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Venezuela Meltdown Update (29)

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It appears the regime is digging in and Muscovy digging in with it – this is survival for the Caracas kleptocracy, and for Muscovy, an opportunity to feed the domestic propaganda regime with a narrative of the US toppling regimes it does not like. Muscovy is playing a very risky game here as the Chavista regime fits the label of “hard, yet brittle” and will eventually disintegrate, no matter what Russia does.

Why Moscow Sent Its Military Personnel to Venezuela

Opinion | Twenty years after NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia, the Kremlin is anxious to disrupt U.S. influence in Venezuela.

Allies Of Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro Strip Immunity From Juan Guaidó : NPR

President Nicolás Maduro, through allies, is ratcheting up legal and political pressure on the opposition leader by removing his parliamentary immunity.

Venezuela moves to strip opposition leader Juan Guaido of immunity | Fox News

Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido should be prosecuted for violating a ban on leaving the country and inciting violence linked to street protests, the country’s chief justice said Monday as he asked lawmakers to strip Guaido of his immunity from prosecution.

The Latest: Venezuela’s Guaidó recognizes risk of arrest | Fox News

The Latest on Venezuela’s Crisis (all times local): 10:10 p.m. Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó says he knows he runs the risk of being arrested for pushing to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela lawmakers strip opposition leader of his immunity | Fox News

Venezuelan lawmakers loyal to President Nicolas Maduro have stripped opposition leader Juan Guaido of his immunity from prosecution.

Venezuela Simmers With Violence as Putin Sends in Russian Troops: ‘The Wise Are Running for Their Lives’

Putin saved Assad in Syria. Can he save Maduro in Venezuela? It’s starting to look that way.

Colombia rejects Russia warning against Venezuelan military action | Reuters

Colombia on Tuesday rejected a Russian warning against foreign military intervention in Venezuela and said it supported a peaceful transition to democracy in the neighboring South American country.

Sukhoi Su-57 frazor🇷🇺🇮🇳 on Twitter: “#Venezuela #China #Russia #Caracas #Chinese army soldiers arrived in Venezuela Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers, as part of a cooperation program, arrived, after delivering humanitarian supplies, to one of Venezuelan military facilities.…”

Garry Kasparov on Twitter: “Watching CNN cover Venezuela and it’s pathetic how “both sides” it is regarding Maduro & Guaidó. In case there was any doubt, Maduro a thug ruling by force, and with Putin’s direct aid. Stop giving him legitimacy.”

Ted Cruz meets with Citgo 6 families, expresses umbrage at Maduro regime |

Maduro Fires Electricity Minister After Devastating Blackouts |

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro announced that he had replaced the country’s electricity minister amid a string of three nationwide blackouts that sparked protests against the lack of basic services including water supply

Vice President Pence Meets with Family Members of Executives Detained by Maduro – YouTube

The White House Published on Apr 2, 2019 Vice President Pence Meets with the Family Members of Six Citgo Executives Currently Detained by the Maduro Regime in Venezuela

Villainy in Venezuela | By Post Editorial Board

By sending troops to Venezuela to shore up dictator Nicolás Maduro, Russia’s Vladimir Putin has crossed yet another line — the Monroe Doctrine, practically the oldest principle of US foreign policy. Declared by President James Monroe back in 1823 to block European colonialism in the New World, the doctrine declares that interference by Old World nations in the Western Hemisphere is “the manifestation of an unfriendly disposition toward the United States.” The Russian soldiers won’t make much difference: Indeed, they’ll add fuel to the burning popular rage against Maduro — who, with predecessor Hugo Chavez, has led Venezuela to disaster. Yet Moscow’s move is a blatant challenge to Washington. Unanswered, it will make not just President Trump but America look weak. Trump warned midweek that “Russia has to get out” of Venezuela and that “all options” are on the table for making it happen. National Security Adviser John Bolton followed up Friday by declaring such “provocative actions” to be “a direct threat to international peace and security in the region” and vowing “to defend and protect the interests of the United States and those of our partners in the Western Hemisphere.”

Fareed: Trump faces crucial test of resolve over Venezuela – YouTube

CNN Published on Mar 31, 2019 CNN’s Fareed Zakaria takes a look at President Trump’s tenuous relationship with embattled Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro and how much Russia is investing in the South American country. #CNN #News

Venezuela’s top court seeks to strip Guaido’s legal immunity

Venezuela’s Supreme Court has called for opposition leader Juan Guaido to be stripped of his parliamentary immunity, in a move that could soon lead to his imprisonment.

Venezuela crisis: Court asks to lift Guaidó’s immunity – BBC News

Venezuela’s top court adds to growing pressure on the man who declared himself interim president.

UAWire – US Special Representative predicts fall of Maduro regime within year

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will be removed from power or step down on his own accord within a year, said US Special Representative for …

Trump has a Russia problem in Venezuela – The Washington Post

The Kremlin’s tacit intervention in support of the Venezuelan regime draws parallels to Syria and failed U.S. red lines.

On GPS: What’s Venezuela’s way out? – CNN Video

U.S. representative to Venezuela Elliott Abrams tells Fareed what could bring down the Maduro regime, and Russia & Cuba will “pay a price” for backing it.

Venezuela’s Maduro announces plan to ration electricity amid blackouts | TheHill

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday announced a 30-day electricity rationing plan for the nation, according

Nationwide blackouts become the norm in Venezuela | Fox News

Another day, another blackout.

Trump’s intervention in Venezuela has stalled — because Caracas knows he’s bluffing – The Washington Post

Trump’s bluster about ousting Maduro is little more than shouting.

Venezuelans Protest Power Cuts That Put Maduro in a Bind – Bloomberg

Caracas residents blocked streets and set fires after electricity went out again Sunday in Venezuela’s capital and some other regions, fueling a climate of political unrest.

Russia Denies ‘Military Contingents’ In Venezuela

Russia on March 30 dismissed U.S. concerns about “specialists” it has sent to Venezuela under a military cooperation deal.

State Department says US cutting off aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras – CNNPolitics

The United States is cutting off aid to the Northern Triangle, otherwise known as the Central American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, the State Department told CNN Saturday, one day after President Donald Trump said they had “set up” migrant caravans for entry into the United States.

Tensions between the United States and Russia over Venezuela increase | TheHill

Tensions between the United States and Russia over Venezuela are threatening to boil over.

Venezuela’s rival factions rally as power struggle persists | Fox News

Supporters of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido and the man he is trying to oust, President Nicolas Maduro, are holding rival demonstrations.

UAWire – Washington: Russian military arrive in Venezuela to restore S-300 missile systems affected by blackouts

The United States special envoy for Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, speaking at the media briefing, announced that Russian military soldiers who arrived in Venezuela are helping the Venezuelan authorities to restore the work of the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, which have been affected by a number of large-scale power outages in the country. The video from this event was published on the official U.S. Foreign Ministry’s Twitter. “As we thought from the very beginning, one of the things they [the Russian military] are doing there is helping the regime [of President Nicolas Maduro] with the C-300 systems that have technically suffered from blackouts,” said Abrams, noting that he does not know what kind of service is carried out by experts. “What else are they doing? They are monitoring [the situation],” said the official. He did not give more comments regarding this. Two divisions of S-300VM systems (the most advanced modification of S-300) were delivered to the Venezuela in 2013. Since then, Moscow and Caracas have not concluded any new contracts, RIA Novosti reports, citing one of its sources. Three large-scale power outages occurred in Venezuela in March 2019. Because of the incident, three subway lines stopped operating in Caracas and residents of at least 16 states in Venezuela were left without electricity. The Venezuelan authorities subsequently linked the cyber-attack to the automatic control system of the hydropower plant, in which the United States was allegedly involved. Last weekend, it was reported that 99 Russian troops had arrived in Venezuela. Later, the authorities of Venezuela and Russia confirmed this information. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said that “military experts” arrived in the country to implement the provisions of the treaties on military-technical cooperation. According to her, they will stay there as long as “Venezuelan government needs them.” The Aide to the President of the Russian Federation, Yuri Ushakov, said that the military was sent to Venezuela “within the framework of normal relations with the legitimate government” of this country. The military attaché of the Venezuelan embassy in Moscow said that the Russian military is not expected to participate in any military operations in Venezuela. US President Donald Trump demanded that Russia withdraw all of the soldiers and equipment that it sent to Venezuela on Saturday 23 March. When asked to clarify how he intends to ensure that the Kremlin stops backing Maduro, Trump responded that “All options are open,” a phrase he previously used to indicate the possibility of US military intervention. The US State Department called the arrival of Russian troops on Saturday a “senseless escalation”. “Russia has sent troops, although it has insisted itself that a military solution to the crisis in the Latin American country will not solve the problems,” an official spokesperson told Reuters. “Moscow’s actions go against its own assertions and those of Maduro,” the US official stressed.

As Maduro confronts a crisis, Russia’s footprint in Venezuela grows   – The Washington Post

Moscow is seizing an opportunity to stick a finger in Washington’s eye, experts say.

Trump blasts Venezuela ally Ivan Duque on immigration | Miami Herald

President Donald Trump criticized Colombia, a key U.S. ally harboring at least 1.5 million Venezuelans who fled Nicolas Maduro’s regime, during a visit to Lake Okeechobee on Friday.

Venezuela news: Turkey vows to support Venezuela President Maduro | World | News |

TURKEY has vowed to continue supporting Venezuela’s president despite US opposition.