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Venezuela Meltdown Update (22)

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The meltdown continues, fourth day of self-induced power outage. Regime continues to hang on – some of the comments border on the bizarre, Rogan in the WashEx is on target. Some apt comments by NatSecAdviser Bolton and Sen Rubio. Some good backgrounders.

How long this persists remains to be seen – toxic regimes generally do not care about the misery of their population until collapse occurs.

Venezuela blackout is causing death, says opposition leader Guaido – The Washington Post

Opposition politicians and aid groups report a rising number of deaths.

Venezuela is truly on the verge of collapse – The Washington Post

An all-encompassing nationwide blackout has brought the country to close to a standstill.

Nerves fray, tempers flare as Venezuela blackout hits fourth day | Reuters

Furious Venezuelans lined up to buy water and fuel on Sunday as the country endured a fourth day of a nationwide blackout that has left already-scarce food rotting in shops, homes suffering for lack of water and cell phones without reception.

Bolton: Maduro “Fears” Order To Arrest Guaido “Would Not Be Obeyed” | Video | RealClearPolitics

White House national security adviser John Bolton said Sunday that “momentum” is on the side of the U.S.-backed National Assembly in Venezuela and that President Nicolas Maduro “fears” that if he orders the arrest of opposition leader Juan Guaido, “it would not be obeyed.” “I think momentum is on Guaido’s side. Reports in the press that stress that the military hasn’t shifted [from Maduro to Guaido] miss the point entirely,” Bolton said on ABC’s “This Week.” “They have not sought to arrest Guaido and the National Assembly in the opposition, and I think one reason for that is that Maduro fears if he gave that order, it would not be obeyed,” he explained. ABC NEWS, MARTHA RADDATZ: And I want to turn now to Venezuela. We’ve seen the mass demonstrations, trying to halt food aid into the country, Nicolas Maduro looks like he is not really going anywhere. ABC’s Tom Llamas talked to Venezuelan President Maduro a few weeks ago, who said he fears President Trump because of those around him, including you. Let’s listen. TOM LLAMOS, WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ANCHOR: Do you fear President Trump? NICOLAS MADURO, PRESIDENT OF VENEZUELA: I fear the people that are around him like John Bolton, an extremist and expert of the Cold War. Elliott Abrams, a liar that trafficked arms and drugs in Central America and around the world and brought war to the United States. I think these people surrounding President Trump are bad on the subject of Venezuela. RADDATZ: I think you got the idea there, pointing the finger, right, at you and others. Do you want Maduro to fear the advice you’re giving to the president? JOHN BOLTON: Let me just say I’m honored to be named by Nicolas Maduro. I add him to the list of other people who’ve criticized me over the years. I don’t wish him any ill will. I tweeted some weeks ago I hope his future consists of living on a nice beach somewhere far from Venezuela. It’s not just Maduro though. It’s the entire regime. It’s a group of kleptocrats who have plundered Venezuela of its oil wealth, have impoverished the people. You can see that now with the collapse of their nationwide electrical grid ‘¦ RADDATZ: But do you think Maduro’s going anywhere. It’s been about six weeks since the U.S. backed Juan Guaido. BOLTON: I think’ look, I think momentum is on Guiado’s side. Reports in the press that stress the military hasn’t shifted miss the point entirely. RADDATZ: What’s the point? BOLTON: The point is that they have not sought to arrest Guaido and the and the National Assembly and the opposition. And I think one reason for that is that Maduro fears if he gave that order, it would not be obeyed. The fact is, and the media don’t know it because people don’t talk about this, there are countless conversations going on between members of the National Assembly and members of the military in Venezuela; talking about what might come, how they might move to support the opposition. They’re not going to broadcast that  RADDATZ: You’re pretty certain Maduros going to be out? BOLTON: Well, I’m not certain of anything. But I do think momentum is on the side of Guaido. I think the overwhelming support of the population and the overwhelming support of the enlisted personnel in the military and the junior officers, the top officer corps, only a few have broken. You know, there are 2,000 admirals and generals in Venezuela which is more than all of the nations of NATO combined. That tells you who benefits from plundering the economy. But many of them are talking as well. We’ll see what happens.

John Bolton: Nicolas Maduro ‘fears’ arrest order against Juan Guaido would be ignored

As Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro struggles to remain in control with economic strife and international pressure on the rise, national security adviser John Bolton said Sunday he thinks internal momentum in the South American country is building toward an ouster.

Bolton: Opposition leader has ‘momentum’ in Venezuela – POLITICO

Trump’s national security adviser is rooting for Juan Guaid&oacute; to prevail.

Venezuela military members in contact with opposition, says US National Security Advisor John Bolton

US National Security Advisor John Bolton said it was significant that the Maduro regime has refrained from arresting Guaido, who has been recognized by more than 50 countries as Venezuela’s acting president.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ‘fears’ order to arrest interim President Juan Guaido ‘would not be obeyed’: White House national security adviser John Bolton – ABC News

The White House’s John Bolton said on “This Week” Sunday that he believes Maduro hasn’t sought to arrest Guaido because he fears the order “would not be obeyed.”

No End in Sight to Venezuela’s Blackout, Experts Warn – The New York Times

Four days after the country’s neglected power system went down, the government has pointed fingers but done little else to restore electricity.

‘This is chaos’: Death toll rises as Venezuela blackout, protests continue

Supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaidó vented their anger over a major electricity outage — which has already taken the lives of 13 — as Venezuelans backing President Nicolás Maduro held a rival demonstration.

Despite pressure, Venezuela’s Maduro seems set on staying put: U.S. envoy | Reuters

There are no signs that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is open to negotiations to end the political impasse with opposition leader Juan Guaido, Washington’s envoy for Venezuela said.

Electric power returns to part, but not all, of Venezuela | Fox News

Power has returned to some parts of Venezuela after several days of the country’s worst blackouts, but many areas remain without electricity and communications.

UPDATE 5-Venezuela’s Guaido Calls for Massive Protest as Blackout Drags on |

UPDATE 5-Venezuela’s Guaido Calls for Massive Protest as Blackout Drags on

Venezuela’s minister says major power outage likely caused by ‘cyberattack’, points finger at US — RT World News

A cyber-attack is likely the reason for the major blackout that left most of Venezuela in darkness, a Maduro government official said, hinting that the US may be involved in the offensive.

Venezuela’s Maduro: Blackout due to cyber-attack, infiltrators | News | Al Jazeera

Venezuelan president says complete blackout caused by ‘an international cyber-attack’ with support from within.

Venezuela’s Maduro says cyber attack prevented power restoration – YouTube

AFP news agency Published on Mar 9, 2019 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claims that a new cyber attack had prevented authorities from restoring power throughout the country following a blackout on Thursday that caused chaos. SOUNDBITE

US Stealth War on Venezuela – Sputnik International

As Venezuela’s nationwide crippling power outage goes into days, rather than hours, the suspicion grows that the South American country has been hit with a mass attack by the United States.

Journo: Reason for Aggression Against Venezuela Is to Knock It Out of Oil Market – Sputnik International

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido has said that Venezuela’s expulsion of the German ambassador constitutes a threat to Germany. Sputnik spoke about the latest developments in Venezuela with Patrick Henningsen – Journalist and Founder of

Maduro nearly has a mental breakdown on Twitter

Illegitimate occupier of the Venezuelan presidency Nicolas Maduro likes to tweet almost as much as President Trump. But on Friday, Maduro’s Twitter feed went peak Maduro — which is to say, one tweet short of a full mental breakdown.

US Preparing for Long Struggle to Oust Venezuelan Leader – YouTube

VOA News Published on Mar 8, 2019 The U.S. special envoy for Venezuela on Friday tried to counter criticism that efforts to force Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from power have stalled and concerns that imposed sanctions will only hurt ordinary people already suffering from chronic food and medicine shortages in the oil rich nation. VOA’s Brian Padden reports. Originally published at –

Secretary Pompeo on Twitter: “The power outage and the devastation hurting ordinary Venezuelans is not because of the USA. It’s not because of Colombia. It’s not Ecuador or Brazil, Europe or anywhere else. Power shortages and starvation are the result of the Maduro regime’s incompetence.”

Marco Rubio on Twitter: “ALERT: Reports of a complete power outage all across #Venezuela at this moment. 18 of 23 states & the capital district are currently facing complete blackouts. Main airport also without power & backup generators have failed. #MaduroRegime is a complete disaster.”

In Venezuela, Maduro still holds military even as street protests continue – The Washington Post

The authoritarian leader still has the military on his side even as anti-government protesters again take to the streets.

Venezuela’s Maduro thanks military for defeating ‘coup’ – BBC News

The Venezuelan leader’s remarks came during a day of protests by pro-government and opposition groups.

Nicolás Maduro thanks military for overcoming U.S.-led coup: Report – Axios

“[T]hey have defeated the coup-plotters,” he said, according to the BBC.

Venezuela’s Guaido calls for march on Caracas after deadly blackout crisis

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido on Saturday announced a nationwide march on Caracas as thousands of people took to the capital’s streets to crank up the pressure on beleaguered President Nicolas Maduro.

Amid Blackout in Venezuela, Maduro and Guaidó Hold Dueling Ralliies : NPR

With some parts of Venezuela still experiencing power outages, opposition leader Juan Guaidó and President Nicolás Maduro held rival rallies in Caracas.

Venezuela: Thousands join rival rallies as power cuts continue – BBC News

Pro- and anti-government protesters fill the streets as power cuts add to a national crisis.

Venezuela’s Guaido calls for massive protest as blackout drags on | Reuters

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on Saturday called on citizens nationwide to travel to the capital Caracas for a protest against socialist President Nicolas Maduro, as the country’s worst blackout in decades dragged on for a third day.

Venezuelan power outage wreaks havoc in capital city Caracas – New York Daily News

venezuelan power outage wreaks havoc in capital city of Caracas

Can there be a peaceful exit from the Venezuelan crisis? | Venezuela | Al Jazeera

Maduro would not step down peacefully, having just been elected president. So what are the options?

Footage Contradicts U.S. Claim That Maduro Burned Aid Convoy – The New York Times

A reconstruction of the moment when a truck bearing humanitarian supplies was set on fire shows the likely cause was a Molotov cocktail thrown by a protester.

Venezuela must pay Conoco over $8 billion: World Bank | Reuters

Venezuela must pay ConocoPhillips more than $8 billion to compensate for the 2007 expropriation of oil assets by the country’s late socialist leader Hugo Chavez, the World Bank ruled on Friday, making the U.S. energy company the largest victor in claims stemming from nationalizations in the OPEC country.

Kenya, Zimbabwe, Other African Nations Hold Lessons For Venezuela : NPR

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Eyder Peralta usually covers Africa for NPR. After reporting recently in Venezuela, he describes parallels he saw with popular movements facing government repression.

Venezuela: EU′s inconsistency could complicate efforts to end crisis | Americas| North and South American news impacting on Europe | DW | 09.03.2019

The European Union-backed International Contact Group is set to convene at the end of March to find a peaceful solution to the power struggle in Venezuela. Chances of success are difficult to predict.

Venezuelan hospitals struggle to tend patients without power – ABC News

What Broke Venezuela’s Economy and What Could Fix It – The Washington Post

A Central American Marshall Plan won’t work – AEI

Since late January, thousands of would-be asylum applicants have been held up just outside of the U.S. border with Mexico, where they have been forced to wait their turn to speak to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Venezuela’s Simon Bolivar University is Dry and Crumbling – Bloomberg

The economic crisis left USB as a shadow of its former self.

How Socialism Turned Venezuela Into A Post Apocalyptic Nightmare

The power is out. The lights are off. Civilization has completely fallen apart. No one knows who’s in charge any more. And Venezuela is polarized and tense.

Senators push Trump on emergency legal status for 74,000 Venezuelans

President Trump’s top congressional allies in the Venezuela crisis are urging him to grant emergency legal status to thousands of people who have fled strongman Nicolas Maduro’s rule.

Protesters reportedly set aid trucks along the Venezuela-Colombia border on fire after US government officials thought Maduro was responsible | Business Insider

Last month, an US-backed effort to break Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro’s block on convoys at the border of Venezuela-Colombia and deliver foreign aid resulted on two people dead and another 300 injured.

Sen. Marco Rubio Blames Power Outage On ‘German Dam’ Explosion, Doesn’t Realize ‘Germán Dam’ is Journalist’s Name

The Florida senator appears to have confused a reporter for a nonexistent hydroelectric plant in Venezuela.

U.S. presses India to stop buying oil from Venezuela’s Maduro: envoy | Reuters

The United States is pressing India to stop buying oil from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government, Washington’s top envoy for Venezuela said, as the Trump administration this week threatened more U.S. sanctions to cut off Maduro’s financial lifelines.