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Curiously Fake Russian News About Venezuela

My favorite Russian propagandist, Igor Panarin, pushed a link today,

Curiously, I clicked on the link.  The article at the bottom popped up. 

What really got my attention was the appearance of a Marine in an article entitled “In Venezuela, appeared “unknown snipers””. 

I did a simple Google image search and found it originally appeared in a 20 August 2018 article titled, “Marines of 3/25 tackle Exercise Northern Strike 18

I scrolled down and found the offending picture. 

Here is another indicator that the story is going to be ‘off’ or fake. It was published on, Russia’s go-to journal for fake, contrived, and totally fabricated stories.  It gives Russian propagandists plausible deniability.  “I didn’t know it was fake”.  “It’s not on an official Russian page”.  “You can’t blame me…”

I posted a note on Igor’s page, pointing out their error, nothing heard so far.

Why would he post something so egregiously wrong?

Oh, that’s right. I remember. 

When Russia invaded Crimea there were all kinds of reports of Blackwater being present on an airfield in Crimea – by the Russian press. 

I guess old habits are hard to break. 

</end editorial>

In Venezuela, appeared “unknown snipers”

In the scenario of any “color revolution”, “unknown snipers” are necessarily present. Their work is in demand, especially when the pro-American opposition is not able to overcome the local government. The revolution requires sacred sacrifices, which are then turned into heroes and “heavenly hundreds.” Creating sacred sacrifices from dead protesters is an extremely important element in the shaking of the country. It’s amazing that in Venezuela it was not used before.

On April 2, 2019, VPI posted a small amateur video on Twitter. The description says about an unidentified helicopter, from which unknown persons opened fire on protesters in the Venezuelan city of Cabimas (Cabimas). The dead and injured are not reported, because from the side of a flying helicopter it is really inconvenient to conduct aimed fire at quickly running and hiding two-legged targets.

It should be noted that the city of Cabimas is a major center for oil production and refining and is located in northwestern Venezuela in the state of Zulia, near the border with Colombia. In February 2019, we reported on a small group of Venezuelan military deserters who fled to Colombia and promised to fight the “Maduro regime” even on tanks with arms. It was then that we assumed that “unknown snipers” would be announced soon.

It should be recalled that the new stage of the “democratization” of Venezuela began on January 23, 2019, when the leader of the pro-American opposition, Juan Guaydo, proclaimed himself “interim president” of the country. However, the current legitimate president of this Latin American country, Nicolas Maduro, and his socialists firmly hold power for now.

So the “unknown snipers” arriving from Colombia will have a lot of work to do. Another question is how the Venezuelan authorities will oppose this. After all, it is much more convenient to calmly study the wreckage of such a helicopter on the ground, and not to suffer, looking at the video.

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  1. Why work hard at something when you can just steal it – or cheat – or lie – or blame someone else?
    Well… nobody ever said “Hey, gotta love those guys – those Russians really play fair.”

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