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UK Online Harms White Paper Released

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This comes as no surprise after reading the final report of the UK DCMS Committee on disinformation and fake news. Facebook’s unrepentant attitude toward the Committee was no doubt a factor in this outcome.

The challenge the UK legislature will now confront is the wicked problem of how to achieve the praiseworthy aims of the White Paper without damaging freedom of speech, and without giving bureaucracies opportunities to subvert the intent of the legislation to play censorship games.

Online Harms White Paper – GOV.UK

The Online Harms White Paper sets out the government’s plans for a world-leading package of measures to keep UK users safe online.

Online Harms White Paper – Executive summary – GOV.UK

Summary The Online Harms White Paper sets out the government’s plans for a world-leading package of measures to keep UK users safe online. This consultation closes at 11:59pm on 1 July 2019

Damian Hinds on Twitter: “The time of social media companies just regulating themselves is over. The Online Harms White Paper will make the UK world leading in keeping children safe online & we will make sure we’re giving children a world class education on #OnlineSafety.…”

Martin Lewis on Twitter: “Today’s Twitter Poll: Do u support the govt’s proposal today, to set up a formal UK regulator of social media & the internet; to govern online harms (inc child sex abuse, hate crimes, harassment, sale of illegal goods). Critics say ending self-regulation is worrying censorship.”

UK plans regulation of social media, including YouTube – YouTube

Channel 4 News Published on Apr 8, 2019 “They’ll take your money, they’ll harvest your data, they’ll sell your details to advertisers, but protect you from harm? They say ‘no can do’.”

Social media firms must reveal secrets | News | The Times

Social media companies face having to reveal some of their most sensitive and commercially valuable secrets under plans to force them to protect users from online dangers. An internet regulator will be created with legal powers to require all organizations that host user-generated content to show that their sites are not putting children and other vulnerable users at risk.

Social media firms face bans in UK crackdown | UK | News |

MINISTERS will today crack down on tech giants that fail to remove terrorist propaganda and child abuse content. Companies including Facebook and Twitter could be banned from operating in the UK if they do not take down controversial material. Under plans being considered by ministers, a new regulator could remove firms from search engines and issue ‘substantial’ fines.

Facebook, Google in Crosshairs of New U.K. Policy to Control Tech Giants – WSJ

The U.K. government plans to create a new regulatory body to force the removal of harmful content from the internet, one of the most far-reaching legislative proposals from a host of countries trying to put a tighter leash on global tech companies.

Britain just laid out plans to end the internet’s Wild West days and take a world-leading role in regulating big tech | Business Insider

Britain wants to take a world-leading role in regulating the biggest tech companies. The UK government says it wants to legislate for a new independent regulator that would oversee “harmful content” on social media, search engines, messaging, and file-sharing platforms. It would be the UK’s first time regulating online safety, with the internet conventionally seen as ungovernable. Platforms that fail to keep hate speech and content relating to sexual abuse, violence, terrorism, or self-abuse off their services would face huge fines under the proposed rules. Industry lobbying bodies representing Facebook, Google, and other big tech firms say the proposed laws are too vague and may harm competition.

Fake News Paranoia: UK Wants to Regulate Google and Facebook Seeks Regulation – Mish Talk

Government paranoia over “Fake News” has reached a fever pitch in the US and Europe. Proposed solutions are ludicrous

UK To Fine Facebook, Google For Hosting Terrorist Content | Zero Hedge

Facebook and its tech peers are facing a new UK law that will impose “substantial” fines, or even ban companies if they don’t act swiftly enough to remove content that encourages terrorism and child sexual exploitation and abuse.

Internet Companies To Face Broad Speech Regulations In U.K. : NPR

Under the proposed rules, Internet companies will face penalties if they don’t actively monitor and combat harmful speech online. Companies say the proposal is vague.

You were warned and you didn’t do enough: UK preps Big Internet content laws • The Register

But let’s ignore the shouting and dig into reality

UK Plan Steps Up Global Crackdown on Social Media

“No one in the world has done this before, and it’s important that we get it right.”

UK to unleash internet safety czar on Google, Facebook, Twitter – CNET

Social media companies will face huge fines if they fail to live up to their “duty of care” to internet users.

Britain is coming for big tech — here’s how Silicon Valley is responding | Business Insider

The British government has set out ambitious proposals to regulate the internet and bring to heel some of the biggest tech firms in the world.

Facebook, Google face widening crackdown over online content – ABC News

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Britain plans to make Zuckerberg liable for hate crimes, fake news – Vanguard News

In the first of its kind, Britain will make social media bosses, such as Mark Zuckerberg personally liable for harmful content and shut down offending platforms under a government action plan published Monday.

The UK Has Released Its Plan For Cracking Down On Social Media Content | Gizmodo Australia

Britain is scheduled to crash out of the European Union on Friday, potentially causing severe economic damage. But that hasn’t stopped the British government from attending to other issues. Like proposing new rules that could make social media companies legally responsible for some content uploaded by users….