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Johan Bäckman Formally Associated With Russia, Interviewed by Igor Panarin

The chief of the Russian Information InfoSpetsnaz, Igor Panarin, interviewed Johan Bäckman (Panarin misspells it Beckman) on YouTube.

Bäckman has acted on behalf of Russia in a wide variety of situations. It is widely believed he is paid and directed by Russian intelligence.

Bäckman has been convicted in Finland twice, is currently PNG’d by Moldova, sanctioned by Ukraine, and has been declared a Pro-Russian activist.

In October last year, Bäckman, anti-immigrant agitator Ilja Janitskin and a third person were ordered to pay 200,000 euros in damages to harassment victims after they were found guilty of harassing and defaming Yle journalist Jessikka Aro and inciting others to defame her.

Clearly, Bäckman is not a savory character, but Igor Panarin chooses to put him in an InfoSpetsnaz video. This is indicative of the moral and ethical quality of this program.