, Rachinsky Says

Paul Goble Staunton, July 8 – The capitulation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to the Russian Federation has taken place and, unfortunately, “with the active support of many Russian human rights activists, many but happily not all, Yan Rachinsky, the president of Memorial, says. It seems to me, he continues, that “this is not a tactical disagreement but somethngmuch more serious, comparable in fact to the crisis of 1993, when again the issue of ends and means is at the center of things and when people must decide whether it is permissible to sacrifice basic principles in order to achieve a desired result” ( “In 1993, the question was whether it was permissible to violate the Constitution and dissolve parliament in order to build a bright future. Today, it is whether it is worth discrediting PACE and European values in order to preserve for citizens of the Russian Federation the opportunity to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.” Memorial before the decision at PACE expressed its opposition to giving in to Moscow there. In response, a number of other Russian human rights activists issued a joint Memorandum in which they urged PACE to restore Russia to membership so that Russians would continue to have access to the European Court for Human Rights. Rachinsky gives a devastating point by point rebuttal of their arguments, a model of the kind of argument that needs to be made when good people succumb to the carefully scripted siren song of Moscow propagandists and assume that what they are doing is a pragmatic compromise rather than an unprincipled concession. Among Rachinsky’s numerous points are the following: · The authors of the memorandum speak about “a wise compromise” but in fact no mutual concessions were involved. PACE conceded everything; Russia conceded nothing. · The authors say that no one should give in to blackmail before they do just that. · They assert that the withdrawal of Russia from the Council of Europe “would have irreversible consequences to the extent that it would put an end to the difficult struggle of Russian society for their country too become part of Europe, on the basis of common norms and values of democracy, the supremacy of law, and respect for human rights.” Moscow has no plans to leave the Council of Europe and the struggle for rights in Russia is independent of that fact. · The Memorandum says that Russia has a right to be present to express its position as if Moscow had no other means of doing so besides being at PACE. · The authors assert that the sanctions were introduced somehow in violation of the rules, but the violation of the rules of the body occurred when Russia was readmitted. “If one strictly follows them and the obligations undertaken by Russia on entering the Council of Europe, Russia should simply have been excluded as a result of its seizure of foreign territory and aggression toward Ukraine.” The sanctions PACE in fact imposed were only of a “palliative” nature. “Today, thanks in part to the authors of the memorandum and other supporters of concessions, there are neither harsh measures nor palliatives in place. The sanctions of PACE really are less effective than one would like but is possible that” softening of eliminating them altogether “will make them more effective?” “To say that the PACE sanctions were an imitation of a struggle could only those who are carrying out ‘a real struggle’ or who want to propose specific paths for this.” And those who think Russia will do anything but ignore any decisions it does not like are deluding themselves in the extreme. And finally, with regard to the European Court of Human Rights, Rachinsky says that “beyond question this is a valuable and useful instrument.” But he adds, “one must have entirely lost a sense of reality to say” as the authors of the memorandum do that the situation in Russia has become better over the last 20 years because of the court. That is far more optimistic than anyone familiar with the situation on the ground can be. The situation after PACE’s unfortunate action, Rachinsky argues, is that in order to ensure that Russian citizens will continue to have access to the European Court, PACE “capitulated before the boldness of the Russian authorities whose ultimatum was completely fulfilled.” “And although in the Memorandum of the Russian rights activists it is said that “the elimination of all limitations for the Russian delegation in PACE would be unprincipled,’ the exaggeration of the role of the European Court has led to an inglorious end.” “Hope that the capitulation would not be so complete did not prove out. Words about the unprincipled nature of the decision taken were not spoken after the capitulation. This decision shows the whole world,” Rachinsky continues, “that any violation of international law can remain not only without punishment but even moral condemnation.” And that has real and immediate consequences, the head of Memorial says. “For the Russian authorities, the capitulation of PACE means carte blanche for continuing its repressive policy inside the country and its aggressive one outside.”

Activist: Number Of Political Prisoners In Russia Twice What It Was In U.S.S.R.

A prominent Russian opposition activist says the number of political prisoners in Russia is twice what it was in the Soviet Union in 1976.

Belarus To Get Money From China To Pay Off Russian Debts

Belarus has almost completed talks on borrowing $600 million from China, an amount which would be used to repay debts to Russia, Belarusian Deputy Finance Minister Andrey Byalkavets said.

Russian Court Refuses To Free French Banker, Extends Detention In Baring Vostok Case

A Moscow court has ordered French banker Philippe Delpal to remain in jail pending trial on fraud charges, extending his detention until at least October 13.


Bulgaria approves draft deals to buy F-16s in record defense procurement

The Bulgarian parliament and the U.S. Congress must still approve the $1.3 billion purchase.

Bulgaria Agrees to Buy F-16 Jets From U.S. in $1.25-Billion Deal – Bloomberg

Bulgaria approved the purchase of eight Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jets for $1.25 billion, a crucial part of the Balkan country’s biggest defense overhaul since the Cold War.

Bulgaria says reaches deal with U.S. to buy F-16 aircraft – Reuters

NATO member Bulgaria has reached a deal with the United States to buy eight new F-16 fighter jets for its air force at a price of $1.256 billion, it said on Wednesday.

Bulgaria’s government to buy 8 new F-16s from US – The Washington Post

Bulgaria’s government has decided to buy eight new F-16 fighters in a bid to replace its aging Soviet-built jets and bring its air force in line with NATO standards

F-16 Bulgaria | Lockheed Martin

The Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 70 is ideally suited for Bulgaria’s national defence and and will ensure the Bulgarian Air Force operates the most advanced 4th generation fighter available today.

Lithuanian Armed Forces accepts first Vilkas modern infantry fighting vehicles – Defence Blog

The Lithuanian Armed Forces have officially accepted the first delivery of Vilkas modern infantry fighting vehicles, the service said Tuesday. On July 9 first two of the 88 Vilkas Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) produced to the Lithuanian Armed Forces by a German manufacturer were formally handed over to Lithuania. The IFVs will be designated to the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanised Infantry Battalion of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf. The purchase fills in a capability gap in the Lithuanian Land Force. “This is one of the most ambitious projects of upgrading the Lithuanian Armed Forces in the recent years, it will help ensuring the security of Lithuania for several decades to come,” Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis said at the formal handover ceremony. Minister underscored that “such a significant qualitative leap that strengthens our capabilities with modern weaponry matched to our needs demonstrates the responsibility we take the security situation with, the adequacy of our response and our readiness for defence.” “However, today it is probably even more important and relevant to send a message to the Lithuanian society as well – we have paid too much for the freedom and independence already to afford to be stopped by the Vilkas project. A safe and strong Lithuania needs a strong armed forces, and that requires a fundamental updating. A strong and modern armed forces is also our duty, our responsibility to our state, the future of our children, and to everyone who fought for the freedom of Lithuania,” Minister R. Karoblis stressed. Chief of Defence of Lithuania Lt Gen Jonas Vytautas Žukas underscored that “the message that we are taking care of the security of our country responsibly and that we are ready to rebuff at short notice will be significantly more convincing from now on.” “The M133 armoured personnel carriers we have been using can only bring troops to the battlefield and ensure fire support. In comparison, the Vilkas IFVs will not only transport soldiers quickly and safely but will also engage in a battle by neutralising armoured and unarmoured targets effectively at the distance of up to 4 kilometres,” Lt Gen J. V. Žukas said. The Vilkas IFVs have been made by a German manufacturer ARTEC according to the requirements of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The vehicles have Israeli-made remote weapon station turrets, U.S.-made 30 mm MK-44S cannons and Israel’s Spike LR anti-tank missiles, and other integrated specialised equipment and electronic systems. According to the EUR 385.6 million contract made in 2016 by the IFV manufacturer ARTEC and the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR), all 88 Vilkas IFVs purchased by Lithuania will be delivered to the Lithuanian Armed Forces until late 2021. Serial production of the fighting vehicles for the Lithuanian Armed Forces was started after a year of intense testing in training areas and testing centres of Germany and the Netherlands. The combination of the Vilkas IFV firepower, manoeuvrability and crew protection meets the demands of the Lithuanian Armed Forces best in terms of national defence and international deployments. The Vilkas IFVs will be used by units of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf – Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanised Infantry Battalion and the Grand Duchess Birutė Uhlan Battalion. Lithuania, together with the Netherlands and Germany, is a part of the IFV Boxer Supply and Maintenance Program of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA). It ensures an appropriate logistical provision of the infantry fighting vehicles bought by the Lithuanian Armed Forces – the possibility to use collective IFV spare parts and central depots and repair capabilities for principal IFV systems, to receive technical and engineer support, etc., when the IFVs are operated by the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The Lithuanian Armed Forces have also been using two Boxer DTVs without the weaponry systems specifically for training military drivers since 2017. The initial in-service logistical support package includes spare parts, support and test equipment, technical and training documentation, and training equipment is also received. In order to keep the link with the history of Lithuania and traditions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, it was agreed by the IFV manufacturer and Lithuania that the IFVs produced according to Lithuania’s requirements would be called “Vilkas” instead of “Boxer”.


Turkey intends to use Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400, if the country is attacked. According to UNN , referring to the publication of Hürriyet , Turkey’s President Thaï Erdogan said this on board while returning from Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Some people wonder why we buy the C-400, we make such an investment. If we need to, then we will have the right to use them. If someone attacks us, then we will use these air defense systems. That’s why we are making such an investment, “the president’s publication says. News by topic: US REVIEWS THREE PUNCHES OF SANCTIONS AGAINST TURKEY THROUGH RUSSIAN S-400 PURCHASE Erdogan also reiterated Ankara’s intentions to engage with Moscow in the joint production of the S-500. “There is no problem in the issue of joint production with Russia. From the very beginning of our talks with President Putin, we have come to an agreement on this topic. I hope that we will move on to joint production, now there are no problems. Various speculations are being made by those parties who want to refuse to buy the S-400, “the Turkish president said. As previously announced by Defense Express , the supply of Turkey to the S-400 MRK will be carried out by aviation.

‘No changes’ on U.S. opposition to Turkey’s S-400 purchase – U.S. State Dept | Ahval

Turkey rejects EU claims that drilling off Cyprus is illegitimate | Cyprus News | Al Jazeera

Ankara says EU cannot be impartial mediator amid rising tensions as Turkey sends a second drilling ship to the island.

Turkey rejects Greek, EU claims that drilling off Cyprus illegitimate – Reuters

Turkey said on Wednesday it rejected Greek and European Union assertions that Turkish drilling for gas and oil off Cyprus was illegitimate, and said they showed the EU could not be an impartial mediator on the Cyprus problem.

Danyliuk begins visit to United States, meets with Volker. PHOTO

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksandr Danyliuk has arrived on an official visit to the United States, where he has already met with the US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker. Censor.NET reports citing his post on Facebook. “I’ve started my visit to the United States. I’ve met with [Keith] Kellogg, National Security Advisor to the Vice President and Advisor to the U.S. President, and Kurt Volker, US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations,” he wrote. Source:

Gen. (Ret.) David H. Petraeus and John E. Herbst | Ukraine’s new president deserves additional Western support | TheHill

Following meetings with Zelensky’s security team and a visit to the front, we can report the war with Russian-backed separatists is not frozen.

Top EU officials visit Kiev, pledge more aid for war-torn east Ukraine – Reuters

European Union leaders Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker pledged support and financial assistance to conflict-riven Ukraine during a visit to Kiev on Monday while urging Russia to do more to bring peace to the Donbas region.

EU calls on parliament to pass Zelensky’s bill on Anti-Corruption Court

The EU Delegation to Ukraine calls on MPs to urgently pass the bill submitted by President Volodymyr Zelensky regarding the jurisdiction of Ukraine’s High Anti-Corruption Court. — Ukrinform.

Ukraine’s Zelensky proposes new peace talks with Russia’s Putin | Russia News | Al Jazeera

Kremlin considering Volodymyr Zelensky’s proposal for expanded peace talks including US President Donald Trump.

  1. Todd Wood | Russia may soon control Ukraine’s gas fields – Washington Times

Much changed in Ukraine after the election of Vladimir Zelenskiy to the presidency. More change is to come; some not good for Ukrainian sovereignty.

Kremlin does not hold talks on release of Ukrainian sailors, – Putin’s Press Secretary

The Press Secretary of Putin stated Kremlin was not holding talks on the release of Ukrainian POWs

Klimkin: Putin uses sailors as bargaining chip

10.07.19 12:57 – Klimkin: Putin uses sailors as bargaining chip Putin will fulfill the decision of the UN Tribunal and release 24 Ukrainian sailors soon, but not that simple. View news.

Putin to free Ukrainian sailors soon, seeking more political gains – Klimkin – news politics | UNIAN

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has said 24 Ukrainian sailors who were illegally detained by the Russian Federation will be freed soon, but Russian President Vladimir Putin will be seeking as many political gains as possible. Klimkin says Putin is using the Ukrainian sailors as a bargaining chip.

Russian ship enters Black Sea area closed to navigation during Sea Breeze 2019 exercise citing communication problems – Ukrainian Navy

The Russian side has caused an emergency in the Black Sea by entering the area where the international military exercise Sea Breeze 2019 is taking place in disregard of international maritime law, the command of the Ukrainian Navy said.

Russian naval ship enters area sealed for Sea Breeze drill – news portal

Russian naval ship enters area sealed for Sea Breeze drill. The Ukrainian frigate called on the ship but the latter pretended it was having communication problems. Political – news portal. Latest from Ukraine and the world today

Russian military ship enters closed combat area at Sea Breeze 2019 drills

10.07.19 14:43 – Russian military ship enters closed combat area at Sea Breeze 2019 drills A Russian military ship has entered a closed area for combat exercises at the Sea Breeze 2019 drills on July 10 at about 8 a.m. View news.

Russian ship enters closed area of Sea Breeze 2019 exercise

Russian Black Sea Fleet missile destroyer Smetlivy has entered a Black Sea area closed to navigation, despite a warning regarding the closure of the area for conducting the international exercise Sea Breeze 2019, the press center of the command of the Ukrainian Navy has reported. — Ukrinform.

Ukraine’s Navy reports another act of provocation by Russia in Black Sea – news war | UNIAN

The command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Navy has said the Russian Federation once again provoked an emergency situation in the Black Sea, ignoring the norms of international maritime law. The Russian destroyer Smetlivy has reportedly entered the area closed for navigation.

UK calls on Russia to allow international observers access to Crimea

The United Kingdom called on the Russian Federation to allow international monitoring organizations access to illegally annexed Crimea and immediately release all political prisoners. — Ukrinform.

Deliberate non-recognition of Crimea, Donbas as Ukraine’s territory may be criminalized – news politics | UNIAN

A draft law proposing criminal liability for the “deliberate non-recognition” of Russia-annexed Crimea and occupied parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions as Ukraine’s territory has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament. The bill was registered on July 5, submitted to the committee on July 8, and presented to MPs on July 9.

Moscow Police Detain Activists In Red Square For Protesting Crackdown On Crimean Tatars

Russian police have detained seven activists who were protesting in Moscow’s Red Square against the treatment of Crimean Tatars in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied region of Crimea.

RFE/RL: Moscow police detain activists in Red Square for protesting crackdown on Crimean Tatars – news world | UNIAN

Russian police have detained seven activists who were protesting in Moscow’s Red Square against the treatment of Crimean Tatars in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied region of Crimea. The protest was staged a day before hearings by Russia’s Supreme Court into the appeals of four Crimean Tatars who were sentenced to prison terms of between nine and 17 years for being members of the Hizb ut-Tahrir Islamic group.

Nine Ukrainian soldiers wounded amid 32 enemy attacks in Donbas in past 24 hours – JFO HQ

Over the past 24 hours, Russia-led forces violated the ceasefire regime 32 times, 11 of them with the use of 122mm caliber artillery systems, 120mm and 82mm mortars, grenade launchers of various systems, BMP armaments, anti-aircraft installations, large-caliber machine guns, the press center of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) has reported.

27 attacks by Russian proxies yesterday: nine Ukrainian soldiers got injured, three Russian terrorists destroyed

10.07.19 10:31 – 27 attacks by Russian proxies yesterday: nine Ukrainian soldiers got injured, three Russian terrorists destroyed July 9, the Russian occupying forces attacked JFO position 27 times, using Minsk-proscribed weapons 11 times. View news.

Donbas warzone update: 9 Ukraine soldiers wounded amid 27 enemy attacks on July 9 – news war | UNIAN

Russia’s hybrid military forces on Tuesday mounted 27 attacks on Ukrainian army positions in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, with nine Ukrainian soldiers reported as wounded. Each enemy attack saw an adequate response from Ukraine’s Joint Forces.

Russia brings over 600 tonnes of ammunition to ORDLO for 1.5 months – intelligence

Russia transported by rail to ORDLO more than 600 tonnes of ammunition, including for multiple launch rocket systems, artillery systems and mortars, as well as dozens of tanks with fuel and lubricants. — Ukrinform.

Ukrainian Tsemakh arrested over MH17 crash

Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) arrested Ukrainian Volodymyr Tsemakh over MH17 crash which happened in 2014, as Bellingcat reported. “Tsemakh was previously known to have been the commander of an air defense unit in Snizhne, the town nearest to the Buk missile launch site. Tsemakh had not been publicly linked to the events surrounding the downing of MH17 before, and was also not mentioned in our recent report about the separatists connected to the downing of MH17. However, newly-surfaced footage has revealed that he was, at a minimum, an important eyewitness to these events,” the message reads. Tsemakh was abducted on June 27, 2019 in Snizhne “by Ukrainian agents, who knocked him unconscious and smuggled him out of separatist-held territory using fake documents and by disguising him as an old paralyzed man in a wheelchair”. Novaya Gazeta informed that his detention was easy as he was under alcohol influence. His wife confirmed Tsemakh had problems with alcohol. “Two days later, a court in Kyiv gave way to a criminal case against Tsemakh, the charges document stating that he was suspected of committing a criminal offense under Part 1 of Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine — creating a terrorist group or a terrorist organization — a standard charge brought against separatists by the Ukrainian authorities,” it is reported. His lawyer and daughter confirmed this. Yet, as Tsemakh was the Head of Air Defence unit in Snizhne in the summer of 2014, the main reason for the detention was linked to MH17.

Lieutenant Colonel NGU worked for Russia at ATO headquarters

Employees of the military counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine exposed the lieutenant colonel of the National Guard of Ukraine, who has the citizenship of the Russian Federation. This is reported by the SBU press service Special service operatives have documented that in 2014, the man, supporting the ideology of the so-called “Russian measure”, traveled to the temporarily annexed Ukrainian peninsula “in search of a better destiny”. He received a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, a driver’s license, became a military record holder and, in a privileged manner, issued a Russian military pension, since in 1995, part of the Armed Forces of the country-aggressor participated in combat operations in Chechnya. Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine found that in 2016 the lieutenant colonel settled on military service in the Main Directorate of the National Guard with the assistance of the former leadership of the NMU. He received admission to state secrets and initially appealed to the command to send him to the area of the anti-terrorist operation. While in ATO’s headquarters, the Lieutenant Colonel, in violation of the established requirements of the secrecy regime, accumulated a large amount of secret information on the personal flash drives of the NSU units from the forces of the antiterrorist operation on personal flash drives.

Kyrgyz-Born German Sentenced For Joining Russia-Backed Separatists In Ukraine

A German citizen who was born in Kyrgyzstan has received a suspended sentence for joining Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

One Photographer’s War In Ukraine

Andriy Dubchak, one of the only photojournalists to have covered the conflict in eastern Ukraine from its beginning, shares deeply personal memories from the front lines.

High precision guidance from Ukrainian weaponeers

July 10, 2007 | Taras Grin, ArmyInform Lviv Market-Mats LLC, which operates in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, manufactures a number of guidance seekers for guided missiles and radar systems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Such technologies are available only in the USA, England, Israel and Russia. However, Ukrainian developments go in many respects ahead of foreign counterparts. And the matter is not only at a much lower cost, but also in the principles of work. – We have developed guidance seekers that can be used both in guided missiles and shells, as well as in special preciion guided aerial bombs, – said the chief designer of the enterprise Ivan Martynov. – Developments are successfully used in some countries where on the basis of our inventions the line of ATGW was created. In Ukraine, the Lviv guidance seekers have been successfully tested in the systems “Hrim” and “Sapsan”. Particular attention deserves an active on-board radar to ensure the radar paint portraits the earth’s surface in the 3 mm wavelength range of the aerospace system. What does this give to our Armed Forces? First of all, the possibility of defeating well-disguised military objects of the enemy. After all, one way or another, they change the landscape of the terrain, and it will not pass “unnoticed” for the missile. The range of the sekeer is unique and resistant to all the counter-measures that currently have an aggressor country. Despite its small size, this radar has a high resolution, which makes it possible to receive high-quality radar terrain portraits. According to experts, with proper funding, they are able to provide for short-term all the needs of the Ministry of Defense in precision guided weapons.

The ship “Izmayil” completed the dock refit

Dunajsudoservis Ltd. was completed the subsidiary repair of the ship of marine protection “Izmail” (BG-84). This is reported by the press-service of the enterprise The ship “Ismayil” (BG-84) carried out works on the cleaning of the defect and repair of the ship’s hull, as well as repair of the propeller-steering complex. Prior to this, two similar ships “Nizhyn” (BG-83) and “Lubny” (BG-82) were repaired at the enterprise. At the enterprise, the executors of the order notified the performance of all works in accordance with the plan and schedule agreed with the Marine Security of the SBGS. In January 2019, Izmayil (BG-84) celebrated its 50th anniversary, but despite its venerable age, it continues to serve in the Marine Guard of the State Tax Administration Ships of the Sea Guard Ave. 1204 “Bumblebee” (Bumble) is a project of river artillery ships of the USSR intended to carry patrol service on rivers and lakes, support of ground forces by artillery and machine gun fire, transportation of personnel with arms during transfers and actions in the basins. rivers, as well as for actions in the coastal shallow areas of the seas. Project ships 1204 armed with: one 76-mm gun D-56TS Twisted 25-mm artillery of AC 2M-3M four 30-mm automatic grenade launchers AGS-17 7.62mm machine gun SGMT 17 launches for RZSV BM-14-17

Refit of the Last of Three SBGS “Shmels” Completed

Dunajsudoservis LLC completed the dock repair of the ship of marine protection of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine “Izmail” (BG-84). This is reported by Defense Express with reference to the press service of the Ukrainian company. News on the topic: FULL REPAIR OF THE SHIP OF THE MARINE SAFETY OF THE STS “LUBNY” IS COMPLETED The ship “Ismayil” (BG-84) carried out works on the cleaning of the defect and repair of the ship’s hull, as well as repair of the propeller-steering complex. “The repair of the ship was completed in time and its quality met all the requirements of the crew. Upon completion of repairs on the ship’s shell, a camouflage coating is applied “, – the press service of” Dunairesodservice “has informed . Recall that before this, the company carried out repairs of two similar ships to the project 1204 “Bumblebee” – “Nizhyn” (BG-83) and “Lubny” (BG-82). Also, the repair of artillery units PT-76B for these boats was completed. Ships of the Marine Security Project 1204 “Bumblebee” is a project of river artillery ships of the USSR, intended to carry patrol service on rivers and lakes, support of ground forces by artillery and machine gun fire, transportation of personnel with arms during transfers and actions in river basins, as well as for actions in coastal shallow areas of the seas.

“To be honest, this is cr*p “: Intercepts released of defense officials discussing defective body armor – news ukraine | UNIAN

The State Bureau of Investigation has released excerpts from intercepts where defense ministry officials are allegedly discussing the purchase of defective body armor. Damage caused to the state over the purchase of low-quality body armor at inflated prices is estimated at about UAH 100 million.

The Antimonopoly Committee will consider the transfer of Motor Sich PJSC under the control of a Chinese company

The Antimonopoly Committee opened the case of gaining control over Motor Sich by the offshore company Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Limited, which was associated with China and appeared in the case of sabotage. Within the multi-level focus of Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Limited (Rod Town, British Virgin Islands), which owns 9.99% of Motor Sich shares, it plans to receive more than 50% of the votes in the senior management body of the company by purchasing shares of other offshore Shareholders of the company are Granum Corporation (Panama has 9.30% stake), Likudron Enterprises Limited (Cyprus, 9.99%) and Reckoner Investment Holdings Limited (Cyprus, 9.99%). Officially, this is called the “acquisition by Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Limited and the State of Ukraine in the person of DK” Ukroboronprom “joint control over PJSC” Motor Sich “. The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine will conduct an in-depth study of the effects of concentrations on aircraft engines markets for aircraft and helicopters and their components, maintenance and repair of aviation engines, industrial gas turbine drives. The Antimonopoly Committee will consider the transfer of Motor Sich PJSC under the control of a Chinese company “Our money” believes that Zelensky decided to let the Chinese into “Motor Sich”, whose arrival at the time of the presidency of Poroshenko SBU was considered a sabotage. Former AMCU authorized Agia Zagrebelskaya noted that the Antimonopoly Committee has 135 days to consider, but the term can be extended. If during the period of consideration of the case the Committee does not make a decision, the permit is considered to be provided for “tacit consent”. Before the transaction is completed, the transaction can not be completed. This will be a violation of the legislation on the protection of economic competition, which entails a fine of up to 5% of the annual income of offending companies. According to SMIDA, Motor Sichi shareholders are also Chinese citizen Van Sinley (5.01%), Twinstar Holdings SA (Belize, 6.23%), Business house Helena, ag (Panama), PJSC “Trading House” Olena “(Ukraine, 9.30%, the company belongs to the Belarusian offshore” Montagne ltd “), Motor-Intercoms LLC (Ukraine, beneficiary – Xu Changshun from China, 9.70%). No mention is made about these shareholders in the AMC announcement. The aforementioned shareholders appeared in the criminal proceedings No. 22017000000000272, which the Security Service of Ukraine opened in 2017 under Articles 113 (sabotage) and 14 (preparation for a crime). The materials of the court indicate that from 2016 the beneficiary owners of Motor Sichi “in order to weaken the state by destroying the mentioned enterprise as an object of important national economic and defense significance (the only civilian and military aircraft production company in Ukraine)” sold the controlling stake in the factory to offshore firms that “intend to move assets and production facilities of the Company beyond Ukraine, which will lead to its liquidation and destruction”. Meanwhile, on February 25, 2015, between Motor Sich PJSC and Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (the People’s Republic of China), a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed for the purpose of establishing a plant for the production of aviation engines in Chongqing, China People’s Republic, for which a working group of Motor Sich PJSC specialists was set up to leave for China. April 6, 2016, Motor Sich PJSC received $ 100 million from Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Limited (British Virgin Islands) at 0.3% per annum under loan agreement No. 3104/16-D (PEU) dated January 29, 2016, according to which term of repayment of a loan is 10 years from the moment of granting of a loan. It is established that Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co., Ltd. owns 100% of the share capital of Hong Kong Skyrizon Holding Limited (Hong Kong), which in turn owns 100% of the share capital of Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Limited » The last company now and tries together with “Ukroboronprom” to get the AMCU permission for concentration. At that time, the court granted the SBU investigator’s petition to arrest Motor Sich shares, which were recorded on the accounts of the aforementioned offshore at the depository of Dragon Capital LLC. Currently, Dragon Capital SMIDA is not mentioned, and the “Motor Sich” depository is indicated by PJSC “National Depository of Ukraine”. In 2018, an attempt was made to arrest these shares, but the court did not allow it. After that, there were no references to the execution of the SBU No. 22017000000000272 in the judicial register. The Washington Times. in 2018, he published a material in which “Motor Sichi” was referred to as a “kickback” by the Chinese as it helps Ukraine’s Chinese competitors to cope with the backlog in aircraft engineering. After the resignation of Petro Poroshenko from the post of the president of Ukraine, the new head of state Volodymyr Zelensky appointed an investment banker Aivaras Abromavichus to the Supervisory Board of Ukroboronprom, who, after the Mayday, was Minister of Economic Development for a year and a half. In an interview with theBabel, Abromavichus said that his priority was to create joint ventures “with our foreign partners.” Motor Sich company is controlled by former People’s Deputy of the Party of Regions Vyacheslav Boguzalyev. He was one of those who in 2013 persuaded President Viktor Yanukovych to change the European integration vector of Ukraine for integration with the Customs Union and Russia.

Premier defies president’s rejection of military parade – news portal

Premier defies president’s rejection of military parade. The cabinet will try to find the money. Political – news portal. Latest from Ukraine and the world today

Groysman sees Independence Day military parade as ‘parade of dignity’ – news ukraine | UNIAN

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman says he would like a military parade to be held on Ukraine’s Independence Day but it should be held as a “parade of dignity.” The finance and defense ministers were instructed to calculate costs of the parade in a new format.

Zelensky cancels Independence Day military parade, gives money to the military

number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 250,000 people, including 204,000 servicemen

Zelensky: People like Medvedchuk not to be allowed monopolizing Ukrainian television – news ukraine | UNIAN

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky declared that the monopolization of the television space in Ukraine by people with pro-Russian views is inadmissible. The President stressed that the issue would be settled at the legislative level after the election of a new Verkhovna Rada.

Zelensky says television airwaves cannot be monopolized by people with pro-Russia views

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said monopolization of television airwaves, especially by people with pro-Russia views, is impermissible during war. “During war, any people who do not have a pro-Ukraine outlook, cannot monopolize a Ukrainian [TV] channel. We have to get to the bottom of this,” Zelensky said in Boryspil on Wednesday, responding to a question about the NewsOne TV channel, which had intended to conduct a TV hookup with Russian TV channels. Zelensky said the issue would be legislatively handled after early parliamentary elections. “There will be no information monopolies [in Ukraine],” the head of state said, adding “We will not allow people like [ex- head of the Presidential Administration under ex-President Leonid Kuchma Viktor] Medvedchuk to monopolize our Ukrainian TV airwaves.” As reported, a TV linkup between NewsOne and a banned Russian TV channel, Rossiya 1, had been announced for July 12. NewsOne on July 8 said it had cancelled the linkup because of “physical threats made to the channel, its journalists and their families.”

Fresh poll: Servant of the People Party remains leader in upcoming elections – news politics | UNIAN

The Servant of the People Party remains the leader in the upcoming elections to the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, scheduled for July 21. The party has increased its support rating to 48.5%.

Ukrainians want Boyko as new Prime Minister – survey

10.07.19 13:43 – Ukrainians want Boyko as new Prime Minister – survey The survey conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology showed such a tendency. View news.

A Rock Star Takes The Political Stage In Ukraine

After comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s rise to the presidency, rocker Svyatoslav Vakarchuk wants to be the next entertainer to hit the political big time in Ukraine. Can he parlay his star status i…

Ukrainian President signs decree on allocation of radio frequencies for 3G, 4G – news economics | UNIAN

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has signed Decree No. 497/2019, dated July 8, 2019, on improving access to the mobile Internet, which determines the timing for the allocation of radio frequencies for the introduction of 3G and 4G mobile communication services. Earlier, a presidential decree was signed to introduce an action plan to improve the quality of mobile Internet in rural areas.

Experts explain rapid strengthening of Ukraine’s hryvnia: Favorable situation in foreign markets – news economics | UNIAN

Chief expert at the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Council Vitaly Shapran says the situation in foreign markets, which has been favorable for Ukraine over recent weeks, contributes to the rapid strengthening of the hryvnia, Ukraine’s national currency. In the past six months, nonresidents’ investment in government domestic loan bonds increased by about US$2.1 billion.

Ukraine has to establish normal traits of democracy such as free speech, – MEP Robert Roland

Earlier, NewsOne TV channel canceled the telecast with Russia24 TV channel due to the huge public outrage. Later the Prosecutor General’s Office initiated a criminal case against the TV channel on funding terrorism

Kyiv court refuses to seize ex-President Yushchenko’s property – news politics | UNIAN

Kyiv’s Pechersk district court has refused to satisfy a motion submitted by the Prosecutor General Office’s (PGO) Special Investigations Department to seize property of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko. The prosecutors will appeal the ruling to the Kyiv Court of Appeals.

Kyiv to install 600 more video surveillance cameras in 2019 – News of Ukraine | UNIAN

Kyiv’s authorities plan to install 600 more video surveillance cameras in 2019. New cameras will be installed in public spaces, near places of interest and in park zones.

Most Ukrainians demand direct dialogue with Donetsk and Luhansk, – Medvedchuk

Medvedchuk says 55 percent of Ukrainians demand direct dialogue with ‘authorities’ of Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Zelensky signs decree on ‘green corridor’ for tourists in Chornobyl zone

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a decree aimed at transforming the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone into “a pillar of Ukraine’s growth,” creating a “green corridor” for tourists and removing preconditions for corruption. — Ukrinform.

Chornobyl’s New Safe Confinement handed over to Ukraine (Photo, video) – news economics | UNIAN

A new safe confinement worth EUR 1.5 billion built over the fourth reactor of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant has been put into operation and handed over to Ukraine; it is expected to operate at least for the next 100 years. The new facility will help solve the problem of dismantling the sarcophagus, which covered the exploded reactor after the accident in April 1986.

Zelensky suggests turning Chornobyl zone into one of growth points for new Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has proposed turning the Chornobyl zone into one of the points of economic growth in Ukraine.

Zelensky promises to create “green” corridor for tourists in Chornobyl – news ukraine | UNIAN

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree that will help turn the Chornobyl exclusion zone into one of the points of economic growth of the “new Ukraine”, of which he stated during a ceremony of putting into operation of the New Safe Confinement (NSC). At the same time, Zelensky stressed that the document also provides for the lifting of the ban on shooting videos in the Chornobyl zone.