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Tehran threatens Israel:  “If the U.S. attacks us, only half an hour will remain of Israel’s lifespan,” Israel responds accordingly. POTUS and SECSTATE comment on Iran’s behaviour – it is indeed brazen extortion and has been since the beginning – pay us or we will build nukes, and this is a game that can be extended forever while European political elites stay with a policy of paying off extortionists. It is reasonable to conclude that Russia’s transition to a genuine rogue state was motivated by observations of Europe’s willingness to pay off extortionists to buy time. Tehran appears to be delusional or is completely misreading the West, as Europe may indeed bail out of the nuclear deal altogether cutting Iran’s remaining cashflow and turning a blind eye to the outcome.

POTUS’ comments that  Iran was “playing with fire” and “We are in a position to do far worse” are indeed correct, as Tehran is likely to compel Israel to act, poison relations with Europe irreparably by making them appear foolish, and do this in the face of US strategic strike capabilities Iran cannot deal with credibly.

It does appear Tehran are so deeply immersed in their propaganda delusions that they have lost sight of reality. This will be confirmed if they continue the escalation play.

Israel will be destroyed in half an hour if America attacks Iran: senior Iranian MP – Reuters

GENEVA (Reuters) – Israel will be destroyed in half an hour if the United States attacks Iran, a senior Iranian parliamentarian said on Monday, according to the semi-official Mehr news agency. Weeks of tensions culminated last month in U.S. President Donald Trump’s last-minute decision to call off planned strikes on Iran after Tehran downed a U.S. drone. Washington also accused Iran of being behind attacks on ships in the Gulf, which Tehran denies. “If the U.S. attacks us, only half an hour will remain of Israel’s lifespan,” Mojtaba Zolnour, the chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy commission said on Monday, according to Mehr.

Javad Zarif on Twitter: “We have NOT violated the #JCPOA. Para 36 of the accord illustrates why: We triggered & exhausted para 36 after US withdrawal. We gave E3+2 a few weeks while reserving our right. We finally took action after 60 weeks. As soon as E3 abide by their obligations, we’ll reverse.…”

‘Seriously?’: Zarif mocks US, insists Iran has not violated deal | News | Al Jazeera

Foreign minister says Iran has been ‘transparent’ and considers the breach to be its right within the nuclear deal.

Jeremy Hunt on Twitter: “Deeply worried by Iran’s announcement that it has broken existing nuclear deal obligations. UK remains committed to making deal work & using all diplomatic tools to deescalate regional tensions. I urge Iran to avoid any further steps away from JCPoA & come back into compliance.”

Secretary Pompeo on Twitter: “Iran’s regime has taken new steps to advance its nuclear ambitions. Once again, the regime uses its nuclear program to extort the international community and threaten regional security. The world’s top sponsor of terrorism can never be allowed to enrich uranium at any level.”

Pompeo: Iran extorting international community | One America News Network

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Trump Says Iran ‘Playing With Fire’ By Exceeding Enriched-Uranium Limit

President Donald Trump has said that Iran is “playing with fire” after Tehran announced it has exceeded its limit for low-enriched uranium allowed under a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.

Donald Trump: Iran Is ‘Playing with Fire’ | Breitbart

President Donald Trump reacted Monday to the news that Iran had breached the limits on enriched uranium set by the Iran Nuclear deal.

USA: Trump says Iran is ‘playing with fire’ with uranium enrichment – YouTube

Ruptly Published on Jul 1, 2019 Subscribe to our channel! US President Donald Trump said Iran was ‘playing with fire’ when commenting on Tehran’s announcement on Monday of exceeding the uranium stockpile limit set by the 2015 nuclear deal. The statement came as Trump was speaking to the press at the White House in Washington DC, on Monday. “No, no message to Iran. They know what they’re doing. They know what they’re playing with and I think they’re playing with fire. So no message to Iran whatsoever.” Tehran’s claims were later confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which monitors Iran’s nuclear programme under the deal. The move was the first major step taken in breach of the nuclear agreement since the US pulled out in 2018. Trump also confirmed he and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed the possibility of a trade deal at G20 in Osaka. “I expect him (Xi Jinping) to move and if he doesn’t move that’s okay too. I’m very happy either way, but I think we have a good chance of making a deal. I think they want to make a deal because they are losing many companies that are leaving because of the tariffs, because they don’t want to pay the tariffs, so they are losing many companies, they’re moving to Vietnam, and by the way, some are moving back to the United States where they belong.” He also praised the Border Patrol agents’ job at the US Southern border, saying that opening the borders would increase crime. “If you look, there was a report that came out where approximately 600 people in the last caravan were serious criminals. I don’t want them in our country. So the Border Patrol they’re patriots, they are great people, they love our country. They know what’s coming in.” Video ID: 20190702-001

‘We Are in a Position to Do Far Worse’: Trump Warns Iran – Sputnik International

In June, US President Donald Trump reportedly called off a military strike against Iran over a downed Global Hawk spy drone. Now, the US president says the decision earned him enough credit to take much tougher action in case of future incidents.

White House: Iran should be held to a standard of no uranium enrichment – Al Arabiya English

The US policy of maximum pressure on Iran will continue until it changes course and Iran should be held to a standard of no uranium enrichment, the

Ted Cruz: Iran began exploiting the nuclear deal before it was even implemented – Al Arabiya English

US Senator Ted Cruz issued a statement on Monday blaming the Iran nuclear deal for allowing Tehran to cheat and saying that Tehran began exploiting

Ex-Trump official: Iran trying to ‘blackmail’ international community by exceeding uranium limit | TheHill

A former Trump security official warned Monday that Iran exceeding its uranium stockpile limit is just another effort by the country to “blackmail” the international community for relief on sanctions.

UK’s Hunt says if Iran breaks nuclear deal we are out as well – Reuters

If Iran breaks the nuclear deal then Britain is out of it as well, British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt said on Monday after Tehran said it had amassed more low-enriched uranium than permitted under its 2015 agreement with major powers.

France urges Iran to reverse nuclear move, China hits at U.S. pressure – Reuters

France on Tuesday urged Iran to rapidly reverse its first major breach of a nuclear pact, a move denounced by President Donald Trump as “playing with fire”, as world powers try to pull Washington and Tehran back from confrontation.

France urges Iran to reverse breach of stockpile limit as Tehran remains defiant – The Washington Post

Europe sees Iran’s recent provocative moves over its nuclear program as a negotiating tactic for sanctions relief.

Germany very concerned by Iran’s breach of nuclear deal, says a source – Al Arabiya English

Germany is very concerned by Iranrsquo;s announcement on Monday that it has amassed more low-enriched uranium than permitted under its 2015 deal with

Iran-Germany Trade Cracking Under Pressure of US Sanctions – Reports – Sputnik International

European countries that criticised Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal have pledged to shield their commercial relations with Teheran from US sanctions in order to keep the Islamic Republic compliant with the agreement. Iran, however, has repeatedly stated that their efforts are insufficient.

World Powers Urge Iran To Stick To Terms Of Nuclear Deal

World powers have called on Tehran to adhere to the 2015 nuclear deal, a day after it was confirmed that Iran breached the limit on its stockpile of low-enriched uranium set under the agreement int…

Iran nuclear move puts pressure on EU but Israel is ‘wild card’ – The National

Experts say Iran is not ‘dashing’ to secure a bomb but warn of long-term instability and possible Israeli air strikes

After Tehran Regime Breaches Nuclear Deal, Netanyahu Reiterates Israel’s Commitment to Preventing a Nuclear Iran | Jewish & Israel News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top challenger, former IDF chief Benny Gantz of the Blue and White party, both reacted on Monday to the news that Iran had exceeded the limits on uranium enrichment laid down in the 2015 nuclear agreement. In remarks at a ceremony for outstanding reserve soldiers on Monday, Netanyahu said, “Today, Iran announced that it has violated its explicit commitment and crossed the threshold of 300 kg. of enriched uranium. Iran is taking a significant step toward producing nuclear weapons.” “When we exposed the secret Iranian nuclear archive, we proved that any nuclear agreement with Iran is built on one big lie,” he asserted. “Now even Iran acknowledges this. Soon will be revealed additional proofs that Iran has been lying this whole time.” Netanyahu continued: I reiterate: Israel will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Today, I again call on all the European countries: Uphold your commitment. You committed to act the moment Iran violated the nuclear agreement. You committed to imposing the automatic sanctions set out by the Security Council. Then I say to you: Do it. Just do it.” Gantz said in a statement, “Israel is united and determined against the Iranian threat.” Gantz added, “Today, it is clear that Iran is not an Israeli problem, but an international one. I call for a broad global alliance against Iran, the intensification of sanctions and joint preparations for a situation in which Iran continues on its current path.” “At the same time,” he noted, “I am certain that the IDF and the security forces are constantly preparing for every scenario in this area, and they can give the political echelon the necessary solutions to the threat so that Iran will never achieve a nuclear weapon.”

Iran breaks through enriched uranium limit set in nuclear deal – state media | The Times of Israel

Fars news agency cites ‘informed source’ as saying stock of 3.67% enriched uranium was measured and found to be above the 300-kg maximum

Netanyahu: ‘Iran lied the whole time’

Netanyahu warned that Iran’s move to break limits on its stockpile of low-enriched uranium is a “significant step toward making a nuclear weapon.” By World Israel News Staff and AP Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that Israel would “soon unveil more proof that Iran was lying all the time” about its nuclear program. The Israeli prime minister has been an outspoken critic of Iran and has long accused Tehran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons. Iran admitted on Monday it had exceeded the limit set on its low-enriched uranium stockpiles by a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, claiming it was its first major departure from the agreement since Washington withdrew from it last year. While Iran has insisted that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, Israeli agents last year smuggled out of Iran tens of thousands of documents and other evidence related to Iran’s illegal nuclear program. The secret Iranian nuclear archive proved that Tehran had lied about pursuing nuclear arms, Netanyahu maintained in a televised address in English at the time. Netanyahu now is calling upon European countries to “stand by [their] commitments” to impose sanctions against Iran if it violates the nuclear agreement reached with world powers in 2015. Meanwhile, Britain also urged Iran to reverse course and stick to the terms of the nuclear deal. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he was “deeply worried” by Iran’s announcement that it had surpassed the stockpile of low-enriched uranium allowed under the 2015 agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA ). In a tweet, he urged Tehran “to avoid any further steps away from JCPOA and come back into compliance.” Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman, James Slack, said the announcement was “extremely concerning.”

Foreign minister warns Iran veering toward war after uranium ramp-up | The Times of Israel

Israel Katz says Tehran will suffer heavy blows in a conflict, Israel could act alone against nukes if needed

Israel calls for ‘automatic’ European sanctions on Iran over uranium breach – Reuters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Europe on Monday to impose “automatic sanctions” on Iran for accumulating more low-enriched uranium than permitted under its 2015 nuclear deal with major powers.

Iran news: Israel could strike Tehran after Iran confirms uranium breach | World | News |

THE US has raised alarm over concerns that Israel could soon drag the country into a war with Iran, after the Islamic Republic breached the limit on its uranium stockpiles.

Iran: Suspected US spies may face death penalty | TheHill

Iranian prosecutors are pursuing the death penalty for several people who were arrested last year and charged with spying for the U.S., Reuters

The Iran crisis is exposing a far deeper conflict between Trump and Europe – Middle East News –

Europe and the U.S. have clashed on Iran policy since the revolution. But as Trump exacerbates tensions, Europe’s fears are more fundamental: that America is set on trashing the transatlantic alliance

Why Iran’s uranium announcement reflects ‘dangerous dynamic’ with the U.S. – YouTube

PBS NewsHour Published on Jul 1, 2019 Iran says it now has more low-enriched uranium than the level agreed upon in the 2015 nuclear deal, from which the U.S. withdrew in 2018. In response, the White House says it will continue its “maximum pressure” campaign on Iran. William Brangham talks to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Karim Sadjadpour about what the latest news means for tensions between the U.S. and Iran.

Iran nuclear deal: What exceeding Iran’s uranium stockpile limit means

The breach doesn’t radically change Iran’s roughly one-year breakout period to weapons-grade enrichment levels, but what Iran is threatening next is what’s really worrying, experts say.

Iran’s Uranium Limit Breach Is Reminder of Its Nuclear Bomb Goals – Bloomberg

And it has nothing to do with energy.

Iran’s leaders will negotiate with Trump sooner or later. They’d prefer later. – The Washington Post

The Islamic republic has waited out U.S. sanctions. It can’t wait five more years.

Iran has violated the nuclear deal in a small way. But the implications could be huge – CNN

In one move, Iran has simultaneously done both the most and the least provocative thing possible.

Trump won’t accept these harsh realities on Iran: Opinion – Business Insider

There’s a real risk that the US and Iran are playing a game of highway chicken, and neither side is quite in control of the steering wheel.

Trump needs a Belichick game plan for Iran – The Boston Globe

The first principle of Belichick’s game plan is to know before the whistle blows what that rival tends to do in a given situation.

How Close Is Iran to a Nuclear Bomb, Really? – Foreign Policy

Experts say Tehran has the capability to build a nuclear weapon within a few years but perhaps not the intent.

OPEC, Russia Agree To Extend Oil Output Cuts Into 2020

OPEC members have reached an agreement with other major oil producing nations, including Russia, to extend production cuts into next year amid concerns over weaker global growth.

Russia Reacts to U.S. and Israel’s Strikes on Rival Targets in Syria

The Kremlin’s spokesperson said “there is definitely no connection” between a recent U.S. strike and the meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

U.S. hits al Qaeda training camp in Syria

The U.S. military said, “Northwest Syria remains a safe haven where AQ-S leaders actively coordinate terrorist activities.”

Why is civic honesty lacking in Arab, Islamic countries? – Al Arabiya English

Late June saw the leading scientific journal, Science, publish an article ranking a sample of 40 countries in civic honesty, where people voluntarily

Civic honesty around the globe | Science

Abstract Civic honesty is essential to social capital and economic development, but is often in conflict with material self-interest. We examine the trade-off between honesty and self-interest using field experiments in 355 cities spanning 40 countries around the globe. We turned in over 17,000 lost wallets with varying amounts of money at public and private institutions, and measured whether recipients contacted the owner to return the wallets. In virtually all countries citizens were more likely to return wallets that contained more money. Both non-experts and professional economists were unable to predict this result. Additional data suggest our main findings can be explained by a combination of altruistic concerns and an aversion to viewing oneself as a thief, which increase with the material benefits of dishonesty.