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Iran Escalation (14)

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Russia says Nyet to Tehran’s request for the S-400, that Russia is selling to the Saudis and Turkey. Politics aside, Iran likely cannot afford to pay for multiple S-400 batteries, and Muscovy itself is too broke to afford that kind of largesse, especially with a proven to be duplicitous ally of convenience like Tehran. Amb Hook and SECSTATE Pompeo comments to Iran. NATSECADV Bolton to present evidence of Iranian involvement in tanker attacks to UNSC. More on German WMD report. Iran’s Crown Prince comments – he has a large following amongst Iranians who dislike the theocratic fascist regime.

Arab summit(s) ends with strong language condemning Tehran. Whether this unity persists in a historically very fractious community remains to be seen. Updates on oil supply and pricing.

Russia Rejected Iran S-400 Missile Request Amid Gulf Tension – Bloomberg

Russia has rejected an Iranian request to buy S-400 missile defense systems, concerned that the sale would stoke more tension in the Middle East, according to two people with knowledge of the matter, including a senior Russian official. The request was rebuffed by President Vladimir Putin, the people said on condition of anonymity because they’re not authorized to discuss the matter. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif visited Moscow May 7.

Team Obama Tells Iran: Don’t Escalate, Don’t Take Trump’s Bait

As tensions with Iran heat up, former Obama administration officials have quietly urged government officials there to keep their cool.

Ex-Obama adviser likes that Iran ‘has no idea’ what Trump will do | TheHill

Former Obama national security adviser Jim Jones told Hill.TV on Thursday it is a “good thing” that Iranian officials are in the dark about what to expect from President Trump.

U.S. will respond with military force if Iran attacks its interests: Hook

The United States will respond with military force if its interests are attacked by Iran, the U.S. Iran envoy said on Thursday as Arab leaders gathered in Saudi Arabia to discuss what they see as the threat from Tehran amid rising tensions. The U.S. military has sent forces, including an aircraft carrier

U.S. Iran envoy says military might resort to use of force against Tehran – U.S. News –

Military option still on the table, but repositioning of U.S. military assets in the Gulf had the ‘desired deterrent effect on the regime’s risk calculations,’ says Brian Hook

Brian Hook: Iran has cut cyber funding, 17% of Quds force – Middle East – Jerusalem Post

Regarding the use of force, Hook said that the US would use military force if its interests were assaulted by Iran.

Iran Forced To Cut Military Budget Just As U.S. And Saudi Warn ‘No More Threats’

As Arab leaders gather in Saudi Arabia for a security summit convened to discuss the escalating tensions with Iran, the U.S. has claimed that sanctions have forced Iran’s military budgets to be sharply cut. This comes as half of Americans now think war over the next few years has become inevitable.

U.S. Warns Iran Against Attack, Saudi Arabia Calls For Arab Unity

The United States will respond with military force if Tehran attacks its interests, the U.S. special representative for Iran has warned, adding that actions recently taken by Washington in the Midd…

US top security adviser says threat from Iran is not over – CNA

LONDON: The threat from Iran is not over but quick action from the United States has helped deter it, White House National Security Adviser John …

Trump doesn’t want war with Iran: acting US Defense Secretary Shanahan

“When the president says he doesn’t want a war with Iran, I think that is pretty clear,” acting U.S. Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan told reporters traveling with him to Indonesia.

Evidence Iran was behind Gulf attacks to be presented to UN, John Bolton says | US news | The Guardian

Trump national security adviser says evidence can be shown as early as next week

Pompeo says Iran attacked oil tankers to raise global oil price – CNA

WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday (May 30) blamed Iran for attacks this month on oil tankers in the Gulf, saying it was an …

Pompeo: Iran Attacked Oil Tankers in Gulf to Raise Crude Oil Prices – Sputnik International

On Thursday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that the apparent attacks on four oil tankers located off the coast of the UAE’s Fujairah earlier this month were “efforts by Iranians to raise the price of crude oil around the world.”

A single oil tanker could become a factor in both the China trade war and Iran tensions

The oil market is watching a Chinese ship carrying Iranian crude, while the U.S. government warns it will crackdown on ships that violate sanctions.

FDD | Iran seeking to expand military program to weapons of mass destruction: German intelligence

Analysis, Op-eds| May 28, 2019 | While European powers still claim Iran’s regime is in compliance wit…

UAWire – Kremlin: Russia warned Iran against withdrawing from nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Russia warned Tehran against withdrawing from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs …

Iran’s Crown Prince Strikes Back | The National Interest

Pahlavi wants the United States to fundamentally change how it thinks about Iran. 

Iran rejects Saudi Arabia’s ‘baseless’ allegations at Arab summit | Iran News | Al Jazeera

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson denounces Saudi King Salman’s accusations of Tehran meddling in the region.

TITUS: Tehran Has A Trump Temper Tantrum | The Daily Caller

Until Iran’s regime shows real behavior change, the punishment will continue

Arab League Summit commences in Mecca amid ‘exceptional challenges’ – Al Arabiya English

The Arab League Summit has commenced on Thursday, with the attendance of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and several Arab leaders at the al-Safa

Saudi Arabia calls on Muslim world to reject Iran’s interference – Saudi Gazette

The foreign minister said his country wants a solution in Syria according to Geneva 1 resolution and an end to the presence of sectarian militias in the war-torn country.

Firm Arab stand needed to deter Iran – Saudi Gazette

Sudans head of the Transitional Military Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, announced that his country seeks democratic elections involving all political factions. He also reiterated Khartoum&rsquo;s support for the Palestinian people and peace in Syria and Libya.

GCC, Arab League call on Iran to reconsider its role in the region – Al Arabiya English

The Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council called on Iran to reconsider its role in the region, the Secretary-General of the Arab League told

GCC Summit condemns ‘acts of sabotage’ on commercial ships in UAE regional waters – Khaleej Times

The GCC leaders discussed the dangerous challenges the region is undergoing.

Al Arabiya’s translation of the GCC Summit’s final communique – Al Arabiya English

The Supreme Council of the GCC reviewed the exceptional circumstances and serious challenges facing the region as a result of the recent attacks on the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and the consequent repercussions and direct threat to peace and security in the region, the freedom of navigation and international trade and the stability of oil markets. The Council also noted the acts of terrorism and interference in the internal affairs of the countries of the region. The Supreme Council adopted the following resolution:

  1. The council condemned the attacks by the Houthi militias using explosive-laden drones targeting two oil pumping stations in the town of Dawadimi and Afif city in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, stressing that these terrorist acts pose a serious threat to the security of the region and the global economy, which is affected by the stability of energy supply. The Council expressed solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the face of these terrorist threats aimed at provoking unrest in the region and the support of the Supreme Council for all measures taken to protect its security, stability and territorial integrity.
  2. It also condemned the firing of more than 225 ballistic missiles and 155 unmanned drones by the Houthi militias toward Saudi Arabia, including those which targeted Mecca.
  3. The Council also condemned the sabotage attacks that targeted four commercial ships in the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates, which affected a UAE oil tanker, Norwegian oil tanker and two Saudi oil tankers. It considers it a dangerous development that threatens the security and safety of maritime navigation in this vital region of the world and negatively affects peace, regional and international security and the stability of oil markets. The Council affirmed its solidarity with the United Arab Emirates and expresses support for all measures taken to protect its security, stability and territorial integrity. The Council called on the international community and the international maritime authorities to shoulder their responsibilities to prevent such acts of sabotage.
  4. The resolution emphasized the strength, cohesion and defense of the GCC and the unity of its ranks to confront these threats, as they have special relations and common characteristics based on Islamic faith and Arab culture, the common destiny and unity of purpose that unite their peoples and their desire for greater coordination, integration, and interdependence. This includes all fields through the recent march of the GCC.
  5. The Supreme Council reviewed the defense policy of the Gulf Cooperation Council based on the principle of collective and integrated security for the purpose of defending the entity and the fundamentals and interests of its countries, territories, airspace and territorial waters. It affirmed the principles contained in the GCC’s Joint Defense Agreement that the security of the GCC states is an indivisible unit, and that any attack on any member state is an attack on all of them, and what was contained in the principles of the Statute of the Council of Cooperation and the decisions of the Supreme Council on the integration and cooperation among the GCC States to maintain security, peace and stability in the GCC States.
  6. The Council emphasized the positions of the Supreme Council and its firm decisions on relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, stressing the need for Iran to abide by principles based on the Charter of the United Nations and international law, the principles of good neighborliness, respect for the sovereignty of states, non-interference in internal affairs and the non-use of force. The Council also called on Iran to stop supporting, funding and arming militias and terrorist organizations, and refrain from feeding sectarian conflicts, calling on the Iranian regime to exercise wisdom, staying away from hostilities and destabilizing security and stability. The resolution called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities to maintain international peace and security and to take firm action against the Iranian regime and more effective and serious steps to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities and to impose stricter restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program.
  7. The Council emphasized the need for Iran to spare the region the dangers of war, abiding by international laws and conventions, stop interfering in the internal affairs of the countries of the region, stop supporting terrorist groups and militias, and stop threatening the security of maritime navigation.
  8. The resolution noted the level of coordination and consultation with the United States of America and the strengthening of joint US-GCC cooperation within the framework of the existing strategic partnership between the GCC and the US and the bilateral agreements between the GCC member states and the United States of America to achieve security and stability in the region. It reiterated its support for the US strategy toward Iran, including toward confronting Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs, its destabilizing activities in the region, its support for terrorism, and the fight against the aggressive activities of Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guards, the Houthi militias and other terrorist organizations, and praised the actions taken by the United States to confront them.
  9. The Council reaffirmed the keenness of the GCC countries to maintain stability, security and peace in the region, the growth of the world economy and the stability of oil markets, and condemned Iran’s threats to the freedom of maritime navigation and oil supplies; and called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities in securing the freedom of navigation and waterways in the wake of the recent threats and attacks in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

King Salman demands firm Arab stand on Iran’s ‘criminal’ acts – Khaleej Times

His remarks came at the start of two back-to-back emergency summits in Makkah.

Saudi king blasts Iran for ‘naked aggression’ in the Gulf | Iran News | Al Jazeera

King Salman also presses the international community to ‘use all means’ to stop Tehran from regional meddling.

Saudi king demands firm action against “criminal” Iran at Arab summit – YouTube

FRANCE 24 English Published on May 31, 2019

Saudi king demands firm Arab stand on Iran’s ‘criminal’… | Daily Mail Online

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman’s remarks came at the start of two back-to-back emergency summits in the holy city of Mecca.

Saudi Arabia ‘does not want war with Iran’ – BBC News

The kingdom is hosting two summits of Gulf and Arab leaders to discuss growing tensions in the region.

Saudi King, Arab Nations Denounce Iran At Emergency Summit In Mecca

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman issued a call at an emergency summit of Arab leaders in Mecca for the international community to use “all means to stop the Iranian regime from interfering in the inter…

Saudi Arabia gathers Arab leaders over attacks on oil assets | Saudi Arabia News | Al Jazeera

Riyadh pins drone attacks on oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia and sabotage of oil tankers off UAE’s coast on Iran.

Saudi Arabia hosts OIC, GCC meets amid rising US-Iran tensions | Saudi Arabia News | Al Jazeera

OIC leaders are gathering in Saudi Arabia for several key summits as the kingdom hosts summits of the OIC, GCC and the Arab League.

Saudi Arabia says firm stand needed to deter Iran, Iraq demurs – Reuters

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman told an emergency Arab summit on Friday that decisive action was needed to stop Iranian “escalations” following attacks on Gulf oil assets, as U.S. officials said a military deployment had deterred Tehran.

Saudi Arabia Tries to Rally Arab Support in Face-Off With Iran – WSJ

Arab leaders are meeting in Saudi Arabia to discuss security in the Middle East, as the kingdom seeks to rally support from its neighbors amid tensions with rival Iran.

Adel al-Jubeir: ‘Saudi Arabia does not want a war with Iran’ – BBC News – YouTube

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Adel al-Jubeir, has told the BBC that his country does not want war with Iran, but will not tolerate what it considers hostile Iranian activity in the Middle East. The Saudi king is hosting two emergency summits of Gulf and Arab leaders in the holy city of Mecca to discuss growing tensions. Iran has denied that it was behind recent attacks on oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia, and the Green Zone in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Jeddah airport expo exposes Iran-backed Houthi crimes – Saudi Gazette

The exhibition was organized jointly by the Ministry of Defense, represented by the Joint Armed Forces, the Communications and New Media Center at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Yemen Development and Reconstruction Center.

Iran Showdown Forces Sign of Breakthrough in Gulf Arab Spat

Qatar said that Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani will attend regional summits in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, in the highest-level visit since the kingdom and its allies imposed an embargo on their neighbor in 2017. The visit, the first concrete step toward ending a rift that severed

Ending Qatar Blockade Should Be Priority for Donald Trump – Bloomberg

Constraining Iran will require Arab unity and resolve.

Is There Really a Global Shortage of Crude Oil?

On this view it does indeed look like global production has fallen sharply over the past six months, as the OPEC+ group of countries slashed supply, while the U.S. has toughened sanctions on the oil industries of Iran and Venezuela. Figures published by the Energy Intelligence Group show that global

China BOOSTED Imports of Iranian Oil Prior to End of US Waivers – Report – Sputnik International

Recent reports have suggested that Beijing decided to cease importing Iranian oil after the US sanctions waivers expired in May 2019. However, some analysts suggest that China could still resume the purchases at a lesser volume, something made possible via unofficial channels.

U.S. Lets Some Countries Continue Limited Iran Oil Imports – WSJ

Countries that haven’t yet hit a limit on imports of Iranian oil can continue the trade without risk of U.S. sanctions until they reach the negotiated cap, a senior U.S. official said.

U.S. Says No Change in Plans to Halt Iranian Oil Waivers – Bloomberg

The U.S. State Department sought to quash speculation that the Trump administration is easing its clampdown on Iranian oil exports after a sanctions waiver program ended May 2, saying there was no softening in the American stance that any country buying Iran’s oil would be subject to penalties.

U.S. says countries buying Iranian oil will be subject to sanctions – Reuters

The United States will sanction any country which buys oil from Iran after the expiration of waivers on May 2, U.S. Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook said on Thursday.

Mixed signals from U.S. amid flaring tensions with Iran – Los Angeles Times

National security advisor John Bolton promises to link Iran to attacks on a Saudi pipeline and tankers. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo hints at diplomacy

Trump’s Iran sanctions are working. But it’ll take more to topple the regime. – The Washington Post

Trump doesn’t want to start a war with Iran. He has three objectives.