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Russian Rusich Neo-Nazi Links To NZ Mosque Massacre

At least one of the terrorists that shot 49 Muslim worshippers dead in three New Zealand mosques has ties or at least honored Russian neo-Nazis.

“The Nazi, who killed dozens of people in New Zealand, used the same symbolism as the Russian Nazis from the DSHWP “Rusich” Milchakova, who killed Ukrainians in Ukraine. However, the latter in Russia are called “anti-fascists””

This is not direct evidence of a link to Russian neo-Nazis or to Russian operations, but it does clearly demonstrate Russian influence in this anti-Islamic action.

There have been Putin’s conferences for neo-Nazis from Europe, showing semi-official ties to Neo-Nazis in Russia.

Furthermore, Russia has Oleksiy Milchakov, the former commander of the “Russich” (Russian) Neo-Nazi battalion that fought in Donbas for Russia. Milchakov now works for the Russian Wagner mercenary company.

I fully expect the Russian media to both support and condemn the killings of 49 Muslims in the three Mosques in New Zealand.  The Russian media must condemn these actions, in order to ‘save face’.  The Russian ‘state-sponsored’ church, however, is the Russian Orthodox Church. Islam is barely tolerated, and only openly supported in Chechnya.


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  1. They say in Swedish media that he wanted to avenge the Stockholm massacre on Drottninggatan with a truck last year. They say he probably was in Europe at the time being. He is dilusioned! How is this going to help me or my compadres? This atrocity will only be used by our regime against people like me.

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