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Iran Escalation (30)

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Iran threatens retaliation against the UK after an Iranian tanker is boarded and seized at the request of the US, for smuggling oil to Syria. A tirade of condescending rhetoric from Tehran, including more assertions that the US aborted the air strike as a result of fear of Iran’s military capabilities.

Numerous analysis articles and essays. The folly of Iran’s escalation game is not going unnoticed.

John Bolton on Twitter: “Excellent news: UK has detained the supertanker Grace I laden with Iranian oil bound for Syria in violation of EU sanctions. America & our allies will continue to prevent regimes in Tehran & Damascus from profiting off this illicit trade.”

Exclusive — John Bolton to Breitbart: U.S. May Cancel Iran’s Remaining Sanctions Waivers | Breitbart

John Bolton told Breitbart News this week that Trump is considering canceling the remaining sanctions waivers Iran enjoys.

Iran threatens to seize British oil tanker in retaliation | News | The Times

Iran called the British ambassador to its foreign ministry last night to explain why the Royal Marines had impounded one of its oil tankers in Gibraltar.The authorities on Gibraltar said that the Grace 1, a Panama-flagged tanker, was transporting crude oil to the Banyas oil refinery in Syria, contra

Iran accuses Britain of ‘piracy’ for seizing its oil tanker and warns of retaliation – The Washington Post

The British navy’s seizure of the tanker transporting Iranian oil to Syria heightened tensions surrounding the unraveling Iran nuclear deal and the safety of shipping in the Persian Gulf.

Britain seizes Iranian oil tanker headed to Syria, furious Tehran summons British ambassador over ‘destructive’ action | Fox News

Iran has summoned the British ambassador in Tehran as the regime fumes after Britain seized an Iranian tanker on Thursday believed to be violating the European Union sections by providing crude oil to the Syrian regime.

Tanker detained by Gibraltar on U.S. request to Britain, Spain says – Reuters

Gibraltar detained the supertanker Grace 1 after a request by the United States to Britain, acting Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said on Thursday.

Iran summons UK ambassador in tanker seizure row – BBC News

The seizure of an Iranian oil tanker off the coast of Gibraltar was illegal, says Iran.

Iran could consider talks with U.S. only if sanctions lifted, Khamenei permits: minister – Reuters

Iran’s intelligence minister has said Tehran and Washington could hold talks only if the United States ended its sanctions and Iran’s top authority, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, gave his approval, state news agency IRNA reported on Thursday.

Iran Will Only Negotiate With U.S. If Supreme Leader Gives Nod – Bloomberg

Iran will only negotiate with the U.S. if the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei agrees to it, a minister said.

Iran mocks EU foreign policy statements

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has mocked EU foreign policy as being little more than verbal posturing. “If you want to express regret and issue a statement, you can do it now”, he said Wednesday, after Iran announced it would violate an EU-backed nucle…

In His Own Words: Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif – The New York Times

In a lengthy email exchange with the Times, he takes on his critics and muses about the future — for the nuclear deal and for himself.

Iranian Official Tells Trump To Listen To Tucker Or Be Removed From Office | The Daily Caller

An advisor to the President of Iran tweeted at President Trump on Wednesday, threatening to unseat him if he didn’t “listen to Tucker Carlson.”

Iranian minister: Americans scared of our power – Israel National News

Iran’s intelligence minister says Trump called off strike after downing of US drone because he was scared of Iran’s military power.

Iranian Minister Says Country’s Military Power Prevented US From Attacking – Reports – Sputnik International

Earlier, Iran downed a US military surveillance drone flying over Hormozgan Province after it violated the country’s airspace. US Central Command insists that the UAV was shot down while operating over international waters in the Strait of Hormuz.

‘Trumpism School of Thought’: Iranian Spokesman Mocks US President Over ‘Biting’ Warning – Sputnik International

The US in May 2018 withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) treaty in which Iran promised they would no longer enrich uranium stockpiles in return for the end of sanctions. Since then, hostilities have arisen between the US and Iran following attacks on oil tankers off of Iran’s coast, which Washington blames on Tehran.

Suspected Iranian Cyber Attacks Show No Sign of Slowing – Defense One

As Iran and the U.S. trade cyber blows, a new warning shows that the online fight is likely to go on.

Iran’s dangerous gamble | The Interpreter

Hardliners in Tehran might underestimate Washington’s reluctance to fight while overestimating their control at home.

Squeezed by U.S. Sanctions, Iran Shifts From Patience to Confrontation – WSJ

Tighter new U.S. sanctions have proven more punishing than Iran’s leaders expected, driving Tehran to hit back militarily and breach limits it had agreed to put on its nuclear program.

He Enjoys American Coffee and Restaurants. Is He a Credible Negotiator for Iran? – The New York Times

Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian most closely associated with the 2015 pact, is under fire both at home and in Washington, which is weighing sanctions on him.

Opinion: Iran Deal gave rogue regime room to flex

“It is undeniably clear that the JCPOA gives Iran a largely undeterred pathway to acquiring nuclear weapons in the future.”

Iran Under Pressure: Why America’s Sanctions Strategy Will Work | The National Interest

Tehran has been signaling through its behavior over the past year that it does not want to leave the JCPOA because any other option will be worse from its point of view.

War Is Coming?: America May yet Get into an Escalation with Iran | The National Interest

Here’s why.


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  1. The situation is evolving. I understand that lower level talks have started and that a compromise has been suggested whereby the UK would release the tanker and its cargo against an Iranian commitment not to deliver the oil to the Syrian refinery of Baniyas. For the UK as for the rest of the EU, US sanctions on Iran are of no concern to them.

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