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Venezuela Meltdown Update (30)

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Both sides appear to be at a standstill. What hands are left to play, who will blink first, and what will be the ultimate cost?  It is not a right versus the wrong scenario, both sides believe they are correct (upon shallow inspection).  Short of military actions, sanctions and diplomacy appear to be the only available weapons as information does not appear to be holding sway with either side.  For the most part, the information battle appears to be a Richard-measuring exercise, only playing for a domestic audience. There has to be a lot of behind the scenes players at work, they may be the deciding factor.  

This is less about Guaido versus Maduro and more about the US and the West versus Russia and their gathering of rogue states. One perspective might even be this is Putin versus the World…  With that perspective in mind, the question might be how hard the US is willing to push?  Can this be framed with the US pushing peace, cooperation, and stability? 

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The Chavista regime’s support base now looks like a gathering of a “Rogue States R Us” chapter. The complaints from Havana are priceless. Some excellent comments by SECSTATE, VP and NSADV Bolton and Amb Abrams.

Castro says Cuba will not abandon Venezuela despite U.S. ‘blackmail’ – Reuters

Cuban Communist Party leader Raul Castro said on Wednesday Cuba would never abandon its leftist ally Venezuela despite U.S. “blackmail”, even as the Trump administration threatened more sanctions over its support.

Raúl Castro pledges Cuba will never abandon Venezuela | World news | The Guardian

Communist leader denounces US ‘blackmail’ after US threatened new sanctions over Cuban support for Maduro

Castro says Cuba will not abandon Venezuela despite U.S. ‘blackmail’ – Reuters

Cuban Communist Party leader Raul Castro said on Wednesday Cuba would never abandon its leftist ally Venezuela despite U.S. “blackmail”, even as the Trump administration threatened more sanctions over its support.

Castro warns Cubans of potential dire economic crisis | Bradenton Herald

Cuban leader Raúl Castro, head of the Communist Party, defied the U.S. and restated the island’s support to Nicolás Maduro in a speech in which he also warned Cubans to brace for an economic crisis.

US, EU at Odds Over Venezuela Sanctions

The crisis in Venezuela is causing divisions between the Trump administration and EU governments, which have failed to back Washington’s call for tougher sanctions against President Nicolas Maduro….

Washington Calls Russia-Backed Venezuela ‘True Threat’ To U.S., Urges Guaido Recognition

Washington has stepped up the rhetoric against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, calling his Russia-backed government a threat to the United States and urging the world to recognize his opponent…

‘You Shouldn’t Be Here’: U.S. Pushes U.N. to Pull Venezuela Envoy’s Credentials – The New York Times

To relieve Venezuela’s skyrocketing inflation, widespread blackouts and a growing health crisis, the Trump administration is demanding the ouster of President Nicolás Maduro.

Pence confronts Venezuelan ambassador at UN: ‘You shouldn’t be here’ | Fox News

Vice President Pence called out Venezuela’s United Nations ambassador to his face while addressing the body’s Security Council on Wednesday — a speech he used to declare it’s time for Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro to step down.

Maduro says Venezuela ready to receive international aid | Venezuela News | Al Jazeera

The president agrees to allow aid after meeting with the Red Cross chief as new round of blackouts hit the country.

Red Cross regains access to Venezuela jails, military prisons

The Red Cross’ International Committee has regained access to Venezuelan prisons, including military ones that hold inmates considered to be political prisoners.

Iran Follows Russia to Venezuela, but U.S. Military Sees China As ‘True Threat’

The presence of Russian, Chinese and Iranian planes in Venezuela has outraged the U.S at a time when it was looking to unseat the socialist-led Latin American country’s leader.

U.S. Military Wary of China’s Foothold in Venezuela – Foreign Policy

The head of U.S. Southern Command says Beijing is using disinformation and debt diplomacy to dig in as Maduro clings to power.

Venezuela reports collapse in oil supply, tightening global market: OPEC – Reuters

Venezuela told OPEC that the country’s oil output sank to a new long-term low last month due to U.S. sanctions and blackouts, deepening the impact of a global production curb and further tightening supplies.

OAS recognises Guaido’s envoy until new Venezuela elections held | Juan Guaido News | Al Jazeera

Regional group votes to recognise opposition leader Juan Guaido’s envoy as country’s delegate in blow to Nicolas Maduro.

The OAS recognizes Guaidó ambassador as new representative of Venezuela | Miami Herald

The move means that Gustavo Tarre, the ambassador appointed by Venezuela’s National Assembly, of which Guaidó serves as president, will now serve as head of Venezuela’s diplomatic delegation to the OAS and will have full power to appoint the members of its mission.

REVEALED: Moment that will make Venezuela’s military ABANDON support of President Maduro | World | News |

PRESIDENT Maduro retains his grip on Venezuela despite mounting international pressure against him because of the military’s support – but one expert says the military will eventually abandon Mr Maduro for one particular reason. Despite this, Venezuela expert Mark Keller says the military’s support is not unwavering and is coming to an end. Mark Keller, lead analyst at The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), told that US sanctions on Venezuela’s oil trade are are set to kick in. The US previously accounted for 40 percent of Venezuela’s oil experts so the massive dent in funding for the state-run oil company PDVSA will be a major blow for Mr Maduro. Mr Keller explained: “At some point the money is going to run out and Maduro is not going to be able to pay the military.

Secretary Pompeo on Twitter: “Venezuela’s health system is collapsing due to the disastrous policies of a corrupt and brutal former Maduro regime. But the interim government under @JGuaido is responding to the people’s needs with health & hygiene fairs throughout #Venezuela. #EstamosUnidosVE”

TASS: World – Venezuela’s energy system was attacked from Chile, Columbia and US — Maduro

Venezuela sees major disruptions in operations of the power supply systems affecting the majority of regions from early March

US weighs responsibility to protect Venezuelans amid new protests

A new round of protests pitted Venezuelan civilians against unofficial security forces loyal to strongman Nicolás Maduro on Saturday, drawing fresh warnings from U.S. officials.

Venezuelans rally to demand power, water and end to Maduro – Reuters

After weeks of power cuts and limited access to water, tens of thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets on Saturday to back opposition leader Juan Guaido and protest against President Nicolas Maduro, who they accuse of wrecking the economy.

Showdown of world powers in Venezuela enters dangerous, new phase

The first major showdown of our new era of great power competition is unfolding with accelerating speed.

Mike Pence toughens posture toward Venezuela, Cuba backers

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Friday stepped up efforts to force Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from office by imposing new sanctions on its oil shipments, and promising “stronger action” against Cuba for helping to keep the regime afloat.

New sanctions just the start for Cuba over support for Venezuelan president: John Bolton

President Trump plans to intensify economic pressure on Cuba over the communist regime’s support for Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro, according to his top national security adviser.

UAWire – Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister: Russia will expand its military presence in Venezuela

Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Ivan Gil, returning home from a visit to Moscow on Thursday, said that Russia could soon expand its military …

TASS: World – US seriously considers use of military force against Venezuela — administration

The United States’ diplomatic tools «continue to diminish due to Maduro’s recent actions,» the official said

US ‘seriously considering’ military option in Venezuela as Rubio seeks to declare Maduro ‘terrorist’ — RT World News

As the White House is ‘seriously’ considering a military intervention in Venezuela, top regime-change advocate Sen. Marco Rubio wants to officially designate the Maduro government and citizen militias as ‘terrorist organizations.’

Vice President Mike Pence on Twitter: “Speaking shortly at @RiceUniversity’s @BakerInstitute on the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. Our Administration will continue to stand with legitimate President @JGuaido & the people of Venezuela until their liberty is restored. Maduro must go!

Watch live:”


Marco Rubio on Twitter: “#MaduroRegime fake legislature the ANC has no legal authority to take away interim President @jguaido legislative immunity. This is all designed to distract from power outages & to intimidate legitimate government & people of #Venezuela from marching on #6Abr”


US military intervention on the table for Venezuela

A military intervention to oust Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro remains “a very serious option” for the United States, according to President Trump’s national security team.

U.S. sanctions oil trade between Venezuela and Cuba | Miami Herald

The Treasury Department announced sanctions against two shipping companies and one vessel for transporting oil between Venezuela and Cuba, as the United States has declared that Venezuela’s oil resources belong to Juan Guaido.

New U.S. Sanctions Seek to Block Venezuelan Oil Shipments to Cuba – The New York Times

The sanctions, senior administration officials said, could force a “recalibration” of Venezuela’s relationship with Cuba, which has been defending the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

Watch For More Russia Sanctions If Putin Helps Maduro Stay In Control Of Venezuela

Could Rosneft bonds be slapped with a trading ban because of Russia’s support of Nicolas Maduro?

Bipartisan Senators Propose $400 Million Bill Extending Aid

A group of bipartisan Senators has proposed a bill aimed at providing $400 million in humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

Venezuela braces for another round of rival protests | Juan Guaido News | Al Jazeera

Thousands expected to march on Saturday in separate protests called for by Maduro and opposition leader Guaido.

Trump keeps making threats he doesn’t follow through on

President Trump is the most powerful leader on Earth. But to influence global actors, he must ensure that his words carry credibility. And unfortunately, he is making too many threats that he’s not delivering on.

What a Military Intervention in Venezuela Would Involve

Even if a military intervention began well, U.S. forces would likely find themselves bogged down in the messy work of keeping the peace for years to come.

Blackouts, gas bombs and gunplay: How the Canadian embassy is holding on in Venezuela | CBC News

The United States signed an accord yesterday that will allow for a U.S. interests section in the Swiss embassy in Caracas, the same arrangement it has had at the Swiss embassy in Tehran for the past 40 years.

Switzerland to represent US interests in Venezuela | TheHill

The State Department on Friday said it reached an agreement with Switzerland to represent U.S. interests in Venezuela as a power struggle roils the South American country.

What is next for US-Venezuela policy? A conversation with Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) – AEI

Join AEI for a conversation with Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) on the crisis in Venezuela and what the US — and the world — should do.

1,000 replacements for Cuban doctors in Brazil quit program | Fox News

Brazil’s health ministry says more than 1,000 doctors who signed up to replace Cuban doctors who served in rural areas have quit within three months.