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EU says Russia’s move with passports in Donbas another attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty Read more on UNIAN: https://www.unian.info/politics/10530891-eu-says-russia-s-move-with-passports-in-donbas-another-attack-on-ukraine-s-sovereignty.html

Putin, of course, denies this is an aggressive, provocative action.

Russia does not do these type of actions altruistically, nothing is truly done to benefit Russians, those of Russian heritage, or those speaking Russian and living in Ukraine without a price being paid.

This is a Russian provocation, clearly. This is intended to undermine Ukraine by taking citizens from Ukraine and adding to the numbers in Russia which are declining. This is intended as a de facto annexation of the citizens of Donbas, to be followed by a vote annexing the land itself. 

Putin lies, Russia lies.

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15:50, 25 April 2019

The EU says such a move shows Russia’s intention to further destabilize Ukraine.


The European Union (EU) has said Russia’s recent decision to issue passports in Donbas is another attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty.

“The signature by [Russian] President Putin of a decree entitling, inter alia, people who permanently reside in certain areas of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions to apply for Russian citizenship in a simplified manner, is another attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty by Russia,” a spokesperson said in a statement on the Russian decree enabling the simplified issue of passports in certain areas of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Read also Russia’s decision to issue passports in Ukraine’s Donbas straight from its “occupation playbook” – Volker

“The timing of such a decision immediately after Ukraine’s Presidential election, which demonstrated Ukraine’s strong attachment to democracy and the rule of law, shows Russia’s intention to further destabilize Ukraine and to exacerbate the conflict,” reads the report.

“We expect Russia to refrain from actions that are against the Minsk agreements and impede the full reintegration of the non-Government controlled areas into Ukraine.”

In this regard, it is reported all parties must fully implement their commitments under the Minsk agreements.

“The European Union remains steadfast in its support to Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the EU said.

Source: https://www.unian.info/politics/10530891-eu-says-russia-s-move-with-passports-in-donbas-another-attack-on-ukraine-s-sovereignty.html