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Alliance for Securing Democracy: Securing Democracy Dispatch 13 May 2019

Securing Democracy Dispatch


May 13, 2019

One thought on “Alliance for Securing Democracy: Securing Democracy Dispatch 13 May 2019

  1. “effectively aggravate the conflict between minorities and the rest of the population.”

    The fact is that the white population is the minority. Calling the majority the minorities is not right. Just because the ”minorities” are divided it doesn’t mean that the white population is a unity. What keeps the minorities united are their demands on the white population. But is there really anything that keeps the white population and the minorities together? Yes to some extent. It’s called patriotism. But patriotism is unevenly distributed across the ethnicities. Whites yearn for safety and the right to not be violated just because they are white. They don’t have that in America right now unfortunately. I guess what I am thereby saying is that the minorities brought the current president on themselves. While Trump being many things, I don’t think he is a genuine racist. At least not when it comes to racially profiled violence. Unfortunately it is not the same situation the other way around. Whites are regularly being racially profiled and violently targeted by minorities and they’d better know what areas they can move around freely in or something bad is likely to happen. A black person can move freely in any part of the country without significant risk of being violated, except for the parts where other minorities live in unity.

    Is that so difficult to understand?

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