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Mass Media Call For Zelensky To Attend Press Conference

Apparently, Ukraine’s media wants Zelensky to show his true colors and appear at a press conference. 

Zelensky is regarded as a “Virtual Candidate”, he has only submitted videos on YouTube and other social media sites and has not debated or appeared interactively. 

If Zelensky does not appear or respond, what is the media to do?  Will the voters hold him accountable?  

Welcome to the strangest election – ever. 

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Mediaruk urged Zelensky to come to a press conference by April 18

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Representatives of a number of mass media and media organizations have published an open appeal to a presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelensky with an appeal to attend a press conference no later than April 18 (until the day of the debate).

Prior to this, the candidate talked mainly with videos via their instatgrams, YouTube channel. However, the media community and civil society have questions about the candidate’s vision of further development of the country, as well as openness and willingness to be accountable to the society that chooses the President of Ukraine.

Here is the text of the appeal and the list of signatories. The letter is open for signing (inform

Dear Volodymyr Alexandrovich!

On April 21, the second round of the presidential election will take place. During your election campaign, you made dozens of videos that became news media and news media. You gave a number of selected media a few interviews before the first round of elections, but over the past few weeks you personally avoid direct and full-fledged communication with domestic journalists.

Our professional duty as journalists is to bring socially important information to citizens on time and in full. Because you ignore our requests and requests for interview, we can not perform the functions assigned to us by the community in full.

The media community and civil society have a number of questions about your vision of further development of the country, as well as your openness and willingness to be accountable to the society that chooses you. Our readers, viewers and listeners also ask questions that we can not answer because they never talked to you directly.

We appeal to you to show respect for journalists and civil society, which was the engine of all reforms in the country since the Revolution of Dignity.

We urge you not to follow the negative practices of ignoring media requests, which, unfortunately, have also taken place over the past five years, and hold a press conference for the media to the official date of debate (no later than April 18) in order to provide a dialogue with media representatives in particular and Ukrainians in general.

Prove that the principles of openness and transparency that you declare are not empty words and pre-election slogans.

Open call signed:

Mediaruk “Media for a Conscious Choice”

“UA: First” (NSTU)

Ukrainian Radio (NSTU)

Public radio

Information agency “Ukrinform”

Public Television Donbass

“New time”

Radio HB

“Ukrainian Week”

Media Detector

Institute of Mass Information

Institute of Democracy Pylyp Orlyk

Regional Press Development Institute


Society “Foundation”

Ukrainian Crisis Media Center

Association of the Ukrainian press

Information campaign “On the other side of news”

National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine

Human Rights Center ZMINA

As reported by IMI, on February 5, Ukraine announced the creation of a media rally “Media for an informed choice” designed to provide citizens with the opportunity to elect the President and parliament on the basis of complete and reliable information. The leading media outlets in Ukraine, including TV channels, radio stations, printed and online editions, as well as media public organizations, entered the media stream.


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