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Iran says ready for U.S. waivers end, as Guards threaten to shut Hormuz

Iran is threatening to close down the international waters of the Straits of Hormuz in an effort to stand up to the United States. 

On May 2nd the US is ending waivers for those countries currently importing Iranian oil. This is a move calculated to strangle Iran’s economy.

The bottom line is the United States and Iran are attempting to counter one another. Iran’s options appear extremely limited. The decision to close the Strait is an Iranian political decision. 

A number of oil-exporting nations surrounding the Persian Gulf have used pipelines to circumvent dependency on shipping through the Straits of Hormuz.  Perhaps the situation can be wholly avoided by the use of pipelines and avoiding Iranian interference.

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DUBAI (Reuters) – Tehran is prepared for a U.S. decision to end waivers granted to buyers of Iranian crude, an Iranian oil ministry source said on Monday, as the Revolutionary Guards repeated their threat to close the strategic Strait of Hormuz, Iranian media reported.

The United States will fail to cut Iranian oil exports to zero, the semi-official Tasnim news agency on Monday quoted an unnamed Iranian oil ministry source as saying.

U.S. President Donald Trump has decided not to reissue waivers in May allowing importers to buy Iranian oil without facing U.S. sanctions, the White House said in a statement on Monday.

Separately, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ navy said Iran would close the Strait if Tehran is barred from using it.

“According to international law, the Strait of Hormuz is a marine passageway and if we are barred from using it, we will shut it down,” the semi-official news agency Fars quoted General Alireza Tangsiri as saying on Monday.

“In case of any threat, we will have not even an iota of doubt to protect and defend the Iranian waters,” Tangsiri added.

Tasnim quoted the unnamed source as saying: “Whether the waivers continue or not, Iran’s oil exports will not be zero under any circumstances unless Iranian authorities decide to stop oil exports … and this is not relevant now.”

“We have been monitoring and analyzing all possible scenarios and conditions for the advance of our country’s oil exports, and necessary measures have been taken … Iran is not waiting for America’s decision or the lack of it to export its oil,” Tasnim quoted the source as saying.”We have years of experience in neutralizing efforts by enemies to strike blows against our country,” the source added.

Iran has threatened to disrupt oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz, a major oil shipment channel in the Gulf, if the United States tries to strangle Tehran’s economy by halting its oil exports.

3 thoughts on “Iran says ready for U.S. waivers end, as Guards threaten to shut Hormuz

  1. I told you Americans! I said beware of the Iranians! Persia kicked the ancient Greeks’ butts. The strait of Hormuz is surrounded by Iran from three angles I said. I also said that there is a reason why Israel considers Iran to be their most dangerous state foe in the Middle East. And I said look what you have accomplished so far. Iran survives as a state despite US sanctions and they have even succeeded to gain influence in the region to date. I just hope that the strait of Hormuz is wide enough for US warships including aircraft carriers to go undetected in the strait due to the earth Curvature. Maybe the US can use Oman’s territorial water to avoid detection from the Iranians. The US will need approximately 60 km of water between their Naval warships and the Iranian radars. We’ll se how smart Trump really was compared to Obama and his very much opposite policy. I fear a great war.

    1. Roger, the US has been contemplating, examining, and wargaming the Strait of Hormuz since at least before 1979, when the hardliners took over. I know of exercises, discussions, and examinations in the 90s and the following decades.

      Iran can temporarily close off the Strait – temporarily. After the first volley has been fired and the green light is given, then Iran can be made almost powerless in a matter of hours. All their boasts, all their homemade missiles, all their small boats, and even their newly manufactured F-5 knockoff, the Kowsar, are not a huge threat for a well thought-out engagement.

      The standoff range for many Western weapons exceeds Iran’s defenses.

      Great war? Iran’s only chance is to deploy small Qud/IRGC teams. Even they don’t stand a significant chance.

      Let Iran declare war and launch an attack. My gut says the Law Of Armed Conflict will be the limiting factor.

  2. Yes of course the US war machine are no hacks. I just pray you don’t underestimate the Iranians because they are towel wearers. They are not Arabs! It is in my country’s interest that the strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf stays open even though we don’t buy a single drop of oil from any country in that region. With a great war I meant a war between several belligirents in that region. Specifically Saudi-Arabia and Iran and the US. It could easily stop oil production and/or oil transits. US warships can defend themselves But what about civilian merchant ships and oil tankers? But I am not so worried about China since they have got only two aircraft carriers total with a substandard effectiveness compared to any US carrier, and one airbase in Gwadar in Pakistan by the Gulf of Oman. They also have a yet civilian harbor in Hambantota Sri Lanka. But perhaps they are expanding. The US on the other hand has a Naval base in Diego Garcia in the middle of the Indian Oscean. And yes, they have a Naval port and an airstrip in Djibouti as do the Americans. But the US operate several airbases in UAE, Dubai and cooperate an airbase in Kuwait. And the US have a port in Bahrain. Bahrain by the way is a net importer of oil. Not like the other Gulf countries. I think that is about it, at least the most essential information. But there is the question of who Uganda will sell their oil to. I don’t know. I just know that they sit on oil that exceedes 300 billion barrels. More than Saudi-Arabia. What quality oil I don’t know. But i know that it takes 15 years to develop an oil industry with everything adjacent to it and they discovered the oil in 2008 according to an American authority written Wikipedia page. But I also know that Uganda trades with China. Hell in Tanzania alone there are just as many Chinese as there are Africans! The whole Ugandan affair needs to come out in the open! There are three real countries omitted from the CIA WORLD FACTBOOK 2018-2019 that were all in the 2015 book. For different reasons. But Uganda is one of the three countries omitted. Why? Well because of oil obviously. But for what specific reason. I don’t know?

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