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Pure Russian Mind Mush

This morning I had a combination of a nightmare and a daydream.  Every time I woke up I forced myself to continue the dream in order to find out how it ended.

Then a friend sent me a link to an article which may or not be just as convoluted, crazy, mixed up, and downright disturbing.

Here was his introduction:

Try this for alternate reality – not sure I found a single item that was not quite bizarre – this individual was the spokesman for the ROC until he annoyed Putin

Vsevolod Chaplin: Kiev, Stalin and debauchery

Hell, I just started reading about the guy and already he annoys me.

A quote about Chaplin:

Chaplin has been an advocate for every one of these groups at various times – he exemplifies their collective madness

Russia, the Kremlin, Putin, the ROC… all are based on unreality, but, instead, they call it “alternate reality”.

Read. Enjoy.

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