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Russia Playing Games With Visas With US Diplomat

Victoria NulandRussia is playing a juvenile game with Victoria Nuland, denying her a visa, according to RT, Victoria Nuland, US midwife to Maidan-2014, denied visa to Russia, without a stated reason.

RT ends their article with:

In another instance, the US denied a visa to the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Department, forcing him to miss the UN Freedom of Press event. Earlier, the US barred entry to the head of the Russian delegation planning to take part in the UN disarmament conference and the UN Secretary General’s adviser from Russia, Dmitry Poklonsky, who was supposed to address a special briefing at a session of the UN Security Council on April 25.

It would appear Russia is playing a tit for tat game, a juvenile reminder of the games played during the Cold War.

RT offered a description of Ambassador Nuland’s activities with this fabrication:

The former US ambassador to NATO and assistant secretary of state for Eurasia is best known for supporting the coup in Ukraine that ousted the government in Kiev, and dismissing the concerns of Washington’s European allies about meddling in Ukraine (“F*** the EU”) in the same conversation she brought up bringing then-VP Joe Biden to “midwife this thing.”

Sputnik Deutschland and UrduPoint, both Russian propaganda outlets, offered similar stories, but nobody in the West has of yet picked up the story.

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