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Venezuela Meltdown Update (25)

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Chavista regime escalates, likely intended to bait the US and its Latin American allies into over-reacting. Regime forfeits over USD1B in gold. Concerns the regime killed rebel police pilot Perez.

‘Armed terrorist cell’: Venezuela’s Interior Minister confirms arrest of Guaido’s aide — RT World News

Venezuela’s Interior Minister has confirmed the arrest of self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido’s chief of staff. The opposition claims he was ‘kidnapped’ while authorities say he was the leader of a ‘terrorist cell.’

Venezuela’s Interior Minister Says Detained Guaido Aide Part of Terrorist Cell – Sputnik International

Earlier in the day, a source in the Venezuelan police in Caracas told Russian news agency RIA Novosti that Venezuela’s intelligence service had detained two associates of the country’s opposition leader, Juan Guaido.

Bolton Threatens to Respond to Alleged Detention of Venezuela’s Guaido’s Aide – Sputnik International

The Venezuelan authorities have yet to officially confirm the information spread by the opposition about the alleged detention of Guaido’s associates.

Toughest US Sanctions Against Venezuela ‘Yet to Come’ – Bolton – Sputnik International

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United States has yet to impose its toughest sanctions against the government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, US National Security Advisor John Bolton said in a statement on Thursday.

US Anti-War Activists Oppose Guaido’s Seizure of Venezuelan Diplomatic Offices – Sputnik International

As the US attempted coup in Venezuela has failed to produce a meaningful uprising inside the country, Washington has moved to seize Caracas’ overseas assets, including diplomatic buildings. However, their efforts have been frustrated by US activists intent on opposing their government’s efforts at regime change.

Secretary Pompeo on Twitter: “The United States condemns raids by Maduro’s security services and detention of Roberto Marrero, Chief of Staff to Interim President @jguaido. We call for his immediate release. We will hold accountable those involved.”

John Bolton on Twitter: “Maduro has made another big mistake. The illegitimate arrest of Roberto Marrero, Interim President Juan Guaidó’s aide, will not go unanswered. He should be released immediately and his safety guaranteed.”

Chrystia Freeland on Twitter: “Appalled by the news that @jguaido’s Chief of Staff, @ROBERTOMARRERO, has been illegally detained by the Maduro regime. Intimidation and fear will not stop the return of democracy to #Venezuela. Those responsible must be held accountable.”

Nancy Pelosi on Twitter: “We condemn the Maduro regime’s middle of the night raid and kidnapping of Roberto Marrero, the Chief of Staff to Venezuela’s interim President Juan Guaidó. We call on Maduro to release Marrero immediately and allow him safe return to his family.”

Venezuela arrests Guaido aide for ‘terrorism’ in defiance of US

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s regime defied the US on Thursday to arrest a top aide of opposition leader Juan Guaido, whom Washington recognizes as the crisis-hit country’s interim leader. The United States has repeatedly warned Maduro’s government against arresting Guaido or his

Juan Guaido’s chief of staff snatched from his home at 2am

The United States has threatened Venezuela with severe consequences unless President Nicolas Maduro immediately release a senior aide to Juan Guaido, who was snatched from his home by masked intelligence agents in the early hours of Thursday.

Exclusive — Bolton: U.S. Has Duty to Protect Americans in Venezuela

National Security Adviser John Bolton warned the United States may act militarily to protect as many as 50,000 Americans in Venezuela.

Venezuela Intelligence Police Detain Top Opposition Aide – WSJ

Venezuela’s intelligence police arrested the top aide of opposition leader Juan Guaido, a move that threatens to ratchet up the political tensions gripping the South American nation.

Exclusive: U.S. threatens to derail meeting of Latam lender if China bars Venezuela

The Washington-based IADB, the biggest lender to Latin America, voted last week to replace Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s board representative with Harvard economist Ricardo Hausmann, who is backed by Guaido. Several sources familiar with the situation told Reuters that China – one of the

Venezuela crisis: As Maduro, Guaidó clash, analysts warn of disaster – The Washington Post

The most severe economic crisis in recorded Latin American history is getting worse.

1,000 Venezuelan Troops Fled Across Border, Per Colombian Government : NPR

Those service members who have escaped amount to less than 1 percent of the Venezuelan military, but they now pledge allegiance to Juan Guaidó as their country’s president.

Venezuelan opposition leader defiant after arrest of chief of staff | Financial Times

US condemns detention of Juan Guaidó lieutenant and demands release

Venezuela detains top aide to Guaido in move U.S. calls ‘big mistake’ | Reuters

Venezuelan authorities detained opposition leader Juan Guaido’s chief of staff on Thursday in a pre-dawn raid, an escalating crackdown by President Nicolas Maduro against his opponents that the White House said would “not go unanswered.”

U.S. senators call on Venezuela to release jailed Citgo executives | Reuters

U.S. Republican Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn on Thursday pressed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to release six executives from Houston-based oil company Citgo Petroleum that have been in jail in the country since 2017.

Maduro’s latest outrage proves the Trump administration is failing in Venezuela

President Trump must respond forcefully to Nicolas Maduro’s arrest on Thursday of interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaido’s chief of staff, Roberto Marrero.

Venezuela news: Maduro greatly escalated his standoff with Guaidó – Vox

Intelligence forces loyal to Nicolás Maduro detained Roberto Marrero, Juan Guaidó’s chief of staff.

Venezuela Crisis Escalates as Guaidó’s Chief of Staff Is Arrested – The New York Times

Officers seized Roberto Marrero, a confidant of the opposition leader Juan Guaidó. His detention is a significant escalation of the country’s political crisis.

Venezuela Opposition Leader Wife Speaks to Crowd in Chile – YouTube

VOA News Published on Mar 21, 2019 Fabiana Rosales, wife of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, urged her countrymen in Chile to “reconquer” democracy in Venezuela on Wednesday. This comes as part of a tour of several South American countries to meet with leaders and members of the diaspora. “Reconquering democracy is the message we want to send to the world,” Rosales said at a conference at the Universidad Autónoma de Chile. The audience applauded her, although three hecklers were expelled by security. (AFP)

Venezuelan forces search homes of 2 opposition figures | Fox News

Venezuelan security forces have searched the homes of two key supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaido, who is escalating a campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela crisis: Juan Guaidó’s chief of staff detained – BBC News

Intelligence agents have raided the house of the opposition leader’s chief of staff, legislators say.

No Agreement On Maduro After U.S.-Russia Talks On Venezuela

The United States and Russia have held positive and substantive talks on the crisis in Venezuela, but the two sides are still divided over the legitimacy of President Nicolas Maduro, according to t…

Citigroup to sell Venezuelan gold in setback to President Maduro: sources | Reuters

Citigroup Inc plans to sell several tons of gold placed as collateral by Venezuela’s central bank on a $1.6 billion loan after the deadline for repurchasing them expired this month, sources said, a setback for President Nicolas Maduro’s efforts to hold onto the country’s fast-shrinking reserves.

Citigroup to sell more than $1B in Venezuelan gold in blow to Maduro regime, reports say | Fox News

Citigroup Inc. plans to sell several tons of Venezuelan gold it received as collateral from the Maduro regime to settle the country’s $1.6 billion loan after the deadline to repurchase the precious metal expired earlier this month, reports said Wednesday.

UN rights chief decries Venezuela crackdown, criticises sanctions | News | Al Jazeera

Michelle Bachelet renews tough criticism of Maduro’s gov’t. She also warns US sanctions could hurt Venezuelan citizens.

Citigroup Settles Venezuela Gold Swap Transaction – Bloomberg

Citigroup Inc. has settled a Venezuela gold swap transaction and plans to sell the metal it received as collateral while also depositing about $260 million into a U.S. account formerly controlled by President Nicolas Maduro’s central bank, according to four people with direct knowledge of the matter.

UN rights chief: US sanctions could deepen Venezuelan crisis | Fox News

The United Nation’s high commissioner for human rights says recent U.S. sanctions that are aimed to topple Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro threaten to deep the nation’s crisis.

Talks Stall Between US, Russia on Venezuela Crisis

Russia says Maduro remains country’s only legitimate leader whereas US, many other Western countries back Juan Guaido, head of opposition-controlled National Assembly

U.S. Sanctions Venezuela’s Minerven Gold Firm for Maduro Backing – Bloomberg

The U.S. Treasury on Tuesday imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s Minerven state gold mining company, which it says illicitly props up the regime of President Nicolas Maduro.

As Treasury Sanctions Venezuela Gold Miner, Trump Says U.S. Can Do More – WSJ

The U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s state-owned gold-mining company and the company’s president as Washington continues its effort to undermine President Nicolás Maduro.

US, Russia divided on Venezuela after talks in Rome | Fox News

Russia and the United States remain split on how to resolve the crisis in Venezuela, officials from both powers said Tuesday after talks in Rome.

Power Up: Trump’s Venezuela policy doesn’t protect that country’s citizens from being deported – The Washington Post

Opposition leaders want temporary protected status.

New evidence in Venezuelan cop’s death suggest murder – CNN Video

Oscar Perez, a Venezuelan police pilot accused of stealing a helicopter and using it to attack the country’s Supreme Court in 2017, was reportedly killed by Venezuelan police. Now, new evidence suggests Perez didn’t die fighting, but may have been captured and executed. CNN’s Patrick Oppmann reports.

Was Venezuela rebel cop Oscar Perez executed? Leaked photos raise questions – CNN

In January 2018, Venezuelan rebel Oscar Perez died in a firefight with government security forces. Now, Venezuela’s former Attorney General Luisa Ortega claims she has proof he was executed.

What a Military Intervention in Venezuela Would Involve

Even if a military intervention began well, U.S. forces would likely find themselves bogged down in the messy work of keeping the peace for years to come.