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Iran Escalation (26)

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Tehran’s delusions appear to grow by the day. There appears to a belief that Iran could easily survive a contemporary air campaign, despite the reality that the US can deliver both deep penetrating PGMs like the MOP,or in a single pass, a large number of smaller PGMs with individual DMPIs. This is not 1991, or 1999, or 2004 – the world has changed in ways they evidently cannot comprehend.

Excellent WashEx essay on the enormous revenue generating empire owned by the theocracy, and how it insulates them from the misery of the general population. Tehran plays the Europeans for what it is worth. Iranians turn to bitcoin to avoid collapsed currency. AUS PM may join coalition campaign against Tehran.

Media campaign against POTUS continues.

US can’t ‘obliterate’ Iran unless it uses banned arms: Zarif – Tehran Times

Facing immense pressure at home for his inability to respond in kind to Iran’s downing of an intruding US spy drone last week, Trump said in a Twitter rant on Tuesday that Tehran will be met with “obliteration” if it ever attacks “anything American.” Speaking to CNN on Wednesday, Zarif downplayed Trump’s remarks and said Washington was “incapable” of acting on such threats. “He’s certainly wrong,” Zarif said. “But that statement indicates that the United States’ intentions are certainly illegal.” “The United States is not in a position to obliterate Iran, they do not have the capability other than using prohibited weapons to do this,” he added. “I think President Trump should remember that we don’t live in the 18th century,” the top diplomat noted. “There is a United Nations charter and threat of force is illegal.” Last Thursday, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) downed a US Navy RQ-4A drone inside the Iranian airspace over the Persian Gulf. Trump said the following day that he had initially authorized airstrikes against three targets in Iran but called them off 10 minutes before launch. Had it been a “manned” aircraft, his response would have been different, he said then. This is not the first time that the Trump administration is threatening Iran with military action as a result of heightened tensions between the two sides over the past few weeks. Trump stepped up his anti-Iran rhetoric after pulling out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in May last year and immediately launching a campaign of “maximum pressure” to force Tehran into negotiations on its ballistic missile program and growing regional influence. In addition to several rounds of sanctions that target Iran’s economy, most notably it’s oil exports, Trump has also sent troops and military equipment to the Persian Gulf region to counter what it calls “threats” from Tehran. It has also blamed a series of mysterious tanker attacks in the Sea of Oman to Iran without providing any evidence. In its latest provocative move, the US imposed a series of bizarre sanctions that targeted Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and senior Iranian military commanders. The Trump administration is also set to introduce sanctions against Zarif in the coming days. Zarif on Wednesday called the latest sanctions an “additional insult by the United States against the entire Iranian nation.”

Short US-Iran war ‘an illusion’, Zarif tells Trump | USA News | Al Jazeera

Iran’s foreign minister says US president is mistaken in thinking a war between two countries will be short-lived.

Trump’s latest Iran sanctions target $200B economic empire of supreme leader | Washington Examiner

The Trump administration’s latest sanctions against Iran reinstate an embargo on some of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s front companies that President Barack Obama lifted as part of the nuclear deal and could further expose the Iranian dictator’s corrupt economic empire.

U.S. tells Europe: It’s us or Iran, amid last-ditched effort to save deal – The Washington Post

The U.S. special represenative for Iran defined the choice as European officials met in Vienna to discuss the beleaguered Iran nuclear deal before Tehran breaches it.

Iran news: At G20 summit Trump says “no rush” as US warns nuclear deal parties Iranian crude purchase will bring sanctions – CBS News

As remaining parties to 2015 nuclear agreement try to keep it alive, top White House envoy warns anyone buying Iranian oil will be punished

‘Last chance’ to save nuclear deal at Vienna meeting, Iran warns | USA News | Al Jazeera

Remaining signatories must ‘meet commitments towards Iran’ or it will abandon 2015 accord, Tehran says.

Iran says it has just one demand to save the nuclear deal | World | News |

IRAN’S main demand in talks aimed at saving its nuclear deal is to be able to sell its oil at the same levels as it did before Washington withdrew from the pact, an Iranian official has said.

With Iran nuclear deal on brink, world powers in ‘last chance’ talks – Reuters

World powers will warn Iran to stick to the terms of their nuclear deal when they meet on Friday for “last chance” talks, but with Tehran feeling the pressure from punishing U.S. sanctions expectations of saving the 2015 accord are low, diplomats say.

Iran delays threat to breach terms of nuclear deal ahead of signatories’ summit

Iran delayed a threat to breach its nuclear deal commitments while it waits for Europe to put the finishing touches to a multimillion-pound credit line to help it circumvent US sanctions.

The Bitcoin Bite: Iran Says Power Grid Hit By Cryptocurrency-Mining Surge

Iranian authorities are blaming the mining of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, for a big increase in the country’s monthly electricity usage, with digital-currency miners reportedly using mosques…

Iran seizes 1,000 bitcoin mining machines using subsidized power – Reuters

Iranian authorities have seized about 1,000 bitcoin mining machines in two abandoned factories, state television reported, after warnings that the activity had led to a spike in consumption of government-subsidized electricity.

US Air Force general: No pause in drone operations amid Iran tension

The U.S. Air Force continues to operate drones in the Middle East despite the recent downing of an RQ-4 surveillance drone by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

UAE and Russia show support for Iran on oil tanker attacks – YouTube

Al Jazeera English Published on Jun 26, 2019 The foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates says there is not enough evidence to suggest Iran carried out recent attacks on oil tankers in and around Gulf waters. His comments came during a visit to Moscow where Russia’s top diplomat showed strong support for allies in Tehran. Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi has more from the Iranian capital.

Pentagon Official: We Didn’t Link Iran to al-Qaeda In Hill Briefings – Defense One

“In these briefings, none of the officials mentioned al-Qa\’ida or the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force,” DASD Mick Mulroy said.

Putin says oil output deal helped stabilize world markets – Reuters

A deal between OPEC and other oil producers to curb oil output has played a positive role in stabilizing oil markets, Russian President Vladimir Putin was quoted as saying in an interview on Thursday.

Iran: Senate seeks to block Trump from launching military strike

Trump threatened Iran with “overwhelming force” if it attacks “anything American.” But some lawmakers say a war with Iran would be a prolonged conflict – precisely the kind of “endless war” Trump campaigned against.

Donald Trump, Iran conflict: Scott Morrison open to US request to join military conflict

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will not rule out Australian involvement in a potential military conflict between the United States and Iran.


Have Iran violations brought it closer to a nuke? – analysis – Middle East – Jerusalem Post

US President Donald Trump seems to see no rush to bring things to a conclusion.

David Ignatius | Trump says war with Iran wouldn’t last very long. He hasn’t read enough history. – The Washington Post

The president’s combination of insult and ingratiation is his foreign-policy trademark.

Iran should stop being so righteous — and others need to step up | TheHill

Iran’s reckless and dangerous behavior is now a subject for the UN Security Council to review and attempt to manage.

US Can Afford to Stay Calm With Iran

Victor Davis Hanson: President Trump recently ordered and then called off a retaliatory .06/28/2019 10:45:42AM EST.

Donald Trump Iran sanctions: How new sanctions were devised to AVOID military conflict | World | News |

DONALD TRUMP has significantly ramped up tensions with Iran since he took office in 2017, ditching a nuclear deal brokered by Barack Obama and imposing sanctions on the country. His latest batch of sanctions may have been devised to avoid military conflict.

Is there a way out of the Iran-US crisis? | Middle East | Al Jazeera

There seem to be many clear paths that lead to confrontation and none that leads to peace and negotiations.

Trump wants a new nuclear deal with Iran. No one else does. – POLITICO

Trump will meet with world leaders at the G-20 conference to discuss the issue, but there’s little support for his Iran strategy.

Trump Blew Up The Iran Nuclear Deal. Now He Wants Allies To Help Him Get An Iran Nuclear Deal.

But first he managed to insult and attack just about everyone at the G-20 summit who could help him defuse the tensions with Iran he created in the first place.

Trumplomacy: What’s the US endgame in Iran? – BBC News

After suspected attacks by Iran on a US drone and oil tankers, Mr Trump’s retaliations have varied.

What Trump Really Just Told the Iranians: He’s Out of Ideas. – POLITICO Magazine

The administration’s new Iran sanctions are symbolic. But that’s not the problem—it’s the message they’re sending.

Doug Bandow | No One Believes the President’s War Claims Anymore | The American Conservative

Thanks to Iraq, people remained deeply skeptical of Trump’s march to war with Iran—and a good thing too.