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Unmitigated gall of Russia: Russian archaeologists appropriate over a million Crimean artifacts

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Nuke update – Dr Pry looks at US SSBN survivability. Russia weps and domestic updates. NATO update, esp. Turkey and S-400, and the very important European Recapitalization Incentive Program (ERIP)effort.

Amb Volker comments on US and Ukraine at length. Ze Brussels visit. Crimea update.

Donbas update. AFU Army Aviation Mi-8 HIP crashes near Lviv, all KIA. The mystery of disappeared computer equipment from presidential situation room solved – it was privately leased by Poroshenko out of his own pocket and returned when he left office. A good update on the Neptun GL-ASCM C3/LCC van and systems. Centaur armoured assault boat trials. Updates on the overhaul of the Shmel riverine gunboats – the turret was borrowed from the PT-76!

Saakashvili returns. Politics update – good point by Portnikov. Chernobyl update – Norway’s glow-in-the-dark reindeer.

OCU update.

Russia’s State Duma to review Putin’s bill on suspension of INF Treaty on June 18 – news world | UNIAN

Russia’s State Duma on June 18 to review President Vladimir Putin’s bill on suspension of the INF Treaty. According to the document, the president is granted the right to decide on the renewal of the treaty.

New START Sunk by Old Problem – Russian Cheating – To Inform is to Influence

May 29th, 2019 Michaela Dodge, Ph.D.@MichaelaTHF Research Fellow, Missile Defense and Nuclear Deterrence Michaela specializes in missile defense, nuclear weapons modernization and arms control. Analysts at the Brookings Institution have called extending the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) a “no brainer.” In reality, the United States is better off letting New START expire. The arms control treaty with Russia was negotiated in 2010 — five years before Moscow dismembered Ukraine — by an administration that assumed Russia was no longer an adversary. That assumption led to a treaty hopelessly lopsided in Russia’s favor. Consider this: It did not require Russia to eliminate a single warhead. Instead, it allowed Russia to increase its countable nuclear warheads, even as it made the United States continue to draw down. Proponents of New START argue that the treaty’s verification provisions provide an important element of transparency between two countries. There is a grain of truth to that — the provisions increase transparency, but they have little to do with verification. In fact, they make it hard to detect Russia’s potential noncompliance. For example, New START does not provide a basis to learn how many warheads Russia deploys on each of its intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). The Obama administration negotiated away telemetry provisions that would allow us to get an insight into this important characteristic. Moreover, warheads in maintenance facilities and systems away from a base are off-limits to inspectors, further diminishing our understanding of the composition of Russia’s nuclear forces. Inexplicably, the treaty also allows concealment activities on ICBM bases. These lackluster verification provisions mean that even if Russia cheated on New START, it would be almost impossible for the United States to find out about it and then charge Russia with violating the treaty. And Moscow has a long record of disregarding treaty obligations.

U.S.: Russia May Be Testing Low-Yield Nukes, In Violation Of Treaty

A top U.S. military official has said that U.S. intelligence agencies believe Russia may be conducting low-yield nuclear testing that may be violation of a major international treaty.

Dr Peter Pry | Are U.S. Submarines Vulnerable? | RealClearDefense

The most survivable leg of the U.S. strategic nuclear Triad of bombers, land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), and ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) are the submarines. …

TASS: Military & Defense – Russia to demonstrate Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet at MAKS air show

Russia will also feature a light Il-112V military transport plane, Su-35 and Su-30SM multirole super-maneuverable fighters and Yak-130 combat training aircraft at the show

Russian developers present 30 million-ruble telephone with quantum encryption technology — Meduza

The Russian technology company Infotex and the Center for Quantum Technologies at Moscow State University have announced the development of the ViPNet QSS Phone, Russia’s first telephone to feature quantum encryption technology.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Putin has Liquidated Federalism and Restored Soviet-Style Territorial Management, Oreshkin Says

Paul Goble Staunton, May 29 – Because Vladimir Putin is interested in controlling Russia rather than in developing it, Dmitry Oreshkin says, the Kremlin leader has liquidated the federal arrangements that Boris Yeltsin began to put in place after 1991 and restored the Soviet style of territorial arrangements. Under the Soviet system of territorial management, the center minimized internal differences, ignored what it could, and resolved problems by the “very primitive” use of force, the commentator says. Moscow gave orders and sent out punitive teams; it did not work with the regions ( “The center decided what it needed on a given territory, it ensured that that territory was absolutely subordinate and it didn’t matter whether that territory was called Estonia, Tajikistan or Chukotka,” Oreshkin continues. That is because “all were equally without rights” and all were “equally subordinate to a single strong man.” That is what Stalin created; and that is what Putin has worked to restore. One of the reasons that he has been able to do so is the memory in many Russians of the collapse of the USSR. They believe that asymmetrical federal lines led to the end of their country and they don’t want to have that happen again. “Therefore, when Putin arrived on the scene, the first thing he did was to destroy federalism.” The first step was to undermine the Federation Council which under Yeltsin had become politically powerful and genuinely represented the regions and republics. Then he moved to subordinate the 85 regions to eight or nine federal subjects to minimize regional differences and make it easier for the Kremlin to tun the country. “The power vertical is good from the point of view of control over territory but it is bad from the point of view of development,” Oreshkin says. It can move force about to suppress threats external or internal, but it can’t motivate people to develop the country and hence Russia has slipped back into stagnation or worse. What Putin does not understand is this: Politics is so constructed that “no one will say” when things get bad ‘Guys, forgive me. I’m an idiot. I cannot guarantee you a good standard of living.’ Instead, [regional leaders] will always say ‘I’m smart, but there are idiots sitting in Moscow.’” That is the beginning of the end of the system. Yeltsin was compelled to try to reach agreements with such people; and when he left office, he said that “his main mistake was the war in Chechnya.” Not just because of its direct costs but because it marked the end of trying to reach compromises and a return to the use of force as the ultima ratio within the country. Today, the regions have little or no possibility to influence the center; and the center, as in Soviet times, is not fulfilling its most important functions because it doesn’t have to in order to survive. That was true in Soviet times, and Putin has made it true again. And there is no good way to escape from this. “The technology of peaceful agreements did not exist” in Soviet times and “therefore, when Gorbachev began to try” to work one out, everything came apart. Now, Putin is not trying to find a path toward compromise and getting away with it because people remember what happened when the first and last Soviet president tried.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Decline in Russia’s Working-Age Population Tops One Million Over Last Year, Setting New Record

Paul Goble Staunton, May 29 – The most significant demographic trend is not the overall growth or decline of the population but rather that of its working-age cohorts, because on their number depends not only economic growth but also the ability of the country to pay for children who have not yet entered the workforce and the elderly who have left it. That makes figures just published by Rosstat especially worrisome. They show that the number of working-age Russians fell by 1,064,000 between April 2018 and April 2019, the largest so far this century ( Kirill Tremasov, an analyst at Loko-Invest, says that “such a sharp reduction in labor resources (in Russia) has not been observed in this century, one that means the country is losing 80-90,000 workers every month, reducing its economic capability and making it more difficult to support the increasing number of retirees. The Russian government has not been willing to discuss in detail and in public what this means, but some regional experts, who focus on what is happening in their regions as the number of working age people falls from outmigration or falling birthrates earlier, are doing so – and drawing apocalyptic conclusions. One of the most detailed and intriguing discussions of the ways in which declines in working-age population are having a negative impact on investment and growth is provided by Vladimir Tikhomirov for the Transbaikal ( There, as he shows, first the people disappear, then investments, and then any hope for economic development in the future.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: 75 Percent of Residents of Major Russian Cities Use Internet Every Day; Only 70 Percent Watch TV that Often

Paul Goble Staunton, May 29 – In the first quarter, Mediascope found, 75 percent of residents of major Russian cities turned to the Internet at least once a day, while only 70.4 percent of this category watched television, the first time Internet has outpaced television in Russia this way and something that will have major consequences for advertisers and possibly the Kremlin as well. For advertisers, this shift means that the argument television networks make that they can deliver a larger audience than anyone else no longer holds at least for residents of large Russian cities. Consequently, at least some of them will likely redirect their advertising away from television and toward the Internet. And for the Kremlin, this means that television no longer has the unrivalled power it did up to now to structure the opinions of people, something on which the Putin regime has long relied. At the very least, this shift will make television a more expensive and less effective tool than it has been ( There are at least three important qualifications to this. First and perhaps most important, most urban Russians are using both the Internet and television and in roughly equal proportions. Consequently, it would be a mistake to see this as something more than an indication of a trend, albeit one that is likely to continue. Second, while more urban Russians report using the Internet than watching television, they may not be using the web primarily for news and information but rather for entertainment or shopping. Instead, they likely are continuing to rely on television for news and comment and thus have their views shaped by it rather than the Internet. And third, not all Russians are turning to the Internet at this rate. Rural Russians continue to rely on television far more than on Internet, as do older and less educated Russians even in the largest cities. For many Russians, TV remains as important as ever – and perhaps more so given that falling incomes are leading to cutbacks in purchases of more costly alternatives.

Not your average academic integrity case Russian scholars who pointed out major flaws in Culture Minister’s doctoral dissertation have been dropped from government posts — Meduza

Russian academic institutions may attract less attention in the news media than their political counterparts, but they have seen their share of controversy in recent years nonetheless. Some of that controversy has stemmed from the fact that Russian political figures often turn to academia for cultural validation. In 2011, for example, Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky received the degree of Doctor of Historical Sciences, one step higher than the equivalent of an American Ph.D. After a group of scholars pointed out a mass of basic factual and analytical errors in Medinsky’s dissertation, his work was officially reviewed. The Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), a government body that curates dissertation committees and rates already defended dissertations, voted to uphold the minister’s degree in October of 2017.

How U.S. sanctions over a Russian weapon could rattle Turkey – Reuters

If no solution is found in coming weeks and U.S.-Turkish tensions continue to worsen, tit-for-tat sanctions could hit trade between the allies and prolong a recession in Turkey that has already tested President Tayyip Erdogan’s grip on power. Turkey also risks being rapidly cut out of the production and use of American F-35 fighter jets, which could mark a step toward a re-evaluation of its 67-year membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. “It’s very complex to resolve because both U.S. and Turkish officials see this as a reflection of a larger geo-political balancing,” said Galip Dalay, visiting scholar at the University of Oxford’s politics and international relations department. “Sanctions would have a very consequential effect on Turkey, but probably not mark a breaking point in its U.S. relationship,” he said. Ankara and Washington have squabbled for months over the Turkish plan to buy the S-400s, which the United States says is incompatible with the Western alliance’s defense network and poses a threat to the F-35s that Turkey also plans to buy. Turkey says defending its territory poses no threat to allies, and stresses it has met all NATO obligations. Both sides are entrenched even while they have repeated a desire to avoid so-called CAATSA sanctions, which by U.S. law would be triggered when the Russian anti-aircraft weapon arrives on Turkish soil, possibly as soon as July.

UAWire – Turkey denies reports the US threatened to stop supply of F-35 fighters if Ankara purchases S-400 missile systems from Russia

The US did not issue ultimatums to Turkey because of  the purchase of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, reports RIA Novosti with …

Lockheed: We Could Easily Sell Turkey’s F-35s to Other Customers – Defense One

CEO: We’ll be fine if Ankara buys a Russian air-defense system instead of our jets.

NASA scientist jailed in Turkey for almost 3 years is released | Fox News

Serkan Golge, a Turkish-American scientist imprisoned in Turkey for nearly three years, has been released.

Poland sends formal request to buy F-35s

The move follows earlier pronouncements by the government that Poland wants the Lockheed Martin-made jet to replace its Soviet-era aircraft.

Inside America’s multimillion-dollar plan to get allies off Russian equipment

The State Department has quietly launched a new fund to help allies in Europe buy American defense goods – and may look to expand it around the world. WASHINGTON — When the Soviet Union fell, many of the former Warsaw Pact nations founded their new militaries on the back of leftover military equipment. And in the thaw of the Cold War, many of those same nations invested in Russian gear, often cheaper than its American equivalents. But following Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territory in 2014, those same countries found themselves scrambling to cut the cord with Russian military contractors and turn towards the West. But with limited defense budgets, that has proven easier said than done. To address the issue, the U.S. State Department has, in the last year, quietly launched a new program known as the European Recapitalization Incentive Program (ERIP), a new tool developed with U.S. European Command to try and speed the process of getting allied nations off Russian gear. As envisioned, it targets Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia and Slovakia. While still in its early stages, officials at State are feeling confident enough about the potential in ERIP that they expect to make a decision on expanding the program within the next few weeks, potentially opening up a new dollar stream for allied nations — one which could result in those nations buying high-end American defense goods. “It makes sense,” said Douglas Barrie of the International Institute for Strategic Studies. “It ticks two boxes, removing Soviet-era equipment from NATO inventories and provides a win for U.S. industry.”

Following spike in tensions, Kosovo prosecutors request that Russian UN employee’s diplomatic immunity be removed to allow criminal charges — Meduza

Kosovo’s federal prosecutorial office has requested that the United Nations revoke the diplomatic immunity of Mikhail Krasnoshchekov, an employee of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo. Krasnoshchekov was arrested during a May 28 special operation on the part of Kosovo’s military that targeted predominantly Serb-inhabited regions and therefore led to a sudden rise in tensions between Kosovo and Serbia.

How Russia Found a Disinformation Haven in America – To Inform is to Influence

The authors are, in my opinion, good writers and researchers, but there is much more to this story than what is contained below.  They make several powerful points. Here is the best:  Framing the disinformation issue through this debate misses the point. The goal of the information operations campaigns was not simply to elect Donald…

America Through A Soviet Lens

Life in the United States as captured by Soviet photographers.

Future contacts of Trump and Zelensky discussed at White House

The US presidential delegation that attended the inauguration of Volodymyr Zelensky discussed with Donald Trump the possibility of holding telephone conversations or meetings with the newly elected President of Ukraine. — Ukrinform.

Volker: Future contacts of Trump and Zelenskyi discussed

30.05.19 11:45 – Volker: Future contacts of Trump and Zelenskyi discussed The US presidential delegation that attended the inauguration of Volodymyr Zelenskyi discussed with Donald Trump the possibility of holding telephone conversations or meetings with the newly elected President of Ukraine. View news.

Volker: Ukraine to remain subject of talks between Trump and Putin

The issue of Ukraine, including the need to release Ukrainian sailors and ships seized by Russia, remains on the agenda of US-Russia relations, including of the meeting of Trump and Putin scheduled for next month. — Ukrinform.

UAWire – Volker: US will not recognize Russian passports issued in Crimea and Donbas

The United States will not recognize Russian passports issued in areas of the Donbas outside of Ukrainian control and Russian annexed Crimea, …

Volker: Giuliani’s statements not to affect US support for Ukraine

Statements by US President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the accusations against Joe Biden’s son related to Ukraine will not affect America’s support for the Ukrainian people. — Ukrinform.

UAWire – Giuliani wanted to give Zelensky a message from Trump

US President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudolph Giuliani has revealed the goal of his planned visit to Ukraine, which was ultimately called off. He told in an interview that he wanted to give Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a message from Donald Trump. Giuliani said that, first and foremost, he wanted to convince Zelensky to continue the investigation into Hunter Biden, son of Trump’s primary competitor and former vice president Joe Biden, as well as the other people who launched a campaign against the US president. “We need to put an end to this once and for all. This will become the most important fragment of the picture of how they put together these false charges against President Trump. Yes, there are also other fragments (in our country, the UK, in Italy and in Cyprus) – not just in Ukraine. But this is an important fragment,” said Trump’s attorney. Giuliani said that the message that he would have given Zelensky from Trump was: “Surrounding yourself with the enemies of President Trump is not the best idea.” In particular, he was referring to Andriy Bohdan, the attorney of oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi who has been appointed head of Ukraine’s Presidential Administration. “It’s one thing to surround yourself with decent people who have different political views, and another thing altogether to appoint a guy who worked as the lawyer of a top oligarch who they say took billions from your bank,” Giuliani remarked. He added that Zelensky would do well to establish honest and strong relations with Washington. As reported previously, Rudy Giuliani planned to visit Kyiv to meet with the newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but later canceled his trip due to “enemies of Trump” in Zelensky’s team. Another such “enemy” of the US president is the MP Serhiy Leshchenko, who supposedly published some dirt on Trump in the hope that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election. Leshchenko himself claims that Giuliani is involved in a plan orchestrated by Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko to incriminate Joe Biden.

Viktor Medvedchuk: Yovanovitch harmed Ukraine badly in 2002 and continues to do this

The lawyer of Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani has recently made many statements. So the situation with Trump’s enemies is not enviable. Including those from Ukraine. In particular, Mrs. Yovanovitch was mentioned in his words. Regarding her, Mr. Giuliani is telling the truth. Moreover, I commented on it back in January of this year. When it came to the fact that the Kyiv District Administrative Court declared illegal the actions of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau head Sytnik and MP Leshchenko. They harmed the foreign policy of Ukraine and intervened in the electoral process to elect the president of the United States, accusing the head of his headquarters, Paul Manafort, without any evidence. This is true, and this is a court decision. It has not yet been considered in the appeal, but it exists. And when Mr. Giuliani, as a person close to the president, a lawyer, a very famous person, the ex-mayor of New York, today represents the interests of Mr. Trump and says that the Kyiv authorities were primitively limited to acting on the side of one candidate, a representative of the democrats … They didn’t believe that Trump could win, they did everything possible, starting with Ambassador Chaly in the US, and ending here in Ukraine, publishing what they thought Paul Manafort’s criminal actions (although this investigation is not complete and it’s not known how it appeared). Here an issue arises: for many years they talked about Russia’s interference in the U.S. elections, but they didn’t prove anything there, and we even have a court decision. And the U.S. is again preparing for new elections, and again Trump will go to the polls, and again the Democrats, already Biden, the former vice-president, is going to oppose him. Returning to Yovanovitch, I want to tell you the following: this person has long been engaged in provocations. I can say this, and not only because the U.S. external administration was introduced in Kyiv and Ukraine. I can also say the following: when I was the head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine in 2002, Yovanovitch, being the deputy head of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Ukraine, was the first publicly accused (pay attention) Ukraine that our country illegally traded Kolchuga monitoring radar systems. You remember how much noise and shouting it was about the fact that this complex of detection of U.S. invisible fighters was allegedly delivered to Iraq. That time we fought with this dirt, the author and initiator of which was Mrs. Yovanovitch. She did it.

FM Klimkin not to join Zelenskyi visit to Brussels

30.05.19 14:22 – FM Klimkin not to join Zelenskyi visit to Brussels At the same time, the Foreign Ministry is assisting in preparations for this visit. View news.

FM Klimkin not to accompany Zelensky during visit to Brussels – news politics | UNIAN

Outgoing Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin says he will not accompany Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during the latter’s first foreign visit to Brussels on June 4-5. At the same time, the Foreign Ministry is assisting in preparations for this visit.

Germany, France continue support of Ukraine

30.05.19 15:31 – Germany, France continue support of Ukraine German Foreign Minister Maas expressed the hope that the Donbas Conflict will end during the term of the new Ukrainian president. View news.

Zelensky congratulates Egils Levits on winning Latvia’s presidential election

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has congratulated Egils Levits on his victory in the presidential election in the Republic of Latvia. — Ukrinform.

Zerkal thinks Russia will soon return Ukrainian sailors

Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister for European Integration Olena Zerkal has said she is convinced that Russia will soon release captured Ukrainian seamen in a manner not related to the decision of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS). — Ukrinform.

Russian archaeologists appropriate over a million Crimean artifacts

To preserve cultural heritage sites in the occupied Crimea, the monitoring of a UNESCO special mission and prompt response to all violations committed by Russia are needed. — Ukrinform.

19 attacks by Russian proxies yesterday: no losses among Ukrainian soldiers, three terrorists destroyed

30.05.19 10:32 – 19 attacks by Russian proxies yesterday: no losses among Ukrainian soldiers, three terrorists destroyed May 29, the Russian occupying forces attacked JFO positions 18 times, using Minsk-proscribed weapons five times. View news.

Ukraine reports 19 enemy attacks in Donbas warzone in past day – news war | UNIAN

Russia’s hybrid military forces on May 29 mounted 19 attacks on Ukrainian army positions in Donbas, eastern Ukraine. There were no Ukraine army casualties over the period under review.

Four Killed In Military Helicopter Crash In Western Ukraine

An Mi-8 military helicopter crashed late on May 29 during a training exercise in western Ukraine, killing three crew members and their commander, Ukraine’s military has said.

Four killed in Mi-8 military helicopter crash amid training flight in Ukraine’s Rivne region – news ukraine | UNIAN

Four people were killed in a Mi-8 military helicopter crash amid a training flight near the village of Sestriatyn in Ukraine’s Rivne region. The helicopter was conducting a scheduled training flight.

Five crewmembers killed in Ukrainian military helicopter crash

A Mil Mi-8 helicopter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces crashed near the village of Sestriatyn in Rivne region’s Radyvyliv district, killing four crewmembers and the commander, the press service of Ukraine’s Ground Forces said on its Facebook page on Thursday.

Helicopter crash in Ukraine’s Rivne region: Names of dead servicemen revealed

Ground Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported the names of four servicemen, who died in a military helicopter crash in Rivne region, as the press office of Ukraine’s Defence Ministry reported. The names of the died servicemen are: – aircraft commander, commander of the 16th detached brigade of the army aviation of Ground Troops of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Ihor Mazepa; – pilot-navigator senior lieutenant Vladyslav Popenko; – on-board aircraft maintenance technician captain Vasyl Romanyuk; – on-board aircraft maintenance technician Pavlo Datsyuk. Besides, the press office of the military prosecutor’s office of Ukraine’s Western region reported that a criminal proceeding under the article of Ukraine’s Criminal Code on violation of aviation rules and preparations to it which led to catastrophe or other serious consequences was opened.

SBI probes Mi-8 helicopter crash in Rivne region

Investigators of the territorial directorate of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) in Khmelnytsky are probing the circumstances of the crash of a Mi-8 military helicopter in Rivne region that killed four people, the SBI’s press service has reported. — Ukrinform.

President orders Khomchak to take personal control of probe into Mi-8 accident

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has instructed Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ruslan Khomchak to take personal control of the investigation into the circumstances of the crash of a military helicopter. — Ukrinform.

Donbas war: Body of missing Ukrainian sniper found

Body of Ukrainian soldier who got ambushed by the militants found near Popasna

Missing Ukrainian serviceman found dead in Russia-occupied area in Luhansk region – news war | UNIAN

The member of Ukraine’s Joint Forces who went missing in action after a skirmish with Russia-led forces near the town of Popasna, Luhansk region, on May 27, has been found dead. The soldier’s body is currently in the temporarily occupied territory.

Malfunction, low-quality fuel and low-quality preparation – military prosecutor’s office on the versions of the crash of the Mi-8 helicopter in the Rivne region

Head of the Military Prosecutor’s Office of the Western Region of Ukraine, Yuri Tabak, said that investigators were considering several versions of the crash of a Mi-8 helicopter of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Rivne region, which resulted in the death of four members of the crew. Reports Tsenzor. NOT with reference to Interfax-Ukraine. ‘Including technical malfunction, poor-quality fuel, poor-quality preparation for conducting flights. All these versions are worked out during the pre-trial investigation,’ he said during a briefing in Lviv on Thursday. Tabaka noted that the investigation will work out all versions, and each of them will be given a legal assessment. As previously reported, late on Wednesday, May 29, at 11:27 pm, during a training flight, the connection with the Mi-8 helicopter of the 16th Separate Army Aviation Brigade ‘Brody’ military unit 2595 (town of Brody, Lviv region ) Armed Forces of Ukraine. Army helicopter made an emergency landing about with. Sestryatin, Radivilovsky district (Rivne region), then caught fire. As a result of the disaster, four crew members were killed along with the commander of the 16th separate brigade of army aviation of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Mazepa.

President Zelensky summons NSDC to discuss coal industry

President of Ukraine summoned NSDC to discuss urgent issues of coal industry

The Verkhovna Rada took a step in the formation of a sergeant corps | MIL.IN.UA

Author: Editorial May 30, 2019 News 0 Comments The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in its second attempt, supported the draft law No. 10181 as a basis for a number of changes in the military formations of Ukraine, in particular the creation of a high-grade sergeant corps This is reported by the Ukrainian Military Portal The bill consolidates the posts of chief sergeants in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations. Under this law, military units are created or reformatted in line with NATO standards with the appropriate division of responsibilities: • chief sergeant of the platoon (replaces the position of ‘deputy platoon commander’) • chief sergeant of the company • chief sergeant of the logistics company (replaces the position of ‘company elder’) • Chief Sergeant of the battalion • chief sergeant of the brigade Instructors are appointed instructor (senior instructor, sergeant instructor) of training platoons and mouths. In addition, military titles are matched to the equivalent column of the ‘NATO Code’, according to STANAG 2116: Private warehouse: recruiting, recruiting OR-1 soldier, sailor OR-2 Senior Soldier, Senior Sailor OR-3 Sergeant Composition: junior sergeant, chief of staff 2 articles OR-4 sergeant, chief of staff 1 article OR-5 Senior sergeant, chief sergeant of OR-6 first sergeant, chief officer of the ship, OR-7 headquarters sergeant, headquarters chief of staff OR-8 master sergeant, master sergeant OR-9 senior master sergeant, senior master star chief master sergeant, chief master-officer For several years, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have worked in the Serfs’ Training Center, where, with the participation of foreign instructors, Ukrainian sergeants master not only instructors and leadership courses, but also take over and share their experiences with foreign colleagues.

Ukraine’s ex-president accused of removing computer servers from ‘situation room’

Former President Petro Poroshenko paid for the rented equipment out of his own pocket and it had to be returned, a spokesman said.

Ukraine Ex-President Accused Of Ripping Out Sensitive Servers From Situation Room Before Leaving Office | Gizmodo Australia

The staff of Ukraine’s new President Volodymyr Zelensky made a curious discovery several days after the administration began its term—a situation room where the president meets to discuss national security affairs was void of any equipment….

‘Neptun’ is omnipotent: how the Odessans take part in the creation of the missile shield of Ukraine

30.05.19 | Sergey Smolentsev A few days ago, the next stage of testing of the anti-ship missile system of the RK-360MTs ‘Neptun’ took place at the Alibey military training ground in Odesa region. The original article was published by the site ‘Dumskaya’, translated into Ukrainian Military Pages. To it [stage of tests] the system came up largely upgraded. The missile got a new self-homing head, which allows you to capture the target in conditions of complex maneuvering; new starter engine, which provides more active withdrawal to the flight area; as well as wings and rudders of a larger area. In addition, the creators replaced the part of electronic and digital systems that provide the rocket in difficult environments. Among these innovations is the new radio altimeter, which allowed to reduce the flight altitude of the R-360. This parameter is one of the most important, since the smaller the height, the enemy is more difficult to notice and intercept the cruise missile. Now the R-360 can fly at a few meters above the surface, which significantly reduces the time of its detection, identification and interception, according to Ukrboronprom. At the same time, the components of the navigation system were replaced, which from now on provide work even in conditions of use by the enemy of the means of electronic warfare (and our opponent, we must admit, very strong in this area). The missile is able to bypass the air defense zone and destroy the target in the rear of the enemy with a sudden blow. Shooting at the seafront in the Tatarbunar district was a success. It is expected that this year the missile complex will enter the troops and become on duty alert. Active participation in the project ‘Neptune’ takes Odessa factory ‘Telecard-pribor’. The enterprise has projected, built and ‘napharshiruvalo’ various complex electronics command-headquarters (KSM) on the basis of KrAZ. In the future Telekart will master the mass production of such CMS. Correspondent of the newspaper ‘Dumskaya’ managed to visit the secret kungu. He learned from the developers a lot of interesting details about the car and the tests conducted. The task for the construction of a command-and-control vehicle that provides the launch of an anti-ship missile, came to Odessa defenses in late 2017. The main sketches of engineering solutions were ready in a few months, but the first advance from the military, which allowed the start of work, arrived only a year later – in October 2018. Thanks to the high priority of the project, the KSM for Neptune managed to put it ‘on its feet’ very quickly. Already in February of this year, that is, only four months after the start, the car first went to the testing ground, where the launches took place. CSCM is a rather complex complex, in which dozens of independent systems are concentrated: communications (satellite, CC, VHF), power supply and life support. The machine is able to issue targets for a missile launch from anywhere in Ukraine: say, while in Odessa, command a launch in Mariupol! Inside the van – five stations, two of which are assigned to the commander and chief of staff of the division. The first one sits on the right in the direction of the car, the second one on the left. The software was also developed in Odesa. It can be used to specify the target coordinates, the flight profile of the rocket, the launcher number, the type of ammunition, and even a dozen other parameters needed to effectively defeat the target. One rocket is worth a million dollars, and misspellings are unacceptable. The Division Commander must take into account many different factors, which means that at each moment of time he must be able to receive the most diverse information. Ground, surface and air conditions in the area of the launch of the rocket, along the entire trajectory of its movement and at the point of defeat of the target should instantly be displayed on the displays. The picture is formed on the basis of intelligence data, which the CMS receives from several communication paths – radio, radio relay and optical. According to data from open sources, the anti-ship missile division of the Naval Force will consist of six launchers, each of which carries four missiles; charging and transport machines, as well as two CSC – the main command post and spare. The command-and-staff car was originally designed for use in all conditions, including on the battlefield and under fire, so it was covered with armor. In order not to overload the suspension, the designers stopped at the anticline and anti-bullet armor. 7.62-mm caliber bullets will not be able to penetrate the kung and cabin, and protection from bullets of a large-scale (12.7-mm) machine gun will be too heavy and unlikely to be justified. Such a compromise allowed the truck to leave a mass of 20 tons, while the speed along the highway and the dropped ground is about 90 km / h. An interesting system of life support of the crew is arranged. Air purifier corresponds to the purity of the air. It also creates excessive pressure inside, so as not to miss toxic substances that can leak through the microcosm

In Odessa, the nautical qualities of the new Centaur-type assault boat were tested. Photo report | Цензор.НЕТ

In the waters of the Black Sea as part of the next stage of production tests, the nautical characteristics of the Centaur assault boat were tested. For this, the crew of the boat made an exit to the sea. This informs Tsenzor.NET with reference to the Fleet of Ukraine. In Odessa, the nautical qualities of the new Centaur-type assault boat were tested 01 ‘After making changes in the design of the boat hull and its power plant, it was found that the overall noise of the boat was much lower, now even while on the wheelhouse, you can speak in a whisper. ‘, the factory workers will work on this, perhaps they will make some adjustments to the boat’s parameters,” the head of the shipbuilding department of the Ukrainian Navy Command, Captain 1st Rank Vasyl Radchuk, said. Together with m, its maneuvering characteristics improved, in particular, maneuverability on the move and at turns, for example, when the rudder was relocated from the left side to the right, the boat at full speed turns almost in place. is a plus for this type of boats. ‘ Odessa tested the nautical qualities of the new Centaur-type assault boat 02 In Odessa, the nautical qualities of the new Centaur-type assault boat were tested 03 See: The missile boat of the Ukrainian Navy and the ship of the British Royal Navy conducted joint exercises in the Black Sea. Photo report Odessa tested the nautical qualities of the new Centaur-type assault boat 04 According to the representative of the command of the Navy, the boat is able to reach any point of the Black Sea in one go and quickly return. Sailing distance is 500 miles. If we compare the Ukrainian ‘Centaurs’ with boats of this type of foreign production, then our boats even surpass their opponents in some tactical and technical characteristics. ‘We studied in detail the characteristics of similar amphibious boat platforms in the world, such as the Swedish boat of the CombatBoat 90 type and the Russian Raptor boat. So, our boat is much more efficient in combat and has improved seaworthy features. Another of the design features boats is a large landing compartment, where you can accommodate 32 soldiers with light weapons and all the ammunition. For comparison, the modern Swedish landing craft CombatBoat 90, whose project was adopted to develop its own form a number of NATO countries, can only accommodate 21 people is also important that there is an armored corps, and this is another advantage of it, because the personnel who will be located in the pilothouse and the troop compartment will be safe ‘, -. Radchuk said. In Odessa, the nautical qualities of the new Centaur-type assault boat were tested 05 Odessa tested the nautical qualities of the new Centaur-type assault boat 06 See also: Two airborne assault boats of the ‘Centaur’ type are being tested in Odeschin. A PHOTO Odessa tested the nautical qualities of a new Centaur-type assault boat 07 Odessa tested the nautical qualities of the new Centaur-type assault boat 08 The project envisages that the Centaurs will be hardly noticeable for enemy radar and infrared facilities. These capabilities will enable them to conceal and simultaneously effectively transport subunits of the Marine Corps or special forces to the areas of combat missions with their subsequent landing on an unequipped coast. ‘This boat has a large automation factor, for example, the control system works in automatic mode. In addition, the Centaur has its own means of monitoring the surface situation, these are radar and optical-electronic means, sets of television and thermal imaging cameras that allow during the day and to observe at night. Also during the time of going out to sea, a check was carried out on the capabilities of optical-electronic sensors, automatic target acquisition and their online support, ‘the report says. Read: Ukraine has delayed the payment of mandatory technical work for Island boats, but they will definitely arrive this year, – Chaly Odessa tested the nautical qualities of the new Centaur-type assault boat 09 The command of the Ukrainian Navy has already prepared a plan for state tests of assault landing boats of the ‘Centaur’ type, and its implementation will begin shortly.

Completed repair of gun turrets of the two ‘Shmels’ of the SBGS

Mykolaiv Magistral-South Company completed the repair of two 76-mm artillery boats for the project 1204 in accordance with the contract of the Odessa detachment of marine security of the SBGS. This was reported by the company’s director on facebook. The contract provided for the modernization of systems and mechanisms. As noted in the tender documentation, the tower buildings were damaged, the guns needed to be inspected after prolonged operation, the drives had increased backlash, stabilizers did not work, the gun drowning systems, the ship’s tower tracks were damaged, and so on. The enterprise carried out a complete disassembly, defect of the case, parts, sights, devices, guns, etc., their repair, restoration of protective covering, painting and assembly. At the moment they went to the test at the test site. At the same time, another ship repair company – LLC ‘Dunaysudoservis’ completed the dock repair of two artillery boats for the project 1204 – BG82 ‘Lubny’ and BG83 ‘Nizhyn’.

Repair of Ukrainian ‘Shmels’: tests of gun turrets began | MIL.IN.UA

Author: Editorial May 29, 2019 Naval Force 0 Comments Mykolayiv Ship Repair Company LLC Magistral-Yug completed the repair of artillery units PT-76B boats avenue 1204 ‘Shmel ” of the Marine Security of the State Tax Administration. This was reported by the director of Magistral-Yug LLC Igor Pavlov at his Facebook page Now artillery units are being prepared for a firing test. Repairs were carried out in accordance with the previously held tender in the Prozorro system. According to the repair information, the following works were performed:

  • Dismantling and defecting the tower, hatches, brackets, mounting points, sights, devices, assemblies and tower systems, cleaning, repairing and replacing faulty elements, painting, collecting towers and checking workability.
  • Dismantling and defecting guns, repairing and replacing assemblies, assembling and testing.
  • Repair of anti-theft devices, communications equipment, lighting devices, seats, output of powder gases, etc.

Repairs should have been completed by June 30, 2019. As of May 29, guns have already been handed over to fire tests. Also, auxiliary repair of two ships avenue 1204 ‘Shmel’ of the Marine Security of the SBGS – ‘Lubny’ (BG-82) and ‘Nizhyn’ (BG-83). So soon, the return of these ships to the service is expected.

Shmel 76mm Turret (VIDEO)

The first border patrol boat ‘Shmel’ has undergone a repair (photo)

Author: Vladislav Khristoforov – 20:45 – 05/29/2019 4015 To share To comment on The ship repair company ‘Dunaysudoservis’ completed the dock repair of the first border boat BG83 ‘Nizhyn’ from three contracted ships of the project 1204 ‘Shmel’. Passes National Industrial Portal with reference to Military Navigator. ‘The complexity of repairing the building due to its small constructional thickness and the complexity of the circumference, especially in the frontal part, was much higher than the complexity of the standard hull of the ship, which is usually repaired at the plant,’ the press service of the company said. Despite all the difficulties, the repair of the ship was completed in time and its quality meets the requirements of the crew. After that the case was painted in a camouflage pattern.

Simon Ostrovsky on Twitter: “Zelensky has reinstated former Georgian President and ex-Odessa governor Mikheil Saakashvili’s Ukrainian citizenship. First major Poroshenko policy reversal?…”

Saakashvili says he returned to Ukraine not for revenge

Former Georgian President and former Chairman of Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili has said that he will take part in Ukraine’s development. — Ukrinform.

Georgia wants to revisit Saakashvili’s extradition from Ukraine – news politics | UNIAN

Georgian MP Nukri Qantaria has said it is necessary again to raise the issue of extradition of ex-Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili from Ukraine to Georgia. The Georgian prosecutor’s office is going to request Saakashvili’s extradition from Ukraine.

UAWire – Saakashvili will not participate in Ukrainian parliament elections but prepared to advise president’s team

Former Georgian President and governor of Ukraine’s Odessa province Mikheil Saakashvili does not intend to take part in the snap parliamentary …

Former Georgian Leader Returns to Ukraine

Saakashvili became a Ukrainian citizen in 2015 after giving up citizenship of his native Georgia where he faced abuse-of-power charges

Citizenship Restored, Saakashvili Returns To Ukraine

Mikheil Saakashvili returned to Ukraine on May 29, arriving amid a political transition a day after new President Volodymyr Zelenskiy reinstated the former Georgian leader’s citizenship in a countr…

Saakashvili Back In Ukraine — ‘It’s A Whole New Country’

Mikheil Saakashvili, the former Georgian president who served as governor of Ukraine’s Odesa region in 2015-16, has welcomed the restoration of his Ukrainian citizenship by new President Volodymyr Zelenskiy as a “courageous step by a courageous and worthy president.” Saakashvili returned to Ukraine on May 29, arriving amid a political transition a day after Zelenskiy reinstated the citizenship he was stripped of by then-President Petro Poroshenko. Saakashvili arrived at Kyiv’s Boryspil airport in the early evening on a flight from Poland and was greeted by a singing crowd of supporters and dozens of journalists.

Ex-Georgian leader Saakashvili stages triumphant return to Ukraine – Reuters

Former Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili returned to Ukraine on Wednesday, greeted by cheering supporters and music at Kiev airport, after new President Volodymyr Zelenskiy restored his Ukrainian citizenship a year after he was deported.

Ukrainian politics requires people who are aware of the danger from the Russian Federation – Portnikov

It is important that Ukrainian people have people who are aware of the danger from the Russian Federation. This is the People’s Deputy Andriy Senchenko . This was, said the publicist Vitaly Portnikov , commenting on yesterday’s statement Senchenko exit from the Batkivshchyna. “Andriy Senchenko is an experienced politician with a great deal of experience.” If he made such a decision, then he had obvious political grounds for this. “Senchenko had long collaborated with” Motherland “, had a good relationship with Yulia Tymoshenko, supported her in difficult times, and now the political benchmarks were divergent , so it is in politics. Interestingly, what decision in the continuation of political and public activities, careers will take Senchenko, “- said Portnikov. It does not depend on the unification of political forces, but on those people, the social movements that he trusts, – the expert notes. “The movement he has created in recent years has been seriously involved in bringing lawsuits to Russia as an aggressor. It is important that Ukrainian politics include people who are aware of the danger from the Russian Federation and have been systematically fighting with it in the legal plane,” said Vitaliy Portnikov.

Poroshenko joins European Solidarity party | Censor.NET

Fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has become a full member of the European Solidarity party. Censor.NET reports citing his post on Facebook. “I have joined our European Solidarity party! Today I wrote a statement and received a membership card,” Poroshenko said. He called on supporters to join the party. “Only we will ensure the movement of our country to the EU and NATO! We will protect Ukraine together!” he said. The Bloc of Petro Poroshenko’s Solidarity party was renamed European Solidarity on May 24. At the same time, the updated party announced the holding of a congress on May 31 at which “the leaders of public organizations, volunteers, volunteer fighters, and young professionals” will be widely represented. Source:

Ukraine’s parliament does not accept PM Groysman’s resignation – news politics | UNIAN

The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, has not backed draft resolution No. 10341 on the resignation of Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. Only 97 lawmakers voted for the resignation with the required minimum being 226.

Ukrainian Lawmakers Refuse To Dismiss PM Hroysman

Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, has rejected Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroysman’s resignation after President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on May 20 called on the government to step down.

Zelenskyi tables in parliament motions to dismiss Klimkin, Poltorak, Hrytsak

30.05.19 16:06 – Zelenskyi tables in parliament motions to dismiss Klimkin, Poltorak, Hrytsak President Volodymyr Zelenskyi has tabled in the Verkhovna Rada the motions for the dismissal of two ministers and the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). View news.

Zelensky tables in parliament motions to dismiss Klimkin, Poltorak, Hrytsak

President Volodymyr Zelensky has tabled in the Verkhovna Rada the motions for the dismissal of two ministers and the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the press service of the head of state has reported. — Ukrinform.

Zelensky’s impeachment bill registered in parliament – news politics | UNIAN

The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, has registered a draft law on a special procedure for removing the president from power. The bill submitted by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been registered under No. 10340.

President Zelensky appoints Maksym Donets as Head of Presidential Security Service

President Zelensky appointed former Kolomoisky security guard as Head of Presidential Security Service

Zelensky appoints Oleksy Otserklevych as Head of State Security Administration

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed Valery Geletey from the post of the Head of State Security Administration and appointed Oleksy Otserklevych instead of him as presidential website reported. “To release Valery V. Geletey from the post of the Head of State Security Administration of Ukraine”, the order stated. Zelensky appointed Oleksy Otserklevych at this post. Related: Zelensky appoints Oleg Ustenko his part-time counselor Moreover, the president dismissed Volodymyr Dakhnovsky, the First Deputy Head of State Security Administration of Ukraine. Vyacheslav Shumny was appointed at this post. Earlier Valery Geletey filed the letter of resignation and added tat he did not do this before the inauguration as it would be irresponsible. Valery Geletey was appointed at the post of the administration’s head on October 14, 2014. Then he was the Defense Minister of Ukraine but filed letter of resignation on October 12.

Zelensky dismisses chief of Ukraine’s State Security Administration – news politics | UNIAN

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has dismissed Chief of the State Security Administration of Ukraine Valeriy Geletey. By another decree, he appointed Oleksiy Otserklevych new agency’s head.

Zelensky’s envoy to parliament: Cabinet to continue work if Rada fails to vote for its resignation May 30 – news politics | UNIAN

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s envoy to the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk says the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will continue to work if the Verkhovna Rada fails to vote for its resignation on May 30. Stefanchuk reiterated the president has no authority to dismiss the current government.

Savchenko’s party to run for parliament – news politics | UNIAN

Independent Member of Parliament Nadiia Savchenko has said her political party “The Community-Political Platform of Nadiia Savchenko” will run for the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, in early elections scheduled for July 21. Savchenko vowed to introduce her team after the party’s congress.

Open Call: Crowdsourcing Catches On As Ukraine Preps For Another Big Vote

Ukraine’s new president crowdsourced his platform during his campaign. Now, sticking to unorthodoxy, Volodymyr Zelenskiy is using an online project to solicit the public for ideas and applications …

Zelensky unlocks NABU’s direct cooperation with foreign partners – news politics | UNIAN

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to immediately inform the Council of Europe and the United Nations of the legislative powers of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) to engage in international cooperation and direct communication with other countries’ anti-graft authorities. International organizations were not officially informed about the scope of NABU’s authority.

UAWire – Russian coal producers apply for permission to supply Ukraine

Several Russian coal producers have applied for authorization to export to Ukraine, said Russian Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky, as …

Ukraine blames EU for bad integration pact, after ousting president who refused to seal the deal — RT Business News

Kiev has endured trade imbalances with most of its European partners, according to the latest data from the country’s statistics agency. Ukraine is still struggling to make its domestic products meet the rigorous EU standards.

Court hearings on Natogaz’s claim to freeze Gazprom assets scheduled for June and December – news economics | UNIAN

Preliminary hearings in Luxembourg on a claim filed by NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine demanding that assets of Russia’s Gazprom be frozen are scheduled for June 2019. The hearings will be held in Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

‘I was there, and I don’t want to watch this anymore’ A journalist in Baltimore shows HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ to his stepfather and discovers that he was part of the USSR’s military cleanup — Meduza

Slava Malamud is a journalist and math teacher with Moldovan roots who now lives in the United States. His tweets about the HBO miniseries “Chernobyl” are enormously popular, attracting thousands of likes and reposts, including from Craig Mazin, the show’s creator. Malamud says he recently decided to show the miniseries to his stepfather, and was surprised to learn that the man worked as a liquidator at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant — something he’s never talked about before. To this day, it’s an experience he still wants to forget.

Chernobyl on the Small Screen Still Shadows Big Picture for Nuclear – Bloomberg

Atomic power’s retreat in a market crowded with renewables raises new climate risks.

Bloomberg: Chernobyl on the small screen still shadows big picture for nuclear – news world | UNIAN

A television series about the world’s worst nuclear accident is refocusing millions of viewers on atomic risks just as the industry struggles to gain traction in markets flooded with renewable power. Atomic power’s retreat in a market crowded with renewables raises new climate risks.

Chernobyl’s Reindeer

The Norwegian herders still living in the shadow of nuclear disaster.

Filaret is former Metropolitan of Kyiv, Makariy – ex Lviv Archbishop, – Ecumenical Patriarch

“Filaret is no longer a Kyiv Patriarch, but a former Kyiv Metropolitan,” Constantinople said

Orthodox Church of Ukraine doen’t recognize all documents of Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate

Orthodox Church of Ukraine recognized all the documents of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate issued after January 30, 2019 invalid. This is mentioned in the decree of the Metropolitan Epifaniy of Kyiv and All Ukraine. “Any documents and orders on the behalf of the religious association of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate which terminated its activity issued after January 30, 2019 are invalid and are not enforceable by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Orthodox Church of Ukraine,),” the decree reads.

Ukraine’s Crisis of Religion | The National Interest [Pro ROC]

Volodymyr Zelensky is Ukraine’s best chance for reducing church tension, promoting inter-confessional dialogue.