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Tehran further ramps up the escalation game – they do appear oblivious to where this leads. We can surmise reasonably this is about impressing the domestic audience with their omnipotence, while the bottom falls out of the country, and its cashflow driven supporters abandon it one by one. PM Netanyahu weighs in – his Rhineland comparison is not out of place. A COBRA BALL reported to be deployed to the Gulf.

Multiple OpEds of varying quality (Kazianis is correct about the blunders in the original deal, Ward’s article is especially naive), some explainers, and interesting analyses on the toxic relationship between Russia and Iran in Syria. Russia has a great many motives for throwing Tehran under the proverbial bus, and few if any to help it.

Javad Zarif on Twitter: “Today, Iran is taking its second round of remedial steps under Para 36 of the JCPOA. We reserve the right to continue to exercise legal remedies within JCPOA to protect our interests in the face of US #EconomicTerrorism. All such steps are reversible only through E3 compliance.”

MP: Iran needs 90% uranium for maritime propellers – Tehran Times

TEHRAN – A senior MP, Mojtaba Zonnur, has said that Iran needs to have 90% uranium to set maritime propellers working.

Iran starts enriching uranium to above 3.67% – Tehran Times

TEHRAN – As the Europeans missed a two-month deadline to devise a concrete economic and financial mechanism to protect Iran from the harsh U.S. sanctions, Iran officially announced on Sunday, July 7, that it is starting to enrich uranium to a higher purity than the 3.67%.

Secretary Pompeo on Twitter: “Iran’s latest expansion of its nuclear program will lead to further isolation and sanctions. Nations should restore the longstanding standard of no enrichment for Iran’s nuclear program. Iran’s regime, armed with nuclear weapons, would pose an even greater danger to the world.”

Iran ‘better be careful’ says Trump as Tehran increases uranium enrichment – CNNPolitics

US President Donald Trump has issued a warning to Iran after the country moved to increase uranium enrichment beyond the purity threshold reached in a landmark nuclear deal Washington pulled out of last year.

Iran passes new nuclear deal limit as China blames US for crisis | News | Al Jazeera

Tehran begins enriching uranium beyond deal limit as Beijing denounces US’s ‘unilateral bullying’.

China blames US ‘bullying’ for Iran nuclear crisis – World – DAWN.COM

China on Monday said “unilateral bullying” by the United States was the cause behind the escalating Iran nuclear crisis, after Tehran announced it was set to breach its uranium enrichment cap. “The facts show that unilateral bullying has already become a worsening tumour,” said Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang at a press briefing in Beijing. “The maximum pressure exerted by the US on Iran is the root cause of the Iranian nuclear crisis,” he said. Iran threatened on Sunday to abandon more commitments to an endangered 2015 nuclear deal unless a solution is found with the remaining parties after the US pulled out. The 2015 deal was reached between Iran and six world powers — Britain, China, France, Germany, US and Russia — and saw Tehran agree to drastically scale down its nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief.

Iran Gives World Powers An Ultimatum To Avoid A Nuclear War

Ugh..07/08/2019 8:34:11AM EST.

U.S. Threatens More Sanctions, Isolation After Iran Boosts Nuclear Program

Iran has announced that it is raising its enrichment of uranium beyond the limit set by a 2015 nuclear deal.

West Concerned Over Iran Boosting Enrichment; ‘Crossing Israel’s Red Line’

The EU has expressed “serious concern” over Iran’s new step in suspending its commitment to the nuclear deal, while Israel has called Iran’s new measures “very very dangerous” and accused Tehran of…

France, Germany, UK Call on Iran to Immediately Stop and Reverse All Activities on Uranium Enrichment – Sputnik International

Earlier in the day, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said that Tehran will in 60 days announce further nuclear obligations it will discontinue as the third step of scaling down its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Iran’s Uranium Enrichment Breaks Nuclear Deal Limit. Here’s What That Means : NPR

The move signals that Iran is losing patience with the 2015 agreement after the U.S. blocked the economic relief promised.

Iran Announces New Breach of Nuclear Deal Limits and Threatens Further Violations – The New York Times

The deputy foreign minister said Iran would take additional steps over the limits on uranium enrichment in the accord unless it gets sanctions relief.

Iran surpasses uranium enrichment limit in first major breach of nuclear deal – The Washington Post

Iran repeatedly warned it would begin dropping its commitments to the deal if Europe was unable to deliver economic benefits.

Iran ratchets up tensions with higher enrichment, draws warnings – Reuters

Iran said on Sunday it will shortly boost its uranium enrichment above a cap set by a landmark 2015 nuclear deal, prompting a warning ‘to be careful’ from U.S. President Donald Trump, who has pressured Tehran to renegotiate the pact.

Iran steps further from nuke deal, adding pressure on Europe

Iran increased its uranium enrichment Sunday beyond the limit allowed by its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, inching its program closer toward weapons-grade levels while calling for a diplomatic solution to a crisis heightening tensions with the U.S. Iran's move, coupled with earlier abandoning

Iran is not looking for war with any country: Iran army chief – Reuters

Iran is not looking for war with any country, Iranian army chief Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said on Monday, according to the semi-official Mehr news agency.

Iran Says Seized Oil Tanker in Gibraltar Wasn’t Sailing to Syria – Bloomberg

Iran said an oil tanker that was seized by British forces near Gibraltar wasn’t destined for Syria.

Netanyahu likens Iran’s enrichment breach to Nazis’ 1936 occupation of Rhineland | The Times of Israel

PM calls Tehran’s violation of 2015 deal a ‘dangerous step,’ urges European countries to intervene and impose sanctions

Netanyahu compares Iran’s uranium enrichment to Nazi march into Rhineland in 1936

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blasted Iran’s decision to raise uranium enrichment levels beyond the 3.67 percent limit outlined in the

PM to world leaders: Where are you? – Israel National News

PM addresses Iran’s declared intention to enrich uranium beyond limit imposed by nuclear deal, challenging leaders to act.

Netanyahu to P5+1: Iran Violated Agreement, ‘Where Are You?’ |

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Iran has violated its solemn promise under the U.N. Security Council not to enrich uranium beyond a certain level, Netanyahu said in a video shared on Twitter….

When Netanyahu talks Iran, chances slim of anyone shooting – analysis – Middle East – Jerusalem Post

If Netanyahu is speaking on it, it’s probably not important. If Jerusalem is silent, it’s serious.

U.N. nuclear inspectors will report back on Iran’s enrichment move – Reuters

Inspectors from the U.N. nuclear watchdog who are in Iran will report back once they have checked that Tehran has enriched uranium to a higher level of purity than that allowed under its nuclear deal, the agency said on Sunday.

U.S. Air Force sent its ballistic missile detection aircraft to Persian Gulf – Defence Blog

A U.S. Air Force RC-135S Cobra Ball reconnaissance aircraft, that specializes in surveilling and collecting data on ballistic missiles, was reportedly sent to Persian Gulf. Aviation enthusiast, Maleshov surprised many by released on Twitter the track of RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft over the Persian Gulf. ”USAF RC-135S Cobra Ball a measurement and signature intelligence MASINT collector equipped with special electro-optical instruments designed to observe ballistic missile flights at long range 61-2662 PYTHN77 over Persian gulf,” he tweet said. The Cobra Ball’s sent to the Persian Gulf comes after increasing tensions between the US and Iran have worsened since Donald Trump withdrew from a 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and several world powers, and reinstated sanctions on Tehran. Last month, in response to what American officials characterised as an imminent threat, the US announced it would rush an aircraft carrier and other assets to the region. The RC-135S Cobra Ball is a rapidly deployable aircraft, which flies Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed missions of national priority to collect optical and electronic data on ballistic targets. According to the U.S. Air Force’s website said this data is critical to arms treaty compliance verification, and development of U.S. strategic defense and theater missile defense concepts. Crew composition includes a minimum of two pilots, one navigator, three electronic warfare officers, two airborne systems engineers, and two or more airborne mission specialists. All Cobra Ball airframe and mission systems modifications are overseen by L-3 Communications, under the oversight of Air Force Materiel Command. There are three RC-135S aircraft in the Air Force inventory all assigned to Air Combat Command and permanently based at Offutt Air Force Base, Neb.. The Cobra Ball is operated by the 55th Wing, and manned with aircrews from the 45th Reconnaissance Squadron, and the 97th Intelligence Squadron, using various forward deployment locations worldwide.

RC-135S COBRA BALL > U.S. Air Force > Fact Sheet Display

Mission The RC-135S Cobra Ball is a rapidly deployable aircraft, which flies Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed missions of national priority to collect optical and electronic data on ballistic targets. This data is critical to arms treaty compliance,

Harry Kazianis: Iran and America are headed for a showdown. And no, it’s not Trump’s fault | Fox News

The devil is in the details of the deal itself. How it was structured, and the items that were omitted, by President Obama, Ben Rhodes and their allies, ultimately sowed the seeds of its own self-destruction.

UAWire – Media: Russia worried by presence of Iranian troops in Syria

Relations between the Russian and Iranian military in Eastern Syria began to deteriorate due to certain disagreements regarding further actions in the region, reports Al-Masdar News. According to the publication, the disagreements between the military commanders of the two countries are connected to Moscow’s desire to avoid any conflicts in the Syrian province of Deir Ez-Zor, as this can create severe problems for the region in the future. Also, according to an Al-Masdar News source in the Syrian Arab army, Russia is concerned about the security of its troops because the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, as well as their ally, Hezbollah, deployed their troops near the positions of Russian forces. As noted by the interlocutor of the news agency, Moscow worries that if Israel decides to attack positions of Hizbollah, the Russian military could also be hit. At the same time, Russian troops are in a state of high alert since June 30, after Israel carried out several air strikes on Syrian territory. This indicates that Moscow expects new attacks from Israel soon, said the source of Al-Masdar News. Israel had repeatedly attacked Syrian territory. Its target was the Iranian units of Quds Force, which are involved in military operations on the side of the Syrian government troops. On June 2, Israeli aircraft bombed several military facilities. Syria clams that several Israeli missiles were shot down. As a result of the attack, three Syrian soldiers were killed, and seven were injured. Israel indicated that they intend to oppose Iran’s military presence in Syria because of Tehran’s cooperation with the Islamist movement Hezbollah.

Chicago Boyz » Blog Archive » The Secret War between Russia and Iran’s Quds Force in Syria

There appears to be an on-going, unofficial, and secret war in Syria between Putin’s Russia and the Iranian Republican Guard Corps’ Quds Force involving do it yourself drones in the hands of Syrian Islamic Rebel “deniable assets” attacking Russian interests, particularly at the Khmeimim airbase.

Yemen Houthi Rebels Present New ‘Locally Made’ Missiles, Drones – Bloomberg

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels said they have new types of locally made ballistic missiles that they will use in the conflict with the Saudi-led coalition.

The Saudis Are the Cause of Trouble in Yemen – WSJ

The Houthis are a homegrown group of fanatical rebels who have been in Yemen for decades, not a recent invention of Iran. Only with the Saudi invasion and U.S. support did Iran see that this was a great place to enter the fray. We created this opportunity for Iran.

Iran didn’t ask for this crisis, but it won’t stand for Trump’s bullying | Hossein Mousavian | Opinion | The Guardian

Ramping up uranium enrichment was an inevitable response to US moves, says Hossein Mousavian, a former member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team

Iran still has room to maneuver, but Trump is running out of diplomatic options – Iran –

Rohani’s move in violation of the nuclear deal may indicate Tehran is ready for a new formula, but the true question is whether Washington is willing to change tack

Trump wants to talk. Iran isn’t interested. – POLITICO

When it comes to nuclear negotiations, Iran is not North Korea.

Alex Ward | Here’s what a US-Iran war would look like: “a nasty, brutal fight” – Vox

Trump has threatened military action on Iran, leading some to fear war. Here’s what that Washington-Tehran fight looks like.

Oil Tanker Bombed Near Persian Gulf Is Shipping Fuel to Iran – Bloomberg

An oil tanker damaged in a bombing that was blamed on Iran is back in business. The ship’s first destination: Iran.

Why This Narrow Strait Next to Iran Is So Critical to the World’s Oil Supply – The New York Times

Twenty percent of the global oil supply flows past Iran through the Strait of Hormuz.

US warned Iran of limited strike after downing of drone, Iranian official says | TheHill

The U.S. warned Iran of a planned but later canceled limited military strike after the nation downed a U.S.