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Ukraine / Russia Ad Hoc Media Update (110)

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The Svetlana Dryuk defection is mind-boggling. 

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Russians suspend INF. Gen Gerasimov’s media briefs produce more commentary in the West. Speculation the US may throw the Russians off SWIFT and shut down their oil exports. Levada survey indicates most Russians now believe the machinery of state is  “totally corrupt” – they may be right. More on the Russian Internet. Pogodina on Soviet use of the Swastika. Update on Russian meddling in Italian, Estonian, Moldovan and EU politics. Russia’s“Troika Laundromat” scam.

Salisbury anniversary sees the firehose turned on fully again, and a great many background articles on the attack in the UK media, backfilling on the evidence that alerted the UK to this being a Muscovy operation. Notable is the increasingly hardening attitude to Russia.

Azov / POW update. Pres Poroshenko’s new counter-terrorism policy. Donbas and AFU updates.

A major and deeply damaging propaganda calamity for the DPR and Russia’s domestic propaganda effort – propaganda icon Svetlana Dryuk defects to Ukraine, and on Ukrainian TV states her intent to testify against Russia in the Hague. Reports include claims she sabotaged 7 MBTs and took key Blitzkrieg campaign planning documents with her.

Industry update – Canadian avionics to be used in Antonovs. Russian spare parts smuggling scandal expands by the day. Election update – Zelenskiy pulls ahead of Pres Poroshenko, while Tymoshenko slides down. Gas war and politics/economy update.

OCU update – public comments on Russian meddling, and agreement with Romania. In Crimea, OCu archbishop arrested by Russians and later released. In Russia Seven Jehovah’s witnesses tell media of torture – Russia is sinking into the same hole as Nazi Germany had.

Russia Suspends Nuclear Missile Treaty With U.S. – WSJ

President Vladimir Putin formally ordered a suspension of Russia’s obligations under a Cold War-era nuclear treaty with the U.S., heightening the threat of a new arms race.

UAWire – Putin suspends Russia’s participation in Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles Treaty

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on the suspension of Russia’s participation in the Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range …

US is plotting to cripple us, warns Russian general | World | The Times

Russia must increasingly threaten its enemies in the West or risk being attacked by the United States, according to President Putin’s military chief. Valery Gerasimov, chief of the general staff of Russia’s armed forces, accused the US of devising a strategy to destabilise its enemy by fomenting street protests before launching military strikes against key infrastructure. Russia was obliged to “respond to the threat by creating a threat”, he said. This included using cyberwarfare, which provided “the possibility of remote, hidden influence”. He added: “Information technologies are becoming some of the most promising weapons.”

Top US, Russian generals meet in Vienna | TheHill

The U.S. military’s top officer met Monday with his Russian counterpart to discuss efforts to ensure “strategic stability” between the two militaries, a statement said Monday.

Top U.S., Russian Generals To Meet In Vienna To Discuss Syria, Other Key Issues

The top U.S. and Russian generals are set to meet to discuss the situation in Syria, where the two countries, along with Iran and Turkey, have been militarily involved in the Middle East country’s eight-year civil war.

Russian General Pitches ‘Information’ Operations as a Form of War – The New York Times

Gen. Valery V. Gerasimov, sometimes credited with inventing Russian “hybrid war,” described modern conflict as a blend of military, economic and political tactics.

Russian general pitches “information” operations as a form of war: NYT – news world | UNIAN

The chief of Russia’s armed forces endorsed on Saturday the kind of tactics used by his country to intervene abroad, repeating a philosophy of so-called hybrid war that has earned him notoriety in the West, especially among American officials who have accused Russia of election meddling in 2016. General Gerasimov said Russia’s armed forces must maintain both “classical” and “asymmetrical” potential, using jargon for the mix of combat, intelligence and propaganda tools that the Kremlin has deployed in conflicts such as Syria and Ukraine.

UAWire – US considers cutting Russia off from world oil market

A new round of US sanctions, enshrined in the Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression (DASKA) Act, threatens to cause the outright …

Oleksiy Kushch | US could disconnect Russia from SWIFT but EU prepares escape hatch

Now Ukraine practically prefers not to notice launching of a European alternative to SWIFT – the INSTEX system. For a long time, Ukraine’s current government has been following a strategy based on the good old Chinese approach: “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” Chinese stratagems are applicable only to the Chinese. Sitting by the river might take thousands of years, and the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has only five years. Ukraine has no time to wait. Nevertheless, the general state strategy relies precisely on “passive assiduity.” Our officials guaranteed us that the Crimean bridge would not be built, the Russians would not host the World Championship, the Nord Stream – 2 would never be launched, and the sanctions would immediately kill Russian economy, and Russian Federation would collapse soon. One of these expectations is the topic of disconnecting the Russian Federation from the SWIFT payments system. Recently, SWIFT issue has been widely discussed by the EU, which does not fully agree with the “hawkish” US policy against Iran and the Russian Federation. The EU has applied the so-called blocking regulations as a preventive measure to formulate a policy independent of the United States against Iran. The extraterritorial sanctions of the United States are not applied to European companies. The EU regulation prohibits its companies to comply with the US sanctions requirements. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini announced the launch of a project to create an alternative system that could secure financial transactions with Iran, bypassing US sanctions radars. As conceived by the European functionaries, this system might become a global project. Theoretically, something similar can happen if the US sanctions against the Russian Federation are strengthened, if Europe does not want to join them. In this case, the alternative transaction program will include the Customs Union countries and, possibly, China.

UAWire – Two thirds of Russians speak of ‘overall degradation’ of government

The Russian population at large is becoming increasingly convinced that the country’s government is totally corrupt. The arrests of high-ranking officials are perceived not as evidence of the fight against corruption, but merely a show, or evidence of infighting between members of the elite. This was the conclusion reached by the Levada Center’s survey in February dedicated to the Rauf Arashukov case. Arashukov, a former senator from Karachay-Cherkessia, was arrested during a session of the Federation Council on charges of organizing two killings and of stealing gas alongside his father, the twice-convicted assistant to the director of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz, Raul Arashukov. According to Levada, 68% of polled Russians consider the cases of bribery, the large quantities of undeclared funds found in the officials’ possession, their arrest and prosecution to be “a manifestation of the overall degradation and corruption of the government”. Compared to 2016, the number of such responses has grown by 4 percentage points. The number of people who consider such incidents “isolated and atypical” has dropped from 27% to 22%. 25% of respondents believe that the arrest of the Arashukovs is evidence of “the serious fight against corruption in the government apparatus”. However, more than half of those polled believe that this case is merely a consequence of either “the struggle for influence” (31%) or intended to “draw attention away from the real problems in the economy” (23%). Most Russians dismiss the Arashukov scandal as a routine development in light of total government corruption, Levada Center director Lev Gudkov explained: “These showdowns between different clans are also quite a persistent setting. The more informed and educated people are, the stronger their convictions about this. For example, in Moscow, 82% consider this a sign of general government corruption.” The people who seriously consider it a sign of combating corruption are the elderly and not as well educated people from the provincial regions, and the majority of the youth do not know anything about the Arashukovs’ arrest, the sociologist notes. When Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev was arrested in 2016, many were still surprised, because he was from the liberal camp, which often talks about integrity in politics, Gudkov adds: “In this case, with respect to the members of the Caucasian republics, there is no such thinking, it is all perceived as a showdown between local clans, and people are convinced that they are corrupt.”

Vladimir Putin Wants His Own Internet – Bloomberg

A new law would create a single command post from which authorities can manage—and halt—information flows across Russian cyberspace.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: How Hitler and Lunacharsky Ended Widespread Soviet Use of the Swastika

Paul Goble Staunton, March 3 – For almost five years after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, Soviet officials used the swastika on documents, money, and military awards, a practice that might have continued had it not been a campaign Anatoly Lunacharsky launched against it and Adolf Hitler’s use of the swastika to symbolize his struggle against Jews and communists. Swastikas have been a feature of human art and religion extending back at least 25,000 years, historian Galina Pogodina says; and by the earlier years of the 20th century, it has become fashionable to use it in Europe and America as a decoration and symbol of fertility and good luck ( Russia was no exception to this trend. Nicholas II had swastikas painted on his limousine. His wife Aleksandra drew a swastika on the walls of the Ipatyev House where the Imperial Family was murdered. And the Provisional Government issued currency with swastikas behind a two-headed Russian eagle. After the Bolsheviks seized power, the Red Army introduced the use of swastikas on insignia and awards for the Kalmyks, who were Buddhist and thus honored the swastika as part of their faith, and for the Bashkirs, who weren’t and didn’t. But the most frequent use was on the first issues of Soviet currency and on official documents. At the end of 1916, the tsarist mint had prepared new bills which featured the swastika. The Provisional Government used some of them. And then the Bolsheviks, who “didn’t have time for coming up with their own design, used these as the basis for the first Soviet issues of 250, 1000, 5,000 and 10,000 rubles. “Thus,” Pogodina continues, “this symbol on the first Soviet bills was left as an inheritance from the previous authorities.” But she says, Soviet officials up to and including Lenin used the swastika on official documents to confirm that they were genuine and not faked by opponents. This might have continued and the swastika taken its place along the hammer and sickle as a symbol of the Soviet state had it not been for a campaign against it by Anatoly Lunacharsky, the Soviet commissar for enlightenment. In a 1922 Izvestiya article, he said the Soviets shouldn’t use the swastika because right-wing German anti-communists were. Lunacharsky’s concerns were vindicated when in 1923, Adolf Hitler adopted the swastika as the symbol of his party. The fuehrer said that it stood for his “struggle against Jews and communists.” After that, it was unthinkable that the Bolsheviks would use it; and it rapidly began to disappear from official documents, but as a church decoration it survived for a time.

Russia’s New ‘AI Supercomputer’ Runs on Western Technology – Defense One

The 1-petaflop Zhores is built on California circuitry, and it’s hardly alone.

Sukhoi Delivers Last Classic “Flanker” to Russian MoD | Defense News: Aviation International News

The Komosomolsk-upon-Amur factory revealed that it has delivered the last of the baseline Su-27 “Flanker” family to the Russian forces.

Is Italy on the verge of a “Russiagate”? – news portal

Is Italy on the verge of a “Russiagate”?. A journalistic investigation into Russian money which was supposed to finance an election campaign of the far-right League (Lega Nord) party could be the beginning of an Italian “Russiagate”. In any case, its findings will become a test for the country’s system of checks and balances. The opposition is already demanding explanation from the ruling League party. Political – news portal. Latest from Ukraine and the world today

Opposition Reform party wins Estonia general election | Estonia News | Al Jazeera

Reform won 28.8 percent of the vote putting Kaja Kallas in pole position to become the country’s first female PM.

Estonia general election: Opposition party beats Centre rivals – BBC News

The Reform party leader Kaja Kallas is on course to be Estonia’s first female prime minister.

Estonia’s Center Right Wins Election, but Far Right Does Well, Too – The New York Times

The opposition Reform Party, which supports low taxes and minimal government involvement, was the top vote-getter in a general election.

Anti-EU populist party sees support SOAR in shock Estonia election result | World | News |

AN ANTI-EU Estonian political party saw its share of the vote soar in parliamentary elections that brought a surprise win for the centre-right Reform Party.

Moldova set for coalition talks after inconclusive election | Reuters

An election in Moldova has produced a hung parliament, with the vote split between pro-Western and pro-Russian forces at a time when the ex-Soviet republic’s relations with the European Union have soured.

Coalition talks in Moldova ahead as pro-Russian Socialist Party gets 35 of 101 seats in parliament – news world | UNIAN

The Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, supporting the country’s president Igor Dodon and the restoration of relations with Russia, won the elections to the Moldovan parliament, according to the final data presented by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). The Democratic Party of Moldova were runners-up.

Pro-Russian forces making plans again to return Russian delegation to PACE – Ariev

Parliamentarian from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction, head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Volodymyr Ariev emphasizes that the issue of the return of the Russian delegation to PACE is raised again, but does not have full support.

Multibillion-Dollar Money-Laundering Scheme Run By Russia’s Largest Private Investment Bank Uncovered, Report Says

An almost $9 billion global money-laundering scheme allegedly set up and run by Russia’s largest private investment bank and having close ties to the country’s ruling elite has been uncovered by the Sarajevo-based Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

Journalist: Russia-Based Money-Laundering Scheme Is ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’

A report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) has revealed an $8.89 billion global money-laundering scheme set up by Russia’s largest private investment bank, Troika Dialog. OCCRP co-founder and coordinator Paul Radu says that elites close to Russian President Vladimir Putin have benefitted from the scheme, dubbed the Troika Laundromat. Speaking on March 4 to RFE/RL from Bucharest, Romania, Radu said that the scheme was just the “tip of the iceberg.”

The Troika Laundromat: Five Quick Takeaways

With the financial world reeling from the news that an almost $9 billion global money-laundering scheme was allegedly set up and run by Russia’s largest private investment bank, here are five quick…

‘Troika Laundromat’ Accusations Cast Millionaire Vardanyan In New Light

Investigative journalists allege that Ruben Vardanyan’s investment bank was at the heart of an $8.89 billion global money-laundering system that the OCCRP has dubbed the “Troika Laundromat.”

One Year After, Moscow University Invites Skripal Poisoning Suspects To Conference On ‘Information War.’ Or Is It Just Trolling?

After a claim, a denial, and confirmation of the original claim, some suspect the announcement by Moscow State University is another case of Russian dark humor about last year’s deadly nerve-agent …

UAWire – Russian diplomats intend to meet the son of ‘Novichok’ poisoning victim

The Russian Embassy in Great Britain expressed its readiness to meet with the son of the Dawn Sturgess, who died after being exposed to a nerve agent, which also affected Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia, informs the Russian service of Radio Liberty. According to the Russian news agency TASS, the diplomatic mission noted that they intend to send Evan Hope the “Salisbury: questions without answers” report, prepared for the anniversary of the incident in Salisbury. “The embassy is ready to meet with Hope in order to try to answer all his questions regarding the Russian official position,” the Russian embassy stated. The son of the British citizen Dawn Sturgess, who died in the city of Amesbury from the nerve agent Novichok poisoning, wrote a letter to the Russian President Vladimir Putin asking him to allow British investigators to question Russian citizens suspected of using Novichok. The Daily Mirror newspaper published quotes from the 20-year-old Evan Hope letter.

Russia Wants Access To Ex-Spy In U.K. : NPR

Former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia survived an assassination attempt last year, which U.K. authorities blamed on Russia. Russian officials want to know where the two are now.

TASS: World – Russia brands Salisbury saga gimmick to distract UK public from Brexit

The May Cabinet has ignored Russia’s numerous proposals on constructive cooperation, the ministry stressed

Theresa May visits Salisbury on 1st anniversary of Skripal poisoning – YouTube

RT UK Published on Mar 4, 2019 ‘It’s made people see Salisbury again’ Theresa May is visiting Salisbury on the 1st anniversary of the Skripal poisoning. RT’s Polly Boiko has more.

Britain puts new roof on Skripal House of Horrors (by George Galloway) — RT Op-ed

In 12 months of shifting sands, one thing remains as its original foundations: the British state narrative on Salisbury stands as a castle in the air.

One year on, the Skripal poisoning case is still riddled with questions that no one wants to answer | The Independent

One year on from events in Salisbury, an official version of what happened reigns supreme: “Russia did it.” This presumption is scandalously short on evidence and logic, but it survives thanks to some highly effective stonewalling by the British government and some apparent media compliance. The Radio 4’s Today programme last week spoke of “a weight of evidence [against

Salisbury attack ‘evidence’ of Russian weapon stockpile – BBC News

The Skripal poisoning shows Russia continues to manufacture chemical weapons, says the US state department.

Salisbury police hunt FIVE more suspects over failed plot to kill Sergei Skripal – Mirror Online

EXCLUSIVE: Sergei and Yulia Skripal were nearly killed after being poisoned with novichok at his home in Salisbury last year. A year to the day after the botched novichok hit in Salisbury, the hunt is still on for at least five more ­suspects in a quest for justice. Moscow has refused to hand over alleged hitmen Dr Alexander Mishkin and Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga – who are in Russian intelligence outfit the GRU and were caught on CCTV. Since giving TV interviews after the Met Police released their images last September, both men have vanished. But MI5 and counter-terror police believe they targeted former double-agent Sergei Skripal on March 4 last year as part of an eight-strong death squad. This would have included a surveillance unit, someone to deliver the novichok and someone to follow Sergei’s daughter Yulia as she flew to the UK from Moscow. A third GRU member believed to be involved was named as Denis Sergeev, who uses the alias Sergey Fedatov.

MI5 probes heightened activity at Russia’s London embassy before novichok horror – Mirror Online

Security chiefs say “increased” and “unusual” activity was noted before the attack on ex-spy Sergei Skripal, 67, and daughter Yulia, 34.

Novichok poisoning: ‘Unusual and increased activity’ at Russian embassy in London around Salisbury attack | The Independent

“Frantic and unprecedented” movement around the Russian embassy in London was monitored by intelligence agencies around the Salisbury attack, it has emerged. MI5, MI6 and GCHQ reportedly investigated “unusual” activity in the days before and after Sergei and Yulia Skripal were poisoned with novichok a year ago.

‘Unusual activity’ at Russian embassy before novichok attack | UK news | The Guardian

UK intelligence investigated ‘frantic comings and goings’ at time of Skripal poisonings

‘Unusual’ Activity At Russian Embassy Around Days Of Novichok Poisoning

The source said intelligence services continue to believe the attack was ordered at “the highest level in the Russian state”.

Britain’s May Visits Salisbury On First Anniversary Of Novichok Poisoning

British Prime Minister Theresa May has visited Salisbury a year after a nerve-agent attack against a former Russian spy in the English city.

A Year After Skripal Poisoning, Russia Offers Defiant Face to Britain and the West – The New York Times

Rather than ignoring the anniversary of the day a former Russian spy was found poisoned, Russia punctuated the occasion with an hourlong news conference, a 52-page report and coverage on state-run TV.

Salisbury poisoning: Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal was attacked one year ago. The Kremlin denies everything. – The Washington Post

The Skripals are alive and Salisbury has been decontaminated, but the recriminations continue.

UK’s May praises Salisbury on anniversary of Skripal poisoning as Russia “debunks” investigation | Euronews

“Today is an important milestone for Salisbury as it emerges from the shadow cast by the use of chemical weapons on the steets of our country,” May said.

Skripals only survived attack ‘because blundering Russian hitmen forgot to shake perfume bottle’ | Daily Mail Online

Vil Mirzayanov – a whistleblower now living in exile in the US – claims this is the reason Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia survived the horrific attack in Salisbury one year ago on March 4.

Police only realised significance of Skripal poisoning when they Googled the victim, officer reveals 

Salisbury police only realised the significance of the Skripal poisoning when they Googled the victim, an officer involved in the investigation has revealed on the anniversary of the Russian nerve agent attack.

Police chief didn’t know Sergei Skripal lived in Salisbury before Novichok attack | Metro News

The police chief whose force responded to the Salisbury nerve agent attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter has admitted he had no idea the ex-Russian spy lived in Salisbury….

Spire FM – News – Wiltshire police chief ‘was unaware ex-spy Sergei Skripal lived in Salisbury’

Kier Pritchard says he had no idea the former spy was living in our city.

‘The whole world knows us’: Salisbury one year on from novichok attack | UK news | The Guardian

Some talk of anxiety following Skripal poisoning, yet the city is determined to move on

Son of Novichok Victim Makes a Plea to Putin: ‘I Am Appealing to You as a Human’ – The New York Times

On the anniversary of a nerve agent attack in an English city, the son of a woman who died from the poison issued a plea for Vladimir V. Putin to allow the questioning of agents presumed responsible.

Son of Novichok victim makes a plea to Putin: ‘I am appealing to you as a human’ –

The son of Dawn Sturgess, a British woman fatally poisoned by a nerve agent discarded in a residential area by Russian intelligence officers, on Sunday asked President Vladimir V. Putin to allow British investigators to question the men presumed responsible, telling Mr. Putin, “I am appealing to you as a human being.” “Allow our officers to question these men about my mother’s murder,” he urged Mr. Putin on the anniversary of the nerve agent attack, according to excerpts from a letter published in The Mirror. “The least she deserves is justice.” Ms. Sturgess, 44, and her boyfriend, Charlie Rowley, 45, were collateral damage in the attack on Sergei V. Skripal, a former Russian spy who had been resettled in Salisbury, a quiet city in southern England. Since Ms. Sturgess’s death, Russian officials have repeatedly made light of the episode. In December, the state-run television network RT sent chocolate replicas of Salisbury Cathedral as holiday gifts. On Sunday, Ms. Sturgess’s 20-year-old son, Ewan Hope, addressed Mr. Putin directly.

A year on from Salisbury, we are still failing to stand up to Russia | News | The Times

A year ago today, Sergei and Yulia Skripal were poisoned in Salisbury in a brazen assassination attempt by Russia’s GRU, a military intelligence agency. It was the second time in a dozen years that Russia had carried out a life-threatening attack on a British citizen. Alexander Litvinenko was murder

The Times view on Putin’s military manoeuvring a year on from the Skripal poisoning: After Salisbury | Comment | The Times

On the anniversary of the nerve agent attack on the Russian defector Sergei Skripal and his daughter, there is no doubt about the identity of the chief assailants nor about the compelling evidence that the puppet masters are in Moscow.Yet Vladimir Putin’s Russia, which invaded Georgia in 2008, ann

Deborah Haynes on Twitter: “BREAKING: This is new information in the Skripal investigation. We did not know the novichok perfume bottle was found by Charlie Rowley – partner of Dawn Sturgess who later died – on 27 June. The couple were taken ill on 30 June #Salisbury #Amesbury…”

U.S. Under Secretary of State David Hale to visit Ukraine – news politics | UNIAN

U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale will visit Ukraine on March 5-7. Hale will discuss upcoming elections, anti-corruption, and human rights issues with government officials and civil society leaders.

Russian National Guard’s combat boats start patrolling area near Crimean Bridge (Photo) – news politics | UNIAN

BK-16 combat boats of the Russian National Guard have started patrolling the Black Sea coast near the illegally built Crimean Bridge. The boats are equipped with navigation and radio systems for long maneuvers.

Azov crisis: “Special cell mates” settled next to Ukrainian POWs

Ukrainian sailors captured in Azov Sea last year undertake psychological pressure in Lefortovo prison

Russia must immediately release Ukrainian sailors and vessels — Volker

U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker has called on Russia to release Ukrainian sailors captured near the Kerch Strait. — Ukrinform.

Lawyers of captive Ukrainian sailors preparing paperwork for individual complaints to ECHR – Polozov

A team of lawyers for Ukrainian prisoner of war (POW) sailors are completing the first package of documents necessary for submitting individual complaints to international institutions, head of the lawyer group Nikolai Polozov has said.

UAWire – Russia to reinforce Black Sea Fleet with Bastion missile systems

In 2019, the Russian Defense Ministry will continue to reinforce its Black Sea Fleet with K300-P Bastion coastal defense missile systems armed …

Ukrainian Political Activist Kolchenko Describes Russian Prison Conditions

Ukrainian activist Oleksandr Kolchenko is serving a 10-year sentence in Russia on terror charges that human rights groups say are politically motivated. He was convicted in 2015 alongside Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov after Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea. During a visit by an observation mission, Sentsov described the time he’s spent in an isolation cell, as well as the letters of support he’s received from inside and outside Russia.

UAWire – Ukrainian President: EU will allocate 50 million euros to maintain Azov coast security

President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, announced during the Regional Development Council in Odessa that the European Union’s special project to …

Poroshenko endorses anti-terrorism concept, Russia’s aggressive policy defined as biggest terrorist threat

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has endorsed the concept of combating terrorism in Ukraine, according to which the aggressive policy of the Russian Federation aimed at destabilizing the situation in the Ukrainian state is the biggest terrorist threat to Ukraine. The corresponding presidential decree No. 53/2019 of March 5, 2019, was made public on the presidential website. The concept’s “Problems that Require Solution” section says that “the aggressive policy of the Russian Federation, aimed at destabilizing the situation in the state, including through inspiration for separatism and comprehensive support for subversive and terrorist activities of puppet quasi- formations in the temporarily occupied territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regions currently poses the biggest terrorist threat to Ukraine.” “The actions of illegal armed groups ‘DPR’ [‘Donetsk People’s Republic’] and ‘LPR’ [‘Luhansk People’s Republic’], in particular, the shelling of civilian facilities and infrastructure, which cause numerous civilian casualties, acts of subversion, the creation of obstacles to the work of observers of international organizations, threats to their lives and health are characterized in international law enforcement practice as terrorism,” the concept said. It is noted that in the global terrorism index, which is being developed to determine the level of vulnerability of states to terrorist threats, Ukraine climbed from 51st place (in 2013) to 21st place (in 2018) among 163 countries since the beginning of Russia’s armed aggression. According to the concept, such factors are conducive to the spread of terrorism in Ukraine as: activation of separatist movements in Ukraine and the instigation of such sentiments in areas densely populated by national minorities; aggressive actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, including in the Azov-Black Sea region; the presence in Ukrainian territory of a large number of the most vulnerable facilities exposed to possible terrorist attacks; an increase in the crime rate associated with the illicit trafficking of firearms, ammunition, explosives and poisonous substances and other means of mass destruction; increased interest in Ukraine from international organized crime in the areas of illegal migration, money laundering, the smuggling of weapons, hazardous materials and drugs, biological and chemical waste, nuclear materials, etc. “In the context of hybrid warfare, the institutional mechanism for coordinating the activities of counter-terrorism actors needs to be improved, including by clarifying the tasks and functions of the Anti-Terrorist Center under the Security Service of Ukraine, along with optimizing its organizational and staff structure,” the concept says.

Poroshenko approves concept of combating terrorism – news politics | UNIAN

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has approved the concept of combating terrorism in Ukraine. Decree of the president of Ukraine of April 25, 2013, No. 230 “On the Concept of combating terrorism” is recognized as invalid.

Donbas death toll rises as Ukraine reports another soldier killed in action Monday – news war | UNIAN

Russia’s hybrid military forces mounted nine attacks on Ukrainian army positions in Donbas in the past 24 hours, with one Ukrainian soldier reported as killed in action. According to intelligence reports, four enemy troops were eliminated and another one was wounded.

Russia-led forces’ tanks attack Ukrainian positions in Donbas for the first time since year-start – news war | UNIAN

Russia-led forces’ tanks on Monday, March 4, attacked Ukrainian positions in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, for the first time since the beginning of the year. One Ukrainian soldier was killed in action on that day.

Ukrainian volunteer shows Ukrainian army’s crushing blow on enemy position in Donbas (Video) – news war | UNIAN

It was an adequate response to enemy fire, the volunteer said.

Ukrainian soldier wounded in Donbas as Russian proxies mortar JF positions Sunday – news war | UNIAN

Russia’s hybrid military forces mounted nine attacks on Ukraine Joint Forces’ positions in Donbas in the past 24 hours, with one Ukrainian soldier reported as wounded in action. According to intelligence reports, two enemy troops were killed in action and another one was wounded.

Attempts to legalize Russian mercenaries in Ukraine occurred, – Border Guard Service

Russian special services try to legalize mercenaries in Ukraine

UAWire – Ukrainian border guards detain Russian mercenary at Luhansk checkpoint

The Ukrainian military detained a Russian mercenary in the Luhansk region, reported the Staff of the Joint Forces Operation on March 3. &quot;During …

Blogger imprisoned for ‘hate speech’ after criticizing banditry in Russian-backed Donbas ‘republic’ – Human Rights in Ukraine

Denis Lotov is a blogger and ex-fighter from the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ [DPR] whose fall from grace is probably because of the inconvenient truths he told, including about the real culprits of a shelling tragedy which the militants tried to blame on ‘Ukrainian saboteurs’ –

Naval Infantry (Marines) of the Navy will have a reconnaissance battalion

The Naval Army of the Navy will have its own intelligence battalion, which will complement the military units set up last year by the Marine Corps Command. The new 140th separate intelligence battalion is already being formed. Let’s remind that earlier assault troops, which formed the 132nd separate intelligence battalion, were replenished with their own discovery. The reconnaissance part is formed in accordance with plans for the creation of a Marine Corps Command, a self-sufficient ground component capable of solving the entire spectrum of tasks for fleet support and protection of the seaside. Currently, 35 members of the Marine Corps, 18th, 88th and 137th separate battalions and 36th brigade, with 1 st, 501 th and 503th individual battalions, are also members of the KMP. 406th artillery brigade (six art divisions) and 32nd artillery regiment. In addition, as already reported, a separate air defense missile battery is being formed in Ochakov. Also, last year, in an interview with the commander of the KMP VMSU, Lt. Gen. Yuriy Sodol announced the formation of two more brigades of the Marine Corps in 2019. “Marine infantry is an offensive year of troops. Not defensive, but offensive. The overwhelming theme of the training for the next year is offensive tactics. Moreover, we are becoming more “, – says the commander of” three elements “soldiers – so also called Marines, operating on land, in the air, on the water.

Over 500 soldiers from Dnipropetrovsk region killed since start of Russian aggression – Poroshenko

More than 500 Ukrainian soldiers from Dnipropetrovsk region were killed in the fight against the Russian aggressor. — Ukrinform.

Almost 25,000 women are serving under contract in the Ukrainian army

over 55,000 women are serving and working in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

UAWire – Former DPR propaganda heroine joins Ukrainian counter intelligence

Svetlana Dryuk, the former commander of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) People’s Militia who was the archetype of the heroine in the propagandist film Opolchenochka (“Militiawoman”), has left the Donetsk territory and is now collaborating with Ukrainian counterintelligence, TSN reports. TSN reports that recently Dryuk gave important information to the Ukrainian intelligence agency, and that counterintelligence subsequently arranged the evacuation of the “people’s heroine of Novorossiya” and her children from the territory held by pro-Russian militants. After fleeing the DPR, Dryuk sent her former detachment fake selfies from the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, when in fact she was in Ukraine, the article claims. Svetlana Dryuk gave Ukrainian intelligence documents about the secret testing of the modified Russian T-72B3 tank in the Donetsk region and other evidence of modern military equipment being brought across the border from Russia. The testing of the tanks was led by Russian Armed Forces Captain Yury Prilutsky. However, his tank, the “Ghost”, and another seven T-72s were destroyed by Ukrainian partisans near the city of Chystyakove (formerly Torez) which is under the control of pro-Russian militants. It was several days after this that Svetlana left the DPR, and her children we soon brought into Ukrainian government-controlled territory by counterintelligence operatives. According to Dryuk, the pro-Russian militants in the Donbas have worked out an algorithm to deploy new divisions at the DPR People’s Militia base. Each DPR army unit has already prepared cover documents for Russian soldiers so they can masquerade as mobilized locals. “All of the Russians on the list are local. Each regiment is divided into three units – if there are two thousand people in a regiment, six thousand Russians will come,” Dryuk explained. The militia contingent could have up to 100,000 soldiers. Dryuk also said that she is willing to testify about her former detachment at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Female pro-Putin tank commander ‘defects to Ukraine after falling for honeytrap’ – World News – Mirror Online

           A female tank commander fighting for pro-Vladimir Putin rebels has defected to Ukraine after being recruited in a “honeytrap”, it is claimed. Svetlana Dryuk, 40, says she has handed Kiev details of Russian battle plans for a “full-scale invasion” of Ukraine with 100,000 ground troops inside the country in four hours. She is also credited with providing her Ukrainian spy lover with information which led to the destruction of eight modern Russian T-72 tanks during the bloody conflict. Her reported defection is a blow to the Kremlin since a “propaganda film” on her rise from paramedic to tank commander and rebel regimental supremo is due to be aired in May in Russia and pro-Moscow eastern Ukraine.

DPR calls abduction escape of tank crew ex-commander to Ukraine

            The protagonist of the film Militiawoman is ready to speak at the Hague Tribunal. Former commander of the DPR’s female tank crew Svetlana Dryuk, callsign Veterok , told the SBU about Russia’s participation in the armed conflict in the Donbas, the composition of the troops of the self-proclaimed republic and the storage sites for ammunition and fuel. The former militiawoman is ready to repeat her testimony at the Hague Tribunal, TSN reports. The DNR said that Dryuk was abducted and subjected to pressure through her children. “A special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine was held on the territory of Moldova to detain and deliver her to the territory of Ukraine. At the moment, the Ukrainian special services and propagandists are actively working with Svetlana, using savage methods of influencing her through children and relatives and people close to her,” the official representative of the DPR people’s police said. The Ukrainian media write that Dryuk ran away from the militia herself, together with the children, while visiting relatives in Moldova. “I think those people who are there (in the DPR – Ed.), they will understand later why I did it, why I took the children out of there. Yes, now my family will be against me,” Dryuk said in an interview with TSN. Dryuk participated in the hostilities in the Donbas in 2014-18, received a medal “For Military Valor,” got into the Peacemaker database. The tank woman was nicknamed the “people’s hero of Novorossiya.” Moreover, a movie called Opolchenochka (Militiawoman), which is supposed to be screened in Russia on May 9, was shot about her.
Svetlana Dryuk: an important nuance of the transition to the Ukrainian militia
Before the commander of tank crew “DPR” Svetlana Druk with the call sign “Veterok” was called to the legendary side of Ukraine, a thorough data check is necessary, up to rumors on the side of the terrorists. This opinion was expressed Yuri Radkovets, lieutenant general of the reserve, former deputy head of the main intelligence service department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, reports on Ukrinform. “I am used to being critical. The war is already in its fifth year and the presidential and parliamentary elections are just around the corner. The task of the enemy is simple: definitely to influence the internal political situation in the country, to make a division, to express doubts or in return unreasonable euphoria, that finally everything has started. He needs perfect chaos, “he said. Putin has not changed his plans either with regard to the Crimea or with regard to ORDLO. And the fact that Russian troops are at the border ̵ 1; about 90,000 – and are constantly equipped with assault troops suggests that these troops can be attracted, especially at a time when Ukraine has political disagreements. Therefore, this situation needs to be treated with caution, “Radkovets added. According to him, it is necessary to analyze all the information about the” militia “: where she studied and worked, her parents and relatives also studied those who are on the other side have all sorts of rumors about them. “This is a great and tedious job. This is the case if you do not have to hurry to make Nadezhda Savchenko number 2 out of it. Of course, I would like to see the Ukrainian side transition, so the amnesty should work primarily for those affected by intimidation. But! If you are an adult, have completed training, lived in an independent Ukraine and then voluntarily sided with the enemy, and even more, if you command a tank unit of terrorists – the consequences for you can and should be tougher In addition, Ukraine should act exclusively under international law. 

Star of first “DPR” would-be blockbuster, notorious commander defects to Ukraine, ready to testify in Hague (Video) – news war | UNIAN

The starring character of the first would-be blockbuster produced in the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”) for the money given by the Kremlin – “Opolchenochka” (“Militia Woman”) – has defected from the quasi-republic to Ukraine and is even ready to testify in the International Criminal Court in The Hague about all war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine’s east. She has closely been cooperating with the Ukrainian counterintelligence service lately. The starring character of the first would-be blockbuster produced in the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”) for the money given by the Kremlin – “Opolchenochka” (“Militia Woman”) – has defected from the quasi-republic to Ukraine and is even ready to testify in the International Criminal Court in The Hague about all war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine’s east. “She was supposed to be an icon of ‘Novorossiya’ (‘New Russia’): a meteoric military career – from a first-aid nurse to a regiment’s commanding officer, a notorious tank commander,” the TSN.Tyzhden TV program said in an exclusive report on Sunday evening. The premiere is scheduled for May 9, on Victory Day, but the leading actress no longer resides in the “DPR.” Despite the high-ranking military post, career, money and honors – the woman made up her mind to move to Ukraine. “To join those who her character is fighting so aggressively in the hostile blockbuster,” the report said. A trailer to promote “Opolchenochka” sponsored by Russian propagandists and produced by a Russian film director is advertised in Russia-occupied territories as the first blockbuster of the quasi-republics – the “DPR” and the other one, the “Luhansk Peoples’ Republic” (“LPR”). The plot is not sophisticated – three women create a tank crew under the flag of ‘Novorossiya’ and defeat savage “ukrys” [a derogatory word for a Ukrainian widely used by pro-Russian forces in Donbas]. The tank commander’s nom de guerre is “Veterok” (“Breeze,” “Spirit”). Her real name is Svitlana Dryuk. A local resident of Donetsk. The trailer features videos of her real life. The woman’s excellent memory and hard work quickly helped her climb the career ladder in the divisions of Russian-led mercenaries. She held senior positions in a division during an attack on the town of Debaltseve. She served in the “Cheburashka” battalion and was member of the notorious “Nine” – a group that attacked the village of Shyrokyne. The top of her career is the command of the “11th Regiment,” the most combat-ready unit of Russia-led forces. “I’m told: ‘You were fighting, killing people.’ Yes, in 2014, I became chief of staff of a division. I’m not seeking an excuse for myself, it was just such a period, and I was fulfilling what I was told,” Svitlana said. But her personal motive made her completely change her life and join the Ukrainian side: “I have here, I hope, a friend who is much closer to me. He is a member of the special service [of Ukraine]. And the attitude of all the [Ukrainian] agents who are currently involved in my life is very different from what I saw there [in Russia-occupied Donbas]. I do not regret,” she said. She has closely been cooperating with the Ukrainian counterintelligence service lately. Ukrainian agents helped her and her two children of majority age to get across the contact line in Donbas. She also brought materials that prove the Russians’ war crimes and their plans to further invade Ukraine. Her documents have evidence that the newest Russian military hardware is being smuggled through the Russian-Ukraine border sector, not controlled by the Ukrainian government. The T-72B3, dubbed “Ghost,” a unique Russian-made main battle tank, which is modified to the level of the T-90 model, was tested in Donbas and the Russians kept that in strict secrecy. It was Captain of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Yuriy Prilutsky who smuggled the tank from Russia to occupied Donbas. He will soon be promoted to the rank of major. He will be very surprised to learn that his “Ghost” and seven other non-modified T-72 tanks were blown up by Ukrainian guerrillas near the town of Torez shortly before Svitlana’s escape. “The eight tanks that exploded simultaneously was quite a shock to the invaders,” the report said. The Russians wanted to know who had blown up such a unique tank and sent a new commander to Svitlana’s regiment. Aleksey Bernhard is an exemplary Russian officer. He took part in the annexation of Crimea in March 2014, fought to capture the Ukrainian town of Debaltseve (the battle of Debaltseve in January-February 2015 where Ukrainian forces took heavy casualties). De jure, he commands the 810th Marine Brigade in Russia-occupied Sevastopol. De facto, he is a commander of the 11th regiment of Russian mercenaries in Donbas, using the fictitious surname “Tarasov.” Svitlana was his deputy. “Svitlana is ready to testify in the International Criminal Court in The Hague against him and thirty more career officers sent by Russia to kill Ukrainians,” the report said. Svitlana’s high-ranking post gave her access to a secret algorithm, according to which the Russian army is going to further invade the Ukrainian territory. “If the Kremlin gives a signal, the invasion will look like this: each military unit of the so-called ‘DPR’ and the ‘LPR’ has a personnel recruitment center with prepared cover identification documents for each Russian soldier who will be brought under the guise of ‘mobilization of locals.’ Three Russian regiments will be deployed on the basis of each ‘DPR’ regiment within a few hours. It will be about 100,000 Russian soldiers for the entire Donbas,” the report said. Svitlana says the entire operation would take just four hours. “And all the Russians are listed as locals. One regiment will be upscaled to three regiments: if there are two thousand people in the regiment, then six thousand Russians will arrive,” the woman explains. “Already now one can identify each of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers who are preparing to occupy Ukraine. Svitlana says she will testify about this in the International Criminal Court. And even more – she is ready to return to the front in the event of aggression to fight alongside the Ukrainian army,” the report said.

The commander of the female tank crew of the DPR moved to the side of Ukraine

Svetlana Dryuk (Breek), who fought on the side of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), left the republic and went over to the side of Ukraine. This is stated in the plot of the Television News Service (TSN) channel “1 + 1”, published on YouTube . Since 2014, Druck, who participated in the armed conflict in the Donbas, was, as noted in the 2016 Federal News Agency report, the commander of a female tank crew. The Life TV channel and the “Vesti Nedeli” program on Russia 1 TV channel also dedicated their stories to the entire female crew of the tank. The self-proclaimed republic “Veterok” left a few months ago, after which for several months she convinced her leadership that she was in Russia, where she was allegedly being treated in a hospital. After her children were taken to the territory controlled by Kiev, the woman told reporters about her story. “They tell me, you fought, you killed people – yes, in 2014 I became the chief of staff of the division. I do not excuse myself, it was just that time, and I did what I was told, ”she said. The reason for the transition Druk on the side of Ukraine in the plot is called a kind of “personal motive.” “I have here, I hope, a friend who is much closer to me now. Yes, [he is a security officer], ”she explained. Druk, who is present in the database of the Peacemaker site, also stated that she was ready to testify about the crimes of Russia in the Donbas, and also to take part in the conflict, but from Kiev. “They’ll say take a gun – I’ll take it. They will say to sit on the tank – sit down. On the Ukrainian tank “, – she assured.

Svetlana Druk, aka “Breeze”, blew up 7 Russian tanks and moved to the side of Ukraine: what is known about the most resounding victory of the counter-intelligence of Ukraine |

          Until recently (after moving to the Ukraine – ed.) person 40-the summer inhabitant of the occupied Donetsk saw except the most dedicated. It is only when the children of one of the most famous heroines and terrorists “DNR” appeared on the territory controlled by Kiev, Svetlana Druk decided to tell you this, from what the terrorists and the Kremlin in the literal sense of the word comes to rabies. Photo of the inhabitant of Donetsk and now is still on the site “Peacemaker”. It Dryukov and became the prototype of the heroine of the film “Opalchenska”, the brainchild Lugansky fighters, which should be released may 9th. But now after the incident, the Prime Minister is questionable. Because Druk is already on the side of Ukraine – she is ready to tell the really serious facts about the fighters and give direct evidence of the invasion of Russia to Ukraine, reports “Диалог.UA”. 

Terrorist-actress from the “DPR” defected to Ukraine | TVi. Настоящие истории

She is now ready to surrender her former accomplices and tell about the war crimes of Russia in Ukraine The main protagonist of the Kremlin propaganda film “Polylochenochka”, a member of the pro-Russian terrorist organization “DPR” Svetlana Dryuk escaped from the occupied territory, reports TSN. The tape was removed based on the “exploits” of the separatist. She talks about the women’s tank crew of pro-Russian terrorists. The premiere of the film will take place on May 9. Occupants called it “a symbol of Novorossiia”. But the separatist himself asked SBU counterintelligence to evacuate her and children from the occupied territory. Dryuk Svetlana “They say you were fighting, you killed people. Yes, I became the Chief of Staff of the Division in the fourteenth year. I do not justify myself, just then was such a time, and I did what I was told “

Ukroboronprom ensures import substitution of Russian components by 70% – concern head

The program on import substitution of Russian components in defense industry initiated by the Ukroboronprom state concern in the conditions of breaking off defense cooperation with Russia due to the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas, has been implemented by 70% today, Ukroboronprom Head Pavlo Bukin has said.

Ukrainian [An-124] “Ruslans” will receive Esterline Avionics

The fleet of Ukrainian An-124 “Ruslan” cargo aircraft of the Antonov Airlines company will be modernized with the import substitution of Russian Avionics to the West. This is reported by the Ukrainian Military Portal The first An-124 “Ruslan” will focus on modernization in mid-2019. Such information was voiced in the release of the An-178 program for the Ukrainian Army: why the production of Ani is slowed down The Avionics of Russian production on the An-124 will be replaced by the Canadian production of Esterline, which in particular supplies equipment to the fifth-generation F-35 fighter. In general, “Antonov Airlines” has seven transport aircraft An-124 “Ruslan” in its fleet and all of them will be modernized accordingly. It is the avionics of this manufacturer that will be supplied to other models of the production of the State Enterprise Antonov, in particular passenger aircraft An-158. An-124 “Ruslan” – Soviet, and later – Ukrainian plane, which is the largest serial cargo plane in the world. The first flight of experimental prototype aircraft was made on December 24, 1982 in Kiev. We work for you. You can support Military via the PrivatBank card: 5168 7422 1101 4877

Air Force will repair IL-76 engines for 60 million

The command of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, today, March 4, announced a tender for the average repair of ten A-engines D-30KP-2 for the military transport aircraft IL-76MD. Procurement will take place through negotiation procedures for defense needs. The deadline for submission of bids on March 14. The expected cost of 60 million hryvnia. The deadline for completion of works is November 15, 2019. Previously, the repair of such engines under the Air Force tenders was carried out by the State Enterprise “Mykolaiv Aircraft Repair Plant” NARP ” or LLC” Aviation Repair Enterprise “URARP” , as well as the State Enterprise “Lutsk Repair Plant” Motor “was involved as a co-executor. Airplanes IL-76MD are armed with the Melitopol Brigade of Transport Aviation. / P>

Poroshenko Fires Close Ally Amid Smuggling Scandal

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has fired a close ally, Oleh Hladkovskyy, from the post of first deputy chairman of the National Security and Defense Council amid allegations that Hladkovskyy’…

Poroshenko dismisses Hladkovsky as NSDC first deputy secretary

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree dismissing Oleh Hladkovsky as first deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC). — Ukrinform.

Poroshenko tells Turchynov to convene NSDC meeting on Ukroboronprom reform – news politics | UNIAN

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has instructed Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov to convene a Council meeting on Wednesday on reforming the country’s defense giant, Ukroboronprom. Government, parliamentary and public control over Ukraine’s defense sector should be expanded, the president believes.

Oleh Hladkovsky: Case involving my son was compiled using false, provocative facts

The case involving son was artificially compiled from false provocative facts, Ukraine’s First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleh Hladkovsky has said. Hladkovsky has been suspended from his position at NSDC.

Embezzlement in Ukraine’s army: Gladkovsky’s son sues investigative journalists

Son of the former NSDC First Deputy Secretary sued investigative journalists Bihus and Ivanova

Ukraine’s Poroshenko Fires Top Ally Amid Defense Corruption Scandal

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says he has fired the National Security and Defense Council deputy secretary Oleg Gladkovsky whose name is featured in the

Defense sector’s cronies reportedly earn $300,000 in budget funds on An-26 altimeters from Russia – journalists’ probe – news politics | UNIAN

Investigative journalists have established that net profit in a scheme to buy An-26 altimeters originating from Russia was at least US$300,000, which was paid from Ukraine’s national budget. Ukroboronprom paid $580,000 for the equipment whose purchasing price was about $85,000. Investigative journalists have established that net profit in a scheme to buy An-26 altimeters originating from Russia was at least US$300,000, which was paid from Ukraine’s national budget. Involved in the scheme were the then First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleh Hladkovsky, his son Ihor Hladkovsky, Pavlo Bukin, who is now Director General of state-run Ukroboronprom Concern, and former employees of Ukroboronprom Vitaliy Zhukov and Stanislav Khosh, who were business partners of Hladkovsky Jr., journalists from the Bihus.Info investigative project claimed. Ukroboronprom paid $580,000 for the equipment whose purchasing price was about $85,000. In 2016-2017, as Ukroboronprom’s Kyiv-based Plant 410 Civil Aviation was fulfilling a contract to repair the Kazakh National Guard’s An-26 military transport planes, six altimeters (two sets of three different models) were bought in Russia and delivered to Ukraine through an intermediary in the United Arab Emirates already as spare parts for civilian helicopters. The equipment was ordered by Ukroboronprom’s Ukrspecexport firm, which was headed by Bukin at that time, and was delivered through Ihor Hladkovsky and his business partner Vitaliy Zhukov six months later after the contract was signed in August 2016. “To hide the fact that it was military equipment, the local consignor company (Double Power FZE) mentioned it as ‘spare parts for civilian helicopters’ in export documents. Double Power FZE itself bought them from another UAE-based company, which, in turn, bought them directly from a Russian intermediary firm. According to the international customs database Import Genius, the real purpose of the freight was not disclosed during its entire way – from Moscow to Kyiv where it underwent customs clearance,” the journalists said.

Altimeters for An-26 airplanes produced in Russia, Ukroboronprom confirms – news economics | UNIAN

First Deputy Director General of Ukraine’s state-run military-industrial Ukroboronprom Concern Serhiy Omelchenko says the only company producing altimeters for An-26 planes is an enterprise located in the Russian Federation. The company chose the product according to the best price offer.

Journalists accuse Ukroboronprom head Bukin, ex-head of NSDC Hladkovsky of receiving ‘kickbacks’

Procurements of components at inflated prices for state-run Ukroboronprom Concern’s enterprises included kickbacks allegedly paid to incumbent head of the Concern Pavlo Bukin and former first deputy head of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleh Hladkovsky, who was dismissed on Monday, March 4, investigative journalists from the Bihus.Info project say.

Hladkovsky’s son files lawsuit against Bihus.Info journalists

Ihor Hladkovsky, the son of former First Deputy Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleh Hladkovsky, has filed a lawsuit against journalists of the Bihus.Info project, Denys Bihus and Lesia Ivanova, according to the website of the Podilsky District Court of Kyiv. — Ukrinform.

Ukroboronprom accuses investigative journalists of manipulations, prejudice

Ukraine’s state-run Ukroboronprom concern has said the investigative report aired by the Kyiv-based Nashi Groshi investigative team about overhauling two An-26 planes for a foreign customer is incorrect and shows signs of manipulation, indicating the journalists are prejudiced.

Ukroboronprom claims there were no multiple price raises in An-26 devices purchase

Ukraine’s defense state enterprise blamed media for manipulation

Ukroboronprom reacts to new part of probe into procurement of components at inflated prices – news economics | UNIAN

State-run Ukroboronprom Concern has said the investigative report published by the Nashi Groshi project on the wrongdoings in the process of overhaul of two An-26 airplanes from Kazakhstan is incorrect and manipulative. The company says the journalists’ statement about the cost of goods procured lacks “full understanding of all the nuances of the formation of customs value” and brands it categorically incorrect.

Former, current directors of special export company detained – news portal

Former, current directors of special export company detained. They and three more ex-employees are suspected of gross embezzlement. Political – news portal. Latest from Ukraine and the world today

Russian PM says Moscow to “respect” Ukrainian citizens’ choice in presidential elections – news politics | UNIAN

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says Russia will respect the choice of Ukrainian citizens in the presidential elections on March 31, 2019. At the same time, Medvedev claims the campaign has featured “flagrant violations”.

Russian special agencies preparing provocateurs to disrupt elections in Ukraine – experts

Russian intelligence agencies plan to involve agents of the so-called “LPR State Security Ministry” in creating extraordinary situations at polling stations during the presidential election in Ukraine. — Ukrinform.

Facebook prohibits foreign-funded ads for Ukraine election – media – news politics | UNIAN

Facebook says it will not allow foreign-funded advertisements for upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine, hoping to allay concerns that its platform is being used to manipulate voting behavior. The company said it had also prohibited foreign-funded advertisements for Indonesia and Nigeria’s elections.

Police find wiretapping devices near Zelenskyy’s office – news portal

Police find wiretapping devices near Zelenskyy’s office. It turned out to be the SBU’s device used in a different case. Political – news portal. Latest from Ukraine and the world today

UAWire – Ukrainian Interior Minister: 131,000 police officers will ensure security during the presidential elections

According to the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, over a hundred thousand police officers will ensure security …

Comedian Zelenskiy dashes ahead in Ukrainian presidential race | Reuters

Comic actor Volodymyr Zelenskiy has pulled further ahead as the frontrunner in Ukraine’s presidential election race, according to an opinion poll published on Monday.

Zelensky still ahead of other presidential candidates in 2019 race – poll – news politics | UNIAN

Comedian, public figure and now leader of the Sluha Narodu (Servant of the People) Party Volodymyr Zelensky is still ahead of other presidential candidates in the 2019 race, according to a poll. Poroshenko (16.6%) and Tymoshenko (16.2%) have almost equal chances to make it to the second round of the elections.

Ukraine’s Tymoshenko: ‘gas princess’, prisoner, and next president? | Reuters

Yulia Tymoshenko has been Ukraine’s prime minister twice, was the global face of a revolution, imprisoned by two different presidents, and the target of an operation to discredit her by President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager.

Bass, soprano and falsetto: the final aria – news portal

Bass, soprano and falsetto: the final aria. “Do you know what an oriflamme is? Just do not confuse it with a cosmetic brand,” a close associate of the president looks expectantly. “In Medieval Europe, they usually fought for trophies, took prisoners or captured cities. That is, for some profit. But there were fights for life – when neither prisoners nor trophies were of any interest. When it was initially clear that there would be only one person left alive. Then, even before the start of the battle, a special flag was raised – it was called an oriflamme. So now we have the “oriflamme” situation – only one person will remain,” he concludes, referring to the presidential campaign.[[editor.image url=“” author=”Max Levin” ]][[endeditor]] The recent ratings by a number of sociological firms caused quite a stir in the political environment. In particular, the authoritative Kyiv International Institute of Sociology expects Volodymyr Zelenskyy, 16.4%, Socis, 15.9%, and the Razumkov Centre, 17.5%, (among all respondents). Petro Poroshenko is second with 10.8%, 10.5% and 13.1% respectively. The third is Yuliya Tymoshenko with 9.6%, 10.3% and 11.5%. A little more than a month before election day, it is impossible to accurately predict which candidate is going to make it to the runoff despite any ratings. Judging by the figures, Zelenskyy is in the lead but there are too many “but’s” in this story. As sociologists note, the “gap” between Poroshenko and Tymoshenko is smaller than any margin of error, which means that these two are quite likely to meet in the final. is looking at the details. Political – news portal. Latest from Ukraine and the world today

Hague tribunal has no jurisdiction to try lawsuits filed by Nazfotaz, others against Russia –Russian Justice Ministry

Russia does not recognize the decision made by the tribunal at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague on Russia’s guilt of the loss by Naftogaz of its assets in Crimea, the Russian Justice Ministry press service said.

Russia’s Medvedev names conditions for preserving gas transit via Ukraine – news economics | UNIAN

Ukraine may remain a transit country for Russian gas flowing to Europe after 2019, when the current contract between Naftogaz and Gazprom expires, according to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Moscow seeks to have relations between Naftogaz and Gazprom normalized.

UAWire – Naftogaz: Ukraine will lose its gas transit role after Nord Stream 2 is launched

Nord Stream 2 will reduce demand for Ukraine’s gas transportation system, said Head of Naftogaz Andriy Kobolyev in an interview with Ukrainian …

Deputy FM Zerkal in Brussels to discuss gas transit after 2019

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine for European Integration Olena Zerkal in Brussels will take part in a round table meeting on the gas transit through Ukraine after 2019, the ministry’s press service reports. — Ukrinform.

Klimkin: Effective unbundling of Naftogaz important for Ukraine’s strong position in tripartite gas talks

The effective unbundling of NJSC Naftogaz Ukrainy is important for Ukraine’s strong position in trilateral gas negotiations, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has said.

EU Extends Asset Freeze On Ex-President Yanukovych, 11 Other Ukrainians

The European Union has extended asset freezes on former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and 11 other Ukrainians suspected of embezzling state funds.

Human rights commissioner Denisova to remind of violation of Ukrainian political prisoners’ rights

Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova will attend the annual meeting of the Global Alliance for National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) in Geneva and tell about the violation of the rights of Ukrainian prisoners of war and political prisoners held in Russia. — Ukrinform.

UAWire – Ankara: negotiations on free trade agreement with Ukraine reached the final stage

The free trade area (FTA) negotiations between Ukraine and Turkey have reached the final stage. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of …

Kyiv museum among the world’s best aviation museums

The Oleg Antonov State Aviation Museum in Kyiv entered Top 20 aviation museums around the world. — Ukrinform.

‘Ukraine Now’ brand wins competition of marketing revolutionaries

Ukraine’s sole brand “Ukraine Now” has been recognized as the winner in the nomination “Rebranding of the Year: Change or Go Home” according to X-Ray Marketing Awards 2018. — Ukrinform.

The arrest for a child’s murder that sparked anti-Roma riots in Ukraine may be based on faked DNA evidence – Human Rights in Ukraine

Apparently damning ‘evidence’ linking a murdered child with the young Roma man whose arrest for the killing led to appalling riots in the Odesa oblast may have been faked –

UAWire – The United States asks Ukraine to extradite an individual accused of fraud with American aid for Syria

According to court submissions, the United States asks Ukraine to extradite Ernest Khalilov, a citizen of Turkmenistan, who was detained on …

Ukraine Church leader: “Moscow Patriarchate” in Ukraine fully dependent on Russia – news politics | UNIAN

Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine, head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epifaniy has explained why the former Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) is a structural part of the Russian Orthodox Church rather than an independent entity they claim they are. In their latest statements, the Russian Orthodox Church didn’t even mention the formal head of what was formerly known as UOC-MP, Metropolitan Onufriy. Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine, head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epifaniy has explained why the former Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) is a structural part of the Russian Orthodox Church rather than an independent entity they claim they are. “They are not an independent church but a metropolia of the Russian Orthodox Church, as in Belarus. Perhaps, they have more rights than the Belarusian Orthodox Church, but in general, if you open the Charter of the Russian Orthodox Church, there is a section ‘Ukrainian Orthodox Church.’ So is it an independent autocephalous church, or is it autonomous if its primate is the first permanent member of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church?” Epifaniy said in an interview with the Ukrainian news outlet Ukrayinska Pravda. Epifaniy added that in their latest statements, the Russian Orthodox Church didn’t even mention the formal head of what was formerly known as UOC-MP, Metropolitan Onufriy, which indicates that Moscow ‘no longer even cares about the role of Metropolitan Onufriy,’ so statements are drafted without him being aware, without his participation. “This indicates they are fully dependent on the Russian Orthodox Church,” Epifaniy said, noting that the church’s decision-making center is in Moscow. “If Metropolitan Onufriy was present at the Synod, being the first member of the Synod, what does this mean? I am not a member of the Holy Synod of the Church of Constantinople. We have a tomos, a real document, where it is stated that we are an independent autocephalous local Orthodox Church,” Epifaniy pointed out.

Epifaniy: No state intervention in church’s affairs in Ukraine, unlike in Russia – news politics | UNIAN

Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine, head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epifaniy has said there is no state intervention in the church’s affairs in Ukraine, unlike in Russia. When making a decision on whether to unleash a war against Ukraine, Putin strongly considered a church factor. Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine, head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epifaniy has said there is no state intervention in the church’s affairs in Ukraine, unlike in Russia. “[Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church] Kirill doesn’t make any decisions on his own, let’s say, with regard to Ukraine or foreign issues. They are subordinated to the Russian government. In Ukraine, there is no such thing,” he said in an interview with the Ukrainian news outlet Ukrayinska Pravda. Epifaniy said the Orthodox Church of Ukraine has good relations with the government because it contributed to the Orthodox churches uniting into one and because this is about religious security of the state. “I think that Putin, when he made a decision whether to unleash a war with Ukraine or not, paid a lot of attention to the church factor. Patriarch Kirill had come to Ukraine several times, convening certain people. However, sometimes they were ‘photoshopped in’. And, apparently, Putin got the impression that he has absolute support here and will be greeted with flowers. The Ukrainian people showed him a completely different picture. However, in the so-called Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate there was, and still is, real support of Russia,” Epifaniy said.

New Orthodox Church of Ukraine may reach deal with Romanian Church on recognition – news ukraine | UNIAN

The Ukrainian church leader considers it acceptable to create a vicariate for the Romanian believers in Bukovyna region within the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, as requested by the Romanian Church. Epifaniy believes the conditions set by Romania are acceptable. The Ukrainian church leader considers it acceptable to create a vicariate for the Romanian believers in Bukovyna region within the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, as requested by the Romanian Church. Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine, head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epifaniy has said the Ukrainian Church is ready to fulfill the conditions set forth by the Romanian Church to grant recognition to the new church of Ukraine that is fully independent of Moscow influence, Ukrayinska Pravda repprts. He considers it acceptable to create a vicariate for the Romanian believers in Bukovyna within the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, as requested by the Romanian Church. “Of course, we need to negotiate. This statement only came last week. We will discuss everything. We are ready. And it will be a mirror step, because a vicariate has already been created in the territory of the Romanian Church for Ukrainian parishes where they pray in Ukrainian. Why not give Romanians the same opportunity?” he said. Epifaniy added the following: “I do not consider this an issue and I’m sure we will have this resolved, and the Romanian Church will recognize our autocephaly.”

Bukovina – Wikipedia

Ukrainian archbishop to attend court hearings in Russia in Pavlo Hryb case – political prisoner’s father – news ukraine | UNIAN

Archbishop Klyment, or Clement (Kushch) of Simferopol and Crimea, will travel to Rostov to attend hearings on political prisoner Pavlo Hryb despite the recent attempt by Russia’s security forces in the occupied Crimea to hinder his trip, detaining him at the bus station and accusing of committing an administrative offense.  The hearings will be held in Rostov-on-Don next week, Ihor Hryb said.

“Threat of persecutions remains”: Archbishop Klyment reveals details of his detention in occupied Crimea – news ukraine | UNIAN

The threat of persecution of an archbishop of the Crimean Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Klyment, by Russian security services in the annexed Crimea remains as the case against has not been closed. He noted that he does not exclude further moves against him on the part of Russian security officials.

Ukrainian Archbishop Klyment detained in Russian-occupied Crimea on grotesquely absurd charges – Human Rights in Ukraine

Archbishop Klyment, Head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in Russian-occupied Crimea was detained on Sunday morning, 3 March, and held in custody till late evening, facing two separate charges of breath-taking cynicism –

‘Electrocuted’ for being a Jehovah’s Witness – BBC News

Seven Jehovah’s Witnesses claim they were tortured by police in Russia because of their faith.


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  1. I don’t think the US could shut off Russian oil export. But suppose they (you) can. You need to remember that the oil market is not equivalent to the gas market. Many east- and west European countries are depending on Russian oil in order to not crumble into non-functioning states. Sweden buys 43 percent of all it’s oil from Russia. The Netherlands I think close to a hundred percent. Germany about 50 percent. When it comes to oil Russia is a pretty reliable partner. In return for the oil Sweden buys from Russia they get e.g. machinery and equipment among other things from us. Oil isn’t used as a weapon by Russia in the same way as they do with their gas. I think it is counter productive by the US to shut off Russia’s oil export since it will only lead to that Western European countries and probably the EU as a whole would become alienated by you. Ask yourself the question if you really think that your country would gain or pain over this issue. Especially since you wouldn’t succeed if the EU supported Russia. It’s just a friendly advise.

    1. The Russian oil is not Brent oil. But in Germany diesel cars are common as I understand it. I don’t know if they drive diesel cars in the Netherlands but the Netherlands is a hub for Russian oil.

    2. “if the EU supported Russia”.

      The EU is leaning away from Russia, but I can’t predict which direction they will eventually go.

      It’s a matter of geopolitics and it is not gauged on any one particular factor, especially not gas or oil. They are factors, but Russian aggression is over-riding many other concerns…

      1. I still think it is a bad idea. But you do as you wish. We will eventually see where it will lead the US. As I said, I don’t think you can succeed. And I cannot see how it could hurt Europe. But it will eventually strengthen Russia if Europe backs them up. And I am certain that Europe will back them up. Remember, we are talking about existential threats for several European countries including Germany.

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