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Iran Escalation (29)

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IRGC shows that fears of restraint being misread as cowardice were justified. Tehran howls over Royal Marines seizing Iranian tanker vessel. POTUS warns Tehran again – and they will misread this again. Iran again threatens restart of the nuke program. Europeans again plead with Tehran not to escalate.

All indications suggest that Tehran is drinking its own Kool-Aid. This is likely a result of their inward looking leadership culture and internal competition in the leadership group. Predicated on delusional beliefs the West will back down eventually. Dissenters like the former Commander of the IRGC Navy are being sidelined.

We may yet end up seeing Operation Persian Freedom as Tehran seems increasingly likely to force it to happen.

Iran Guard: Fear of war makes US focus on economic conflict | News | Al Jazeera

Tehran has ‘closed the path’ militarily, leaving Washington to pursue economic war, Revolutionary Guard’s chief says.

Iran Summons British Envoy Over ‘Illegal’ Seizure Of Oil Tanker In Gibraltar

Iran has summoned the British ambassador in Tehran over the “illegal seizure” of an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar, the official government news agency IRNA quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas…

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “Iran has just issued a New Warning. Rouhani says that they will Enrich Uranium to “any amount we want” if there is no new Nuclear Deal. Be careful with the threats, Iran. They can come back to bite you like nobody has been bitten before!”

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “Iran was violating the 150 Billion Dollar (plus 1.8 Billion Dollar in CASH) Nuclear Deal with the United States, and others who paid NOTHING, long before I became President – and they have now breached their stockpile limit. Not good!”

Javad Zarif on Twitter: “Seriously?… “

Trump warns Iran: Threats could ‘come back to bite you like nobody has been bitten before’ | Fox News

President Trump lashed out at Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Wednesday, ramping up tensions between the two nations over the crumbling nuclear agreement.

Trump Warns Tehran: ‘Be Careful With The Threats’

U.S. President Donald Trump lashed back at Iran after it said it would soon exceed maximum allowed uranium enrichment levels, telling Tehran that such threats can “come back to bite you.”

Trump warns Iran on uranium: Threats ‘can come back to bite you’ | TheHill

President Trump on Wednesday warned Iranian President Hassan Rouhani against making threats after Rouhani said his count

Trump to Iran: Nuclear threats will ‘come back to bite you’ | Iran News | Al Jazeera

US president’s warning comes after Tehran vowed to exceed uranium enrichment level agreed in the 2015 nuclear deal.

Trump claims Iran was violating nuclear deal ‘long before’ he became president | The Times of Israel

‘Not good!’ US leader adds in tweet, after Tehran announces it has breached limit on uranium stockpile

Rouhani: Iran will increase uranium enrichment to whatever levels needed – Middle East – Jerusalem Post

“At the current crossroads, economic war is the main field for the enemy to confront us,” Major General Hossein Salami was quoted as saying.

Rouhani: Iran can return to its commitments under nuclear deal within one hour – Al Arabiya English

Iran will increase its level of uranium enrichment after July 7 to whatever levels it needs beyond the 3.67 percent cap set in the landmark 2015

Iran to enrich uranium in breach of deal | World | The Times

Iran will begin boosting its uranium enrichment this weekend, President Rouhani has declared, spurning American efforts to force it into a new agreement to replace the 2015 nuclear deal.The country announced this week that it had stockpiled more low-enriched uranium than the original deal permitted,

Red Line for War? Iran Blows Through Enrichment Limits | The American Conservative

The two countries are on a collision course set by a bad nuke deal and even worse moves by the president.

France: Iran will gain nothing by leaving nuclear deal – Israel National News

French Foreign Ministry warns Iran against leaving nuclear deal after Tehran’s announcement it will boost its uranium enrichment.

E.U., France, Germany and UK Urge Iran to Reverse Uranium Decision

The diplomatic chiefs of the EU, France, Germany and Britain said Tuesday they were “extremely concerned” about Iran.

Iran will make next breach of nuclear deal in days by casting aside uranium enrichment limit

Iran will take its most significant step in breaching the nuclear deal this weekend by casting aside a limit on uranium enrichment levels, the country’s president said Wednesday. Hassan Rouhani said that on Sunday his government would stop respecting a clause in the deal which limits Iran to enriching

Former Revolutionary Guards Chief Says Iran Should Consider Talking To Trump

A former senior commander with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has suggested that Tehran should negotiate with the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Netanyahu says Iran trying to ‘blackmail’ world by violating nuclear deal | The Times of Israel

PM calls for increased pressure on Tehran, urges EU to follow US lead and impose sanctions

Iran trying to ‘blackmail’ world by violating nuclear deal: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday accused Iran of breaching the nuclear deal in order to &quot;blackmail&quot; the international community into relieving economic pressure on the Islamic republic. &quot;This week Iran openly violated the nuclear deal by increasing the stockpile of

Iran is close to the point of no return

Tehran is intent on stockpiling enough enriched uranium to build a bomb

Iran to boost uranium enrichment level above nuclear pact’s limit – Rouhani – Reuters

Iran will boost its uranium enrichment after July 7 to whatever levels it needs beyond the cap set in the landmark 2015 nuclear deal, President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday, defying U.S. efforts to force Tehran into renegotiating the pact.

Flagrant violation – Opinion – Jerusalem Post

To add insult to injury, Zarif said Tehran plans to further enrich uranium above 3.67% if European countries fail to salvage the Iran deal.

Iran Warns It Will Restart Reactor If Europe Misses Deadline – Bloomberg

Iran warned it will restore a mothballed reactor and step up enrichment if European nations fail to offer it economic guarantees by a July 7 deadline, escalating a crisis that threatens to collapse the 2015 nuclear accord and plunge the Gulf into renewed uncertainty.

U.S.-Iran crisis: Hassan Rouhani issues new nuclear deal ultimatum

President Hassan Rouhani says Iran will commence higher-level uranium enrichment from July 7 if the impact of U.S. sanctions is not alleviated.

Iran warns Europe it ‘will take next step’ to enrich uranium to weapons-grade level if new deal isn’t reached | Fox News

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani warned Europeans nations Wednesday that Tehran will “take the next step” in increasing its uranium enrichment closer to weapons-grade levels this coming Sunday if they do not offer a new deal by then.

Iran to start boosting uranium enrichment in defiance of America | World | The Times

Iran will start to boost its uranium enrichment next week, defying American efforts to force Tehran to renegotiate the 2015 landmark nuclear deal, President Rouhani declared today. Iran announced this week that it has stockpiled more low-enriched uranium than is permitted under the accord, a move

Sen. Lindsey Graham to unveil plan for Iranian nuclear power – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

Graham said that he supported US President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Iran deal, but said “there is an obligation to replace it with something.”

Several suspected U.S. spies ‘due to be’ sentenced to death, Iran says

Suspected U.S. spies affiliated with the Iranian military are due to be sentenced to death because of the “severity of their crimes,” an official said.

France calls on Iran to reverse excess uranium enrichment | TheHill

France called on Iran Tuesday to reduce its stockpile of low-enrichment uranium, which now exceeds a limit in the Obama-era nuclear deal.

IDF believes Iran pulling forces in Syria away from Israel border due to strikes | The Times of Israel

But Intel report says Tehran not giving up on plans to threaten Israel; army assesses Tehran abiding by 2015 nuclear deal, but could create atomic bomb within 2 years

EW: As U.S. Forces Gather Near Iran (Think F-22s and F-35s), Russia Jams Their GPS – To Inform is to Influence

This article illustrates Russia’s disdain for international law and reveals future planning and current capabilities. Meanwhile, the US and the West seldom operate under ‘signal constrained’ conditions, and hardly ever under intense EW attacks – real or otherwise. We, the US, chose not to develop Operational or Strategic jamming capabilities when the Army stood up their EW capabilities. Now we must play catch-up. I recall asking about this about 2006, specifically. I recall receiving looks like I had a third eye, and not in a good way, either. </end editorial>

EW: Why can’t Israeli pilots get a GPS signal? – To Inform is to Influence

By: Kelsey Reichmann Israeli pilots have reported the loss of a GPS signal near Tel Aviv for nearly three weeks and officials believe Russia could be to blame. The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) reported the disruptions in a June 25 press release. The Israel Airports Authority (IAA) confirmed the reports June…

Defense intelligence chief says Iranian attacks may reflect regime stung by sanctions | Fox News Video

Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley Jr. assesses attacks by Iran in first national TV interview with chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge.

Trump administration lays broad legal grounds for military strike on Iran – The Washington Post

Administration officials have invoked al-Qaeda and said any conflict will be limited and would not involve ground troops.

Trump team weighs giving China a get-out-of-jail free card on Iran – POLITICO

The move would breach a vow to bring Iran’s oil exports to zero.

Donald Trump Risks Repeating Barack Obama’s Iran Nuclear Mistake – Bloomberg

Any future deal with the Islamic Republic must be about more than just nuclear weapons.

The Folly of Reentering the Iran Nuclear Deal

At this point, arguments for reviving a narrow nuclear deal in roughly its original form are dangerous and delusional.

Dangerous escalation looms in US-Iran standoff | Middle East Eye

Although Trump seeks a new deal with Tehran, his tactics risk sparking a new war

Why the number 16.33 is critical to avoiding conflict with Iran

The distance between peace and conflict with Iran is now best measured by a number, 16.33%.

We Iranian-Americans Know the Price of War. We Can’t Let It Happen Again | Opinion

The people never held to account for their warmongering in Iraq are now driving U.S. policy against Iran. They can’t be allowed to drag us into another war.

Iran steps over the line on nukes — what’s the next step for Trump? | TheHill

At the very least, the International Atomic Energy Agency should be pressured to conduct closer inspections of Iranian sites.

Iran has violated the nuclear deal in a small way. But the implications could be huge – CNN

In one move, Iran has simultaneously done both the most and the least provocative thing possible.

Trump’s chaotic Iran non-strategy projects weakness – The Washington Post

Tehran has learned that Trump’s act is smoke and mirrors.

PAUL BARRATT. What are we to make of Iran’s nuclear program?

Iran’s nuclear program, never out of the news for long, is on the front pages of the world with President Trump’s insistence that his belligerence towards Iran is driven by a desire to ensure that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons. The facts are that there is no reason to believe that Iran has made…

Turkey offers to mediate between US, Iran

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he is willing to mediate between the United States and Iran to ease tensions over Iran’s nuclear program.